Update On Elementary School Crisis

parents-and-children-at-R-Malkiel- 1As reported here on TLS last week, several parents headed to the home of the Rosh Hayeshiva Shlita to try and pressure some schools to accept their children after pulling their children from Ateres Tzipora. TLS has been monitoring the situation, speaking with parents, Rabbonim and others involved. As of today some of the students were accepted in to Tiferes Bais Yaakov, Bnos Rivka and Bnos Penina. Askanim are working with the parents round the clock to try and resolve this unfortunate issue. A source tells TLS that the children that have not yet been placed, have been meeting everyday with different Mora’s where they Daven and Learn together.

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  1. I hope the school goes the way it was last year.The Askonim need to fix the school as well.It should be taken over new managment with a board and the old principle back. Thats what the parents want.
    Lets all hope with Hashems help things will work out well.

  2. Please do not call this a crisis. Not every disagreement or people unhappy with their school is a crisis . It may be a crisis for the prople involved ,but the HEADLINE of “CRISIS” is usually reserved or something that is an isssue affecting the entire public . This is an issue affecting parents unhappy with an administrative change ,not a CRISIS

  3. where were these schools last year when kids were trying to get in? all of a sudden they have room? or does “kesef ya’aneh es hakol” come into play?

  4. Too NO CRISIS when kids are involved in a machlokes its a terrible thing and yes its a CRISIS. This needs to be fixed for this school and the Askonim should make sure this can never happend to another school

  5. I still don’t chapp what limayseh happened to the chashuver rebbitzin Grama. Lakewood was lucky to have such a michaneches in their shtut. Its mamash a shandeh!

  6. I have no association to Ateres Tzipora or their parents. As an outsider, I was exceedingly awed with the school and what they accomplished in such a short amount of time. I hope that they can get their act together and recognize the mistakes they made so that they can hopefully earn the communities confidence again.

  7. Bais Faiga is owned by the Community so it does not have to take in if it does not want to . The others are private schools so pressure can be brought on them as it usually is .

  8. “crazy says: September 14, 2009 at 7:12 pm if the school rehires everyone from last year, then the other half of parents will run to the rosh yeshiva saying they have no school”


    Wrong wrong wrong! My girls are in AT and nothing would make us (99% of staff and parents) happier then to have the people that are out back here.


  9. kudos to the school that accepted kids? shame on them! That is not chessed. they are contributing to the destruction of a fine school.
    As with any change in a school, there is an element of uncertainty as to what will happen, but a little faith in hashem would be appropriate. Instead of knee jerk reaction of pulling their kids out, it would be smarter to give it a year and see what transpires.
    I have heard from a couple of sources that opponents of the school have been calling parents and telling them that to send to Ateres Tzipora would be “ruining their kid’s chinuch for life”. Scare tactics like that are what is preventing parents from sending their kids back.

    (by the way, what ever happened to that “unofficial rule” that schools have not to accept kids from a school that is struggling, so as not to contribute to the death of a school? )

  10. Mr./Mrs. Yayayayay

    What came first, the chicken or the end??

    That is something that you should have taken into consideration before you (or the people you are defending) acted without thinking.

    You are the one that distroyed AT!! Not the parents that are REACTING to a hijacking.

    You can sit there and question the REACTION that parents & teachers are having, but ultimately it is them who are the victims.

    Its typical that after making one bad choice after another, you try and put the blame on the community for trying to help them.
    Hopefully soon all the kids out of school will be placed.

    Ever heard the saying “you made your bed, now lay in it”

  11. This blog seems to have become a forum between former AT parents and current ownership.
    If only these conversations went on before the decisions were made…………

  12. to askan #36
    you tried to come across sharp but unfortunately, messed up at the very beginning….the saying is what came first, the chicken or the EGG; not END! hahahaha
    and also, the fellow u were addressing is yagayaga, not yayayayay
    oh well!

  13. Let’s put things in prospective.

    Owners changing the leadership of the school; owners prerogative.

    Parents deciding that the school’s change of leadership is not what they want; parents prerogative.

    School’s accepting or rejecting new students that apply; school’s prerogative.

    School’s rejecting students based on politics or bullying; RABBANIM OF LAKEWOOD’S PREROGATIVE

    Let’s hope that these families don’t get swept under the carpet.

  14. Of the comments here that say the leadership of AT made bad choices:
    First of all, by all acounts last year was a wild success- any AT parent both present anf former will tell you that!
    Secondly, the “leadership” under the guidance of Rabbonim made a tough, unpopular, and PROPER choice as to change some of the head staff. They were classy about it and would not (and STILL WON”T) divulge details as to what lead to the changes (not good things).
    Other people used scare tactics, as mentioned by another commentator, and had the CHUTZPAH to call parnets to tell them not to send to AT. Just because their egos were hurt.
    Grow up, get a different job, let these people continue a windeerful school…
    AND If the former principal and administartion was so “special” then let someone hire them! Or start their own school!

  15. There is one very important component to factor in, as to why the parents don’t want to send their children to AT. They may be furious at the fact that Grama, Mandel, Possic, Belsky and some teachers aren’t there. But what really bothers them is someone that IS still there.
    It is very kind of them not to mention it (or perhaps the moderator isn’t allowing those messages through).

  16. The parents who left and the parents in the school want evreything to be the same as last year.Evreyone was happy accept the owners.Its not fair for the parent body and for the kids.

  17. 6:08,

    I agree. I think the reason ppl aren’t saying that is bec. they’re not interested in l”h just the truth. But I’m glad u mentioned it.

  18. Ok let’s breathe for second. I read every single comment here and I still fail to see what this great outcry is all about.Say I work for a large firm and suddenly it gets taken over by another Co. And all my bosses get fired and new management takes over. I look around me and decide what my options are. Do I like my new bosses and stay? Do I hate my new bosses and stay so I can continue to provide to my family? Do I leave without securing another job? The bottom line is I look at my options and fully understandthat it is my headache and my decision to make I don’t go crying and protestingon my Rav’s lawn to find me a new job. The decisions you parents made last year should have been well thought out including the knowledge that a new school may suffer from instability issues the first few years. Have you ever heard the term ”pioneer” well you decided to become one and unfortunatly for you it didn’t quite work out the way you hoped it would.Take responsibility for your action. It’s not someone else’s problem.I wish you all success in finding the right “flavor” your child will love.

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