Up To Fifteen High School Girls Remain Without A School

With only about two weeks left to the new school year, there are between 10 and 15 high school girls who still have nowhere to go. (Contrary to popular belief that there are over 30 without a place). Many readers have asked us what the status is with these girls and what has been done this far by community activists. On Friday, TLS spoke with several Askonim involved who said that they are working around the clock with the school principals and Menahelim to resolve the matter as quickly as possible-and “Baruch Hashem, there is progress”. Last year, the Roshei Hayeshiva Shlita prevented all girl’s schools from opening until all students were settled. We will keep you updated with any further developments.

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  1. My daughter is not in school yet officialy.but in all fairness it is probably because my wife doesn't dress tznius. I do business without wearing a yarmulke.go to atlantic city whenever I get achance. Have been taken to a din torah for stealing money supposedly. And. Oh I'm sorry I mixed myself up with someone else their daughter got into high school no problem never mind

  2. Our daughter is not in high school yet. I was very insulted until iwas told who didn't get in all the previous years and honestly I am now very proud to be included in such a chashuve group truly from lakewoods finest.

  3. It seems that many people that don't get in are the ones that are too ashamed to push and beg.you can't be too proud to beg in this case. Your daughters education is too important. How will she be able to go to a good seminary and become an o.t so she can support her learning husband until she has 4 kids and he then has to scramble to find a job.

  4. Its so amazing. Every year the same parents who do nothing to help support the schools , complain about the "terrible Reshoim " who actually did something and opened up schools. Most of these people used their own money and spent thousands of hours to start schools that these " complainer" parents send their kids to.

  5. What do you expect when the High Schools in Lakewood can't even collect 4000 a year from the same parents who send their kids to seminary at 20k a pop and to summer camp for 3k or more. If schools got half decent tuitions , most of these problems would go away. There would be money for new classes , for tutors and social workers for special needs and weaker kids etc etc. Right now nobody in town cares to support our own mosdos so of course the schools are not going to undertake more classes , weaker kids etc that are big money drainers on their already bankrupt budgets. Put your money where your mouth is and arrange proper funding for each school and I guarantee you that they will be much more tolerant in their acceptance policies and expansion plans

  6. The problem is that Lakewood has too many well meaning so called "askanim " . In NY nobody helps you so people are realistic and apply to schools that they know have room and are appropriate for them . In lakewood ,parents are unrealistic and akshonim ,becuse they know that when their kids dont get into the school that they applied to ,all the "askanim " will try to help them by calling every choshuveh person in the world to pressure the mosdos to take them . Belive me ,if all these parents were left on their own ,then 90% of these kids would eventually apply to the schools that have room ,like in NY . Of course there are always going to be a handful of problem cases that nobody really wants ( not unexpected in a town of ten thousand students ) and by and large those problemd get resolved before school starts . But these cases are a small fraction of the total numbers which are just parents being stubborn .

  7. I for one have always supported every school. My business gave away tens of thousands a year to show support. Every tea every auction I gave. And now when it was time to get mt daughter into a school I need to beg? No one asked you to open a school. You run it like a business and want to look exclusive to stay in business. This is not how yidden should act. The same way I treated those that asked for favors I expected to be treated in kind. It was rude and I have been awakened to reality. No more mr nice guy here.

  8. The schools are run like a business because the customers will put them out of business if they dont cater to the customers . Those schools that tried to take everybody in the past ,were quickly put out of business by the parents who stopped sending their kids . Its the parents fault ,not the schools fault . Do you really expect every school to take problem kids voluntarily ,knowing that within 2 years they will probably have no normal applicants ? This has happened several times in Lakewood . So get the parents to change their tune and then talk .

  9. The High school tuitions in Lakewood are crazy low . There is no way that the schools will be able to survive long term ,paying their teachers almost double elementary school standards and charging tuitions just a little more than elementary schools . Out of town High schools charge about 3 times as much

  10. First of all dont blame the schools . They are just dancing to the tune of the parents . You know good and well that as soon as a school starts taking certain kinds of kids ,then next years enrollment drops in half . The schools dont have a problem . The parents are at fault . I know cases where the same parents who screamed Reshoim at school administrators for not taking more kids ,once they found out a certain problem kid was going to be in their childs class , went ballistic and threatened to turn over the world. You cant expect the schools to commit suicide if the attitude of the vast majority of Lakewood parents is like that

  11. Are you all trying to say that if a child is not a straight A student but in general she is a nice Bas Yisroel (no problems in class, dresses tznias, in general a nice girl, just not a strong academic girl) she should not have a place to go to school?

  12. 10 or 15 out of almost 500 is not such a big number .Im sure that most of them will get resolved before school starts .

    I heard this number was much bigger a few weeks ago but most of those that did not have a school were those that decided for one reason or another ,to only apply to one school .With another hundred additional kids going into high school every year , everybody with half a brain knows that the older schools will be full and you have to apply to a newer school . Be thankful that there are newer schools opening up . It is a pretty big chutzpah for people to self inflict this on their daughters by only applyinf to the oldest schools and then crying when those schools obviously have no room .If you want to go to older established schools ,move out of Lakewood . In lakewood ,with the yearly growth ,be thankful that there always new schools out there for you . I am sick and tired of hearing about these numbers of girls without schools ,when everybody knows that these kids could have gotten in to some newer school ,had their parents not been so stubborn . Imagine if every parent only applied to Yeshiva Ketana or Talmud Torah and when they get rejected ,they go around saying that the administrators are Reshoim because their kids are out of school .Of course had they applied to the Cheder or some of the newer Chadorim they would have gotten in and everybody knows that . For some reason ,with High school girls ,many people try to play that game and then scream and cry .

  13. know of several parents ,who admitted that School A… or B would have taken them had they applied .But they only wanted the schools that didnt want them. Now they are crying to get into the ones they didnt apply to but of course its too late . The schools have deadlines and if you play poker with your kids future ,then sometimes you lose .

  14. Charge more for tuition I would pay it. But don't tell me after living in lakewood for thirty years and because I now have my first girl going to high school that I should arrange funding. What achutzpah. If I have a heart attack does a hospital complain to me that I should fund them before I can be treated. Stop complaining. Accept every jewish child. Charge tuition that makes sense. Finished.

  15. to 11:01 pm
    Nobody here said that . Every fine nice Bas Yisroel described by yiu deserves to get in . It is just your responsibility ( among the rest of the Klal ) to see to it that there are enough seats in the schools . With the Lakewood frum school poulation doubling every few years ,its almost impossible to keep up without big dollars .

  16. An odom chosuv once said . The biggest maile in this Shiduuch is that they want me . apply to a school that wants you ,and dont run after those that are full or just dont want you . That will solve 98% of the problems

  17. The schools cant charge tuition that makes sense . The are not even able to collect the crazy low tuitions they are charging now from most people . Lakewood is unique that almost everybody has a large family and cant afford to pay what it costs.

  18. To the one that said it is the parents fault. I was told by one menahel that he had parents that are making him crazy that they won't send their daughter unless they don't accept certain families. They ask to see the enrollment list first. And it is the parents fault? You give in to these soinim and the good people suffer.and all parents are to blame?you all meed to take a course in mentchlechkeit. If the rabbonim of this town had any power they would enact rules on how each school must treat each parent that comes to enroll. Just note that the man who started this whole trend od mistreating parents is now out of a job. Treat everyone nice only good can come of it

  19. I was at the Asifa that motzei Shabbos when the VAAD & Mashgiach Guaranteed that no girl would be left out of school if they applied to 3 HS. Atleast 1 had to be from the newer schools.

    1. My daughter did apply to 3 (yes three) HS.
    2. We had to pay 3 application FEES (Don't worry the checks were cashed).
    3. my daughter had to take 3 exams.

    I did everything that the VAAD & mashgiach told us to do, and still my daughter has not as of yet received an acceptance letter.

    All I get when I call the VAAD is


  20. Some of these comments are just laughable . One commentor states that its not parents responsibility to make new schools ,its the Community responsibility . Please wake up .There is no community organization in Lakewood . By Chasidim the the community takes responsibility for these things . In Lakewood ,the parents are the Community ,because nobody has taken responsibility for opening schools . Since its your child YOU have to educate him or her .Be thankful that there are a few "meshugaim " who spent their hard earned personal money to make scchools that have room for 95% of the kids .

  21. To the one who asked why every school doesnt take a few more kids and split them into smaller classes .

    Have you ever heard of money ? It costs a lot of money to pay High School teachers to teach another class . It also costs a lot of money to build the classroom space for those extra classes . Have you offered to foot the bill ? The Administrators cannot schnorr anymore because nobody out there is giving money . even those who give money ,only give it to Boys yeshivas where they think they are doing 'Hachzokas Hatorah " . The same gvir who will give a 1000 donation to a new Boys Mesivta with 7 talmidim ,will give 36 dollars to a Girls high school with 300 students . Check your facts . I did .

  22. Not every parent tzitturs because a non typical child gets put in their kids class. Talk to your child tell. Them to communicate with you. If you don't like the child tell them to stay away. My child has come to tell me that a choshive families son taught him avery bad word. I just told him to stay away. No reason to call the school or make a tumult. Communicate.

  23. I have a sibling that comes from v nice family and he is a top rebbi in a top moisad and he didn't bother with the brand name TOP schools and went to Birnbaums school and is laughing at others who insisted on the Big names and are now stuck

  24. It is the responsibility of a community of 50,000 plus frume yiden to collectively support a frum school systyem . The fact is that they are not . The goyim understand this responsibility by taxing us for the public schools . For some reason we do not do the same for our schools . You cant complain to the guy who made a school and made himself into a SCHNORRER ,why he is not schnorring more to expand his school to create more classes for your daughter . If he had 25 seats in the class and there were 10 empty seats ,then you can complain. But in most cases , the classes were designed for 25 seats and thre are 30 or more . So if he took your daughter ,them he would have to reject somebody else .

  25. Yes I support the moisdos.they treat most people with respect and dignity when they need something from them and then spit in their face as soon as they don't need them anymore.how they sleep at night I don't know

  26. to 11:28 pm
    For every one like your sibling ,there are probably 10 who try to fight their way into schools and end up causing all these problems

  27. For all those who hate the Moisdos .

    Why dont you start a new Moisad ? according to you everybody who runs a Moisad makes a lot of money and gets a lot of Kovid . There is a terrific demand for Mosdos in Lakewood . It should be a great business . Go open one up tomorrow and become rich .

  28. I think all the peopke that didn't get in are on this blog. So they didn't get in because they have internet. But then again it seems that there are a few menahalim on here too so I guess its a wash on that point

  29. Perhaps there are 15 girls who have not yet been placed, but many more have not received an answer. The vaad might know where they're going, but until all of the negotiations are complete, many will not hear a word from any school. I was told that my daughter is a "bargaining chip", & cannot be placed in a school officially until all of the other girls are accepted. Its sort of like choosing sides for a sports team.

  30. I am a parent who pays full tuition in all of my childrens elementary schools, & give donations besides. I am fully supportive of all of the schools my children attend.
    The "terrible Reshoim who actually did something and opened up schools", using "their own money" (how many independantly wealthy people are there in this town?), actually pander to the "complainer" parents. They are actively seeking students who would:
    a) rather be in a different school, but can't get in
    b) drive them nuts about who else they are accepting, threatening to pull out if the school accepts someone they don't like
    This makes them seem exclusive, which leads to more applicants.
    Why not cater to people who actually pay tuition? WHy not engender good feelings toward you school so that you get more donations? Why narrow your pool of donors by excluding people & saying "no" in a nasty & degrading way?
    L'toeles Harabim: Don't kid yourselves. Girls from very chashuva homes, families who have been in Lakewood for many years, have not been accepted to any high school. IT COULD BE YOU.

  31. I heard from a reliable source that many girls were told that a perticular school or 2 would accept them if they apply ,but they still chose not to . Im sure that there are aome that still dont have anywhere to go but the majority could have gone somewhere.

  32. I know. A wonderful family that had their daughters destroyed by lakewood girls schools and have a girl going in now that is being rejected and they are moving. They called the high school in their new town were told the costs and were sent an enrollment form. No games no pull no begging. Did you expect these hard working cessed doing wonderful ppeople to open agirls school?they got up and moved after living here for twenty years and it is our loss. These are the finest people atown could ask for. Baalei chessed baalei tzedakah pleasant normal people. And noew another town will have them.

  33. Shame on the high schools for sacrificing the dignity & future of 13 yr old girls for their own personal gain. Shame on those who stand by & do nothing. Child sacrifice is Avoda Zorah. Persecuting "unwanted" children is what christians do. Start following your own religion. Review what the Torah says about chinuch. Maybe you will have more hatzlocha with your school.

  34. There are a few girls who are not accepted yet not because:
    their parents
    their lack of money
    their lack of pull or yichus
    But because they are not fit to be part of a frum school because of the way they act and dress and the schools should NOT accept them PERIOD
    I know and that is a fact
    Do not blame anyone but the girls themselves and Parents- face the facts and send them out of town where they will accept them as is and hopefully shape them up

  35. I am at a loss to understand something .

    If a High school has 25 desks in a class and they are all full why is that called persecution if they state they have no more room ? And in most cases they have already added desks till 30 or more . If taking your daughter just means ,rejecting somebody elses instead because there is room for only 1,why is that called persecution ? Please explain

  36. I spoke to rabbonim and mechanchim about opening a new school. That would automatically accept all the girls from a large elementary school. I was told very succinctly that the other schools would tkae me to a din torah for hasogos gvul.

  37. ypu are so right

    There are many cases where kids who need space and are more with it ,would have done well in a more relaxed ,liberal out of town environment . Instead the Askanim forced them into Lakewood schools thar were designed to be strict and very frum ,and the kids went off the derech . Parents ,be realistic and do what is good for your kids ,not what is good for you families Kovod . You might regret it one day Ch"v

  38. Mr. Someone in the Know: SOme of the girls who were not accepted this year or in previous years are from the wealthiest families in this town. They are perfectly tznius & some have yichus as well. (Unless you mean being the niece of a high school administrator) Your head would spin if you heard some of their names.
    They were left out because a) they do not have a sibling who previously went to high school &
    b) they are not straight A students
    The proof is that some less-than-tznius girls, who have siblings in hs already, were accepted. Some straight A students, who come from very questionable families, were accepted.
    You're obviously not that much "in the know."

    Their crimes

  39. 11:59 pm

    You are full of baloney

    I personally know some of the people involved with running some of the high schools and they were begging people to open up new schools because there was too much demand for to little supply . There were new schools opened up last year and 3 years ago and nobody took anybody to Din Torah . They were all encouraged and given Chizuk by everybody

  40. To 11:56 p.m.: It is called "persecution" because the schools do not even the acknowledge the existence of these girls by sending them a rejection letter! The parents keep checking their mailboxes, hoping their acceptance letter was lost in the mail. It is called "persecution" because they have no sympathy for their fellow yidden. They treat girls like heads of cattle, bargaining with the vaad for how many "extras" they have to take.

  41. Dear mr in the know. My daughter is not officially in a school and I was told by someone really in the know that it is because the schools are waiting till the end to accept her so they will not need to accept too many of the undesirable ones. She dresses more tznius than her own teachers. Has a higher iq than me or you and has never said a bad word about anyone. Should she also go out of town to shape up?she was born here. Were you? Maybe if people like you -that are in the know would leave then we could all live bshalom ubracha without the stigma of all the sinas chinom that you promote. Get in the know and get out of town yourself

  42. I am not someone in the know

    He did not write that every kid that is out is a tznius problem . He just wrote that there are SOME kids who should not go to local schools ,and he is right . Out of 450 or 500 it is not a surprise that a small amount like 5 or 10 do not fit in to any of the schools . He was not necessarily ta;lking about YOUR DAUGHTER . Why are you jumping all over him for his comment ?

  43. Someone in the Know should shape himself up. I hope that all of your children are perfect in every way, frumkeit & academically. I hope that you always get in to every school you apply to. You don't seem like you could possibly handle imperfect children.

  44. Dear mr in the know. I know who you are and I know what you look at online and I think you better look out because a lot of people already figured out who you are so maybe it is time for you to leave and shape up

  45. to 12:07 am

    I think it is you (among the rest of the community ) who treat girls like heads of cattle . You and everybody else knows that the existing schools are full and yet you ( as part of the community ) do not do anything to create more schools . If a school is full beyond capacity ,what is wrong with them bargaining with the Vaad ,not to have to take more kids than they can handle .

  46. to: August 22, 2009 11:53 PM.
    Tell me know it all . Whats worse a parent who blogs on the internet or a child who you feel doesnt dress appropriately?

  47. I have a very simple solution to this . Why dont all the parents who think the Mosdois are Reshoim ,get together and open up 1 High School that will accept everybody. Then we will have no more problems . You might even become very rich in the process ,because I am sure all the school owners are millionaires from all the tuitions they collect .

  48. I have a daughter going in to high school for the 2010 – 2011 school year (next year). Trust me, I'm not sending her to school in Lakewood. She's not a piece of cattle to be decided upon by some vaad. I'll send her 'out of town' where she'll be respected.

  49. I know somebody who wanted to open a school until he went to the accountants who do the existing schools books and saw that he would lose a few hundred thousand a year . And that was before shnorring for a building .

  50. "I have a daughter going in to high school for the 2010 – 2011 school year (next year). Trust me, I'm not sending her to school in Lakewood. She's not a piece of cattle to be decided upon by some vaad. I'll send her 'out of town' where she'll be respected."

    Why dont you go out of town too?

  51. To yated:
    Obviously you have a problematic daughter as 99 percent of the girls do not go to the vaad. The vaad was put in place by the mashgiach and some caring askanim who saw a need for this. By you threatening to go out of town for high school, you are actually making it easier for the vaad to place other girls. Sending a girl out of town has its own risks and I hope that you have calculated that into your decision.

  52. Parents need to stop complaining about tuition and realize it is the number one priority to pay and tuitions must be raised accordingly for those that can pay. Those that can't need to show how they spend their money. Do you have a cleaning lady? Fancy car? Camp? Then pay up. The schools need to treat everyone with honesty and in a timely manner. send out acceptance letters or rejection letters if they have no room. The askanim need to butt out and get back to their jobs. Without them things could go a lot smoother. All menahalim need to be given a course in protocols for accepting kids into school. They should not be allowed to open until set guidelines are not accepted by everyone. Problem cases should be given over to a competent rav. The family should be told what is expected of them if they are to be admitted to school.everyone needs to be open and honest with one another. Is that too much to ask of. From a town that holds itself to a higher standard than others?please I beg of you all stop the sinas chinom and pettiness.there is too much at stake.

  53. Anon 12:27
    "What is wrong with bby?"

    Lets face it. Some (not all) of the unaccepted are stuck-up, wannabee, keep-up with Jones's, that it doesn't pass for them to be in a school like BBY, etc. Not that there is anything wrong. Just, that unless it is the current hot school, they will not even apply.

    Don't start yelling because like I said it is not the reason for all the unaccepted.

    But maybe some of those parent's who will decide to stop watching their mailboxes for their acceptance letter from BYHS and just be willing to go to any school there might be less girls sitting out of school.

    As for the others I don't know why they would be singled out from all the hundreds of girls accepted.

  54. To 12:35 am: I thought you said the Mashgiach has nothing to do with this! Who are these caring askanim, and why don't they care about me?? I am hoping and praying that I do not have to send my daughter out of town. So far I have no in-town options.

  55. I think it is truly amazing that with 450 kids applying and such a shortage of schools , that are only 10 or 15 kids with no school.

    I think it shows that Lakewood and its schools are very caring.

    Out of 450 kids , statistics say that at least 20 percent or close to 100 should have issues and problems , and even with such a severe shortage of seats , most of these kids were placed voluntarily by the school administrators , who are all private schools. I think this shows that we are a truly great town.

  56. Why don't the RoshYeshivas just pen up 1 school that will accept any girl from any elementary school ? That will solve the problem once and for all.

  57. May we all find the yeshuos that we need. May we all recognize our own part in this horrible game of sinas chinam.
    Get some sleep guys. A gutte voch to all.

  58. No one has a right o tell anyone to leave town. Except the mexicans. They can leave. Except my cleaning lady she's really good. Oh and my gardener

  59. I know of a family who two yrs ago couldn't get their daughter in hs. they screamed what reshaim the mosdos are. when askanim got involved they were told by one rosh hamosed that they told the parents of this girl that they will glady take her in with one t'nai-get rid of your dog! this family when screaming reshaim reshaim left out this detail. the bottom line is there may be 2 sides to the story.

  60. Seriously, what's wrong with Bnos Bais Yaakov?

    The Menaheles and adminstartion are caring people, Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky endorses it highly, what is the matter?

    They recently bought a new building to allow further growth, why isn't Bnos the "in" place?

  61. I don't understand. We know that there are rules that if u have a television or internet you acnt get into school. There are other rules also like dresiing a certain way etc. It is obvious that with Lakewoods growth of recen years that there are going to be at least 5 or 10 per cent of the people that don't conform to the rules of the existing schools. So why does everybody expect that everybody will always get in to a school when we know that out of the thousand or so new kids ( between primary and 9th grade ) there have to be at least 20 to 30 that do not meet the criteria. Of course there are some that meet the criyteria and still will have a problem so don't jump all over me that your daughter is great and I said she is not. All I am asking is that it is obvious that every year there have to be some families out of the thousands that don't meet the criteria of the existing schools especially with the many non yeshiva people moving in every day. So how can we complain and say that everybody has to be accepted every year. Something has to give. Either the schools have to become more modern and relax their criteria or people have to send out of town , or more liberal modern schools have to be established.

  62. good morning.i cant believe what a firestorm i woke up to.i am a parent in one of the above mentioned smaller schools and can tell you right now that my daughter was hounded and nit picked for the stupidest things.her shirts were too tight, she got loose ones.her hair was in tight braids ,she made them looser.her nails were manicured not polished but they look polished and on and on.she is a pretty girl k a h and we dont need a man looking her over constantly to be boidik every possible tznius infraction .that in itself is a bigger problem than a shirt that may be too tight.we taka need some normal people to step up and open a school

  63. Yes, there are families with tznius & frumkeit issues who cannot get their children into schools. However, there are also some girls with tznius issues & from very problematic families who DID get their daughters in to school. They either have a sibling there already, or they are straight A students, which is what the schools are vying for.
    Left out of this cheshbon are aome wonderful, tznius girls from long-time established Lakewood families who are not officially in a school yet! Families who pay full tuition & never cause any trouble in other schools. These girls do not have an older sibling already in high school & they do not have perfect grades.
    Perhaps it is true that these girls will ultimately be placed in a school before the year starts, but they have been mistreated badly & those who need mechila should ask for it now in Elul. Yom Kipur Eino Mechaper.

  64. Dear Lakewood Scoop: you only slept from 2:38 am to 6:14 am? YOU are the askon who works tirelessly for this community. Bet you could solve the high school crisis with one all-nighter! Hope you get a nap today.

  65. Bloggers start your engines. This one might outdo the tznius childless letter comments. To the guy who thinks this is all people with dogs that dres not tznius not getting in-you need to meet mr in the know. He can tell you that many of the girls are not accepted yet. Because they have tznius issues and you can both go with your perverted minds to apsychologist and tell him that you think about little girls dressing not tznius. REBBONO SHEL OILAM THEY WEAR UNIFORMS THERE ARE RULES TELL THEM THE RULES NICELY AND I AM SURE THEY WILL LISTEN. If they don't then ask them kindly to find another school

  66. If everybody seems to agree that there are always going to be some families that should not be accepted due to tznius and hashkofa etc iSsues , ( which is not surprising due to the growth of lakewood and the thousands of families involved ) , then thus issue will never get resolved.

    In NY there are all kinds of high schools from coed to modern to plain frum to very frum to chasidish etc. Here in Lakewood all the schools ( so far as I know ) were opened to cater to a strictly very frum yeshivish clientele. So there is very little choice for the growing population that nmight not fit that criteria. While I feel bad for any girl without a school , we also can't force schools to change their original mission and start catering to a more liberal clientele.

    Sounds like a problem that will only get a lot worse before it gets better.

  67. My daughter came home hysterically crying that a male menahel told her she should watch what she eats because she is getting fat. I think we are all speaking of the same school right?if that is the alternate choice given to us what are we supposed to do?

  68. why don't you all put your money where your mouth is. i know someone that is ready, able, and willing to start and run a new school in town. all he needs is money. let's see the donations. contact: *********************

  69. I want to point out as some have that some girls were not accepted because their academic records werent' so great = but they are modest girls with good midos.
    The schools must learn the alternate definition of tznius, modesty and should not be too elite to accept what they feel are "substandard" girls.

  70. Why should agirl be accepted if she is not accademically superior. I applied to oros for that reason. I was told they only want smarter girls. Why should my daughter be dragged down with non studious girls? Should they be forced to accept retarded ones too?that is why we have schi let then go there

  71. It seems that the mosdos arte being run by abunch of people that hoped one day to get rvenge on all the fancy people by not accepting their kids to school. Good for them. Everyone deserves a little comeuppance

  72. Kol ha'oskim b'sorchei tzibur be'emuna, hakadosh baruch hu yeshalem secharam.

    Aval al eilu shelo nahagu b'chessed u'birachamim,
    yesh din, v'yesh dayan. Umi shelo kevar ra'ah b'einav es hadin hakasheh al eilu shelo nahagu keshurah, kevar higia z'man kriat shema shel shacharit.

    V'al habanot hachashuvot shelo asu meumah, v'al kol panim lo hitkabilu b'kavod, al eileh ani bochiya, anei anei yordah mayim.

  73. Thank you mrs or mr academically superior. Iwas told that oros was not taking my daughter because she is not up to par with the other girls. Fine. But don't tell me you opened a school ltzorchei tzibbur. You opened it to compete with bais yakov and to have a business that will be successful. Don't hide under the guise of tzidkus. Its not nice to the true tzadikim of this town.

  74. I want my daughter to learn all she can before dhe gets married. All the weaker girls should get a school designed for them. They won't go because they are afraid they won't get ashidduch. That is not my problem. Should my daughter have to suffer in her limud so a slow girl or a girl who is almost off the derech needs a place?let them go to a school made for them. There will be slow boys when it is time to get married I'm sure

  75. Just turned on my computer and am amazed at wht I am reading. A menahel told atalmidah that she is fat? And he is still in charge? A school was set up for only the best girls and wants our support?people living here fo thirty years and are good frum people can't get into high schools they have been giving to all these years? It is elul do you all want to burn?cmon get it togehter people. I know personally that all the schools and menahalim do not get along and they all hate the vaad. The sinas chinom flowing freely these days in good ol lakewood

  76. 10:15,

    We'll see how you talk when one of your kids comes up with an issue.

    Secondly, halevay that there was a school in Lakewood for all the so called "b" grade girls, but there is not. And these so called "b" girls have many other talents and fine middos, which you of all people should learn from.

    And you should know that in the past, schools for only the acedemically superior have failed, and HaShem does not look kindly upon them.

    There is so much more to learn in life than your empty unholy study of ancient Hebrew writings. You should go to college for what you are looking to learn. Its not Torah, because its not chessed. Titain emes L'Yaakov, chessed l'avraham. One without the other is not Torah!

    Your elitizm is disgusting. Be kind to the downtrodden, so the wheel of life shall not turn upon you.

  77. Wow you all have very crooked hashkofos. Glad I left lakewood long ago. I live a happy non yeshivish life because of all of you people I just looked here because a friend called and said you gotta see what the retards are arguing about in lakewood. More girls will realize like I did what a waste of time your lifestyle has become. You are a bunch of hypocrites. I am now a sucessful businesswoman in manhattan and happier than I ever was under the lakewood taliban oppressors. You never showed me any love for my religion just negativity. I live a positive happy productive life now. I have come to realize that judaism is more than what is practiced in closed minded provincial lakewood. There is a whole world out there. You jerks helped me relize that. Ksiva vchsima tova

  78. To 9:51-

    You are a piece of work. I wouldn't want my daughter going to school with yours anywhere!
    I applied to Oros because it was a new school and I was hoping a new school would be more accepting.
    I guess I was wrong, but thank goodness, because I would not want to be with her at PTA.

  79. this is Lakewood Ir Hatorah? the chofetz chaim states the reason for the continued galus is lack of shmiras halashon. not tznius not kosher not shmiras shabbos etc…. it is because of what comes out of our mouths. rabbosai, yes its true that the mashgiach promised that any girl who applied to 3 schools would be guaranteed to get in and that there are girls who did that and still they did not get in. its true that some girls are not up to the tznius standards of the schools. all this is true. SO WHAT? as bnei torah it is our responsibility to care for each and every one of them even if they aren't as yeshivish as *YOU* think they should be and sitting here commenting about them is worse than if you would be talking about it with your friend because here the whole world sees your massive chillul hashem. shame on all of us me included for allowing our kehilla to sink so low. this is not behavior indicitative of a ir hatorah its behavior of an ir hasheker

  80. Why are there male menahel in a girls high school? Commenting on girls bodies is called Chinuch Al Taharas Hakoidesh? What's wrong with this picture?

  81. Let me just say that what goes on in this town is a massive chilul hashem,more so then what happened last month scandals when are the so call mosdos going to wake up and realize they are going to burn you are messing with our precious yiddisha girls .you know what rejection does do these kids? then the same jerks ask.. how did this happen? how many rosh yeshivath came from s called "MODERN HOMES' or for that matter non frum homes and turned out to be our gedolim including one of our local rosh yeshiva what if he was rejected1! wake up people LoVE THY NEIGHBOR .this is HASHEMS will he will take care of your children not your stupid narrow mindness and evil to your fellow yid by the way my kids have always been accepted but this eats me up when i see kids going off the derech when it could have been avoided what a crime and shame on all of you who are responsible HAVE A GOOD YEAR

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