Up To Fifteen High School Girls Remain Without A School

With only about two weeks left to the new school year, there are between 10 and 15 high school girls who still have nowhere to go. (Contrary to popular belief that there are over 30 without a place). Many readers have asked us what the status is with these girls and what has been done this far by community activists. On Friday, TLS spoke with several Askonim involved who said that they are working around the clock with the school principals and Menahelim to resolve the matter as quickly as possible-and “Baruch Hashem, there is progress”. Last year, the Roshei Hayeshiva Shlita prevented all girl’s schools from opening until all students were settled. We will keep you updated with any further developments.

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  1. Don't insult me just because I want what is best for my child. Oros is the in place and if your daughter doesn't have what it takes just be accepting and move on. How babyish to say. I wouldnt want to play with you anyway.

  2. Let me get this straight. My choices were a school where the menahel abuses the girls mentally or on that excludes anyone that is not a book smart genius. And I should feel bad sending my daughter away out of town?she will be a lot better off there

  3. To the mother who wants her child in the school for the academically superior…I am being dan l'kaf zechus and assuming that you are being facetious. You must be trying to prove an important point by making yourself sound impossibly elitist. I'm sure that you don't ACTUALLY feel that way. But in case you do, I want to ask you (and others like you) an interesting question. What do you think your feelings would be if your academically superior, super bright, very motivated to learn all she can before she gets married, daughter would have a younger sister who is a nice fine girl who happens to be a mediocre student. I guess you wouldn't want Oros to accept her because it wouldn't be right or fair to all those super bright girls. Or maybe you would change your tune 'cause the "mediocre" girl in this case happens to be your daughter. And that makes her not mediocre at all. In fact, it makes her special. About as special as these other "mediocre" appearing girls. So the solution is simple. Stop viewing these bnos yisroel as someone else's problem, and start looking at it as your problem. Maybe in that zechus, you can save yourself a problem of your own one day.

  4. 11:32,

    What you want is NOT the best for your child. The best for your child is to know HaShem.

    Yirmiyah (9:23), Only in this shall the praiser praise, contemplating and knowing Me, for I HaShem do CHESSED, MISHPAT, and TZEDACKA in the land, because these I have desired, says HaShem (see Yirmiya 9:23).

  5. I should have quoted more.

    Yirmiya (9:22), "So says Hashem, the wise should not praise himself in wisdom nor the strong praise himself in strength nor the rich praise himself in wealth."

    Yirmiya(9:23), "Only in this shall the praiser praise, contemplating and knowing Me, for I HaShem do CHESSED, MISHPAT, and TZEDACKA in the land, because these I have desired, says HaShem."

  6. I would be realistic if I chas vshalom had a dughter that was not up to par with the normal girls in this town. I don't yet so I will worry about it if it ever comes up. I wouldn't expect someone to let me in to a school with high academic standards if my child can't handle it any more than a school would take a retarded child that belongs in schi into a regular school

  7. If all the parents that have problematic daughters did what they were told. And did not threaten the people that were trying to help them this whole situation could have been avoided. Nobody promised anyone a definite acceptance for their daughter. Maybe we were not at the same meeting. The mashgiach said nothing about guaranteed acceptance. We tried to help you people. Next year you will be on your own.

  8. Imagine if this would leak out to the secular media they would have a field day with this! and rightfuly so1 what is with you lakewood people stand up for what is right

  9. I dont know what field day anybody would have . what I see is a town that gets no funding for its schools and has 3 times as many kids as the public school system ,still somehow being able to place 99% of its kids into schools funded solely by private volunteers and partial tutitions .

    I think it is an amazing feat.

    Why are we focusing on the 1 half of 1 per cent problems . Why dont we focus on the Tzadikim that have made schools for the 99.5 % that were accepted

  10. i will tell you why we focus on 1 half of one percent because if it was your child who was rejected then it would be 1000000 percent your problem what a selfish comment you make. isnt even ONE girl that potentialy can get ruined enough for the " HOLIER THAN THOUGH"a reason to change things in your foresaken town

  11. The public schools spend about 120 million of taxpayer money to do a mediocre job of educating about 5000 children . Our community spends about 50 to 60 million of PRIVATE MONEY doing a very good job of educating about 15,000 children .

    I think that is something to be proud of .

    I think everybody who helps run a Moisad should be considered very special .

  12. mr 1;17

    Nobody said not to deal with the problems even if it was one child .

    The writer just stated his amazement of all the positive things being done by volunteers in town . Regardless of the problems that need to be rectified ,there is still much to be proud of .

  13. to MY

    you are the one making negative comments . Just because you are hurt should not prevent everybody from seeing the massive positive asccomplishments of the volunteers who provide for the education of 15,000 students . We all agree there are problems that need to be rectified and people hurt ,but that does not take away from all the massive good being done .

  14. I agree .

    Never in the history of Klal Yisroel have so many children been educated so well without any organized Vaad Hair . We rely solely on volunteers who create schools and their main Schar is being called Reshoim and all kinds of names by the people commenting here .

  15. 117 thank you i know you mean well but the "velt" is stating to realize that lakewood has its issues and its in denial about all the kids at risk they are producing and blame everything on tznius how bout "sinus chenom'

  16. Volunteers.

    Volunteers don't get paid. Teachers don't volunteer they get paid (probably more than what I get paid). administraters get paid not volunteer.

    Hatzalah members volunteer. Parents that help out for fund raisers volunteer.

    Get your facts straight before you post anything, don't just type.

    As long as 1 single child who want to go to school & learn is left out everything that was done is for nothing.


  17. I think most outsiders would be amazed ( in a positive way ) that in a town like Lakewood where every year there are an additional hundreds and hundreds of children entering both elementary and high school ,that we only have 10 kids out of school as of today .

    We must sympathize with those 10 parents (assuming they are not at fault ) and we must try to help them . But it should not let us take the focus off all the good people who provide for Lakewoods students .

  18. 1:39 pm

    I happen to know that many of the people who started the schools do not get paid . Unless you call signing personally for loans as payment .

    It is the responsibility of the COMMUNITY ( including yourself ) to fund the schools for expansion so that No CHILD is left out . why is it the responsibility of somebody who is already providing dor the schooling of 200 or 300 kids ,to provide for everybody .

    You are just putting the blame for your inactiion on other people who have actuall done something .


  20. Administrators and Teachers get paid to teach the amount of students their schools have capacity for . They DO NOT get paid to become full time schnorrers to run around the Country to collect money to keep expanding their school every year so people can move from Ny to get cheaper housing in Lakewood . Evert person moving from NY costs every school about 10,000 just in infrastructure costs to build new buildings and classromms ( besides the deficit when most dont pay full tution ) Its ironic that these sa,e people who expect the free lunch are the biggest complainers and call the scgools Reshoim

  21. If everybody who moved from NY for cheaper housing would be required to put 10,000 per child into an Education fund to build new schools ,then they would have a right to complain . But if there was such a fund ,we wouldnt have problems placing kids .

  22. You are just not getting it. There are girls from families that are not problem kids not problem families they did not get in because they are a first girl going into a high school and are b students nothing worse than that. They are from families that are living in lakewood thirty years. Their father learnt in kollel,supported all the moisdos.many are from well known families that if they made a wedding would get their photos in the scoop. They Helped the tzibur and were turned away as if no one owes them anything. And now what? You want them to open a school ?No good can. Come of this for any of the moisdos in this town. We need a set of rules as to how and when acceptance letters are sent out.what criteria a school must use for rejection and how those girls should be dealt with caution. And respect

  23. I happen to know a situation where a fine family didnt have funds for tuition and used that as a excuse not to acept .till someone stepped up to the plate with 5000 cash and guarenteed the other 3 years ,then the school found tznius issues on the mother. today this girl is off the derech! way to go lakewood!

  24. Everybody knows that if we had an abundance of high schools ,there would be no problem. Supply and demand dictates that . Look at the Boys mesivtas . Because so many people want to be marbitzei Torah ,there is such an abundance of mesivtas that the Menahalim are practically begging people vto send their kids .Since there is no kovod or Sipuk of Harbotzas Hatorah in girls schools ,nobody wants to make them . They also lose lots of money due to the low tuitions in Lakewood. Gvirim are also not interested in donating to girls schools . They give all their money to Boys schools where its Torah .

    If everybody would give money to make the same amount of girls high schools like we have mesivtas in Town ,then we would have every student placed immediately

  25. to 1:54 pm

    You just proved the point . The girls who do not get in are first time high schoolers. This means that after the schools take their siblings there is a small shortage of seats . Ket the community create more seats and your problem goes away . I guarantee you that if schhols only had 15 kids to fill 25 seats in a class ,they would beg parents to send their kids ,no matter how weak they are .

    Right now they have 40 applicants to fill those 25 seats .

  26. Anonymous said…
    Administrators and Teachers get paid to teach the amount of students their schools have capacity for . They DO NOT get paid to become full time schnorrers to run around the Country to collect money to keep expanding their school every year so people can move from Ny to get cheaper housing in Lakewood . Evert person moving from NY costs every school about 10,000 just in infrastructure costs to build new buildings and classromms ( besides the deficit when most dont pay full tution ) Its ironic that these sa,e people who expect the free lunch are the biggest complainers and call the scgools Reshoim

    August 23, 2009 1:50 PM

  27. If we created ONE new Girls High school for evey FIVE new mesivtas we would be OK .

    I heard of somebody that went to a gvir who gave thousands to a new Mesivta with 8 bochurim . When he told him he wants money for a Girls school he gave him 2 times chai .

    There is your answer why we have these problems .

  28. The only NEBACh RASHA I see here is the one not doing something to make schools for the Klal and then saying " I am a nebach , I cant or I dont have money , "

    In my opinion the guys who made schools and are full did their share . I am mekane their Schar ,especially in light of all the Bizyonos they get .

  29. To all the menahalim on here that are volunteering for the klal. Just note there are many types of volunteers hatzolah chevra kadisha etc. They all receive training and do not just take anyone in their ranks. I don't think any of you jokers would last a day on hatzolah with your exclusionary attitude. People would die. And now that you are volunteering in chinnuch you are slowly killing our children so whuy don't you turn over the keys to some compassionate intelligent people with ahavas yisroel in their blood and stop. Pretending you know what you are doing.people are getting hurt

  30. Supply and demand in Lakewood has proven itself . A few years ago it was hard for some boys to find Mesivtas . Then started the new trend of every other Yungerman to start a Mesivta and Voila . The weakest Bochurim are getting dozens of calls ,pleading with their fathers to please send them to my Mesivta . Open up more Girls High schools and the same will happen . The town has nobody to blame but itself . If there is money for 100 restaurants and many Lexuses and mansions ,but we cant fund the construction of new schools ,then dont blame anybody else but yourselves

  31. i for one went thru gehonim 4 years ago and since move away from lakewood mainly because my wife refused to have more chidren at the risk of going thru this gehonim 4 years later i see nothing has changed only the victims

  32. Funny I just bh did a shidduch for my daughter they only wanted to know if she turns heads when she waks by and how much money I will give fo support. The subject of her high school grades never came up. This whole thing is ridiculously funny

  33. to anon 2:35

    You complain that all the menahalim are incompetent . Who is stopping " Compassionate and intelligent people with Ahavas Yisroel in their blood " from becoming Menahalim and opening up schools ?

    Isnt it interesting that according to you ,every menahel of a school is incompetent and a bad person ?

  34. I hope that on Yom Kippur, all the exclusionary people do not say Kol Nidrei, because it says there that we need to daven together with the avaryonim.

    Kal vchomher ben beno shel kal vachomer that grade b students must be included.

    We must be inclusive. Turn away your brother and sister and HaShem will turn you away.

  35. Dear obvious blogging menahel. You are right there are many wonderful menahalim that are doing their best to help people. But there are a few that treat people badly and give the group a bad name. Unfortunately these people mistreat people and nobody penalizes them for their actions. The true oiskai tzorchei tzibur beemunah get treated like chattle and are spoken of disparagingly by these uncooth obnoxious impostors the ones who run their schools with compassion and varmkeit are made to feel that their schools are inferior and need to beg people to come and end up with parents that don't want to pay tuition or those that don't take a concern in their children. They feel they are doing the school afavor by attending. All the while the schools that exclude others are rewarded. I would open a school but would have a hard time being the mean obnoxious person needed to be successful in this town. Things need to change. Maybe we needt o have a town meeting with all menahalim and find a solution instead of asking some askonim to help us.

  36. Its so interesting that all the complainers about exclusion ,conveniently forget about dealing with the fact that all the problems stem from lack of space . The complainers are equally guilty for not helping with building more schools . We see that by high school boys as soon as more mesivtas opened ,all of a sudden there is no more exclusion . So its not exclusion for exclusions sake . Its just a plain lack of space. Yes face the facts if there 100 seats for 110 kids ,the smarter ones will get in first . But if there were 120 seats for 110 kids ,EVERYBODY will get in .

  37. The only thing that needs to change is that we as a Community need to take our responsibility to fund and create schools ,as strongly as the goyim take their responsibility to tax themselves ( and us included ) for public school education . There is enough money out there . We just dont care enough and leave it up to a few individuals to do our job for us and then repay them by calling them all kinds of names .

    If not having enough schools mattered to us as much as finding a good doctor when needed in timew of illness rch"l or our other needs ,then we would find the time and money to organize a fund to support our schools . Until we do that ,nobody has a right to complain .

  38. I must say that I, for one, very much appreciate the vaad. They are doing all they can, and with HaShem's help, they will get every last child into a school.

    If, in the end, every last child gets in, we will owe them a large debt of gratitude.

    The issue is not with the va'ad.

    The issue is with this hurtful system of very fine bnos melech being treated in a rejectionary way.

    Even so called problem situations should be dealt with respect and a forward looking attitude of how best they can be imbued with the heiligeh hashkofos haTorah.

    Aderaba, these are the prize situations of merit, which HaShem loves more than anything else.

    No matter what the schools do, they will always have b students and problem children, if not the ones they excluded, then from their ranks of the so called elite.

    You can't make cheshbonos with HaShem. There is only one method that works in HaShem's book, and that is called leshem shomayim. Any cheshbonos that work bderech hateva but not bderech shomayim, will only lead to inner rot and failure. Unfortunately, so many people don't get this.

  39. I am totally shocked by a comment made by 3:46 p.m., who seems to be in the school's camp.

    Unwilligly, Reb or Mrs. 3:46, you have given yourself away as to how off the mark and elitist you are.

    You said that because of lack of space, obviously, the smarter girls will get in first.

    Is a smart girl, in your book, more important than a girl with yiras shomayim?


    Do you say aishes chayil? Isha yiras HaShem hi tishalal.

  40. Come on Stop nitpicking . Smarter doesnt necessarily mean SMARTER Its just a connotation for better midos ,yiras shomayim ,marks etc . Whatever makes a girl stand out .

    We dont live in a dream world . as long as there is not enough space ,of course the girls with more midos ,yiras shomayim ,bettermarks ,whatever you want to call it ,will be picked first for the few available places . The rishus here is that the girls are competing for too few slots . If there were enough slots there wouldnt be a need to compete

  41. ask them to walk you into the classrooms im sure you will find room i challenged 2 schools to this last year after school started they denied me. they deny beause "your not good for business'

  42. I may have misjudged you, and I appologise.

    But although the fact you make is true, the fact is that girls with better marks (or siblings) are being accepted first, before girls with yiras shomayim. This in itself is a problem.

  43. I know of girls that were taken away by the nazis were not asked if they went to bjj hashem sends a churban to every generation that loses sight of what their tafkid on this earth is. If we forget we may be reminded in a very bad way.

  44. Not true not true not true
    The best girk
    Ls could not have been chosen first. I know for a fact becaus e my daughter still has not received an acceptance letter and all her report cards have praises written by all her teachers about what asweet intelligent girl she is and how it was an honor to teach her. So either the teachers are lying or the schools are messed up

  45. Boy Im glad I dont run a school in Lakewood .I guess whatever a school does in Lakewood is doomed . If they dont take siblings they are called Reshoim for that . If they take weaker siblings ahead of stronger non siblings ,they are condemmed for that ( see anon 4:53 comment ). I guess the only fine people in town are the ones who dont make schools .

  46. The schools in the end are taking everybody anyway. So why hurt so many people in the process. Just figure it out first and then send the acceptance letters.

  47. I dont know if this is true or not but I heard from somebody that a big part of the problem is that people who got accepted to one school or another only want to go someplace else . So nobody can finish till these 'feinshmekers "
    decide what to do .

    It doesnt make sense but who knows

  48. To Anon 5:30,

    You Said: The schools in the end are taking everybody anyway. So why hurt so many people in the process

    Who was hurt were all those girls that have to spend the whole summer wondering why they didn't get accepted & all there friends, who sometimes are not as smart as them, get accepted to more than 1 school.

    Than You Said: Just figure it out first and then send the acceptance letters.

    I agree with you 1000%, but acceptance letters went out before school even ended.

    These poor girls have do wait all summer and until schools finaly open up (I hope they don't open up until ALL girls get in, even if it takes till CHANUKAH).

  49. As a very small partial solution, in case they can't find a way to get it all together, schools can accept a certain percentage and another (nice) percentage should be acceptance letters to everyone for a number of slots on a first come first served basis. This way, those that weren't zariz can only blame themselves.

    A better solution is that the schools get together beforehand and deal with all the girls in the most productive way and then send out acceptance letters.

    All the gehenom from what they percieve to benefit from the way they do it now is not worth it.

  50. To all you "Eitzesgeibers " . I am sure there is a need for people to actually do something besides blogging . Why dont you call the Vaad and ask them how you can help create a new school . I am sure they will help guide you through the process .

  51. I have a girl which graduated from hs, but she is not an A student.She is frum, tzuniuszik, fine middos, except she is not an A student.
    When I applied to seminary, the answer was no. It took me a while to find the reason, but they admit, they like only the top students.So at least I tell my daughterI can not afford it and when it comes to shiduchim, it's not which sem you went, but other Maalos she has ,and that is what counts.
    What do people do in my situation? I am sure some of you has gone thru it.

  52. There are many very capable yungeleit who need parnasah and would be willing to start and run schools . They just need funding . If you fund them they will run the school and follow your rules to accept every child and leave nobody behind . Why dont a group of Askanim get together and fund it so this problem wont keep recurring .

  53. i know a sweet girl in Fakewood that was not accepted till chanukah. and then it was too late. now people look at her and say "nebach' the same hypocrits that rejected her to begin with hashem yerachaim and shame on all responsible

  54. My guess is that if every parent paid between 5,000 and 6,000 in tuition ,then you could probably break even after a few years and wouldnt need so much funding .

    That would have to be the average,including those with scholarships .

  55. If 100 parents each contributed 2,000 per year for the first few years ,you could probably fund a school that would accept everybody ,provided the students paid a decent tutition .

    Is that such a big price to pay to prevent all this agmas nefesh ?

    Why arent people picking up the phone to call the VAAD to volunteer ?

    I really dont understand it .

    I cant imagine there are not 100 parents in Lakewood who have the Maaser money to do this .

  56. To anon 7:31

    as much as this blog has a lot of garbage sent to it, it is a very important subject & by you putting in your comment was not called for.

  57. To the one who ssaid there are many capable yungerleit that need a parnosah. That is exactly what we don't need. More closed minded. Untrained yeshivaleit running our schools. We need torah umesorah trained capble personable caring people that can run a school. Announcements for the job opening and for that of a menaheles will iy"h be posted. On this site and in all the major publications. This school will be opened on a large scale. And if some of the newer schools become unattended because of it so be it.

  58. Thank you tls for bringing up such an important topic and helping to reveal all the hypocrisy and unfairness that occurs in our town. It is a very special place and as the people strive for greatness in following hashems ways help them realize some of the najor points they have overlooked. Ahavas yisroel. Anava. Ahavta lreocha kimocha et al. May we all be zoicha to reach a higher level together without sinas chinom becoming our stumbling block and may we use the yerida of this subject as a point to make an aliya to a higher level of hiskarvus to hakodosh boruch hu.

  59. To 8:32 I speak for many people when I say I really hope you are serious about opening a real girls high school based on torah umesorah values. Not some shoot from the hip "I have a good name so I am a mechaneches attitude" we hope we can be a part of the board to decide how it is set up and have another option other than one school run by a man that insults girls about tthe way they look or another that prides itself on pretending to take only the smartest girls because it is paranoid that the girls they were forced to take the first year they opened were not from the brightest bulbs in the box.

  60. Please please please
    I promise hashem has no nachas from any of this. Besides, most of you have no idea what your talking about. Please believe me!!!!!!

  61. sometimes it takes a little hot air to defrost the ice cold attitude of all you uncaring school administrators.treat people with the same respect you would like to get.be the change you wish to see in others.from all the posts i have seen on here today it seems you are all worried that the investment that you have made into trying to grow a viable girls high school based on excluding people to compete with the established schools, is not going to work.try getting a good reputation by actually helping ALL the girls that want to come to your school whether they are A or B students.treat people with honesty and dont expect people to speak kindly of you just because you are "DOING THIS LSHAIM SHOMAYIM"you are fooling yourself into believing this is lshmah.but you are not fooling us.you are no more lshma than a butcher or a soifer.you can say that you are providing a needed service,but ultimately you would like to see a parnassah from it. and that is why you focus on creating a facade of exclusivity to ensure the future of your school.so please dont insult me and tell me i am full of hot air.ihave also done much for our community but i dont go around telling you that i need your help or expect any kovod for it.i never get praise for all the good i do ,nor do i want any,but i do expect to be treated with a shred of dignity from the community i have worked hard to help,and not be told after 20 years in lakewood that i should open a girls school because i have a daughter that needs to go to high school.i just keep getting more and more dissapointed in all of those i have looked up to in the past.i remain anonymous only out of respect for my wife,but i am sure you know who i am.and yes there are big changes on the way whooooooooosh

  62. To all the people that decided that my daughter is a problem child because I want to send her out of town:

    No, she's not a problem child; she's just a bit more "colorful" than the run of the mill Lakewood cookie cutter girl with a 'bump' hairstyle. She actually has excellent middos, helps out in the house, averages 90% on tests, etc..

    But to be abused by the schools principals these days I know will be a bid turn off for her and I think out of town they are more focused toward each student having hatzlachah than how their school is perceived by the rest of the world.

    Let's see: my neighbors daughter was hounded for having her shirt untucked on Sundays, now if she covers her knees it's a big chiddush.

    Not all kids who go out of town are 'problem kids,' some just need more space & less pressure to bloom to their fullest potential.

  63. How come sending a boy away to an out of town yeshiva at the young age of 13 is the norm, but if we choose to send our daughter away because we want her to fulfill her potential elsewhere, she is labeled a problem child?

    If there was a school that we felt was not so pressurized for our less than A average girl, I am sure more people would jump to it, and it would be the sought after HS, NOT the "reject" school, because not every girl is cut out for that type of pressure.

    Things are only going to get worse here before they get better, because there are more and more girls every year graduating.

  64. Who said she is a problem . You are to be commended for your realism and dcedication to your daughter . If more people were like you ,this problem would go away because there would be enough space for those that stay . I am sure there are many kids not cut out for the Lakewood schools who would do better somewhere else ,but parents are not so thought out and it doesnt "pas " for them to do whats right .

  65. I agree with anon 9:08 am

    There are dozens of out of town mesivtas because everybody understands that all kids are different and need different types of chinuch . Many boys are not cut out for the Lakewood mesivtas ,especially the stricter ones.

    With girls ,all of a sudden ,every father thinks his daughter is cut out for the strictest school with the strongest learning program .

    I realize that its not as easy to send girls out of town as boys ,but still there must be dozens of girls who really should be given a chance to flourish elsewhere without the pressure of our strict in town schools ;08

  66. Every father does not think his daughter is cut out for the strictest school. The problem is that it's hard to get into any school in Lakewood.

  67. Not all the schools expect the girls to learn more than the boys. There are some established schools that have realistic goals for the girls and none of the male menahalim interact daily nor comment on the girls looks. We needed more schools like those.

  68. I grew up secular. To me this exclusionary attitude is totally chukas ha-goyim. In fact, it is so much like the fraternity/sorority system in colleges (social clubs where people are chosen because they are just like the people already in the club or have the right amount of money or whatever else) is scary. And do you know what that club system is called: the Greek system.
    Why not just have a lottery? You put your name in with the amount of tuition you can pay and you get assigned to a school. Girls would learn a lot more of value (ahavas yisrael, achdus, etc.) by being exposed to every kind of Jewish neshama in Lakewood than they do from anything else, I'd bet.

  69. To glowing flower

    A lottery system would be great if there was a publicly community financed school .

    Being that there is not , I dont think it is realistic to expect people to open their own schools with aLL THE FINANCIAL PRESSURE ON THEIR SHOULDERS ,WITHOUT THEM HAVING AN INPUT into the type of Hasjkofah and .

    It is impossible to preach a certain type of Haskofah and at the same time have half the class come from homes that do not suscribe to that in their own personal lifestyle .

    Just like we understand that Chasidishe schools expect children to come from homes where the mother wear seams of a certain thickness or certain type of headcovering , so too our private schools ,which are for the most part finabced by the owners and the parent body ,is entitled to want to have those types of students that their families are in conformance with what is taught in their sdchools . Some schools frown on TVs other on DVD and videos ,other care about the modes of the mothers dress ,so as it not conflicting with what is taught and so on .

    Once you have a truly publicly funded school ,then everybody would agree ,a lottery system would be the way .

  70. anon@4:46

    I have cousins in 2 of the existing schools and to the best of my knowledge there are no male Menahalim in either . Where are you getting your information from ?

  71. some have men that are in constant contact with the girls and have been known to comment to them on their dress and looks.very creepy if you ask me

  72. btw chassidishe schools accept everyone.i know of one girl that had children with a goy and got back on the derech and her children were taken in no problem.but our holy town wont accept a kid because they know his parents met without a shidduch dateand got married.well guess what.they had a child and now she needs a school.pathetic

  73. i was asked with my wife if our daughter had tznius issues at the interview.he just saw her .she was 13 .i asked what girl that age could have issues and he leered and said "oh you would be surprised".maybe if she had tznius issues we would have gotten in.i heard too many creepy stories to allow my daughter to go there

  74. The askanim and the principals knew this was coming. They had since Feb. to make their decisions, and then once they did in June, they SHOULD NOT have sent out acceptance letters until everyone was placed. Why make a few suffer through the whole summer if it was going to come to this anyway?!

  75. Anonymous 4:37, it goes without saying that the girl and her family would have to abide by the school rules of each school she was entering the lottery to attend.

    Just because it's not a publically funded school system doesn't mean the education of our girls isn't a public responsibility. Your argument against a lottery just doesn't hold water.

    And BTW, where I live also has requirements that parents adhere to certain rules of dress, no TV etc. And I know way too many who sign the form saying "Yes, no TV. Yes, no Internet access." And it's a total lie. I would imagine that is the case in Lakewood. How ridiculous is it that a school is in a position of accepting a girl whose family has Internet in secret and rejecting a girl whose family has a dog in public…

  76. So what do you do with those that dont abide by those rules ? send them out of Lakewood ?

    Most schools that I know would not want someone from a house where the mother goes publicly with a snood that exposes some of her hair . Yet there are definitely those mothers that have no problems with that . This is just one example . Each school can have its own limits of tolerance ,but the bottom line is that there are definitely a growing number of Lakewood families that might not conform to most schools ideals in every way .

    yet there is an outcry of NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND . How do you reconcile that with the schools right to not take girls from dsuch families ?

  77. I think many people would agree that ones right to be enrolled in any school is predicated on their abiding by the accepted norms of that school . If they move into a town like Lakewood where the norms ( at least in most schools ) are a certain mode of dress and a certain hashkofah regerding tznius ,kollel ,etc .,then if they dont conform to those norms ,they have forfeitede their rights to be accepted to those schools . Maybe somebody will open new schools that conform to different norms ,where they will be welcome .

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