Over A Dozen High Ranking Lakewood Cops May Pull The Plug Soon

lpd_sergeantOver a dozen high ranking officials of the Lakewood Police Department may be calling it quits sometime soon, if the Pension Reform by Governor Christie passes. The Supervisors – which includes Sergeants, Lietenants and Captains – all have passed their required 25 years of service to the department, Chief Lawson tells TLS, and may decide to leave any day, due to the possibility of losing their hard earned benefits from over the years.

So far, the highest ranking officials who have confirmed their retirement include Captain Greg Miick as well as Captain Michael Mooney, both who are the third highest ranking officials in the department, under the Deputy Chiefs Fred Capper and Charles ‘Chucky’ Smith.

Recently, two other high ranking officials retired – Sergeant Ed Rupp – who gave 40 years of his service to the department – and Detective Joe Isnardi. 

In a previous interview, Chief Lawson said that with the fiscal outlook of 2011 as bleak as 2010, he doesn’t see the department being able to hire any additional Officers to expand its 128 member force, which leaves the department in a ‘catch 22’ dilemma.

This past August – the hiring month for the department – no additonal officers were hired due to the current financial crisis the town finds itself in, as earlier reported on TLS.

Retirement applications have been on the rise since the beginning of the year, a surge blamed mostly on Gov. Chris Christie’s talk about cutting police pensions.

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  1. The “who cares” is because these are the people that keep our town safe. I would like to suggest that Lakewood adapt something similar to what NYC has done for years… create a volunteer auxiliary police force. These volunteers can support school crossing, crowd control and the like and keep the “police” focused on policing… just a thought. Does the chief read the Scoop?

  2. Most people do not realize what our cops do for us. You are all being short sighted, you must think what this does long term to our safety. Police officer do not become cops to be rich they do it because they want to serve and taking away their pensions is a slap in the face.

  3. I want to publicly thank the Lakewood Police Dept for being there for us. We know you read the Scoop, so please take this as a personal “thank you” on behalf of all the citizens of Lakewood.

    May you all have a happy and healthy sweet new year, a Gmar Chasima Tovah.

  4. to # 7

    No, they will lose several experienced officers and the current budget does not allow them to hire any new ones to replace them, beside the fact that it could take a year or more for replacements to hit the street if they could hire replacements.

  5. Well I do not think people care enough about the cops safety if they are short then they will not be able to help each other in a bind when they are in a fight or have someone running from them and what not! Hire for everyones safety!

  6. Governor (moderated) is balancing the budget on the backs of the working poor while he continues to do business with big shots in private industry who make so much money it would make you sick!

  7. crime is down as reported by the FBI, until, of course, the criminals find out there are no cops on the street, then mayhem will take over. Better lock your cars and doors and windows of your house. Now who will paint over the gang graffiti?

  8. #12 It hasn’t really hit yet, but they will all be shorthanded until they can find the money to hire new cops and get them on the road. and like the previous post says it takes time to hire and train new officers.

  9. I don’t blame them, but it’s a big loss for us. It’s pathetic that someone can work an entire career only to be told that the only way to save their pension is by retiring. A big shame. Some of these officers would have been able to serve honorably for quite a few more years.

  10. #22 they disbanded them, they were volunteers in police uniforms with actual training then recently we have the LCSW. I have nothing against a neighborhood watch program but who funds them, vehicles, insurance, radios….somebody is paying for this. I also belief they have no formal training……. I also remember the crossing guards wore police uniforms at one time, again they are trained and are very much the extra eyes of the Police dept, yet now they are wearing crossing guard uniforms..

  11. It’s very very sad to me, that in this DAY AND TIME, especially in this town, nothing can be done about this. These officers worked for more than 25 years protecting the people of this town, only to be penalized for doing a great job. These officers should NOT lose the time they earned, nor take a decrease in the pension they worked so hard for. The Lakewood Police are already short handed. Positions were never filled for the officers who are already retired. If all the high ranking officers retire, who will run this department? I for one, know it will be a GREAT LOSS to the entire town of Lakewood, especially the police dept. if they lose Deputy Chief Charles Smith. This is a man who truly loves his job, and cares a great deal for the men under him.

  12. (Moderated) The others that have put in their 25 years and don’t go will be sorry in the long run. Everyone relax, I will buy every reader of the scoop coffee at the Nosh if more than 1 other Sgt. Lt. or D/C retires.

  13. The fiscal reality is that for many years, municipalities budgeted as if money was no object. Today, with the realization that municipal budgets and contracts should have been managed more like private industry, the pendulum is swinging toward the side of cuts and serious fixes. It stinks for all involved, but it’s a necessary correction.

    Will a ten percent reduction at the top of the department yield vast decreases in safety, probably not, but it hurts all the same.

    Other individuals will step up to fill the roles, just like they manage to do in other organizations.

  14. Lakewood is not an easy assignment like some of the neighboring towns. Our police have made some serious arrest of dangerous felons. Remember the kidnappings, murders, drug busts, assaults, muggings, serious accidents, hazardous chemical issues, fires, etc that our policemen run into. Tough job.

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