Local Officials Following Recent Incident: Do Not Leave Your Child Unattended In A Vehicle, Even ‘Just For A Minute’

child in vehicleOfficials have asked TLS to publish a public awareness announcement following an incident earlier this week where a Lakewood woman was arrested after leaving her child in a vehicle while she shopped. The woman was taken into custody in Howell after a patrolling officer noticed the child in an unattended vehicle in a parking lot. The woman was released a short time later.

Officials are asking the community to take the offense very seriously and never leave children unattended, even if it’s for a short while.

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  1. Why does this seem to happen un-proportionally often? How can any responsible parent even consider leaving a child unsupervised?

  2. Maybe she didn’t leave the child on purpose?
    It does happen… And don’t ask these ridiculous questions… “How can a responsible parent…” Life is busy, our family is our most valuable asset, no one is going shopping and leaving their kids in the car so “they shouldn’t miss their nap…

    Let’s use our heads gentlemen.

    Have a safe Spring and Summer.

  3. Is it ok to leave my kids in the car while I drop the baby @ the baby sitter if I can see the car the whole time? Was just wondering if I could get in trouble for that? I do it everyday!

  4. if you make a withdrawel from your ATM machine and have a stack of 100’s, would you feel okay leaving it ouside where you could see it? no? no?? then dont leave your kids in the reach of someone who could take them faster than you could make it out there!

  5. Hey #5 Consider this: Before your arrested, again its Lakewood and the basic rules don’t apply

    Someone jumps in the car when they see it running to steal it

    Someone could rear end the car

    The car could lock it self by accident and the child is trapped inside

    You set a bad example for people to follow

  6. There’s no excuse for this kind of behavior. We should never be too busy to parent, protect, nurture and be mechanech our precious children. Hang up the phone and pick up your child. He/she needs your attention more than the phone does.

  7. What on earth is wrong with leaving my kids in a locked car on a winter day in a safe public neighborhood?
    Its illegal? What danger is my child in? is it better that they are out of the car where they can be grabbed in a second?
    Only I will decide what is safe for MY kids, the government can keep out!

  8. My kids are safer in a locked car than out on the street or even in my house! they cant run into traffic, they cant electrocute themselves, they cant cut themselves, they cant fall down the stairs, they cant consume poison, they cant easily be kidnapped, etc. etc.

  9. Joe, your logic is faulty and your behavior is worrisome.

    As a responsible parent , you have to make an effort to keep your children safe, knowing that nothing is 100% secure. We place safety inserts into outlets, gates at the top of stairs,and smoke detectors in our homes.

    Leaving your child in a car in a public space, unattended by you is not making an effort. It is reckless and irresponsible. SHAME ON YOU

  10. Yes it is a pain, but every time I drop off my son by playgroup I unbuckle my baby and carry her with me to the door, in the cold, heat, rain and snow. I don’t trust anyone no matter where I am and I think a baby will survive the cold or a few rain drops. Plus and it can’t hurt to flex those arm muscles picking up a 18 lb’er with a infant carrier base 😉 .

  11. There are strict laws that guide Lack of Supervision and Inadequate Guardianship in the Social Service Laws. Leaving a child unattended even for a minute, constitutes neglect because anything can happen- they can choke, or a fire could break out. It is deemed not a safe act. Sorry, its hard to wake children up and carry them but its safer in the event of an accident or worse.

  12. Oh C’mon, My Kids can get pneumonia from going out in the cold. I could slip on the ice c”v and hurt the baby, the list goes on and on. Stop being paranoid and let me decide. Mind your own business!

  13. although it is understandable that you’re a busy parent, there is no excuse for leaving your child along in the car. everyone gets busy in their lives. but with life comes great responsibility. just like adults need care so do young children. they’re human beings just like us and we need to keep on top of that responsibility. they depend on their parents and we need to show them that we are ALWAYS there for them. you may think that leaving a child alone in the car is not a big deal. but it is. by watching over your children every minute of the day (except for when being watched by a babysitter) you are showing them the proper way of life. and being a good role model.

  14. “Unattended Children in Cars as General Child Endangerment
    New Jersey does not have a specific law addressing unattended children in cars. Please note, however, that even if a state does not have a specific law prohibiting adults from leaving children unattended, state and local prosecutors have the discretion to criminally charge adults under existing child endangerment laws. ”
    THE ONLY DANGER IS THE HEAT. Not applicable in the winter.

  15. No, you may not leave ur children in a car or van, or any vehicle. Even if the engine is off, even if you take the car keys with you, even if the kids are asleep, or if they are awake, not for a minute, not for 5 minutes, not for an hour. Not to drop off your other kids by school, playgroup or the babysitter. Not to throw something in the garbage, Not FOR ANYTHING. When will you people get it? It is child neglect. It is amazing that people have children and would even think of leaving them unattended!!!! May hashem protect us all!

  16. It is not neglect. There was and is a massive campaign against leaving kids in the car in the SUMMER because of danger of heat stroke. Many people have now become confused and thing that leaving a child in a locked car in most circumstances don a cold day is dangerous. It is perfectly safe and the decision of the parents.
    Most people in lakewood let their kids play OUTSIDE unattended, would you say that being in a locked car on the same driveway is more unsafe?

  17. Just because people leave their children outside unattended doesn’t make it right young children should always be supervised outside. Besides generally their are many other children or people outside when they are playing that would notice if someone snatched you kid not in some parking lot where nobody notices what’s going on!

  18. obviously we are not talking about a underground parking garage. We are talking outside babysitters in driveways or stores with many normal ppl around in broad day light.

  19. Not to justify leaving a child ina car unattended. I hope noone who made negative comments talk on a cellphone or don’t stop at stop signs with a child in the car because many people here do that and its far more dangerous then leaving a child in a car on a day when its roughly 40 degrees

  20. Let me make this real clear to anyone who reads this article and these postings , if I see a child left in a car alone I will call the police immediately and then Div of Youth & Family servicers .

  21. yes,this is all so ridiculous…so many people put more value on their tefillin,automobiles and jewelry than their children. wait till the weather warms up and once again defenseless children will be outside with if they are lucky with a 5 yr. old sibling supervising them. its funny..most would not think of leaving their diamond bracelets on the front lawn…but gee,why easy is it to leave our real precious jewels…our kids?

  22. Yes, you can get into trouble if they see your child unattended in the car. Think about it if you had precious jewels and diamonds would you leave them exposed in the car so that someone could steal them?? No. Think about your children as precious because they are.

  23. While we’re talking about watching your children, will the mothers on (moderated) keep their boys in the house until they know how to play outside safely, please? As I drove down your block today at 5:15 two boys were PLAYING BALL IN MIDDLE OF THE STREET without a care in the world. When I rolled down my window to tell them to get off the street they laughed! When I drove back down the block 10 minutes later the game had grown to 4 or 5 boys. All you need is one kid concentrating on the ball falling into his mitt and a driver concentrating on his text/phone call/crying kid/coffee………! Do you value your children???

  24. This is ridiculous when r people gonna learn not to do this??? I work in a store in town people always come in saying their in a rush bec their kids in the car and u can’t say anything to them bec they get upset and its bad for your store is that normal?!?!?!?!? I feel they should lock these parents up for a month an only then MAYBE it will teach them a lesson!!!

  25. to joe says:

    YOU ARE (moderated) HOWS THAT FOR REALITY! Do you have the first clue how ignorant you sound, at first I thought you were being sarcastic but the more I read I realized you are serious about this. I really hope you do not have children, and if you do I hope and pray they put a higher priority on their children then you do. It has nothing to do with the gov’t minding their own business, it has to do with you being a responsible parent and knowing the difference between right and wrong as a parent. Good luck to your poor children!

  26. Someone has an obligation to identify who this nutjob named Joe is and expose his identity to all of us. If he is just hockng then it is in poor taste. If he is serious then he needs help and his chidren are in danger.

    Please don’t respond to him. Don’t give him any satisfaction of an argument. He is a Meshugana and needs our Teffilos that he seeks help and his children are safe.

    If this person is your husband there are numbers to call to help get the protection you need for your safety and the safety of your children.

  27. oy vey! Please explain whats wrong or illegal with leaving kids in a safe neighborhood in a locked car on a cold day for a few minuets, and please I do not want to hear paranoia about evil child molesters hiding in the bushes and smashing the window to grab a kid, there are plenty of kids on the streets who are more readily available.
    Arrest me? for what? because you are paranoid?

  28. i was leaving a store today and i noticed that the car next to me was on.. i looked inside and saw a crying baby in the back! i walked up to the car and a lady who i had seen at least 15 min before in the store that i was in walked out. i said” is this ur car?” she said yes, i said “ur baby’s crying” she was like, oh thank you and ran to the baby. i was so mad at myself for not giving the woman a piece of my mind. not only is it total neglect to leave her baby alone in the car, THE CAR WAS ON and the front window was open! anyone could have driven off with her baby in the car!!

  29. Ohhh, The poor baby was crying…. its exercise for their lungs.
    Stop mixing your emotions with the issue. Mind your own business! The child was not in harms way, if you cant deal with a crying baby dont look.

  30. #43, ROFL!!! You are my new hero. I needed that laugh tonight. Thank you!!

    To Joe, in your comment #42, until now I was nodding along agreeing somewhat with what you were saying, but now I think you need an asylum.

    Excercise for her lungs?! Are you insane?! (yes, you are!) At best, I hope you’re just an ignoramus spouting his (moderated) because he wants to play devil’s advocate and doesn’t have any children, so you don’t really know what you’re talking about. At worst, you’re one of those parents who couldn’t care less about their kids and are probably abusive to them as well! In which case, if I ever meet you, I will personally call DYFS & 911 to arrest you, and will bring that comment as proof of your idiocy!

  31. Lets all be responsible for our own lives, if not, the Democrats will start writing new laws to guide us in how to live our lives to their standards, plus the fines will make a great source of income for Government.

    These children are our gifts, protect them.

  32. There may be no law specifically about leaving children unattended, but it may fall under ‘child endangerment’ or something like that. I don’t think leaving children unattended is a good idea.

  33. Please visit “big federal government.com/children To learn about the new federal guidelines on how to change a diaper, how and when to feed your child etc etc.
    ‘My voice’ is watching and reporting so be carfull or they will take you away.

  34. The woman left the car in front of the store, she had direct eye contact of the car and the baby.

    The window was open so the child had fresh air and she could hear if the child cried.

    The officer wanted to give the woman a ticket for parking in front of the store and than noticed the baby.

  35. Well was the child in danger? Is that neglect?
    Can anyone cleary explain without imagining paranoid scenarios what is wrong with what she did and why it’s anyones business

  36. Quote “i was leaving a store today and i noticed that the car next to me was on.. i looked inside and saw a crying baby in the back! i walked up to the car and a lady who i had seen at least 15 min before in the store that i was in walked out. i said” is this ur car?” she said yes, i said “ur baby’s crying” she was like, oh thank you and ran to the baby. i was so mad at myself for not giving the woman a piece of my mind. not only is it total neglect to leave her baby alone in the car, THE CAR WAS ON and the front window was open! anyone could have driven off with her baby in the car!!

    can you believe anyone can be so stupid , these people are not “parents” they have children but any animal can reproduce ,that does not make you a “parent” parents care for their young and do not put themin harms way ,we will be reading again this summer about more innocent children left in cars, and we will hear “it was only for a minute” STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES

  37. Hey Joe, do you rem a few years back when in a safe shopping plaza in howell in daylight a man shot a women huh well do you? Bad things haen in the morning at night anytime. It is our job as parents to protect our children to the best of our ability. If you think leaving them alone in a car is your best attempt at protecting them then I feel sorry for your kids. Do you not rem just a short time ago when an officer was shot and killed in a broad daylight. Please get a clue b4 you come on here sounding like an irresponsible adult. Shame on you.

  38. Years ago when my son was about 3, now 37, he was sleeping in our car and I left him for a moment going into WaWA to get the newspaper. In that split second, a man that was in the car next to me was being handcuffed. I don’t know what for; however,after that experience I never left my children alone. I don’t need to government to tell me. I know from experience. Also, it’s not hard to get into a “locked” car if they want to.

  39. There are dangers everywhere, I bet most children get hurt at home! while playing under the watch of parents. We have to be rational and make decisions about what is considered a normal risk. Maybe we should all hide under our beds all day cuz bad things happen….
    How many children are abducted from cars? Now how many are abducted from front yards?
    Dont let your kids in the yard, lock them in the car in stead! (winter day)

  40. I would like to strongly agree with Bracha (#33) about kids playing in the street.In my complex not only do little kids play in the street and active parking lots I see kids run BACWARDS into the gutter which is after a curve.I and most residents are used to this and am on gaurd but what will happen if CH’V someone who doesn’t know drives into the complex?

  41. It’s much more dangerous to smoke weed and many people do that. Scenario : I’m at the ATM baby just went to sleep. I just wake her up , hold a sreaming baby in the freezing cold while I do my transaction or leave the car running. You be the judge. Also maybe this lady went to go return the shopping cart??

  42. Regarding Joe – methinks he doth protest too much.

    His arguments regarding relative safety of his car vs his home is a tip off. Indeed, dangers exist everywhere. It’s a parent’s job to limit them for their child(ren).

    Leaving a child in a running car could allow for an accidental kidnapping while a thief takes advantage of stealing the car (yes – in broad daylight, while you can see the car, and just stepped away “for a second”).

    Leaving a child in a car in winter may be “safe” for the short term, however, it takes a second to forget, and the consequences of leaving a child in a cold car for the long term IS dangerous. (This assertion is accurate based upon the number of cases where children HAVE been forgotten in cars)

    I would ask all to consider whether it’s really that big a deal to take a child with you to the ATM, or the quick errand into the store, or to drop off another child? Are you really willing to leave your child in a car in a situation where you would be unwilling to leave a laptop on the front seat?

    Joe – NO ONE wants to have the government tell them how to take care of their children, however, too many parents don’t seem to have the sense about what that means. No, you don’t have the right to abuse/neglect children just because you are a parent. Yes, the government can interfere in the case of abuse/neglect. Your argument merely rests upon the definition of abuse/neglect. You are clearly in the minority. It’s not a plot against you, it’s people who are trying to give you constructive advice, and your failure to heed that advice. May you never have to deal with any fallout from your decisions. Odds are you won’t – but are those odds you really should be taking? Just because one CAN do something doesn’t mean one should.

  43. for anyone that has a problem that they forget their kids are in the car, check out cso radio 732-942-1101 we carry a backseat minder that will remind you when you turn off your car that there is a kid in there. its not expensive considering how much your child is worth. so stop by cso radio today and get your backseat minder installed

  44. Reb Joe, you should be gebetched. Everybody thinks they’re so smart and love their kids more because they can scream louder against a harmless minhag. Bottom line – it’s nisht kein groisseh sakunah to leave a sleeping baby in the car.

    The real issue is that people have no yechoilus to be mechalek – once, a forgotten baby died in a hot car in the summer, so it’s kima’at retzicha to leave any kids of any age in any car ever. No it’s not, people. Use your brains. The odds of someone stealing your locked car out of the Super Stop parking lot at 4 in the afternoon are b’erech as high as your precious neshama drowning in class while the rebbi drinks a coffee.

    There are some meshugeneh laws, unfortunately, often because there are meshugeneh menshen. If it’s a law, men darf dus hitten. If it’s just mothers on TLS who are secretly self-conscious about their own child neglect, zorg zich nisht.

  45. It’s a crazy dangerous thing to do , but I could maybe begin to understand a child playing in the street in a complex or cul de sac. No, this was a REGULAR street!

  46. To Joe and #63. – I bet I’m not the only one here who hopes something you say can never happen does happen to each of you. It is the only way you will be stopped. Truth is even if something happened to your kid who you left alone in the car it won’t stop you. you’ll probably just get on line and blog how the odds are so minimal and that even though it happened to you it won’t happen again so who cares.

    You are child abusers! Nobody said abuse is only molestation. There are all types of abuse and you are by definition an abusive father by your carelessness in parenting. Your children are in a Mokom Sakana whenever they are left alone with you.

    In your home there is probably nothing wrong with leaving a pot on the fire unattended.

    In your home when the fire or CO alarm goes off you probably just change the battery without checking it out.

    In your home you probably don’t lock your windows or doors at night because what are the odds of a home invasion.

    In your home kids can play in the street

    In your home even the little kids probably use knives when they are eating to cut their food.

    In your home there is probably nothing wrong with the kids going onto the internet

    In your home……..the list goes on and on. what a crying shame for your children to have you as a father. They think they are in good safe hands when all they are is in the hands of someone who plays by the odds of things happening.

    How sad.

  47. Bottom line here it really does not matter if you think its OK to leave your child in a locked car, as far as the law is concerned ITS NOT OK and if you get caught you will have to go to court and explain that to the judge!
    ( believe me he will not think its OK !!!)

  48. There is NO law in NJ against leaving a child in the car. Neglegt depends on the circumstances. I definitly does not warrent a 911 call in the winter and is frankly non of your business.

  49. Joe, you are a sane man in an insane world.

    People tend to get hysterical about every little thing. Paranoia is a very real problem. OCD is very common.

    We become very obsessive about small things. Because it is dangerous to leave a child in a car in the summer, we obsess about “leaving children in the car”. Therefore, anything that has to do with “child” – “car” makes our mind go beserk, and we believe the world is coming to an end. We cannot think rationally – we obsess – we become irrational in our thought process.

    Even when there is clearly no danger.

    More government regulation and control of our lives will definitely make the anxiety levels rise.

    Thank you Joe for saying the truth.

  50. but i think that you have to find a middle ground. one minute, when you run to the door of the babysitter to get your kid and are watching the car the whole time on a cul-de-sac, isn’t arrestable. Or if your standing two feet from a car on the curb and holding the door to the dry cleaners as they cmoe and take your bag isn’t either arrestable. Yes, I would leave a million dollars sitting there if they weighed as much as my two year old does and i didn’t have enough hands and it’s a quiet street and i could always run and beat up any random person who might come down the block and try to take it… i think you have to use your brains. This is where common sense comes in. And those of you who never tried juggling a tantruming strong and heavy toddler in one hand while picking up a hefty baby seat in the other, really shouldn’t be responding. I probably would think otherwise if I hadn’t been then done that.

  51. To “oy vei!”

    You write:

    In your home there is probably nothing wrong with leaving a pot on the fire unattended.

    In your home when the fire or CO alarm goes off you probably just change the battery without checking it out.

    In your home you probably don’t lock your windows or doors at night because what are the odds of a home invasion.

    In your home kids can play in the street

    In your home even the little kids probably use knives when they are eating to cut their food.

    In your home there is probably nothing wrong with the kids going onto the internet

    In your home……..the list goes on and on.


    Interesting, but you cannot get arrested for leaving the windows open, or leaving the pot on the fire. Joe’s point is that you shouldn’t get arrested for this either. Some people DO leave their windows open, because they are not scared. You cannot call DYFUS on them, because you will get laughed out of court.

    It is your right to lock the windows, but it Joe’s right to leave them open.

    It is your right to let your kids play unattended outside instead of leaving them in a car in the freezing winter, and it is Joe’s right to let them be safe in the car, instead of leaving them unattended on the front lawn and just “hoping” they don’t get kidnapped or run into the street in front of cars.

    You are getting so hysterical, you seem like the world is coming to an end. Typical anxiety attack. YOU HAVE OCD, and you need to admit it to yourself, so that you can begin to work on yourself.

  52. Maybe we should leave yid and joe in a locked car for a couple hours on a nice hot day or maybe those two should play in the middle of the road with all these crazy drivers who talk and txt on while driving. Let’s see if their opinion changes then.

  53. Of course it’s normal to use your common sense. I’ve strapped everyone in the car, and then one child needs the bathroom or their bottle. I’m parked in my driveway of my quiet block. I run in to get the bottle, or open the door to the house for the bathroom child, but watch the car the whole time. But if I was parked outside of a store, even if I can keep my eyes on the car the whole time, the police don’t know that I was doing it, and it’s hard to prove I wasn’t going to another store as well.

    Common sense says don’t do what could get you in trouble. Dropping off at a playgroup where you can see your car is vastly different than when you have to walk around to the back and cannot see your car.

    I’ve heard a story of a lady who went outside to her car or to give her husband something and locked herself out, and then was being helped to break back in (an adult perhaps got hurt on the glass of the window, so Hatzola was called) , and she was accused of going somewhere and leaving her kids alone.

  54. To Joe says:
    ” a Lakewood woman was arrested after leaving her child in a vehicle while she shopped.”
    I guess you also can’t understand english!

  55. To 74 JH – I’m maskim in gantzen that we should punish Joe midah kineged midah with what he holds is normal. We should leave him in a car in the winter, when the temperature is about fifty. That’ll teach him!

  56. The police should arrest someone when a crime has been committed. If they are unsure they should go look for a burglar or something, there are plenty around.

  57. Any nebach case can call 911 or DYFS for no reason, get some attention and feel like a (moderated). It is easy to start up with law-abiding civilized people. Care about children? Visit MLK or High Point at night: plenty opportunities to save children.

  58. Yid u are so obsessed with throwing out that word liberal seriously go outside go for a walk go look at some trees or something jus get your mind off of political views for just one second. You really need a new hobby. No one is attacking anyone just not in agreement with you or Joe. Its neglect when you leave your kid in a car to go shopping. You seem to live in a very small world called pleasantville where no one steals, hurts, or even worse kills kids. Well I live in world where that stuff happens everyday.

  59. jh says:
    March 3, 2011 at 1:06 pm
    “Maybe we should leave yid and joe in a locked car for a couple hours on a nice hot day or maybe those two should play in the middle of the road with all these crazy drivers who talk and txt on while driving. Let’s see if their opinion changes then.”

    jh, why would you leave me in a locked car on a nice hot day? Who’s talking about a nice hot day? Joe was talking about a nice COLD day. Of course I agree (and I presume Joe does too) that on a nice hot day a child should never be left in the car, as it is very dangerous.

    Of course, some don’t realize the difference. In their minds they can’t diffrentiate between the two, because they have such a phobia of kids left in cars. They obsess about it. It’s called OCD.

    You can make fun of me personally, but ask your local trusted mental health professional, and maybe you’ll open your mind a little.

    The truth hurts, but admitting the truth heals.

    I apologize for calling you a liberal. I hope you didn’t get insulted. Liberals do tend to make everything personal, and I felt that your comments did cross a line. But if I misunderstood, I’m sorry.

  60. This topic sure elicited a major response. I guess it hits home, but seriously, we all are guilty of doing something we shouldn’t at one time or other, so thank g-d, nothing happened to the baby, and hopefully, this mother learnt her lesson.

  61. Anyone (excluding extreme cases) who calls Social Services is guilty of child abuse. Taking children away from families and siblings is child abuse!

  62. There’s a major chiluk by me between the winter and the summer….in the winter “ich darf a puhr AIYER” to keep my
    Shtimmer in check!!!

  63. To reporting is abuse says:
    something wrong with you , anyone who abandons their child in a locked car is defineatly guilty of child abuse,
    Social services are there to protect against such abuse by parents who just don’t care !!!

  64. While I never did and never will leave any of my children in the car, I agree 100% with joe. Thanks for saying what so many of us are thinking.

  65. I also want to thank Joe for his coherent points. There are many different approaches and none of them are 100% safe. Taking the child out of the car could endanger him/her too. Tomim Tihyeh tells us that being choshesh for extreme sefeikos is a lack of bitachon. To say we do everything possible is a lack of bitachon. We do what we are mechuyav to do, and daven vihi noiam that it should suffice.
    BTW, there are way less people who want to steal a child than a million dollars. Everyone wants money, most people don’t want other people’s brats.

  66. C’mon it takes no talent at all to have children, but it takes alot to be a good parent.. take care of your children…be responcible for them… like other people said would you leave your car full of money and walk away from it ? kids are a gift treat them like one. too bad if youe HAVE TO take them evrywhere with you

  67. joe–i guess we will be reading in the news “father arrested for leaving kids locked in the car on a cold day in a safe neighborhood” enjoy your quiet time in jail joe

  68. i believe joe is a bored young man who is having a blast agrivating everyone. he surely doesn’t have kids and has enough time on his hands to keep answering everyone’s comments. he is just having a fun time creating arguments. he should really go into law, because seemingly he convince a few people to agree with him on obviously invalid points. Maybe you can find something more useful to do with your time, Joe. Go chozer a blatt.

  69. Many years ago, I left two young kids alone in the car when I went into Rite Aid. When I came out, they were Gone!

    I seriously almost passed out on the spot.

    A few grueling minutes later, my kids showed up. They decided to play a trick on me and hide.

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