JUST RELEASED: Handwritten Letter From Rosh Hayeshivah

Letter r malkiel_wmJUST RELEASED-FIRST REPORT: (Click on image to enlarge). The attached authentic letter, written moments ago by the Rosh Hayeshivah Reb Malkiel Shlita, was just released to TLS. The letter states that The Rosh Hayeshiva Shlita was told by R’ Shteinman Shlita to publicize in his name to vote for the Vaad endorsed candidates only, with no exceptions.

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  1. Kavod HaTorah is certainly secondary to Kvod Shomayim. How can we possibly vote for Chillul HaShem. Furthermore, if we run to R’ Aryeh Leib to end the debate, why have a Vaad at all – why don’t we just ask the Gedolim in E”Y who to vote for in the first place?

  2. Tls. Please traslate accurately. It says to vote for the candidate who is better for the interests of the Tzibur. I take that to mean th entire population of shmrei mitzvos in Lakewood. Please clarify if the tzibur onlt meant certain groups.

  3. Ask the yungerleit who were there. Rav Shteinman said to vote for corzine DESPITE his shittos on toevah. Why should I be interested in what this or that Rav of a shul had to say or, lehavdil, what every hocker with his klainer kup sevorah is darshening. RAV SHTEINMAN SAID TO VOTE FOR CORZINE!

  4. The ball game is over, and the VAAD finally realizes, that they can’t just snap fingers, and we will all fall in line. We are not that naive

  5. Does R AL know that there is no publicly chosen VAAd or does he assume that the vaad is cosen by the tzibur and represents the interests of all the Mosdos of the tzibur ?

  6. Does Reb Shteinman know that there are developers and other pe
    ople with personal interests with money on the board or was he told this is the vaad of yeshiva with people who mean lsheim shamayim.

  7. Now the oilom understands why voting by a mail a month before the election is not a bad idea after all!! Better luck next time, chevra!!

  8. I find it hard to believe that Reb Malkiel said that Corzine is pro toeiva!!! A kodosh like reb Malkiel doesnt have it in him to say such things!! Take this letter with a chunk of salt!!

  9. Now the oilom understands why voting by mail a month before the election is not a bad idea after all!! Better luck next time, chevra!!

  10. The letter clearly states in the name of Maran R’ Shteinman Shlita that contrary to rumors circulated by rumor-mongers, the vaad’s recommendation regarding a candidate that will deliver for the tzibbur SHOULD be followed, for after reviewing the rationale behind their decision, it is found to be proper and in the best interests of the tzibbur. Ad kan.

  11. I will be voting Corzine.

    There is ZERO to be gained from christie. Vouchers are not realistic. To’eivah is essentially the same as corzine. Dual office – no one cares/.

  12. What happens when all businesses leave NJ who will employ the kollel wives, how will the shver be able to pay $25,000 pproperty taxes on the townhouses. who will help you pay $5 a gallon gas? Who will help you pay additional 10%-20% percent sales tax on your food and clothes bill? Thats what will happen if we continue down this road. Besides politicians who will help the yeshiva if Baalei BAtim will spend all their money on more Taxes.
    NO MONEY IS FREE MONEY! Every person will be effected if we vote corzine whether with income, sales, or property taxes!

  13. this is a total fraud i want to see on yeshivas stationary with todays date and a signature from reb shtienman he would never endorse a candidate who supports obamatible marrages

  14. how can the scoop write such a blatent lie r ahron leib said who ever is good HE DID NOT SAY TO VOTE WHAT EVER THE VAAD SAYS DON’T MISQUOTE HIM R MALKIEL OR R AHRON LEIBwho said who is good the ten vaad members or the thousands of yungerlight who asked the vaad to change their backing for corzine mo

  15. GO CHRISTIE ……….get rid of the corrupted ones who have been raising and raising our taxes….mosdos do not represent the average yungerman ,if corzine gets elected will your tuition bill go down?NO…so who cares about us ..do whats right vote christie

  16. Rav Shteinman was told hi delivers for the tzibbur! If he would have been told the truth as to how much he cost most of he tzibbur he never would have given this so called psak! In my opinion this is not a real psak , until he knows what delivers for the tzibbur really means!!!!! Pretty said that we have come to this.The vaad has to force us to vote theie candidate buy Hachrozas gedoilim PATHETIC PATHETIC PATHETIC PATHETIC

  17. PLease let’s not imagine that Moron R”A”L, really paid attention to these details, he was probably middle in a Sugya, and then suddenly the Roas yeshiva calles from lakewood, and ask an question, which obvious needs his aproval for the Yeshiva’s sake, what is it what you think he is going to say?????
    why are we paying milions of dollars tax and we do not benefit at all from? where do our tax dollars go? to the illegal imigrants? to the Public library we don’t use? to the public works state of the art building? who are we? can’e we get a fair share in all this Yidisch money??? comon Raboisai, we can do much better, then voting for Corzine.

  18. Guys, those that heard the conversation R’ Malkiel had with Rav STNM know that R’ AL said you can support someone one with Toevah shittos. He was never told that corzine said he will PASS such a bill. Don’t you see the difference here between telling R’ AL about corzine having “shittos” between saying he will PASS and SIGN such?
    Rabbi SB Cohen said the is no hetter voting for corzine, R’ KS gave a long shmooz today in bais eliyahu about it, let’s not fall for this kind of anti-hashem spin. The letter just shows us their desperation.
    And BTW, name me ONE thing that we as a yochid gained from corzine!!!
    Increase tolls
    Increase Property taxes
    Incr car ins
    Incr homeowner ins
    Inc sales taxes
    Inc in dismorality
    And the kist goes on.

  19. For those who may still have had a doubt, US President Barak Obama’s latest appointment sends a clear message regarding the White House’s change in policy vis-à-vis America’s long-standing special relationship with Israel. In short, it appears the courtship has come to an abrupt end with the election of the inexperienced junior senator.

    President Barak has appointed outspoken anti-Israel former senator, Chuck Hagel, to serve as the co-chairman of the president’s Intelligence Advisory Board.

    Hagel’s feelings towards Israel, or perhaps his strong pro-Arab policy can best be summed up by his address to last week’s first J Street conference in Washington, during which he stressed that America’s special relationship with Israel mustn’t be maintained at the expense of “our Arab relationships”.

    Hagel’s views regarding Israel are well-documented, stemming from his questioning loyalty of American Jews, as well as criticizing former President George W. Bush’s decision refusing to meet with arch terrorist Yasser Arafat.

    The Zionist Organization of America has already released a statement expressing protest over the appointment, calling on President Obama to rescind his decision.

  20. maharsayich umachrivayich mimcha yetzeyu… r”l

    a vote for cristie has now been transformed into a vote against the torah…

    during the churban habayis the baryonim also thought they knew better than the gedolim and history repeats itself again and again and now in our time.

    al smol shehu yemin v’al yemin shehu smol
    the torah says kechol shaer yorucha!

  21. R’ Shteiman said that we should that vote according to the vaad’s recommendation. Whoever doesn’t see that does not know how to read or doesn’t want to follow Daas Torah!

    I will not throw away my olam haba andwill be adhering to daas torah.

  22. For all of you trying to spin this; it is obvious that Reb Shtienman was asked if Corzine, being that he is an oheiv yisrael, is better than Christie, who traded in a bank robber (to the tune of 40 million dollars) to hang a few innocent rabbis, and who’s cronies sent this burglar to try and snag reb Malkiel, and r’ shtienman weighed the options and decided that a pro toeiva oheiv yisrael is better than a soney yisrael. Evreybody wake up toeiva is unfortunately inevitable. In 20 yrs. it will be constitutionally mandated all across America, that is the sad state of the union.

  23. mcgreevy : R’ sb cohen never said theres no heter to vote for him., he just said to find favor in hashems eyes when you vote. he explicitly didnt endorse any candidate.and specificially told the operator of this site(who was in his shul for shabbos morning attending a bar mitzvah) not to put anything in his name about the elections. not even what he said from his rabbeim(r’ miller and r’ moshe ). he said shtark but there was no tape/mic so if you want his opinion go ask him!!!!

  24. Guys,

    I am pleased to find myself be’mechtsosom shel Gdloei Ha’dor, some vindication at last…

    I do take this opportunity again to remind the oilom that tomorrow’s election can lead to serious hardships for many Lakewood families. Contary to belief, many of the essential programs heavily depend on the state largesse. In case of some programs over half of their budget comes from state coffers. Please don’t underestimate what reduction in their funding can bring the families…. Don’t think that because there are those individuals who are rumored to be commiting fraud, there are no families who in the programs’ absence will suffer greatly…

    Some of you have kindly advised me to get off the programs and get a job. I appreciate their advice… I am happy to inform that for the past 9 years I have been gainfully employed. And just to make it clear, I do not and have never had, B’ezras H’ashem, to come on to the government’s help…

    That said, I do have have some negious when it comes to this election. Over the years, having had the privilege to assist many people who desperately needed help, and I know very well what it means to be without the means to pay for food, place to live, and medical care…I have also met some people who despite mine and my friends efforts we could not be helped and some of them needed life-saving treatment….

    Unfortunately, I must say that, when trying to help people in some cases it was a life and death situation, I rarely found the same level of exitement and religious fervor I find on these pages. The people here talk about doing the right thing, conscience, Kiddush H’ashem etc regarding the mitzva of opposing ss agenda….But what about starving people in E’Y what about cancer stricken people. Are these mitzvos any less important?…I think it’s something for all of us to think about…

    That’s basically the reason why I spent here many hours over the past few days…. I hope Corzine wins tomorrow and given his past commitment to the strugling families, hopefully many families will not be faced with some terrible choices…

    Thank you TLS for giving me an opportunity to express here my not-so-popular views.

    All the Best,


  25. B’H The Yetzer Hora won this election big time, he managed to gain tens of thousands of hours of bitul Torah, Chillul hashem raised to new heights, and Pirud & Machlokes furthur than ever. (all in the name of ‘Whats better for Moisdos’)

  26. This is nothing more than a desperate attempt being made by the vaad to regain control of “their” voting block! They will lose all power if they can’t deliver for corzine! Its obvious they told the rosh yeshiva how much the yeshiva will lose if they can’t deliver for corzine. That’s the reason he called R’ ALS. He obviously told R’ALS what he was erroneously told by the vaad. This is what happens when a “one sided” shaila is asked by someone who was misinformed!!!

  27. Rav Shteinman is Daas Torah and if the question was indeed asked in non biased way, it would then be pure and binding. However, here the Yeshiva backed corzine and then after much scrutiny they went and asked Rav Shteinmans Daas Torah after the fact. What they asked we dont know, what Rav Malkiel knows politically is also questionable. So what is true Daas Torah, in my opinion is still questionable at best.

  28. Let’s be VERY VERY clear. The claim of those who said that it is assur to vote for corzine was that he advocates toeiva. Rav Shteinman clearly and unequivicaly said that it is NOT assur to vote for corzine even though he supports toevah. Trying to read into the letter and invent new claims of who is better for the tzibbur and “who does Rav Shteinman think the vaad is” does not change the underlying psak. Let’s not be dishonest and try to create new claims that were not originaly put forth! Keivan shehiggid shuv aiyno chozer umaggid!

  29. I read the letter it clearly states to vote for who ever is better for the tzibbur!!!
    I guess that is open to interpetation….
    Who the vaad thinks is better for the…..
    Who I think is better……..
    I will vote for whom I think is better for the whole tzibbur at large
    Definately Christie

  30. Who appointed ak or the VAAD as true representitives for all yechidim which make up the tzibbur in lakewood? its time for a publicly elected vaad fighting for all yechidim.

  31. I don’t get why this is even an issue of daas Torah.
    It’s not a chinuch issue or halachic issue

    why should an endorsement suddenly be a binding ruling ?

  32. If the RY R’ A L shlita would have said vote christie what would it have helped the vaad alreadu publicly endorsed corzine before consulting with the gadol hador.

  33. we deparately need a prominent rav or posek or asken from lakewood to call rav kaniefsky and let him know what is really going on because its quite obvious that rav shtein is being fed false info.

  34. Rav Shteinman very clearly said you may vote for Corzine. He did not say to vote for Corzine. Read Rav Malkiels letter it is very clear.

  35. This is gotten out of control on all sides. One quick question, are we to believe if R’ AL said to vote for Christie, the Rosh Hayeshiva would have gone against the Vaad and publicized this in a letter? If you believe that I have a bridge to tell you. Since that would have never happened, by defintion means a biased question was asked (or the answer is open to interpertation). Back to the drawing board.

  36. lets be clear: according to the TLS, Rav Malkiel told the TLS that everyone should vote for the Vaad’s endorsed candidate(Corzine) “with no exception.”

  37. Responsibility to clarify whether RMK said that or if R’ALS said that if ral only said you could vote for him and r’mk said you have to vote for the vaad endoresed candidate then we neeed to know that.
    In any case the question was biasd and I am voting christie

  38. What it boils down to and what the unfortunate truth is that there is a lack of trust in the Vaad and the leaders of this town. Rav Malkiel Shlita must be applauded and given proper kavod hatorah. He works around the clock to make sure the yungerleit get their checks on time. He is always concerned about every yid and has tremendous ahavas yisroel. With all this he still gives a shiur and learns many hours every day. The issue is not Rav Malkiel shlita and anyone who questions his integrity either doesn’t know him personally or is a sonei torah. However it is apparent that there is no trust of the vaad , our commiteemen and the askanim. I hope Rav Malkiel Shlita realizes this and is instrumental in changing the way the concerns of the oilem are addressed.

  39. you said it best ….a vote is for your personal benefit . that is exactly why everyone is allowed to decide on their own what is best and vote accordingly

  40. youngman for corzine. I didnt say that. I guess you are reading my comment like you read the letter. I repeat, Could you call a question with only one possible answer a question?

  41. Did r’al say to vote for the lac candidate with no exceptions?
    Yungerman 4 corzine I hope they are paying you! arent you in middle of seder?

  42. I think: If you want to disregard Reb. Malkiel’s opinion, fine, do it….But please don’t make silly excuses…Rav A Shteiman had cleary said, of course if you trust Reb Malkiel, that ss issue should not matter…And Reb Malkiel had said that Corzine is the best candidate for the Tsibbur…Go ahead and follow Sean Hannity’s advice, who by the way doesn’t even have a college degree(and not exactly because he had spent his time shtaiging away)…

  43. lakewood is in sakana
    all should come to the hafgana
    no one should at all become voilent
    just stand and remain silent
    as the chazan will begin to cry tehilim
    tls will be there to start and film
    there will reps from the vadd
    please be respectful not to shmad
    please come to the designated place
    for we are not sure what we will have to face
    tonight at 12am in the yeshiva dineing room
    an opening speech will begin with harav bloom
    the crowd will all scream together nishmas
    for tommrow is at stake if on our table will be pas

  44. trefene bb: please reread the TLS’s story…It looks like, the TLS had asked Reb Malkiel to confirm the story about his phonecall to Rav Shteiman. He did that and wrote the posted letter telling!!! the TLS that he wants everyone to vote for Corzine with no exception…

    Are you now saying that Reb Malkiel asked the question in a disingenious way? That he was misleading R Shteinman or the oilom? ..Am I correct?

  45. how can someone who sits in rabbi kotlers yeshiva have the chutzpa to even think of not listening to him, your sitting in HIS beis medrash every day!! were you guys born on a train? were are your simple manners and sense of decency and ehrlichkeit?

  46. just had a very disturbing conversation, with a very active member of the state and national Republican party who lives in Lakewood. Mr. K, as we shall call him, told me that he will be holding his nose this election day and voting Democratic for the first time in his life. The reasons he elucidated jolted me as well.

    Mr. K told me he had a two hour face to face meeting with Chris Christie and asked him to come campaign in Lakewood. Christie refused. Christie insinuated that he is totally turned off from the Jewish community of Lakewood.

    Mr. K. met with some of Christie’s biggest contributors to enlist them in getting Christie to come to Lakewood and meet with the Jewish leadership and he refused them as well.

    Based on that rather blunt and brusque meeting, Mr. K was extremely repulsed and disenchanted with Mr. Christie.

    Mr. K believes very strongly that Mr. Christie is NO friend of the Lakewood Orthodox Jewish community.

    You would think that Christie would naturally be inclined to reach out to our community which is fair-minded in moral values and fiscal conservatisms. Opting not to come to the largest town in Ocean County and the fastest growing town in New Jersey has to raise many red flags.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    Mr. K also believes that social services will be reduced as well as social service monies currently available to our kehilla in an effort to “trim” the budget.

    Mr. K believes that, given the opportunity, a “Governor” Christie would initiate tax and oversight investigations that would harm many of the mosdos, shuls and even simple gemachs in our town.

    Mr. K is not a part of the VAAD and never was. Mr. K’s only purpose in reaching out to the public was to convey his feelings and sentiments which he strongly believes are accurate and true.

    Mr. K, like I mentioned earlier, is very involved in state and national politics and is understandably choosing to remain anonymous.

  47. Listen the vaad has a win-win here, they would really vote for christie but if corzine wins he will KILL LAKEWOOD, so they said vote for him, now if christie wins he knows that in 4 years he needs re-election so he will make sure that he is good with vaad, so its a win-win for the vaad.

  48. I have inside info, there are things behind the scene which can’t be discussed publicly, but we must all band together and trust the roshei hayeshiva .hameivein yavein sheyaish devarim sheanim maiveinim .

  49. the TLS must be appluded for being a true unbiased website and not to listen or quote only one side not like the printed news in this town who are all biased with the vaad and ak and not like other websites that they decide only to write the vaads side which a basic in journalism is you must be unbiased EVERYBODY NO MATTER WHICH SIDE YOUR ON MUST THANK THE LAKEWOOD SCOOP FOR BEING THE FOREFRONT OF THIS DISAGREEMENT SUPPORT THE LAKEWOOD SCOOP AND ITS ADVERTISERS THAT LET THIS BE A FAIR AND OPEN DISCUSION WITH EVERYBODY NOT ONLY THE VIEWS OF SPECIAL INTERESTS REMEMBER ESPECIALLY IF YOUR VOTING FOR CORZINE THE VAAD SAID THE REASON IS HAKORAS HATOV GIVE HAKAROS HATOV TO THE SCOOP AND ITS SUPPORTERS

  50. toyungeman for corzine i could tell that you are not on goverment programs since then you will know that its all federal funded i’m on every program and can show you their papers that state that its federally funded don’t try to say lies since you yourself don’t have any facts while i have the papers from each program stating where it comes from if you care for poor people vote for christie since CORZINE STOLE THE POOR TENENTS TAX REBATE TRYED RAISING ELECTRIC RATES 20% BUT SAID HE WILL PUSH IT THROUGH NEXT YEAR RAISE TAXES THAT IT WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO GET A JOB SINCE NO BUSINESS WILL HAVE MONEY RAISE TOLLS ETC

  51. They say Rav Shach penned a letter to the Rosh Yeshiva, stating the job of a Rosh Yeshiva is saying shiurim, “not issues relating to the town”.

    Let’s give the full respect to Rav Shach’s letter.

  52. Velts chochom!! stop making up propaganda and lies there is no Mr. K from the republican living in Lakewood who is voting Democrat.

    One thing that is coming out from all this We are in a VERY bitere golus People wake up and cry a little this is what it is coming down to The “Jewel” of torah in America that R” Ahron Zt’l established is “Haking” about these characters from the “political” arena yomom velalyla. We can’t even get a public straight answer from our “leaders” in town. No clarity.None.

  53. Can someone (Scoop Staff) print a VERY CAREFUL EXACT TRANSLATION of Rav Malkiel’s note and post the note much larger as well. Even the enlargement is too small to read.


  55. Oilom Hatorah, please…please… read velts chochom’s post…. It’s very important. I cannot vouch for the post, but based on my sources, I find it very credible….I am not trying to scare you to vote for the canditate of my liking. With all due respect to you, I am no longer sitting in yeshiva reading yated. I have been around the block….and I have held many jobs(hamevin yovin)… If you don’t trust the Vaad anymore, listen to them one more time and after the election raise your concerns with the Roshei Ha’Yeshiva….Please listen, I wish I can say more…

  56. You have now shown your true colors as the lier that you are
    stop trying to scare people to vote your way, its unbecoming of a vaad member

  57. veltz chochom can you please verify your post with a prominent person that can sign on to what your saying .if its true I’m voting for the vaad candidate but please back up ur story with some credibility not an annonymous post.

  58. Anyone who reads R’ Malkiel’s letter can clearly see that R’ Shteinman did NOT say who to vote for, rather that the tzibbur should vote for whomever is best for them.
    In other words, Corzine is not automatically bad but neither is he automatically good.
    He is saying “vote who is best for the tzibbur”. In many people’s opinion, that can be Christie.

  59. The stakes are high. Tomorrow morning daven that the outcome will be for the best.

    We live in trying times. No option is perfect. Each way is fraught with danger.Voting for a morally flawed man but at the same time honest man who has proven to be helpful, is not easy. Vote for a man who offers a different path more in line with our values and perhaps financially more beneficial but otherwise ,at best, unknown as to his stance vis a vis Yiden’s needs and arguably known to disfavor yidden.

    Gedolim saying vote this way, Gedolim saying the other way, Gedolim remaining quiet. Klal Yisroel at odds with each other. What are we to do??

    Ein lonu lehishein elloh al avinu shebashamyim. When I enter the voting booth tomorrow, I will vote for MM and ML, and then close my eyes and ask for Hashem to help me do the right thing when I vote for Governor.

  60. Tayre Chaimil: you are right that in many people’s opinion Christie is a better candidate. Even I think that for some, like for middle class folks, he would be better than Corzine… But the point is here, who in Reb Malkiel’s opinion is better…Reb Malkiel consulted the Vaad who are very experienced in these matters and he came to a conclusion that for the benefit of the whole tsibbur, Corzine is the candidate we should support…

    Btw, I am not a Vaad member. I am not prepared to release my name, but if the TLS editor wants he can confirm that my IP address is in Brooklyn, NY.

  61. was rav shtenman told that he is pro toeiva marriage or not. 2nd is that story bout christy really true with mr. k . I’m so confused. was christy involved in fbi bust or not? rainbowguy where are ya? at least we can all agree on menshe and meir. Question: who’s protesting at bmg ? pro corzine or pro christy? maybe can tls get copy of audio of rav chaim kanievsky that would be something . thank you tls for sticking with this story

  62. This whole situation is very sad and unnecessary. There should not be this much pressure to do this or that, that it should become a fight about what should be done.

    A vote is a personal choice!

    There is no room for fighting.

    Just vote for who you feel is best, based on your hashkafos and the hashkafos of the rav you follow.

    Noone is following you into the booth. Noone can force you to do anything. Noone will know who you vote for. So stop the bickering because it boils down to your own descision.

    It’s getting to the point that people will beat each other up because of whom they are voting for. Voting is a private affair for this very reason. It’s noone’s business whom you vote for.

    Let’s keep it that way!

  63. Corzine had the chutzpah to say in front of Rabbanim without busha that he will sign a Toeva bill, he could have said its the party he belongs to that represents these ideals nationwide and needs to go along with it. I’m really thinking of handing in my resignation to the rest of the Vaad, I don’t want to have the responsibility of going along anymore with convincing people ‘Yechidim & Mosdos’ I am really unfit for this avodah, I have a yeshiva back round , not a career in acting school.

  64. Vaad Member Coming Clean: I think you should resign, and do it immediately….. Vaad needs the people who know about politics a little more than you do…If Corzine, as you suggest, would have said that he is merely shleping alone with Democrats on ss issue, he would have lost the election right there in SCHI(SCHI would be famous by the way). All newspapers would scream the next day that he hates ss people and that he is a spineless person that does things just because he has to. So, please resign…

  65. I am curious as to how many of the christie supporters on this blog listen to rush limbaugh, hannity, levin, savvage, and the other right wing radio talk show hosts. Most of what they have to say is accurate, but they are NOT daas torah, and what is good for the republican party and even what is best for the country as a whole is not necessarily good for the jews of Lakewood. We rely heavily on social programs and other policies that rush, hannity and the rest would love to wipe off the map. They talk about cutting social programs on almost every show. And its not just food stamps, WIC, HUD,and Medicade. ( By the way, do you realize that a couple of years back there was legislation about to be passed in congress that would have cut HUD for many yungerleit, and it was only at the intervention of askanim and the help of democratic members of congress that language was added in at the last minut saving the program for many yungerleit? This threat to social programs is not a joke!)The republicans hate the earned income tax credit. Do you realize that your kollel check is made possible by pell and TAG grants, which the republicans want to do away with. Yea, they’ll save you $2000 in property taxes, and take away $30000 in programs and aid in the process. We frum yidden have unique needs and neither the democrats or republicans address all of those needs. Let’s not be sold on rush or hannity as to what’s best for Lakewood. To do so would be foolish indeed. Let us look to Daas Torah to weigh all the considerations, and if it means voting for a Democrat for the first time in years I will do it Bilev Sholem.

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