Hundreds Shaken After Woman Chokes At Yeshivah Melaveh Malka

Hatz-monoc logo2_wm“HATZOLAH”, ” CALL HATZOLAH”, “SHE’S CHOKING” ANYBODY KNOW FIRST AID”…Were the screams of dozens of women last night at a Melaveh Malka at Talmud Torah Bais Avrohom after a women choked on her food. At approximately 10:00 p.m., dozens of horrified women looked on and dialed Hatzolah as the woman was noticeably turning colors. Hatzolah immediately dispatched BLS (Basic Life Support) and ALS (Advanced Life Support) / Paramedic units. A few minutes later, the first Hatzolah member-a BLS unit-arrived at the Yeshivah, located on New Hamsphire Avenue and Route 70, while hundreds were saying Tehillim and many hysterically crying, according to several witnesses. “We thought she was going to die” one witness told TLS.

Moments after the member arrived, the object in the women’s throat was cleared and she began crying. Hatzolah Paramedics arrived shortly afterwards and transported the woman to Kimball Medical Center.

Accusations, blame and finger-pointing immediately followed the horrific incident, claiming “It took between 10-15 minutes for the first Hatzolah member to arrive”, and “How could they not have available members”?

As posted last night, Hatzolah had held a Melaveh Malkah as new Captains were being elected. The Melaveh Malka-which took place at the Heathwood Garage-was attended by many members and the closest member-a new member-was mobile on Pine Street at the time the call came out.

TLS contacted Haztolah this morning, in an effort to obtain facts of the frantic calls and what followed. We met with two senior Hatzolah members who had given us the following facts from the incident:

1) Approximately 30 calls were placed for the same emergency.

2) Hatzolah did not receive accurate information as to where the call was-with some stating it to be at Route 88 and New Hampshire.

3)  Four Hatzolah dispatchers were handling the call.

4) One dispatcher, a Paramedic, remained on the phone instructing a caller emergency procedures to be performed, until two minutes after the first unit arrived on scene.

5) The first responder arrived in under four minutes.

6) Medics arrived in under six minutes.

They also had the following message for the community: Should a situation as the above present itself in the future, we ask you to please move into a quiet area so the dispatcher can get clear and accurate information. Also, if you see several people calling Hatzolah, do not flood the lines with the same call, as it causes confusion.

And finally, if you believe Hatzolah did not act appropriately or you wish to express concern with the way things are handled, please contact a Captain, the Hatzolah office or your Rov, who will then reach out to the appropriate parties so that the matter can be resolved in a proper manner.

Please note: TLS did not immediately publish the story until all details were able to be verified.

TLS Editor.

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  1. I am not involved in hatzola politics but in the development where i live there is only one member ,there is a hatzolah member from new york who moved in and was not allowed to join .incidentally there was a fatality there where a child died .it took hatzolah appx 9 min to respond ,i am not questioning this specific case but i would like to know why they are afraid to have more members even though it may take away calls from existing members .You simply cannot have enough coverage……

  2. And lets remember that Hatzolah is a voluntary orginization, and should never be criticized for poor response time, when they have the best record in the country!!

  3. i witnessed Lakewood EMS responding to the call as well and bringing their equipment in the building before hatzolah’s ambulance arrived. It was nice to see that the EMS Dept. whos jobs are on the line of being lost, are still responding to HELP ALL PEOPLE in Lakewood. Thank You Lakewood EMS………

  4. someone should have called gem, heard their the best….maybe just maybe we should rethink our options regarding the potential loss of lakewood ems…….

  5. before you all comment with stupidity it would be advisable to get the facts straight. I’m not a Hatzolah member but have seen them in action many times. This is an organization that’s run al pi the rabonim in town. Just like any other org. you can’t just have it a hefkrer velt with a come one come all attitude and whomever wants can join, everything they do is with a cheshbin. You also must understand that the TT hall is a bit out of a residential neighborhood (we had a similar incident at Lake Terrace) so the response time has to be a bit slower. In addition keep in mind when you’re at the scene calling every minute feels like an hour. The 10 min response sounds highly unlikely 4-5 min is more realistic. I agree with the one of the above comments that its mind boggling to have a hall full of ladies and not one couldn’t do the Heimlich maneuver or assistant in any other way until help arrives.

  6. I am an EMT, I wonder why with a population that has an extrordinary amount of children that the mothers AND farthers are not required to take basic first aid and cpr? I am sure you have had choking inncidents with the children. EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION is the key to survival.

  7. Please show me someone that has free time during business hours who is around the south side of town to respond to calls. They don’t need members for nighttime. Also this location was at the far end of Lakewood and I don’t think it is feasible or necessary to have a one minute response time to that location. Also I reiterate what was mentioned, people should learn BASIC first aid so you don’t have to rely on the EMT response time.

  8. again and again hatzolah is always coming up with excuses why they don’t want to add mambers the southside has no one westgate is fighting for members so are other areas …what hatzolah does is great but SAFTEY FOR ALL OF LAKEWOOD comes first EGO POWER AND CONTROL have no place at all.

  9. Why did TLS make sure to verify all the facts and make everything clear before publishing the story and when it comes to our hailiga schools they don’t offer the same courtesy and just put up a posting without verifying any facts or calling some schools to give an explanation before putting up a posting that criticizes them?

  10. TLS please give an honorable mention to the first responder, ********* – a Chestnut resident who is keeping our neighborhood feeling safer. Also thanks to all the ppl in Hatzolah for giving him the ability to keep our neck of the woods covered.
    Ari thanks for all your selfless dedication to Hatzolah and our community. We all hope to never need to call upon you for your life saving services!

  11. The fact is that even when there is a meeting to elect Captains etc.. Arrangments must be made so that all areas can still be covered.

  12. Hatzolah took my son to the Hospital last night. They where VERY professional. I am very maker tov and sincerely thank the 3 members who where involved.

  13. #11 sounds like a typical member saying “I’m not a member”.
    (everyone in rikers is innocent)

    No one is undermining or discrediting the dedication of the members. People are frustrated about the insufficient amount of member in regards the to growing population. People just want more members.

  14. 1. Perhaps Hatzalah should sponor basic CPR & First Aid courses for women (and men).

    2. Large gatherings might be well advised to arrange to have someone present who is trained in Basic First Aid on locations at all times.

    3. It might be a good idea to kill two birds with one stone – every mashgiach should be trained in CPR & Basic First Aid. They are at these events anyway – they are in a unique position to provide physical assistance (in addition to the metaphysical assistance they already provide in their important role at these functions).

  15. if this was the fist story of its kind I would not have been posting this . I sorry to say that haztolah’s responce stated above is streaching the truth! and why? to cover themselfs the fact is verefiable on dozens of cell phones ! if they say they were there in 4min. they why not say you were there in2 its anyway not true. let me put it this way: If it were ‘only’ for hatzolah this lady would have been dead & we would have had a levyah today . mr hatzolah: when we need a new abmulance or we need more defibulateors you come to all for $ screaming “htolas nefoshos” but when all of lakewood is begging use “hatolas nefosos” “please cover all of the ‘expaneded ‘ lakewood” why don’t you hear ? its hatolas nefoshos, please hatzolah wakeup from your sleep !
    lakewood is 10time more spreedout then 10years ago and your not keeping . please help ! hatzolah!!!

  16. Dear Ira
    do we give every youngerman learning an honorable mention for holding the world up with his learning?
    do we give an honorable mention to every person who does chesed?
    being in hatzolah or any mosad is not for kovod honor or Fame its to help another yid without anyone ever knowing about it.

  17. Hatzolah has no problem asking us to double the yearly pledge to $104 yet they still won’t double the amount of volunteers or cover all areas of lakewood its time for a new leadership who needs captains.. maybe it was no coinssidence that while they had their little party at the garage the servisec were needed scross town to show that its about the people NOT THE MEMBERS.

  18. To all members,

    I would like to thank all the members in Hatzolah for all your dedication, however where I live there are no members and it would take about five to eight minutes for any member to arrive.
    I think it is time to start a second Hatzolah in this town, which will agree to allow members in all locations. We will call it the open minded Hatzolah that will be there for us ALL.

  19. Can all the chestnut people stop kvetching. If you don’t like it here just go back to flatbush and stop criticizing our dedicated hatzoloh members. This town is run by daas torah. They decide who should be on hatzoloh. Not every hocker belongs on hotzoloh and for good reason!

  20. When I moved to lakewood 15 years ago, I watched the bizyonos some of my friends went through to try joining Hatzolah and I decided not to even bother.
    I the hatzolah leadership would spend half the effort they spend making excuses to not take new members and work on recruiting they would be a much better organization.

  21. From what I heard ,there was a womern trained in CPR and she was the one that dislidged the food and saved this lady and this happened prior to Hatzolah or the EMS showing up .

    While there are usuaslly 2 sides to every story ,it seems as if there are many complaints about Hatzolah not expanding with new members . I am sure that they believe they have valid reasons ,Vdai Lechakima birmiza ,but it should be decided by an outside party ,not Hatzolah themselves . The tzibur is funding it and the Tzibur deserves their say in getting an outsiode disinterested group ofFRabbonim to make this decision

  22. I believe chestnut area has 3 EMT’s that Hatzlolah will not take on
    maybe because they don’t wear a white shirt or something rediculous like that.

  23. yes lets start another Hatzolah because of one incident………maybe if the police department was called in the 90 plus calls to Hatzolah help would have been there even sooner…………..maybe we can use the old EMS building to house the new Hatzolah once Langert gets his way…..

  24. #33 thats your answer to everything? just go back to brooklyn!!
    thats not only pathetic but sad as well. by the way where are you from? I happen to know that the chestnut/hatzolah issues did not have any “das torah” involved. so please brush up on your facts or if your a hatzolah head then i suggest you stop lieing.

  25. Lakewood EMS was quoted that they are capable of providing CPR, First Aid and other types of training maybe you can contact them by stopping by the building or calling the Supervisor.

  26. To #33: If thes town were truly run by Daas Torah, there would be no Hatzalah as it was created in clear defiance of R’ Shneur Kotler – his opposition to opening hatzala in Lakewood was widely known.

  27. Why won’t hatzolah advetise what it is they are looking forso they can get the right applicants. Instead of just saying not oyu,not you.

  28. I remeber one time I was choking and this was in ny with in 2 min a member was on the scene b’h I stopped choking when the member arrived in ny they have a member almost every block

  29. I am so glad that the Lakewood EMS responded before Hatzolah. Isn’t it a shame that they are being FIRED for selfish reasons and no one has the concern of the Lakewood residents in mind. If the Lakewood EMS got there first, maybe they are doing a good job and should not be let go. Are you ready to wait around for someone who can’t get their act together when time is of the essence? I’m not

  30. South side has enough members! The people there need to stop kvetching about needing more members and grow up. You think Hatzalah doesn’t know that more members means quicker response time. We know that and choose to let our members become more experienced. We are around much longer than you southeners! You couldn’t handle a simple case….

  31. Just for the record . EMS did not show up before Hatzolah . That means nothing because we dont know how much after Hatzolah they were called . Their base is also very close to the scene of this incident /

  32. My sister inlaw C was the one performing the CPR and the food was not dislodged before the hatzolah member performed abdominal thrusts

  33. Hatzolah is an incredible organization and we cannot even begin to express our hakaras hatov, but that is a separate issue. The issue is a sprawling city (yes city) of almost 10000 families that needs hatzolah sevrvices that meet their need and EMT’s that are willing and able to volunteer.. The hatzolah membership criterea that de facto are an impediment to meeting Lakewoods needs ought to be internally revised. If this does not take place than external pressure must be brought to bear to make sure this takes place. Our hakaros hatov cannot be overstated but this in no way negates this very real issue.

  34. *There are roughly 10,000 families in Lakewood KA”H
    *I think it’s safe to say that will bring the frum population to roughly 50,000 KA”H
    *There are only roughly 50 hatzola members to service this need!!
    *Lakewood has tons of weird streets, cul-de-sacs, – with poor arteries to get around. Navigating Lakewood is much more confusing (even to old timers) slowing response time (in this case all the lady needed to say was “beis avrum yeshiva” any member should have known the landmark… they didn’t (article says they thought it was on RT 88)… proves my point that not all members KNOW how to navigate Lakewood – THIS SHOULD BE A REQUIREMENT – JUST LIKE THE CABBIES IN NYC
    *Most members reside on the NORTH side, leaving over 2,000 (and growing fast) families form pine river area, sterling forest, high st., regency, chateau, presidential, Elmwood, chestnut, etc with a handful of members covering so many families??
    *unfortunately only after numerous “CLOSE CALLS” (Hashem Yerachaim) was the call to add new members heeded (somewhat)!
    * There are many WELL TRAINED & EXPERIENCED brooklyn (Flatbush & BP) members that moved here, and were told……………
    *saving a life shouldn’t matter what color shirt you wear? (more importantly is a persons experience, skill, and dedication)

  35. #49. I doubt that u r truly a hatzolah member here in town and if u r. U r the cause of why there is so much RIGHTFUL anymosity toward lkwd hatzolalh u guys act selfish

  36. Its time for a change in the leadership of hatzolah
    A. apparently they are not doing enough or don’t realize the growth of lakewood
    B.not reaching out to cultivate new members to join in much needed areas of town.
    C.the establishment of an outside vaad of rabbonim and representatives of ALL developments to asses the need for new members
    d.bring in team of hatzolah members from outside lakewood and have them bring a fresh set of ideas and make recomendations that will be implemented with the help of a new established vaad its silly that the current members are the only ones that have a say.

  37. Although I think that Lakewood needs to take on more members. I believe that even if they had more members, in this particular instance it may not have made a difference. BesIdes for being a little far out it takes some time to get around without Red Lights and Sirens. The traffic in Lakewood has gotten ridiculous.

    On a side note: a lot of times when waiting for the first member to show up it feels like forever even if its only 2 minutes. I’m on Hatzalah (not Lakewood) and we had a call that the father of the patient complained that it took us 10 minutes to get there. When we listened to the radio recording it actually took less than 2 minutes to get there. Can you imagine how long it feels like when someone is choking and everyone is watching.

  38. There is a member in chessnut already and if they don’t take a brklyn member who lives in ur area its prob bec he belongs in “brklyn” hatzala ! And I wonder how many comments are from guys who are dyinig to get on, give it up go join freehold fd


  40. To #1:

    Your sister in law was doing CPR before the food was dislodged???? Clearing the airway is the FIRST step of proper CPR. Only people with training should be performing CPR – one can due tremendous harm if CPR is not performed properly!!

  41. thank you unit 287 for saving the day once again and i would also like to thank all my fellow hatzolah members for always being there when there needed most


  43. I’m on hatzolah in ny for 2yrs ( I’m 20 by the way)don’t start judging when you don’t know how things work on the inside of hatzolah,personaly I like the way ny hatzolah is run more then Lakewood ,Lakewood hatzolah is doing a great job

  44. i dont think you have any idea what you are talking about
    the american red cross now says if a pationt goes unconsios with something stuck in there throat you should do chest compresions
    and you cant realy do any harm doing cpr if someone realy needs it its the patient that doesednt need cpr that can be hurt by doing it
    so get your facts straight before you go on a rampage against the person that may have helped save her life

  45. to #9 at 7:45 pm
    go read # 49
    if he’s truly a member its realy sad how ignorant and selfish he is.
    while we have tremendous hakoras hatov to all members its unfortunate that a few bad apples ruin it for the rest.

  46. There seems to be a lot of complaints with Hatzolah, it is time Hatzolah take it seriously and convince the LKWD. Residents that they are listening to the demands of the people. We don’t want to C’V give the people an unnecessary fear that the emergency services are inept to handle our growing city. However, it is a duty on every resident to thank the volunteer members for their dedicated response and attention to transporting our sick residents to hospitals. Next time you meet a Hatzolah member on the street Thank him for serving.

  47. please stop bashing hatazalah.

    last year I called my closest friend who was in hatzoloah to come over as I was not feeling good( i later got it over the head- i should have called the direct number). My friend arrived and within 2-3 minutes that felt a VERY long time to me. Within seconds he was calling for addtional medics and they needed to stop and restart my heart in my bed- first time in my life SCARY. I am not that old and was scared out of my mind. B”H Hatzaloh had parmedics. Because they were able to to place 12 lead EKG on me they were able to verify the issue which no one could find for many years- TOP hospitals TOP Doctors.. B”H i had a procedue and Bli Ayen Hara I am cured. Without the EKG that only Paramedics or hospitals have it would have been who knows how many more years before they could find it. The EKG must be recorder at the time of the incident.

    Let me tell you the privacy that Hatzolo has to us. Other members who i know had no idea it was me.

    I will support hatzoloa and suggest to all to sponsor your areas Hatzola Paralor meeting. I plan on doing so…

    In addtion we all should learn CPR , Heimlich manuver and maybe sponsor in each of our shuld defibulators with training for 10 people per shul. We are a large town and its only getting bigger.

  48. Can you please tell me of the 50 or so lkwd members – (incl the captains) how many originated from brooklyn?? My guess is most. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
    What’s your beef with a bklyn hatzolah member (trained and exp) who moves to lakewood (like most of us here) and would like to join. What’s wrong with that? I’m betting most lkwd members origanted fro “der heim”

  49. #19, actually most members r old-time Lakewood boyz.
    although they don’t like to take new members, we know that they FIERCELY loyal to their own.

  50. I’m not getting involved with if hatzoloh needs more members or not. My point is just that I’m sick and tired of people moving here from bkln for cheaper housing and then starting to bash our rabonim and orginizations. Like I said if you don’t like it then go back home. Some things have reasons that you may or may not understand or agree with but you need to respect the decisions of the people and rabobim that make the decisions. And by the way I was born and raised in lakewood and have no connection to the hatzoloh orginization in any way. (Other than my 104$ donation every year)

  51. I’m nispoel at the kishren of this one guy trying to get on hatzolah,to come up with different negitive comments under so many different names.thank you Hatzolah for keeping our neighborhood safe and keeping this nut off ur squad

  52. I live in a building on cedarbridge ave. that has 144 apts and no members. We have a an emt in the building whom hatzalah refuses to take. Please help. Thank you,

  53. LAKEWOOD definitely needs more member on hatzalah.There are many muture capable people willing to join ,they should stop being a exclusive mens club.
    Then all there chesed and good work they do will be much more respected .

  54. Now that tons of trash and lies have been posted on this thread, a few facts should be posted as well. Lkwd Hatzolah has taken on 8 new members in the past 12 months. This includes a member in Chestnut, Raintree, the area West of Pine Park and other members spread out thru town. Areas like Flatbush and Boro Park may be proud to have on every block, but the unfortunate reality is that many serious calls get put out numerous times before anyone answers. Lkwd Hatzolah has an avg response time of under 3 minutes, and even calls at 3:00 AM are answered right away. In this unfortunate situation, the location of this call was a few miles from the town area.

  55. Like let you all know of 55 members only 22 are in lakewood at working hours . It make me sick to think of it .
    P.s. NO those 22 did no thing wrong NO the other 34 did nothing wrong there great selfless people BUT some with a little ‘negeos’ & a lot of ego don’t realize. There negeos’ is pushing there ego!

  56. its hard to believe that not one lady out of 100 ladies do not know heimleich menuver . They give classes i think ladies should start taking it

  57. I sat quietly and watched last week how we sat around and bashed the tzaddikim that give their lives up for our childrens ruchnius and was shocked. I turned to my wife and said sarcasticly “what’s next will we start bashing hatzoloh too” and what do you know! The bloggers didn’t dissapoint! What are we crazy? These people have given over their lives to the klal for years! Who are we especialy since most of the posters sound like they came to town recently,to sit and bash a town full of askonim that may have some policies that don’t exist in bkln or elsewhere. There are some things that matter to the rabonim and askonim in lkwd that might not bother others. Just remember they set things up. You came for a cheap house and if you can’t deal with it then I hate to say it but there are other towns with large frum communities that you can try. but stop coming here and deciding how things should be and bashing the ones that have been servicing the tzibbur before you even knew the area code of lakewood.(which by the way changed 3 times since I have been here)

  58. From reading this story and the comments it seems that many people feel that there are an inadequate amount of Hatzala members in certain areas of Lakewood. I think that Hatzala which we rely on in an emergency, and expects everyone in town to fund it, is obligated to make sure that there are enough members in all areas of town during the day and night. In addition I think that Lakewood EMS should not be disbanded until this situation is rectified.

  59. the facts are the facts lakewood hatzolah has a better responce time then boropark and flatbush put toghether. eventhough they have hundreds of members and “one on every block”. i work in Manhatan and my partner who is a Hatzolah member in brroklyn has his radio on the whole time. i hear all the flatbush calls one after another, real real calls and the dispatcher has to put it out 10 times to get anyone to go. so what does it help that they have hundreds of members its dedicated members that youy need and that we have in lakewood!!

  60. for all those that think it took 15 minutes for the first person to get there has to be wrong because she would be dead today its imposible to servive for fifteen minutes without oxygen and not have permanant brain damage and i heard from a guy in bikur cholim that the women is home and as good as new

  61. I called hatzolah myself at least two times in the last five years, I’m in Chateau park area, (1 min from Chestnut). Both times Three Hatzolah members showed up in under two minutes. Thank you Hatzolah!!!!!!

  62. #28 is 100% right!!! yeshiva leit would be excellent on hatzalah and they r avail in middle of the day. they also generally have great sevohras and anyllitical skills!

  63. Why does anyone feel they have rights to dictate who and how many members should be on Hatzolah. They are a private volunteer service, why are u entitled to these free benefits ? You can call EMS as a resident of NJ. Its time to realize that not everything is coming to you. Make a list of all the things good in your life & don’t go after every organization in town. Next it will be Chaveirim, Bikur Cholim, & the Va’ad Hatzniyus.

  64. Now that tons of trash and lies have been posted on this thread, a few facts should be posted as well.

    Lkwd Hatzolah has taken on 8 new members in the past 12 months.

    This includes a member in Chestnut, Raintree, the area West of Pine Park and other members spread out thru town.

    Areas like Flatbush and Boro Park may be proud to have on every block, but the unfortunate reality is that many serious calls get put out numerous times before anyone answers.

    Lkwd Hatzolah has an avg response time of under 3 minutes, and even calls at 3:00 AM are answered right away.

    In this unfortunate situation, the location of this call was a few miles from the town area.

  65. That’s right come here act how you want do what you want dress how you want and then say what you want! Now you wonder why they keep you off hatzoloh!

  66. What’s next is tomchei shabbos bad too? Or maybe those egotistic people that run the money lending gemachim? Or maybe chavairim are bad too? Are people nuts? Or just bored?

  67. As one who also wears blue shirts(when I sleep) I sympothize with all of you.The reason they don’t let blue shirts on hatzoloh is because the patient might think its the police and run away!

  68. Listen all of you out there. Hatzolah has the best response time of any volunteer ambulance service anywhere. They usually arrive in less than 2 minutes. There are over 50 active members. They also have 11 paramedics. I’ve seen them literally drop everything and run to help someone. They are there for us 24/7. I’ve seen them run out of shul on Yom Kippur; leave simchos; transport kids to CHOP on Shabbos, Yom Tov and taanesim, etc. And they don’t just drop the patient off and run, they stick around to make sure the person is properly cared for. How any of you can criticize them is beyond me. If they don’t accept someone it might be because the person doesn’t have the best skills. As an EMT, I’ve personally seen other squads in action. In the time it takes them just to roll out of their garage, Hatzolah is already on scene and the patient is receiving top notch care. Hatzolah is relentless when it comes to resuscitating someone. They keep going when others quit. They have been the right shlichim for many Lakewooders. You can see some of their ‘miracles’ walking around town. Hatzolah deserves our praise and not our censure. May Hashem grant them the strength to continue their avodas hakodesh for many years to come.

  69. #41 @ 10:46
    Hatzolah is NOT PRIVATE its funded by tzedaka collected in lakewood by the tzibbur that lives here that said the tzibbur should have a say or at least their concerns adressed if people feel there are improvements needed in the orginazation.
    hatzolah as vital and as important a mosad that it is( and I donate my yearly membership) Must be held to a higher standard its not the untouchable “Holy Cow” it must listen to criticism and fix it accordingly sometimes those on the inside do not see what those on the outside see.

  70. I think in order to bash any lakewood orginization or school you must first tell us what the area code in lakewood was when the orginization you are bashing was founded. If you don’t know then please either keep your good advice to your self or go back to area code 718 and tell them what to do but please leave us alone. Thank you.

  71. Can someone of the hockers explain why no one bashed the school for not having a AED i dont think any of the wedding halls have one so lets start bashing bais faiga lake terrece etc a diffeb is realitvly inexpensive for life saving
    correct me if any the halls or schools in town have diffibs – prob not cause they rely on LAKEWOOD HATZOLAH with the best response time !!
    keep it up guys dont let the few farbisseners let you down

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