Hundreds Shaken After Woman Chokes At Yeshivah Melaveh Malka

Hatz-monoc logo2_wm“HATZOLAH”, ” CALL HATZOLAH”, “SHE’S CHOKING” ANYBODY KNOW FIRST AID”…Were the screams of dozens of women last night at a Melaveh Malka at Talmud Torah Bais Avrohom after a women choked on her food. At approximately 10:00 p.m., dozens of horrified women looked on and dialed Hatzolah as the woman was noticeably turning colors. Hatzolah immediately dispatched BLS (Basic Life Support) and ALS (Advanced Life Support) / Paramedic units. A few minutes later, the first Hatzolah member-a BLS unit-arrived at the Yeshivah, located on New Hamsphire Avenue and Route 70, while hundreds were saying Tehillim and many hysterically crying, according to several witnesses. “We thought she was going to die” one witness told TLS.

Moments after the member arrived, the object in the women’s throat was cleared and she began crying. Hatzolah Paramedics arrived shortly afterwards and transported the woman to Kimball Medical Center.

Accusations, blame and finger-pointing immediately followed the horrific incident, claiming “It took between 10-15 minutes for the first Hatzolah member to arrive”, and “How could they not have available members”?

As posted last night, Hatzolah had held a Melaveh Malkah as new Captains were being elected. The Melaveh Malka-which took place at the Heathwood Garage-was attended by many members and the closest member-a new member-was mobile on Pine Street at the time the call came out.

TLS contacted Haztolah this morning, in an effort to obtain facts of the frantic calls and what followed. We met with two senior Hatzolah members who had given us the following facts from the incident:

1) Approximately 30 calls were placed for the same emergency.

2) Hatzolah did not receive accurate information as to where the call was-with some stating it to be at Route 88 and New Hampshire.

3)  Four Hatzolah dispatchers were handling the call.

4) One dispatcher, a Paramedic, remained on the phone instructing a caller emergency procedures to be performed, until two minutes after the first unit arrived on scene.

5) The first responder arrived in under four minutes.

6) Medics arrived in under six minutes.

They also had the following message for the community: Should a situation as the above present itself in the future, we ask you to please move into a quiet area so the dispatcher can get clear and accurate information. Also, if you see several people calling Hatzolah, do not flood the lines with the same call, as it causes confusion.

And finally, if you believe Hatzolah did not act appropriately or you wish to express concern with the way things are handled, please contact a Captain, the Hatzolah office or your Rov, who will then reach out to the appropriate parties so that the matter can be resolved in a proper manner.

Please note: TLS did not immediately publish the story until all details were able to be verified.

TLS Editor.

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  1. If there is a legitimate complaint against Hatzala (problem with response time, lack of members in certain areas) are people not allowed to complain? It would be more appropiate if Hatzala was big enough to say “I”m sorry, we messed up and will do all we can to avoid such an error in the future”. Boruch Hashem this story had a happy ending. Hopefully Hatzala makes the corrections necessary to avoid a repeat of this incident, even though they are not able to admit their error.

  2. Thank u to TLS, I will get up late for davening because I’m addicted to your website. We need a new rule no more accepting comments after 9:30 pm. You will be helping peoples Shalom Bayis.

  3. this is sickening,i see a parallel .the same people from NY yelling they should be on hatzoloh ,are yelling their kids should be let into schools. as soon as they get in (Hatzoloh Or school) they say there are no problems and the next meshugener starts yelling “more members more schools”.i see pure selfishness in these outcrys. rabosi its a din gavra not a din cheftza.the issue is not hatzolah or schools ,its you!! dont come to our kehilla and push us “your values”. vehuya machanechu kodosh!! thank you hatzloh & thank you schools!

  4. Why dont we close hatzolah and join the lakewood EMS?
    Why be busy and burden everyone with raising the funds to support Hatzolah
    This will be one of the services the townshiip provides.
    Let the hatzolah chevra join the lakewood EMS …

  5. this complaining has nothing to do with any emergrency in lakewood,its a plain blogging sport.Hatzoloh is a public org open to many of you bigmouths ever seriously called your community representitives on the vaad (Rabbi Zeldes or Rabbi SM Katz) and lodged a formal complaint on any given issue??? thats right Nada,zilch…its more fun to try and destroy this choshev organization behind names like “Anonymous Harusha says” because “YOU” were not excepted! Are you willing to post your name publicly (like u bash) and give permission for hatzoloh to say publicly why “YOU” were not accepted?

  6. how come this standared is not held for the other mosdos in town like the schools bmg etc they get there funding from the public and they are far from giving a din vacheshbon on how they run there organazations
    just bec you think taking on more members in a particular area will solve the problem it doesent have to be so untill your in the driver seat you have no idea what will make things run and what will not
    so lets keep the comments about our dear hatzoloh members respectfull and gratefull

  7. Please don’t bash NY hatzalah to make your point. The population in NY is alot older and sicker than in lakewood so there are many more calls there, flatbush has approx in one month the amount of calls lakewood has in a year!! Also any really serious call gets answered immediately, unlike someone else wrote, some calls that aren’t serious might take a 4 min response instead of 2, believe me after seeing other volunteer squads in action you appreciate hatzalah even more! I’m sure much thought goes into accepting new members and i wish the people in charge much siyata dishmaya in making those decisions. May we all never need their services. Another very Important point CPR is not very dificult to learn and doesn’t take much time and many offer it inexpensively so why not take a course! You never know whose life you might save! (and the commenter who used the name f18 please ur not him so don’t use it)

  8. Please don’t bash NY hatzalah to make your point. The population in NY is alot older and sicker than in lakewood so there are many more calls there, flatbush has approx in one month the amount of calls lakewood has in a year!! Also any really serious call gets answered immediately, unlike someone else wrote, some calls that aren’t serious might take a 4 min response instead of 2, believe me after seeing other volunteer squads in action you appreciate hatzalah even more! I’m sure much thought goes into accepting new members and i wish the people in charge much siyata dishmaya in making those decisions. May we all never need their services. Another very Important point CPR is not very dificult to learn and doesn’t take much time and many offer it inexpensively so why not take a course! You never know whose life you might save! (and the commenter who used the name f18 please ur not him so don’t use it)

  9. Its amazing how many comments are about the “members in chestnut”. They have one and there’s prob a reason why there not taking the other emts there maybe its bec no one wants the flatbush hock. And I wonder how many comments came from the guys who couldn’t get on (prob due to Attitude)

  10. as an ex ny guys dont get it Hatzolah is in the blood ,it has nothing to do with your money or funding.they still have their O2 & trauma bags and will responed to any emergency they have to ,money or no money . funding just helps to advance and expand ie buses ,garages, paramedics etc.dont cut off your nose (ie amputation) to spite your face 🙂

  11. @witness just fyi when lkwd ems pulled up they said hatzola is handling the call so they were probably not there first. And btw lkwd ems headquarters called hatz to tell them that they’re going to quick & they might endanger other drivers???? Can’t they let hatzola handle the call?!?!

  12. Lakewood Hatzolah is an amazing org. Im sure if they need more units they will take them in. They now have Paramedics and a Rescue truck . STOP BASHING HATZOLAH!!! We are there for you when you need us . I bet all those negative comments are posted by people who cant get in due to good reasons. Being in Hatzolah for many years I can say its not only about first aid . Its about keeping your mouth closed and not talking about calls. If we were to take in all the bloggers and Machers they would post every call on TLS. Keep up the good work Lakewood Hatzolah . NYC Hatzolah Member

  13. There is no comparison to schools. In reality most schools get very little funding from the public at large. Let me explain. let us assume that tuition covers 65 to 70 per cent of the budget. Then there is an annual dinner. 90 per cent of the funds coming in at the dinner is from parents ,grandparents and friends and business associates of the school owners. That is not considered public funding. The parents want the schools run a certain way and that is why they and the grandparents donate. If you do a mailing to the 8000 families in lakewood ,almost nobody will donate to a school he has no shaychus to. So bottom line is that the parent body and the school owners are responsible for about 90 to 95 per cent of the funding. Contrast this with Hatzolah that requires an 104 contributiion from every kehilla member and its a world of a difference. I’m not bashing Hatzolah. Just explaining why the private schools really don’t have to give din vecheshbon to anybody but their parent body.

  14. The captains and members should not be the ones making the desicion on accepting new members. naturaly they have negios and are in a culture of ” seniority” to those in charge which in turn they expect the same from those under them its not a game rabbosei its about saving lives!!
    an independent Vaad made up of all community representatives should be the ones to decide on new members.

  15. Maybe they don’t want people that don’t even know how to get to yeshiva going on calls and not knowing where to go. By the way there is a whole town out there beyond chestnut! Come check it out! Don’t be shy.

  16. I live in high point and there are so many people in our development that don’t even wear blue shirts that are dying to join hatzoloh and for some reason they don’t let!

  17. Its nice that hatzolah added members but its done reluctantly every member added is a uphill battle its a fight its only after pressure is applied and arms twisted is that the right approach?
    hatzolah should be doing it on their own proudly and actively as long as the attitude is we want to keep the club amongst ourselves and not add members …the tzibbur has a right and hatzoilah has an obligation to represent ALL of lakewood.

  18. Its amazing to c how many chestnut comments there were maybe its the same 3 pep writing them , deal with ur other naiberhood problems ! U guys should all grow up

  19. I live in Faraday Estates. Last time we needed Hatzolah it took them over 5 minutes to arrive. They provided superb service and we appreciate their true selfless dedication. But Hatzolah needs to understand that our development is about 3 miles away from any Hatzolah member, that being said it takes that extra time for any member to arrive. We need to have additional members in the “remote” developments to have the proper response time.

  20. This is nonsense,
    It doesn’t matter if you are part of hatzola or not.
    If you live in a building without any first aiders, LEARN FIRST AID!
    You don’t need a hatzola patch on your arm to perform the Heimlich maneuver!
    Stop complaining and whining that you aren’t part of hatZola.
    If you really cared learn these skills that every adult should know.

  21. Listen, unfortunately, in order for Hatzalah to cover most of the sour grapes blogging here they would have to have members each Motzoei Shabbos at Ocean Lanes Bowling, J2 & all the roads leading south to AC. That would be the very edges of this town in all directions too! Let us all remember that your Chestnut member would have been at the meeting too. Really, stop using the unfortunate event that happened to this woman for your own agenda.

  22. After 134 comments, some voicing some valid points, I think the most logical thing would be for Hatzolah to respectfully respond to the community they serve and explain their reason why they like to keep their volunteer membership small, why a brooklyn member isn’t “good enough” to join in areas where coverage is weak. Explain to the tzibur their official acceptance guidelines. Maybe they can clarify some things instead of just brushing away peoples valid concerns. Just my humble opinion.

  23. To Esti C.

    When you live in “remote” places you indeed risk the fact that you don’t have the benifits like all other Lakewood members.
    We try our best to reach every location to the best of our ability, but it still takes time to get around. Remember one thing Lakewood EMS is more then 3 miles from your developement!!
    So stop complaining and move to 7th Street.

  24. The EMS building is owned by Lakewood twp. You can not put a private service in a township building. That will still house the ambulances and personnel. How was EMS dispatched at the same time and got there sooner..doesn’t that say anything?
    As for GEM- they are not certified by the State of NJ to run EMS calls. they dont run calls in Lakewood at all. they are a private agency that has contracts with some nursing homes here. they can not run calls here…And to be honest why would I want someone with half the experience and less than that for knowledge of Lakewood responding here. If EMS is disbanded I will call Brick or Toms River first, at least they show the compassion that our EMS department does..God Bless Lakewood EMS .

  25. This whole post and all those bashing Hatzolah , shows how sick this whole town has become. The mere fact that anyone can speak with such a tone about people who give away a chunk of thier lives so you should be a little safer is sickening

    I am not on Hatzolah , nor do i ever plan on being in Hatzolah , but i have a lot of friends and family on hatzolah here and elsewhere. yes a lot of them have attitudes , and it may seem that they act like a tough fraternity. but what do you know about EMS services. do you realize that these people are volenterring ,
    yes no one is getting a dime, ( unlike just about most other organizations out there making lots of money)and what they are doing involves one of the most stressfull and traumatic jobs out there. in seconds someones life is in thier hands and a small mistake and C'”V someones life is over.
    It takes a certian dedication , fraternization, and backbone for people to live such lives , and what you may look at as insentitive is really the stregnth they show to keep composure under the most trying situation. therefore when they demand that member have certian qualifications it is part of the dedication process, the need people who are 100% dedicated and they cannot even accept 1% undedication. i dont know what qualifications they have here in lakewood , and this whole blue shirt thing i dont know where it came from because i have seen hatzholah guys in blue shirts , but even if it was true , it is 100% right. they dont want a person who is not 100% dedicated. they want people only that understand orders and protocol have to be followed no matter what . thats the dedication they need. therefore if the have a way of life or different things that they want their members to follow and some dont want to follow it , it is understandable why they dont accept them . they want people like my cousin who went to a call during his own sisters wedding. thats the dedication hatzholah wants , and thats the dedication they have and to them anything less in unacceptable.

    you canot compare it to any other organization . even tomchai shabbos ( which i personally consider the most worthwhile organization in this commumity) the volenters are mainly once a month and at most once a week and if something comes up they can get someone to replace them, and we are doing a non stressful job, worse case scenary you put some extra food in one guys box. its not gonna kill him. therefore anyone who wants to do some chesed can join. but hatzhoul takes 100% 24/7 dedication

    therefore it is sick that a whole bunch of people most of one do nothing for others should complain at all about possibly the most dedicated group of people in our community.

  26. I was at that Melavah Malka and know the person. She is fine. However it did take at least 6 minutes for Hatzolah to arrive. The woman was as blue as a swimming pool for a few long minutes. Whatever the failings were, the meeting… cannot happen again. I live south of the lake and whenever there is an emergency they usually respond quickly. So this obviously as an anomaly. For your information a few people there knew CPR and the HEIMLICH and were working on her the entire time until Hatzolah came. They actually dislodged a small part and some of her color was restored prior to Hatzolah getting there. Of course there also were a bunch of hysterical ladies just making noise the entire time without realizing that she was etting the help she needed. As they say – too many cooks spoil the broth.

  27. Its a bit of chtzpah to say that most other organizations make lots of money. That ia absolutely untrue. The vast majority in most chesed organizations here in town are volunteers. There are many organizations and at most there might be one paid fundraiser or part time administrator. Hatzolah also has those type of paid jobs. Not bashing hatzolah just correcting your totally false comment.

  28. Just for the record ,EMS DID NOT get there before Hatzolah . This means nothing as we dont know when they were called . By the way ,the EMS building is very close to where this happenned .

  29. why should only hatzolah be run by a community vaad to say who can join? I belive its time to copy the schools and have a vaad called “no asken left behind” they interveiw you and decide which organiztion you are best suited for hatzolah ,chaverim,misaskim,mekimi.,bikur cholim etc.

  30. A family member of mine needed Hatzolah a few times in a short period and they responded as fast as anyone can expect each and every time. BTW, If anyone remmbers a few weeks ago on motzai shabbos when it was snowing, who was out there on the 195 helping people out ??? the hockers on TLS or Hatzola?

  31. get out from under your rock

    lets go through the big organizations that have people who are working more than the occasiobal few our here and there.

    oorah , chai lifeline , shuvu , yad liachim , shalom , all the kiruv organizations. , aim habonim ect. and even our very own BMG have teams of employes . no one is saying that there is anything wrong with it .

    let just face the facts. hatzolah is from the few organizations has 1 no one making money at the end of the day 2. a full time staff working as volenters 3. a staff that can be doing the same work for pay ( as our local EMS gets big pay and benefits and gets to make figure 8s in the snow with ambulances and gas we pay for ,on paid time)

  32. You are off the mark . There are many more chesed organizations that are larger than Hatzolah that have as little or less paid people . Hatzolah also has at least 2 paid people . Go find out and verify Tomchei Shabbos is huge with only one paid fund raiser and many volunteers ,even the people who run it are volunteers and they put in many long hours DAILY . Im sure that there are many others too where no one is making money at the end of the day . Im not bashing Hatzolah in any way or the dedication of the volunteers . But you dont realize how much volunteer chesed we have here in Lakewood on a big scale .

  33. I joined Hatzolah (yes with an “O” not an “A”) a year ago in RL.
    The neighborhood i live in had a shortage of members. Instead of only taking in one member, they took in 4 memebers, 2 newbies, and 2 expierienced EMT’s who recently moved there,With rules in place how we should respond so it won’t be two inexpierienced members arriving together.

    Taking on 1 member for every new development or neighborhood is putting a band-aid on a much bigger problem. It might help the short term……….

    One more point- stop comparing Fltabush Hatzolah to Lakewood- In Flatbush, a member can go lights blazing, sirens screaming as if every call is a “code 1” -Lakewood, the blue lights aint gonna cut it-

  34. Let’s get a few things straight. Why are all of you degrading any and every one who lives in Chestnut? They are a wonderful group of people. If there are a few people who may be different then your holier then thou perspective of religion then please don’t stop learning R’ Chaim but please add a few minutes for a mussar seder.

    This attitude is what is destroying Lakewood. Not one or two over the top people who moved here from NY. By the way, what does it mean a lakewooder? If I learned in Yeshiva alts Bochur and then in Kollel and I live in Lakewood for ten years but grew up in (ich shem zich arois tzu zogen dus vort ) Flatbush am I a Lakewooder? Most people writing here did not get off the boat yesterday from Brooklyn. The guy who is complaining about brooklyners is living here the same amount of time as the supposed Brooklyners. But if the “brooklyner” does anything slightly different
    then what you perceive to be correct in the eyes of Hashem then he is posul. I am not defending those who really don’t belong here. It’s a shame and if you are really concerned then please ask your Rov what you should do. (If you have one, some of us are really choshuv and dont need Daas Torah. We are our own dass Torah and that’s just the way we like it. If you don’t like it, move back to brklyn) Hatzolah is an amazing group of dedicated men. They are ready, at the drop of a hat to leave their warm beds in freezing weather to come help you. They leave their work during the day and families at night to ensure you safety. No one is here to put down Hatzolah. In fact the average guy on Hatzolah will tell you the same!! people are questioning the higher ups of Hatzolah not the average member. The question here is simple. People want to know that if the “people “who support this incredible mossad have questions, can they be answered by the mossad in question?

    Please don’t tell me that there is the right way to ask and the right people to talk to. 1. Most people don’t feel comfortable to speak to someone about a problem they are having with that person!
    2. Even if that would be true, and people should speak to Hatzolah and not blog. The fact is they are blogging and asking questions. Yet Hatzolah has been ignoring this question systematically for years.

    Asking for better coverage does not mean people are ungrateful for what Hatzolah does.

    Asking for better coverage does not mean I tried to get on but was rejected. (Even though I would never know because you don’t even get a call back saying sorry but we don’t need you.)

    Asking for better coverage is a legitimate request that should be answered to the public who supports you.

  35. I’m not degrading people from chestnut I’m sure they are wonderful people. I’m just saying dobt degrade our orginizations and the people that run them just because you don’t agree with their policies. Especialy since these people have been running these mosdos before you knew the lakewood area code. Just like you are asking not to be bashed for not conforming to lakewoods standards don’t bash any orginization for not conforming to your standards. Maybe they dissagree with you is that ok? And if not like its been said here before go back to(ich shem zich ye) flatbush!

  36. Until you live in a home where the meal is started without the head of household, family simchas and social events are missed because of meetings, and a chol hamoed trip can be postponed or cancelled because the driver has to do an out of town transport, don’t knock Hatzalah. Members are selfless and give of themselves and their families all the time. The community only sees the ‘hockers’ in their ‘glory’, there is plenty of behind the scenes donation of time, money and resources by dedicated members. If new members are not elected, it may be because they do not posess the selfless dedication required of members and their families.

  37. Let’s just get one thing straight. Lakewood ems was called and they didn’t get there first. It was a CHESTNUT HATZOLAH member who got there first

  38. There are a lot of people that actualy lived in lakewood more than 10 years ago! And you know what?! It makes me nuts to have people come here and within a year or 2 they start to bash every orginization from schools to hatzolah. These people set up the town so you can come here and get your house at a third of the price of flatbush. I’m not one of those that care if you keep the standards I have been used to seeing here for 35 years I can ignore it to an extent. But to hear you criticize our hailige mosdos I can’t deal with that! And it makes me want to scream!!! Like a poster said before if you don’t know what the area code was in lakewood was when the moisid was founded theb you have no right to talk about it!! So please respect our mosdos that have been here all the years even if they do some things that you are not used to and we will respect your lifestyle even if its not what we are used to!

  39. Here’s a question….what happens if Hatzalah did put 2 more members on in the Chestnut area? Are those members obligated to stay at home at all times? What if they needed to go shopping while that Melave Malka is going on? Remember that living in a further out remote location will always remain what it is. A remote location.
    Next, anyone who actually knows and is not just hocking, knows that Hatzalah has recently been consistantly taking on more members. Believe me, they understand more than any of us here that the town is growing quickly. They notice that they are leaving their meals, work and time with their families much more often. Here’s the catch that most people should be able to figure out. Being a Hatzalah member is a multi faceted skill. Aside from having basic life saving skills, they need to have the middos, maturity and privacy skills that you would want anyone showing up at YOUR house to EXCEL in. It should be obvious to almost everyone that the way most of the Hatzalah wannabees are mouthing off here and blogging, that they are just the ones you DO NOT want on Hatzalah. Just this Friday night I was standing with a bunch of residents admiring the response time, efficiency, skill and mentschlichkeit of the members who all abandoned their families to respond. Yes, there is a certain TYPE of person that should be doing this. So Hatzalah, keep doing your amazing work, and yes, let’s try to continue adding some members. But please keep taking the RIGHT people!

  40. Would it really hurt to add alot more members? just curious. Assuming that the new candidates are mature, respectful, and conscious of people’s privacy, why would there be any hesitation? Is there a shortage of people in lakewood that fit the criterium?
    Also, it’s such a waste when people call hatzalah when they sprain an arm etc. Get in your car and drive to a dr. Money does not grow on trees and it cost valuable tzibbur money to respond to petty calls. Please reserve the resources for the genuine calls. (Yes, if you have heart attack symptoms, feel free to call for help). Hatzalah is not a car service.

  41. It seems that there are many people out there that are not pleased with either the service that they are getting, or they feel that there are not enough Hatzolah members living in their neighborhood.
    It also seems that there are many people that are pleased with the service that they are provided.
    I don’t believe that everyone here has to agree, but we all agree that there has to be adequate coverage for the community at large. Which brings to ask, what is adequate coverage? If a child breaks his arm, is there a necessity to have an EMS responder on location in 3 minutes? 4 minutes? 5 minutes? Or maybe if someone is there in 10 or 15 minutes that is really adequate. I can tell you that, you and I would want someone there as soon as possible.
    I can tell you that if I would call, I would not take into consideration what time of day it is, What day of the week it is, What the outside weather is, or even what the road conditions are! I need someone, and I need them here now!
    If I were to call for the very bad cut that is spilling blood all over, I wouldn’t ask those questions. If I would have abdominal pain, I wouldn’t ask those questions.
    I am also very confident, for I have on occasion witnessed first hand, that Hatzolah members do not ask any of those questions either. I have unfortunately been witness to amazing responses by this organization. Its members are selfless.
    After reading numerous posts (doesn’t say much for me) on this topic, I have done some research. According to the American Heart Association, Advanced Life Support should be able to be on a scene within 8 minutes. 8 Minutes!! That is not for a broken arm, that is not for a bad cut, that is not even for most motor vehicle accidents. That is for the type of call that requires paramedics to initiate IV’s, administer medications, perhaps sedate and intubate a patient.
    For you to expect to have someone at your front door in 90 to 180 seconds is utterly ridiculous. And for those of you who were complaining about giving $104 a year and not getting proper representation, you should all be ashamed of yourselves.
    I would love to know, how many of you have actually picked up a phone, and called one of the people who run the day to day operations of Hatzolah, and discussed it. Do it! Call! But remember, that person is giving you of his own personal time. Time that he could either being spending with his family, or perhaps time he could be catching up on his work, or perhaps trying to catch up with his chavrusa and enjoying the sweetness of Torah. Or maybe, just maybe, he could be saving someone’s life.

  42. Ytggytybfgytghjggfyjghfhhjcvdfyhjgfddyjhgfsjkjhgffgkjhgfertjkkjhghkjhgfjkjhgfjkjhgffhjhgfjkkjhgfjhgffhgfcjhgfjhgfhgfjjvcdhjkkjhgckgfjhgfkjhbvcjjhghgfhg if you know what that means then maybe you could fill us in on all these comments since only about five make any sense

  43. I may need Hatzolah after i faint from the TERRIBLE spelling that I can’t believe my eyes I’m reading!!!! Besides supporting Hatzolah, which is of course a noble act and incumbent upon all Lakewood residents, we should support a new ESL program for most of the people who post on TLS!!!

  44. i would to thank Hatzolah and Lakewood EMS..our town needs both services….its great that the EMS dept. was there to assist hatzolah for a member of our community.for some reason our new mayor feels we should privatize them..i would love to see the compasion this private would have. hatzolah and lakewood ems have been training together for years and work well together…i think mayor should re-evaluate the rest of the departments in town before he brings in people we dont know.Lakewood EMS aint like us but they understand us and respect us….Hey Mayor please open your eyes and keep our town together. I proudly support Lakewood EMS and Hatzolah..thank you to both services, you are our lifeline….

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