Elderly grandfather cries while watching now-viral TLS video of Rabbi Michoel Sorotzkin

Feedback from the video posted last week on TLS of Rabbi Michoel Sorotzkin is still pouring in – from around the globe.

Rabbi Sorotzkin served as the guest speaker at the Tashbar dinner, and when his speech was posted online, it went global.

One of the viewers submitted the following in response to the video:

My grandfather, who was born in Yerushalayim, is in his late 90’s. I went to visit him today and played him this fantastic video. As he listened carefully, he suddenly burst out crying. I stopped the clip, but he insisted: “No, continue, let me hear until the end.”

“Let me explain, I was young bochur in Summer 1942 in Yerushalayim. Hitler invaded Egypt via General Rommel and was prepaing his ‘journey’ towards Eretz Yisroel. Yidden in Yerushalayim understood the horrific consequences and the gedolim called upon the entire Yishuv Hayoshon to have a fast day יום תפילה ותענית.

The entire tzibbur gathered in Meah Sheorim and the only speaker was Reb Zalmen Sorotzkin Zt”l – who was the biggest darshon klal Yisroel had in the past century. He put on his talis, opened the Aron Koidesh, picked up his hand to the skies and started crying loudly in his most powerful voice:

“Eibershter, you wrote in the Torah, ‘ואף גם זאת בהיותם בארץ אויביהם לא מאסתים ולא געלתים לכלותם’ Hitler is at our doorstep, ISN’T THIS מאסתים? ???ISN’T THIS געלתים ????!!! The entire crowd was moaning in a loud cry. The miracle happened and Rommel got instructions to move his forces to Russia, where the Nazis lost the war….I shall never forget the scene. I’ll take it with me to the grave.

Today 76 years later, I hear Reb Zalmen’s grandson speaking with so much passion and emotion about הצלת נפשות, it all came back to me.

Do you understand why I cry?”

I was touched so deeply. I thought I should share.

(Original video below.)

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  1. This zaidy story made me cry.
    Its the second time I cried. The first time was when I listened to this eloquent speech.
    Thanks TLC for posting such quality material.

  2. Though its ‘viral’ and the source is Lakewood, unlike measles, no one is immuned.
    We all ‘caught’ the virus. It’s a real winner.
    Thanks Tashbar for spreading this unique ‘epidemic’ .
    Hope all the insured patients are paying for service rendered.
    Be matzliach in your campaign.

  3. It was the talk of town this Shabbes in our shul: someone said its the best speech they ever heard. This speaker is unreal. Reb Steinmann was a giant. In my opinion, it shows more his wisdom and ability to size up the situation than his tzidkus.

    Shared the clip with my modern Orthodox family and so far I got 2 replies: ‘wow’, and ‘this speaker is a super star’.

    Stories of this.nature show our unique behavior. We could accomplish much more.going this route than by being isolated and over protective.
    Rav Sorotzkin, you are my favourite.

  4. Wish there was a video of Reb Zalman’s speech…..
    If his grandson is such a fantastic speaker and a great orator, I could only imagine what he was like…
    Both items are fabulous.

  5. To read.
    To cry.
    To be proud of our gedolim.

    Rav Sorotzkin- you zaidy is very proud of your ability to bring out the essence of gadlus and to touch everyone’s heart.

  6. This wonderful drosho belongs to The Hall of Fame of public droshos ever said in clal yisroel. The elderly grandfather story is another beautiful dimension to top it up

  7. Did Reb Zalmen Sorozkin z’l ever imagine that his speech said 1942 in the shtibel in meah sheorim will become viral 3/4 of a century later all over the globe?
    I think by now almost every frum family in the world with computer/smart phone access has a member who heard his powerful words.

    Apperntly his grandson has the genetic skills to penetrate the hearts and souls of everyone.

    What a lesson to be learnt. The echo of a powerful speech could travel the world decades later.

  8. How is Reb Michoel a grandson of The Lutzker Rov Rav Zalman zt”l? Who was his father? Reb Boruch? don’t think so
    From all of his known grandchildren, he certainly is the most dynamic and powerful speaker with the best droshos and shiurim which are outstanding. He just became a rising star the last couple of years. Anyone knows where he says shiurim? Eretz Yisroel? I’m a big fan, following him on line. Saw him saying a bunch of shiurim in England, and The US- as well as in Eretz Yisroel. Can anyone help?

  9. Beautiful and inspiring. One note, Hgaon Reb Yitzchok Hutner ztkl used to say that Rabbeim must plant not build. Buildings are static, once designed they remain in that design, once erected they are complete. While a plant needs constant individualistic care. From seeding, germination, watering, exposure to the sun, trimming etc…. One plants Torah !

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