Yehudah Meth Of Oorah: Labor Advocate Picks Wrong Target, Oorah Was Snowed By Contractor

oorah protest tlsFollowing a number of reports stemming from last week’s protest, Oorah’s spokesman Yehudah Meth submitted the following statement to TLS: “The Asbury Park Press continues to misreport, via nuance, Oorah’s current predicament vis-à-vis the laborers who worked at its camp. The day laborers, who were employed by Fairmont LLC in Brooklyn, NY, said they did not receive their final payments and because they were unable to take the matter up with Fairmont, who seems to have disappeared, they have targeted Oorah”.

“Oorah supplied invoices exactly as they were received from Fairmont LLC to both the Department of Labor and the Asbury Park Press. Oorah also supplied copies of checks written to and cashed by Fairmont LLC”.

“Fairmont’s invoices to Oorah often detailed how many workers they had put on a job and at what rate/hour. These invoices make it clear that these men were Fairmont employees and that Oorah was doing business with Fairmont”.

·         All payments to the 19 employees were made to Fairmont.
·         All work that they performed was under the name Fairmont.
·         All Fairmont employees were supervised by a member of their team named Saoul.
·         Oorah was invoiced by Fairmont, not by individuals.
·         Oorah continues to attempt to contact Fairmont but receives no response.
·         Fairmont has not responded to inquiries from the Asbury Park Press

“The Department of Labor is required to investigate all complaints and that is why they’ve said there’s an open investigation, but the fact that these men operated under a company name and invoiced Oorah under a company name means that they were neither Oorah’s employees nor even Oorah’s individual contractors.”

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  1. Mr. Meth is probably right and knowing who Oorah is and their reputation, I doubt that they are in the wrong. Oorah is run by Rabbi Eliyohu Mintz who is a son of the Tzaddik, Reb Chaim Mintz Shlita. Reb Chaim is involved in the organization on a personal level and would never allow any chillul hashem to come out of it. The fact that they have been accused of wrongdoing so many times and every time these accusations have been proven to be wrong is a proof that people are just jealous of the hatzlocha of the organization. As a person who is privy to the inner going-ons of Oorah I can attest that everything is done l’shem shomayim and if so, no chillul hashem can come out of this.

  2. #2 – As a person privy to the inner goings-on of Oorah, then perhaps you can explain a circumstance which seems so out-of-place. At first blush, it would appear normal for a New Jersey outfit like Oorah to look to a New York contractor like Fairmont to engage labor to be utilized at a New York site – Oorah’s camp. So how on earth does a New York contractor just happen to engage workers from Lakewood NJ, where Oorah happens to be, to perform the work for Oorah in upstate NY? Are we to believe that Oorah had nothing to do with the recruitment of these laborers? The geography of the situation raises a strong suspicion that Oorah was utilizing Fairmont as some middleman to create a technical paperwork separation of benefit from obligation on which it is now relying, which might be figuratively called “payroll laundering”.

  3. Yo Jeff!
    These “protesters” were hired to protest. I would be very interested to know if any of those protesters were ever on Oorahs campgrounds.

  4. Ok I posted known facts of some of the devious dealings of this organization and as I thought it would be removed , you only want things posted that are not negative in referance to OORAH , well in my eyes that just shows who is being Biased here ,what was stated was not my take on what is behind the scenes ,but factual information that other states had taken action for devious dealings that they have engaged in . I guess an open forum of factual information is not acceptable here . So much for honesty and open reporting of the facts
    Sites that engage in controlling information such as was done here are no better than what takes place in counties like China where only one side of the story is covered . I must say that I am appalled that who ever controlls this web site would engage in such tactics

  5. i think the only protester from the picture i recognize being in NY is the guy in the blue uniform uhm maybe his initials is R H.
    keep up da good ole work foor foor 🙂

  6. to Jeff at OLV says:
    I hope that the NY dept of labor does its job and gets to the bottom of this if in fact it was strickly a paper shuffle ,then OORAH has to take resposibility for the lost wages

  7. When you look at a cup as half empty rather than half full it is pretty depressing to go through life. It does not hurt to be a little more positive especially in a public forum- people will eventually skip your comments if they know what side you always take.

  8. Regarding the mention by #4 & #11 that I posted my comment (#3) yesterday, a holy day to many, please do not take it as an act of going out of my way to post at a time where others would not. I tend to post a comment at the time I read something, that’s all.

    The proprietor of this site keeps it up and running 24/7, displaying ads 24/7, making news available 24/7, and provisionally accepting comments 24/7. That is the proprietor’s choice. The proprietor has set 7 rules regarding the posting of comments, and they contain no prohibition of posting on holy days. The proprietor of the site can make and enforce a prohibition of posting on holy days if he/she sees fit. As it stands, I assume that this site is meant to interact with a broad base of people. I would also add that by interacting with non-Jewish people in Lakewood, the site has promoted considerable understanding of the Jewish community among many non-Jews, and in a very positive light.

  9. Don’t Worry! Everyone knows Oorah’s the best. Bad publicity is very helpful! Get all your charchters and let ’em weigh in with live reports. Maybe this might even bring in a new Fivish character josé. Publicity is Publicity, it gets people talking and that’s a good thing . people have never heard of my organization . Hatzlocha (IDT friends)

  10. to to my voice says:
    November 27, 2010 at 11:36 pm
    When you look at a cup as half empty rather than half full it is pretty depressing to go through life. It does not hurt to be a little more positive especially in a public forum- people will eventually skip your comments if they know what side you always take.

    Its not about being negative its about being HONEST!!!
    If you knew me personally you would never make that statement, it seems as though you have to attack me personally because I just want the truth to be told ~ Shame on you!!

  11. I used to work for Oorah. I can tell you that every worker at Oorah, jewish or non-Jewish is treated very well, always paid on time. I only remember one time when Oorah couldn’t make payroll, and they apologized for it, and if I remember correctly thet ended up making the payroll. The non_jews who work for Oorah are very very satisfied, you can even ask them.

    Oorah gets alot of flak for being very successful at what they do.

    And never believe what you read in the Asbury Park Press. They (moderated).

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