Wondering Where Lake Carasaljo Disappeared To?

lake carasaljo drainedPHOTOS: If you’ve passed by Lake Carasaljo within the last few days, you will have noticed most of the Lake has ‘disappeared’, and quite a strong – not so pleasant – odor coming from it. That’s because it’s the time of year when the lake is manually drained prior to winter, in order to naturally kill the weeds and fungus growing in the lake, without using chemicals.

The procedure – done by the Department of Public Works – is done by opening the flood gates, allowing the water run downstream until the desired water level is reached.

In fact, this year, the Township – who must obtain yearly permits for the procedure – emptied the water a bit too much, and will be putting some of it back.

The water will be fully restored after the under-growths die down and the debris is cleaned up, which will be sometime in January, DPW Director Al Burdge tells TLS.

So until then, don’t expect the odor or the sight to be too welcoming.

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  1. #1 tell me you are kidding. First an foremost it helps to have a good water supply for the fire dept if something should go wrong with the fire hydrants. The fire dept. can draft water from the lake to use on the fire. Many years ago there was a fire at the Laural in the Pines Hotel they drafted from the lake and used so much water it drained the lake several inches. (you may be to young or new to the town to know such history.) It also supplys other towns with water through the streams. But lets say we do drain the lake and built homes on it in a few years. Several years down the road the homes will start sinking and everyone that bought one will go running to their lawyer because the town let them build on an old lake.

  2. I heard they are going start scrutinizing anymore building because of the traffic and the high volume of accidents….maybe all this building will be coming to an end soon.

  3. To all those that want to be done with the lake have to realize that the town is called Lakewood after the lake, and thus the Lakewood Yeshiva, the Lakewood Roshei Yeshiva. If we are going to be getting rid of the lake than we are going to have to change the name of the town and then the yeshiva, and all that follows. And so for that reason I think we are best off leaving the lake where it is, and the smell, nu nu…………

  4. I hope #1 is joking!! The lake is one of the last beautiful things left in this crazy town. I have lived here over 25 years and it is not the same Lakewood I remember. They are building houses where ever they seem to find a spot to squeeze one in. They aren’t even pretty houses. They are cookie cutter brick boxes..that end up with toys littering the front yard..and smashed up bumper cars parked crookedly in the street. Stop building already!

  5. Why don’t they do this when it rains so much that the lake overflows?

    And it would also make more sense to do it later in the season when it gets colder. Now that poor tree that the firemen put up doesn’t look so nice just bobbling what used to be water.

  6. #13 if you build less the taxes will go down….compare the tax rate to 10 years ago before the building boom. look at other small towns that don’t over build the rates stay down.

  7. To #15..Obviously if you build less the taxes will go down. Re-read my post. I never stated otherwise. In fact I said don’t build anymore..this town is not nearly as nice as it was many years ago. To #16 @ 8:53 you’re comical. That was a very intelligent comment you had for me..lol.

  8. I have news for those advocating removing the lake ,can’t be done for legal reasons which are many and shouldn’t even if legally it could . Who in their right mind want to destroy something that only GOD could create for ust to appreciate ,one of the very few things left in this community that is natural and part of natures beauty. for those who don’t have an appreciation of nature ,move back to the “city”. I myself moved from a city environment to this town years ago for that very reason to get away from that lifestyle.

  9. There are no plans to get rid of the lake. It was the ridiculous suggestion made by someone commenting on this article. I wish they waited until after the holidays to drain it though. It looks so pretty at Christmas time with the tree displayed.

  10. to all: the lake is man made this is the history of the lake


    and the story of rt9 being expanded has been in the works for the last 40 years. it cannot be done because the state cannot afford to buy the right of way land on each side needed to expand. so the temp fixes are to make left turn lanes where there is room. there was a large out cry from the Orthodox community because expanding rt9 would mean putting up a divider down Madison ave.

  11. If we get rid of the lake and the trees are sadly getting knocked down, do we call this town lakewood? I think we are going to have to name it to traffic mess.

  12. Back before the days of Bricksburg in late 1700’s and early 1800’s there was in fact a small lake located on the same site as the current Lake. When the furnace and mill were located on the current day site of the Jersey Central property they needed more water power to operated the equipment. The east bank of the lake ( what is now River Ave ) was built up and raised approximately 10-12 feet to increase the water head pressure needed to operate the foundry. The size of the lake was increased and the trees inside its new boundaries were removed The water after its use was then discharged along a canal that discharge back into stream just north of the intersection of South Clifton Ave and Hurley Ave along side the Verizon property.

  13. that brings back memorys. 40 years ago, my parents would take me skating on the duck pond. well, not great memorys, i spent most of time on falling on my backside.

    I recently bought glass slides from the 1800’s of the Lake on ebay.

  14. With all this ricidulous amount of building, the name of the town is going to have to be changed! It’s Lakewood because of all the lakes and woods. Now, there are limited woods/trees, and comments asking to remove the lake. I hope some of these comments are sarcastic.

  15. the 3 girls did not drown in this lake. next you will tell me the loch ness monster ate them. the lake is the lake, and you all should keep your grubby hands off it. anyway now it is wetlands so as long as Al Gore is alive, it will never be built on. whew…

  16. Lake Carasaljo is named after the three daughters of the owner of the Bergen Iron Works, Joseph Woolston Brick, for whom Brick Township, New Jersey is named. His daughters were named Caroline(nicknamed ‘Carrie’), Sarah (‘Sally’) and Josephine (‘Jo’). Brick’s wife Manetta lent her name to its sister lake.
    Local legend is that the three girls drowned in the lake, which was subsequently named after them. Historical documents show the three girls were alive when the lake was named.

  17. I can tell you this, if the lake was to be replaced with more buildings than my family would never come back here. its the one thing that hasnt changed in the last 16 years that i know of. Its beautiful, fun, and a terrific spot for nature lovers. Did i mention the fire works and boats you can rent? everyone loves those too.

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