Will Jackson Zoning Board Chairwoman Lynne Bradley Condemn Her Husband’s Hateful Rhetoric?

While a number of hateful comments were made at the podium during the five-hour Jackson Township council meeting earlier this week, perhaps none were as despicable as the comment made by Thomas Bradley.

Bradley, who is married to Zoning Board Chairwoman Lynne Bradley, made the shocking claim that the ordinances being voted on during the meeting would lead to “cultural genocide.”

“With this ordinance, we’re opening the door for future exploitation of the resources of the town of Jackson,” Bradley, who also teaches at Jackson Liberty High School, said during the public comment period. “You’re opening the door for the cultural genocide that has taken place in Lakewood to come here to Jackson. We have to take a serious look at what these ordinances would do to the town.”

The silence from the chairwoman also calls into question some of the recent application which were denied by her board, as whether she has been serving impartially, or does she share the same views as her husband?

A wide range of Jewish groups have released statements condemning some of the comments made during the meeting.


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  1. Lets forget “Hateful Rhetoric” for a second and talk about “Sheer Idiocy”.

    I have a simple question for Mr. Bradley and Co.:

    Do you consider every time there is a change of demographics in a neighborhood somewhere across America “Cultural Genocide”? Or only when “the Jews” move in?

  2. Continue to minimize what true hate and antisemitism really are. How you can compare concerned citizen’s freedom of speech to any true antisemitism is disgusting. The constitution works both ways. When will your communities learn to be kind and accepting and stop with the constant threats and suing?? Shame on you. Stop trying to occupy and learn how to assimilate.

  3. Bradley: “Condeming my Husband’s Rhetoric Would Lead to Marital Genocide, Namely The Destruction of my own Marriage!”
    Jackson Zoning Board Chairwoman, Lynne Bradley, refused to condemn her husband’s recent hate-filled remarks because she claimed it would lead to “marital genocide”, namely the destruction of her own marriage.
    Bradley’s husband, Thomas, recently stated at a township meeting that certain ordinances being voted on at the meeting would lead to “cultural genocide”.
    When asked on Sunday whether she would condemn her husband’s remarks, Lynne Bradley told reporters: “Condemning my husband’s rhetoric is akin to me tossing an atom bomb on my marriage. My marriage wouldn’t stand a chance; it would be totally decimated in an instant. And I’m not about to commit marital genocide on my own marriage anytime soon.”

  4. To Jennifer: What would you and all the newspapers be saying if the following words would have been spoken in response to a group of black individuals moving into town: “by allowing this you are opening the door to cultural genocide. Black people do not assimilate well into our community.” Would any newspaper in America not condemn that speech? Would Jennifer still be telling the blacks who would understandably be upset: “Shame on you. Stop trying to occupy, and please be more tolerant of anti-black free speech”?

    • The thing is black Americans do assimilate. They attend the same schools, allow their children to play with the kids in the neighborhood and attend community events/ sports. Only certain groups want to maintain the illusion of separation. All while living in a community. Knowing our country is big and vast. Allowing for full separation if that is what you truly seek. However it will cost u.. hence it is easier to buy up real estate in neighboring communities and yell discrimination when the community asking u to live with them instead of being separate.. it’s a joke.

      • Nobody needs to or “should” assimilate. You cannot hold it against people if they choose to send to different schools or attend other types of events or only befriend their own. You can certainly say you don’t like us for it, but you cannot say anyone is doing anything wrong. There IS freedom of religion in this country, which doesn’t only mean that we must attend a specific church, but also means that we can conduct our lives differently. Not assimilating fully is part of our culture and upbringing. It is the backbone of our community to remain separate. You may not like it, but you don’t have to. And you can certainly continue spewing hate speech at people you dont like

        • The backbone of our country is diversity and respecting each other. Constantly screaming discrimination and threatening to sue everyone who disagrees with us will cost us acceptance.

  5. It shocks me that a minority person from Jackson is worried about Cultural Genocide.

    About 10 years ago I attended a trade show for government Institutions. I had met a woman who’s husband was a minority and she was white. She stated how they were harrased for being a racial mixed family, even had swastika placed on her property. At the time police didn’t do a thing and washed it under the carpet according to the person I spoke to. Jackson was not welcoming to racial mixed couples. The antisemitism was and Is obviously a community culture that needed and needs to be eradicated. When goverment and people change ordinances laws to hamper others from building current sized homes or schools and express hatred for others not of the current demographics then the goverment needs to be changed.

    If an inspector spouse is calling it Genocide, then the unbiased capability and judgment of that person in goverment and its family members must be cautiously investigated to be sure they are capable of carrying out their duties and treat all fairly and equally.

  6. Jackson should ban currency and enforce barter trading only just the way it was in colonial times. In fact the entire numerical system we use today is a takeoff from the Indo-Arab 10 system and that too should be banned because it created a “scientific genocide” of the old one dozen two dozen system. And where are the horses and buggy’s? The old cabinet radios? With the turntable record players?

    Why when it comes to their own private lives they want to be cutting edge, but when it comes to public property they are looking for the rustic old wilderness? Don’t they realize that with advancement and modernization comes an extended life span, improved quality of life, and expansive commerce for all?

    Tolerance and community building=cultural enhancement, but

    when you are busy fighting others you are really just destroying your own

  7. Avraham… yes I know the meaning. Had I not questioned his/her comment about supposed comments made by Mrs Bradley, no one would have known it was “fake news”. Just adding fuel to the fire in my opinion

    • I thought the word Asinine was clear enough. If you have read any of the other comments by Asinine Commenter in the past you would know that his/her comments are exactly that.

      • Thank you. Your comments are always thoughtful and full of moral clarity. You always speak out in the name of shalom, peace and goodness, and now too, in your comments about me, you’ve shown your good-heartedness, your moral clarity, your profound mussar-filled instincts and your amazing and incredible ahavos yisroel. I appreciate your tzidkus and the tremendous fountain of mussar that flows forth from you. Thank you.
        Much appreciated.

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