Why Joe Biden Leads In The Polls | Shlomo Rudman

As a Trump supporter, taking a look at national and battleground-state polls can fill one with despondency. The Democratic candidate holds leads – at least on paper, if not in reality – that no candidate in modern history has had.

The mainstream attributes Biden’s success to two factors – the “clean” campaign Biden has run, and the “incompetence” of President Trump. But is this true? Probably not.

The fact is that the media plays a very large role in shaping people’s view of candidates. Take a look at how they successfully besmirched the Republican presidential candidates in 2008 and 2012 – John McCain and Mitt Romney. Remember Romney’s “binders full of women” non-scandal that the media clutched their pearls over for months, helping sink his candidacy? And have you noticed how now they are so willing to apologize for their behavior because Trump is “so much worse”?

Let’s face it: they aren’t regretful of anything. They only found another person to attack, and because past candidates pose no threat to their vision for America, they’re OK.

So what is really the cause for Biden’s lead? Just take a look at how the media has treated the two candidates. When it comes to President Trump, the mainstream media has no issue at all with speculating over every bit of possible negative info they get their hands on, from the Russian hoax to more sordid allegations.

But with Biden, the media acts as nothing less than a defensive ally. Take the recent New York Post story about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which show that the Bidens used their political clout in discussions with Ukrainian officials. Remember how President Trump was impeached over similar allegations? Now the media won’t even talk about the story, instead attacking anyone and everyone who mentions it or propagates the theories held by the story.

When a reporter dared to ask Biden about the story, Biden simply attacked the reporter for asking the question and didn’t even bother trying to answer. The reporter was then excoriated by other “journalists” for asking Biden the question. When President Trump attacks a reporter’s questions, mainstream journalists are quick to defend the questioner. Did they do the same with Biden? Of course not. They coddled him.

As far as Biden’s supposedly “clean” campaign, does anyone really believe that? Biden has made ridiculous gaffes almost daily for the past year. He is forgetful and clearly doesn’t have the mental alacrity that he had a few years ago. Don’t believe me on this, just go compare Biden speaking a few years to his speech today. It’s troubling. And, of course, Biden has stayed off the campaign trail a lot more than the president, basically hiding from questions about his policies and abilities while Trump answered every question posed to him. Since when is hiding from the spotlight running a clean campaign? Isn’t that just a candidate scared to be exposed? And isn’t the only reason he wasn’t exposed because the media refuses to do so?

Joe Biden could very well win this election. A repeat of 2016 wouldn’t surprise me, but I sure can’t be surprised if a repeat doesn’t happen. But I am not convinced that he will do so because he is a good candidate or the president is a bad candidate. Rather, Biden is enjoying a healthy lead because the media refuses to do its job – namely, treating the candidates with an even hand.

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  1. It’s not only media, it almost everyone in positions of power!
    Even president’s own FBI set on Hunter’s laptop all through the impeachment. Those emails on Hunter’s laptop would have exonerated the president!

    What’s going on in this election is totally unfair!

    Liberal antireligious elite owns the media, owns big tech, owns big pharma, and is the overwhelming majority in the deep state bureaucracy on every level.

    Hashem please save us!

  2. Please fill out your ballots and drop them off in a designated box (225 4th Street etc.) ASAP!! and vote REPUBLICAN!!!

    Do you want more of politicians of the same breed as CUOMO and DeBLASIO????? Look just beyond the surface and you will see that most Democrat politicians are nasty, cruel, anti-religion, immoral, anti-Semitic, self serving hypocritical socialists.


    • @ Joe Tucker-Couldn’t have said it any better. Trump has been a disaster and I don’t understand how people in this down worship him. He has been nothing more than an epic failure. November 3 couldn’t come soon enough.

      • MS & joe tucker= listen closely you blind fools! red tsunami coming!! consider yourselves warned!! the filthy lying libtard demonrats and mainstream media are in for the shock of their miserable lives!!

        • @ rojer-Keep drinking the Trump KoolAid.Red Tsunami? More like a Blue Tsunami like you’ve never seen. Have you considered moving out to the Northeast if you hate Blue so much? Oh wait, you love all the entitlements that come with living in NJ. How else can you afford your luxurious lifestyles without anything more than a HS Diploma and 6 kids.

  3. MS & joe tucker= listen closely you blind fools! red tsunami coming!! consider yourselves warned!! the filthy lying libtard demonrats and mainstream media are in for the shock of their miserable lives!!

    • Roger, you don’t have to suffer like that. Help is available. The demons you are fighting can be successfully tamed with the right medication.

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