Who is at Fault? [Dashcam Video]

The accident occurred at the intersection of Prospect Street and Massachusetts Avenue.

Video provided by Heshy’s Towing.

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    • You are correct, but although it seems like the driver was driving on the shoulder, he is actually driving on the correct lane. The other vehicles are in a left turn only lane. Its the new set up on prospect.

  1. I really hope this is a joke, because if not, you need to read the driving rules book again.
    The pickup ran a stop sign, and hit a car going through a “caution” light at regular speed.
    This what we call “100% pickup at fault”.

  2. Please look at the video the left lane is for left turn only and the right lane is to go straight. Please notice there is a white line on both side of your so call shoulder . Which means it’s a lane

  3. To ploni almoni
    It’s erected rh why are accusing someone of doing something wrong the lady in the car wasn’t driving on the shoulder!!! Look at the video again

  4. Ploni Almoni.
    Learn to drive, then speak. It is clearly not a shoulder. There is a sign that says straight or right turn. The pickup had a stop sign. The pickup should have proceeded with extreme caution and should have gone much much slower.

  5. Your both wrong! It’s the Townships fault for having an intersection that has been a nightmare for anyone trying cross it for years. With the same excuse ” It’s County road nothing for us to do about it”

  6. Of course it’s the pick up trucks fault but let’s learn from here to drive safer and to be more careful when we drive! Like no more holding your phone while driving!!!! And anyways for all you who are holding your phone why don’t you connect it to Bluetooth???!!!

  7. Before entering any intersection you should always look to the sides. The driver had enough time to avoid the truck if she would’ve just glanced to the side instead of speeding through the intersection without being aware of anyone else on the road. A person can have the right of way and be right but it’s not worth it to be dead right. Always look both ways before entering an intersection and be cautious of dangerous drivers who don’t listen to the rules.

  8. Townships fault also they need to get a working light before putting up left and right turning lanes..too many accidents fix the light properly.

  9. Township’s fault?
    Except that both Prospect and New Hampshire are County Roads. But let’s blame the township cuz it’s easier than blaming the County.

    • The township is the one who changed the zoning that caused this mess. Can’t blame that on the County. Township should have doe their due diligence on traffic impact before all the zoning changes and variances

  10. If they made the extra lane they should’ve made a working light because now the people that try’s to make a left always get cut off by the people at the stop sign and the guy maybe didn’t notice the change or not from the area.

  11. There should be a regular traffic light at that intersection. With all that traffic, no one would ever be able to proceed at the red blinking light. Maybe a 4 way stop sign would work better than having a blinking red on one side and a yellow on the other. However there are times of day when there is much less traffic so if they would put a regular traffic light, it should have a sensor and revert to blinking when there is less traffic so as not to inconvenience drivers to have to wait unnecessarily at a red light.

  12. Maybe after multiple accidents like this one the county will install a much-needed traffic light. Prospect and Mass has been waiting for one for as long as I can remember,

  13. According to the video the black sedan was in its lane traveling straight ahead, the intersection was controlled by a flashing traffic signal. The black sedan had the flashing amber light. The amber flashing light, according to NJ motor vehicle law, indicates danger and requires drivers to proceed only with caution.
    The white pickup would have had a red flashing light for his/her direction of travel. According to NJ motor vehicle law a red flashing signal requires the white pickup driver to come to a full and complete stop before entering or crossing the intersection, it also requires the driver of the white pickup to only proceed after yielding the right of way to ALL traffic on the opposing street.
    NJ motor vehicle law is covered under Title 39, and the Title 39 statue covering this violation is 39:4-119. The white pickup is clearly legally at fault.
    The amber flashing light only requires a driver to proceed with caution and this video shows the black sedan just traveling thru as if they owned the intersection. In my opinion, if the black sedan driver saw the vehicles waiting to turn left along with the flashing amber light , and simply slowed down a little and proceeded with just a slight amount of caution a crash could have been avoid. Regardless of who is at fault in any crash, a vehicle crash is a big headache and if a driver can do something simple to avoid one even better.

  14. neither one would be “at fault” based on this video. The truck did stop and check and didnt yield, but the car was also supposed to check the intersection and it diidnt even slow down to check.

    Do I win a prize?

  15. Who’s at fault one might wonder?
    1)A driver not knowing the difference between a stop sign and a yield sign.
    2)A driver that can’t differentiate a shoulder from a regular travel lane.
    3)A driver that can’t differentiate between flashing yellow lights and flashing red lights at an intersection or on a school bus.

  16. The pick up trucks flashing light was a red flashing. light that means that the pick up truck had a stop sign so the car on prospect is ininnocent becaus he/she had a orange flashing light

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