Welcome Back! First Official Day Of The New Z’man

VIDEO of BMG’s first official day of the new Elul Z’man. The official ‘Tumult’ day is expected to take place on Sunday.

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  1. does this mean more or less blogs????

    any good subject to talk about now that everyone is back.

    Tzinius, High School ( I hear there are still 40+ girls who still don't have a high school to go to), driving, bus drivers ( saw a female negba driver with no sleeves today), just a few that we can talk about.

  2. So this is what we are giving our tax dollars for? A bunch of guys doing speed dating?just sit down and learn for us,so we can surf the internet in peace knowing that someone is learning for us. That is what we are paying for. I wonder if all the goyim that pay property taxes have a zchus in your learning too? Lern flossik

  3. There are forty girls not in high school? And tls is showing this? Is that true ? Please verify. If true I hope tls will place a story on it

  4. Yes it is true.

    I should know my daughter is one of them.

    I hope all the ASKANIM who own or run lakewood high schools daven realy hard this elul zman because I am not going to forgive them for what they are putting my daughter through. Maybe Hashem will but I can't.

  5. My daughter is also not officialy in high school. And for no reason. Not tznius. Money politics. Learning issues. Just no room and or not a sibling. But I can't wait. When school starts I am calling anonymously as a goy to the truant officer to tell him the jew down the block told me his daughter is not going to school. I want to go to court. It will be in all the papers and hopefully it will put a stop to all this stupidity. I will then be forced to enroll her in public school. Maybe others will follow me. We can kill two birds with one stone. It will scare the hell out of the school board if jews start slowly trickling in to enroll. Then we will demand frum teachers separate classes etc. It has been done before. Let's go for it

  6. My mother is a chashove rebbetzin and she went to public school. She says it helped her be able to relate to all kinds of people and appreciate her yiddishkeit so much more. You can always hire a teacher after school for halacha and yedios and chumash. You will get the best of both worlds and chances are your daughtert won't pick up any worse habits than she would in a lakewood girls school from what I have seen happening on saturday nights in front of j2

  7. Build more townhouses guys. In two years there will not be room for over 150 girls. This year is nothing compared to what is coming. The schools are going to implode ,as they charge too little tuition to sustain themselves. Due to the fact that we live in a low income town with high income standards.people pay half the tuition here than in other towns yet drive new acuras and lexuses. Just bury your head in the sand. But when you take it out. Don't be shocked to see a bloodbath.

  8. All parents were told at a meeting by the Mashgiach that they need to apply to at least 3 schools . Most of those that dont have a school are those that decided for one reason or another ,to only apply to one school .With another hundred additional kids going into high school every year , everybody with half a brain knows that the older schools will be full and you have to apply to a newer school . Be thankful that there are newer schools opening up . It is a pretty big chutzpah for people to self inflict this on their daughters by only applyinf to the oldest schools and then crying when those schools obviously have no room .If you want to go to older established schools ,move out of Lakewood . In lakewood ,with the yearly growth ,be thankful that there always new schools out there for you . I am sick an tired of hearing about these numbers of girls without schools ,when everybody knows that these kids could have gotten in to some newer school ,had their parents not been so stubborn . Imagine if every parent only applied to Yeshiva Ketana or Talmud Torah and when they get rejected ,they go around saying that the administrators are Reshoim because their kids are out of school .Of course had they applied to the Cheder or some of the newer Chadorim they would have gotten in and everybody knows that . For some reason ,wirg High school girls ,many people try to play that game and then scream and cry .

  9. I just spoke to somebody in the know about high schools . Why should schools that have class sizes in the 30's have to take even more ,when there are schools with class sizes in the 20's who are willing to take some more ?

    Dont let these parents fardrie a Kup ? Let them be responsible and go where there is place . If they dont like the schools that have place ,then they are free to make their own schools or send them out of town .

  10. The High school tuitions in Lakewood are crazy low . There is no way that the schools will be able to survive long term ,paying their teachers almost double elementary school standards and charging tuitions just a little more than elementary schools . Out of town High schools charge about 3 times as much

  11. The problem is that Lakewood has too many well meaning so called "askanim " . In NY nobody helps you so people are realistic and apply to schools that they know have room and are appropriate for them . In lakewood ,parents are unrealistic and akshonim ,becuse they know that when their kids dont get into the school that they applied to ,all the "askanim " will try to help them by calling every choshuveh person in the world to pressure the mosdos to take them . Belive me ,if all these parents were left on their own ,the 90% of these kids would eventually apply to the schools that have room ,like in NY . Of course there are always going to be a handful of problem cases that nobody really wants ( not unexpected in a town of ten thousand students ) and by and large those problemd get resolved before school starts . But these cases are a small fraction of the total numbers which are just parents being stubborn .

  12. All of you that think the small new schools are innocent are very wrong.they are being picky of who they choose and are at fault for causing the girls not getting in. They think that by rejecting people that will giv them. A good reputation as exclusive. The parents fall for all this garbage and follow suit. Our schools act like goyishe prep schools and we fall into the trap. The whole system is broken. Any girl that is not in school call oros or bnos bais yaakov. Do they say they have room? No so please don't post lies and mislead people who are suffering right now. If you were a mentch you would retract what u said because it is wrong

  13. First of all dont blame the schools . They are just dancing to the tune of the parents . You know good and well that as soon as a school starts taking certain kinds of kids ,then next years enrollment drops in half . The schools dont have a problem . The parents are at fault . I know cases where the same parents who screamed Reshoim at school administrators for not taking more kids ,once they found out a certain problem kid was going to be in their childs class , went ballistic and threatened to turn over the world. You cant expect the schools to commit suicide if the attitude of the vast majority of Lakewood parents is like that

  14. I think you are misleading . I know of several parents ,who admitted that O… or B would have taken them had they applied .But they only wanted the older schools . Now they are crying to get into the ones they didnt apply to but of course its too late . The schools have deadlines and if you play poker with your kids future ,then sometimes you lose .

  15. To anon 4:29pm

    I think you are missing the point . The poster did not say that there are not always a few unwanted kids out of thousands . You might be one of those and everybody agrees it hurts .

    The point the poster was making ,was that when people throw around number like 40 kids out of school , the MAJORITY of those might be in school ,if they would be more tolerant of where they want to send their kids . If you are one of the small number that appluied to all the schools and still got rejected ,then of course everybody feels for you . But that is not the cae with most of the 40 number .

  16. To Anon 3:51 & 3:56

    I was at the Asifa that motzei Shabbos when the VAAD & Mashgiach Guaranteed that no girl would be left out of school if they applied to 3 HS. Atleast 1 had to be from the newer schools.

    1. My daughter did apply to 3 (yes three) HS.
    2. We had to pay 3 application FEES (Don't worry the checks were cashed).
    3. my daughter had to take 3 exams.

    I did everything that this so called VAAD & with all do respect the mashgiach told us to do, and still my daughter has not as of yet received an acceptance letter.

    All I get when I call the VAAD is

    Your going to say well maybe she doesn't dress tznias and so on. I would put my daughter up against MOST of the so called FRUM girls here in lakewood and she would wipe the floor with them in tznias, midos, helping others….

    So anon 3:51 & 3:56 before you say or type anything GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

    The only thing I could say is I hope these askanim who run these schools ask MICHILA not from me the parent but from the girls that they are hurting.


  17. The bottom line is that if every girl would have applied to every school and stated that she is willing to go to any one that accepts her ,then the problem would probable be very small . Im not saying that its realistic to have everybody apply to every school ,but just staing that if people were more tolerant about where to go ,the problem would ,for the most part ,be solved .

  18. To Anon 4:53

    How many girls hs are in Fakewood (not a typo) 6.

    So now you are saying that we have to apply to all six.

    Maybe you are rich enough to pay 6 application fee, And your daughter wants to sit through 6 entrance exams ( what are they now 3 hours long).

    Get Real.


    I did that and still nothing.

    Like they said above & I agree DAVEN HARD THIS YOM TOV and make sure you call all of these girls and ask for michila.

  19. We applied to three schools like we were told and did not hear from any we are not modern weird our daughter is not a straight a student but was well liked by all her teachers and we applied to only new schools where we felt we belonged. We pay our tuition never embezzled don't go to ac. Have a tv or dress not tznius. I wear a white shirt. Learned in kollel have a long beard and have no internet at home. But we did not butt in to the acceptance process and sat back waiting for a letter which we did not receive yet.yes many parents are self important fools that want specific choshuve schools. But many of the new schools are waiting for them to decide which school they are going to before they accept a regular nice. Tzniyus girl like my daughter because they too want specific girls that will give their school a good reputation. hatzlocha rabba you will need it

  20. If the mashgiach guaranteed you a spot then why don't you call him to claim your guarantee. I don't think anybody guaranteed anything to anybody

  21. Dear 3:51 pm:

    I applied to 3 schools as was told. 2 of them were new schools. My daughter got in to none.

    There is not enough room in the schools for all of the girls who graduated this year, and the va'ad had no right to tell the parents that there was enough room. This is a game of musical chairs, and there are not enough chairs. We are pitting 13-14 year old girls against each other for a seat in a Bais Yaakov.

    The administrators say "we have no room, you are not my responsibility", not "I can't take your daughter, I feel terrible, let's try to get her in somewhere else". They are missing the "rachmanus" gene that most of us Jews have. They run their schools like ruthless businessmen with no scruples. Only they're not such great businessmen, because they're all short on money.

    This is a supply & demand issue, which can be easily rectified. There is more demand, so make more supply! Open up a new class – and voila! – no one will be left out! It will only get worse each year, so these guys had better get their act together quickly.

    Does Hatzolah, Misaskim, Tomchei Shabos, Chai Lifeline, Mekimi, Bikur Cholim, or the Mikvah turn away any Jew? They sometimes work endless hours & spend extraordinary amounts of money where it is necessary. You will never hear them say "we have no room, we have no time for you". These are our true Askonim, many whom you've never heard of, who work for the klal "b'emunah" & will be richly rewarded.

    The elementary & high schools in this town, however, are devoted to themselves alone. They are turning away Yiddishe neshomos so that their school will seem "exclusive" – they will have the product that everyone wants. They can easily "make more room"! It is time to unmask these "Askonim" for the truly evil people that they are.

    Unfortunately, these "mechanchim" feel it is not necessary to listen to "daas Torah", and will not be swayed by any rav or Rosh Yeshiva. This creates a vaccum in leadership. Without a captain, folks, this ship is going down.

  22. We also applied to 3 schools as we were told to do. 2 of them were new schools. My daughter sat through 3 3-hour tests & 3 interviews. She is at a loss as to why she has not received a response – acceptance or rejection. The schools do not feel that the girls are human beings worth their recognition.

    There is not enough room in the high schools for all of the girls who graduated. The va'ad had absolutely no right to say that there was. The problem will get worse with each year. The schools feel no achrayus to the community, and refuse to open more classes to accomodate everyone. They would rather have people begging them for acceptance. This makes them feel exclusive & important.

    They should take heed of the Pirkei Avos which they have been teaching their students for so many years: "B'makom she'ain ish, histadel l'hiyos ish".

  23. To the teyere trusting bloggers that are defending the small schools please note.I was told by one of the new smaller schools that they would have accepted us but they were still waiting for girls that are hoping to get into bais yaakov and there are a few parents that are deciding if they want to go to that school ony if they don't accept some other girls. These people are more desired than my family?maybe if I took more of an initiative to put others down and make myself look grois and chashuv I would have gotten in. Please don't defend the new schools. They are just as bad as all the rest in that respect. May they all do teshuvah this holiday season

  24. To anon 6:16. Nobody said that out of about 500 girls or so there aren't going to be 5 or 10 who did what they were supposed to and still have problems getting in.those cases of course need to be dealt with. What the previous posters were stating is , that the Majority of those no yet enrolled , could have had a school , had they been less choosy. They were not talking about the 5 or 10 kids like you. As you yourself state , if the other parents would not sit around with Akshones , but decide to enroll where they are wanted , your daughter would probably also get accepted. Because of those other patents still sitting around , the schools with place are being more picky because they don't know who theuy will end up with. Bottom line is if all parents were more realistic , then even the kids who are really not accepted anywhere would get in.

  25. To anon 6:27
    So you admit it is the parents fault. If they would go to the new schools willingly instead of waiting around trying to get into schools that are full to the brim , then the new schools would feel comfortable to take your daughter also.

  26. To mr anon 6:21pm
    It takes a lot of money to expand and make new classes. These schools are losing money big time with low high school tuitions in lakewood. I guarantee you that if you came up with the money for the construction and extra staff , the school would expand and find place for more kids. How much have you contributed to see that every school has proper funding. You are funding the public schools with your taxes. Are you and therest of the community doing the same for OUR schools ?

  27. I agree with these parents about the horrible attitude on the part of some administratore.
    That said, there is one big question. Beeing there realy is not enough room in the existing schools, why is it more the existing schools fault then every parent in town. Actualy the adminstrators r at least providing for some girls, while the parents r just expecting others to provide for them.
    The bottom line is people have to get together & make more schools.

  28. I agree with these parents about the horrible attitude on the part of some administratore.
    That said, there is one big question. Beeing there realy is not enough room in the existing schools, why is it more the existing schools fault then every parent in town. Actualy the adminstrators r at least providing for some girls, while the parents r just expecting others to provide for them.
    The bottom line is people have to get together & make more schools.

  29. To the one complaining about he schools being bad businessmen.

    What do you expect when they can't even collect 4000 a year from the same parents who send their kids to seminary at 20k a pop and to summer camp for 3k or more. If schools got half decent tuitions , most of these problems would go away. There would be money for new classes , for tutors and social workers for special needs and weaker kids etc etc. Right now nobodi in town cares to support our own mosdos so of course the schools are not going to undertake more classes , weaker kids etc that are big money drainers on their already bankrupt budgets. Put your money where your mouth is and arrange proper funding for each school and I guarantee you that they will be much more toilerant in their acceptance policies and expansion plans.

  30. The mashgiach spoke at the asifa back in December for all parents of 8th grade girls. A va'ad member also spoke & he said "There are 450 girls graduating this year… 150 of them have no siblings who attended high school… apply to 3 schools, at least one a new school, and you will get in SOMEWHERE". If that is not a promise, then we were being deliberately mislead. I called the Mashgiach to discuss my daughter not getting accepted to any school, & was told that "he doesn't deal with the high schools anymore".
    The va'ad knew the numbers: there are not enough places in high schools.
    The va'ad knew the reality: the schools will not listen to them & take extra girls.
    The va'ad has a calendar: it's the end of August!!!

  31. I am soooo glad this is finnally out in the open. When will these administrators learn that you can't fit 450+ girls into maybe 400 slots in 6 schools. Why can't they open up another class? If every school would accept 7 more girls and split the 30+ girls already in the class into another smaller class would everyone benefit?

    Does every girl who graduated have to be a straight A student? Doesn't a not so strong, academically speaking, deserve the education as well? What will become of her? And why does she then have to kill herself to keep up with the enormous workload that these girls get in HS?

    But that's another issue…

  32. No parent wants to feel that they are being taken advantage of to fund a school for the sake of their child getting into a school. This is something a community as a whole is respnsible to do.people that have been a part of our community now for twenty years and thought they have a right to send their child to a school that they have been supporting all the years, to tell them now that they need to create a school of their own is just plain rishus. I for one have decided to give nothing to any lakewood moisad except tuition. And have heard many others who are doing the same.all schools better get a good pr firm if they need anything more than tuition.they will learn the hard way that trying to be exclusive in order to be successful was their downfall.

  33. Its so amazing. Every year the same parents who do nothing to help support the schools , complain about the "terrible Reshoim " who actually did something and opened up schools. Most of these people used their own money and spent thousands of hours to start schools that these " complainer" parents send their kids to.

  34. Dear 6 16 I was at the high school meeting and heard the head of the high school vaad promise everyone that if they comply and apply to 3 schools one new they will get in. The mashgiach was standing behind him if that is not apromise. May is suggest you run for township committee they also make promises they can't keep

  35. To the one who asked if bnos bais yaakov is also not accepting. The answer is that they would be happy to take everyone they can get their hands on. But are getting a bad reputation by doing so. They are in a bind because really they are not very exclusive but would like to believe they are.and many feel they will not be open much longer for many reasons

  36. Some of these comments are just laughable . One commentor states that its not porents responsibility to make new schools ,its the Community responsibility . Please wake up .There is no community organization in Lakewood . By Chasidim the the community takes responsibility for these things . In Lakewood ,the parents are the Community ,because nobody has taken responsibility for opening schools . Since its your child YOU have to educate him or her .Be thankful that there are a few "meshugaim " who spent their hard earned personal money to make scchools that have room for 95% of the kids .

  37. To the one who asked why every school doesnt take a few more kids and split them into smaller classes .

    Have you ever heard of money ? It costs a lot of money to pay High School teachers to teach another class . IOt also costs a lot of money to build the classroom space for those extra classes . Have you offered to foot the bill ? The Administrators cannot schnorr anymore because nobody out there is giving money . even those who give money ,only give it to Boys yeshivas where they think they are doing 'Hachzokas Hatora " . The same gut who will give a 1000 donation to a new Boys Mesivta with 7 talmidim ,will give 36 dollars to a Girls high school with 300 students . Check your facts . I did .

  38. To all the blogers that say the issue is $$$$$$$$ (how many of your children did not get into school) growing up I was always told that NO child would be left out from learning TORAH because of $$$$$$$$.

    My daughter is strong, but if because of this she goes off the derech, it will be on your heads.

  39. Hey Sir . Why is it on our heads ? What happened to yoour responsibility .as part of the Klal to support the schools . Of course a big part of the problem is money . If we got the same support from our community that the Public Schools got ,of course most of therse problems would disappear . Got of your computer and do something

  40. To Anon 10:52,

    How do you know I don't support my childrens schools?

    How do you know that I don't have a job?

    I can't do anything with what the public schools.

    What I do know is that I do support all of my childrens schools. I pay my tuition on time every month. I help out when ever possible with there fund raisers. I work multiple jobs, and motzai shabbos is one of the times I have to relax.

    So don't tell me I should go do something, I HAVE, and still my daughter does not have a place to go.

  41. to 11;09

    Nobody was talking about you personally .

    It is the responsibility of a community of 50,000 plus frume yiden to collectively support a frum school systyem . The fact is that they are not . The goyim understand this responsibility by taxing us for the public schools . For some reason we do not do the same for our schools . You cant complain to the guy who made a school and made himself into a SCHNORRER ,why he is not schnorring more to expand his school to create more classes for your daughter . If he had 25 seats in the class and there were 10 empty seats ,then you can complain. But in most cases , the classes were designed for 25 seats and thre are 30 or more . So if he took your daughter ,them he would have to reject somebody else .

  42. Attention Rabbi 9:49 pm:
    Its so amazing. I am a parent who pays full tuition in all of my childrens elementary schools, & give donations besides. I am fully supportive of all of the schools my children attend.
    The "terrible Reshoim " who actually did something and opened up schools, using "their own money", actually pander to the "complainer" parents. They are actively seeking students who would:
    a) rather be in a different school, but can't get in
    b) drive them nuts about who else they are accepting, threatening to pull out if the school accepts someone they don't like
    This makes them seem exclusive, which leads to more applicants.
    Why not cater to people who actually pay tuition? WHy not engender good feelings toward you school so that you get more donations? Why narrow your pool of donors by excluding people & saying "no" in a nasty & degrading way?
    L'toeles Harabim: Don't kid yourselves. Girls from very chashuva homes, families who have been in Lakewood for many years, have not been accepted to any high school. IT COULD BE YOU.

  43. anon 11:19,

    The VAAD at the HS asifa said that there were enough places for ALL of the girls going into HS this year.

    Lets give him the benifit of the dought and say that there were enough places.

    Acceptance letters went out before school ended. A number of my daughters friends received multiple acceptance letters some as many as 3), my daughter received none. I'm not happy with that but I could understand it.

    In these letters thier should have been a date (2 maybe 3 weeks thats it) that if you do not respond by, your space is lost and the next set of letters should have gone out.

    My daughter should not have to wait all summer long wondering were she is going.

    If the schools would in act some policy like this we would not be having this conversation on august 22 soon to be 23

    Have a Got Voch

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