‘We The Tea Party’ – A Response To Former Candidate Howard Kleinhendler

tea partyBy Yossel Gittelis 
I am writing this in response to Mr. Kleinhendler’s comments on the TLS. It pains me that this man was given a forum on TLS, as this man has shown in the recent election as a person who changes his positions with the political storms, and that his positions aren’t coherent. He says whatever the mainstream liberal media is saying at any given moment, without a moment’s thought about the consequences of his liberal policies. There is so many hypocritical statements in here, it is mind-boggling. He manages to bring up all the problems that the Tea Party has raised, then disparages the Tea party in the same post.
Let’s start at the beginning. As this liberal brings up himself, our country’s deficits are going through the roof. We cannot survive much longer this way. Social Security is almost bankrupt, and Medicare will be there very soon as well. The states are crumbling from debt. Exactly, Mr. Kleinhandler, this is exactly what we’ve been saying for the last two years. Yes, us – the Tea Party that you love to mock, the Tea party that you call “fanatics”, it’s what we’ve been saying when Obama and your fellow Democrats controlled the entire federal government, and yet no one heard us. 40% of America identifies with this movement, yet you never once stopped to listen to what we were saying. Another 40% agrees with the ideas of the Tea Party. Just 20% of America, the liberal elite and those on welfare, disagree with the Tea Party platform.

You bring up all these deficit problems that we have in our country, yet you have no solutions, except to say that we should all get together, and ignore the Tea Party. Well, Mr. Kleinhandler, the Tea Party has solutions, and it is very simple. STOP THE SPENDING!!!!

Every family knows that when you don’t have enough money to spend, you STOP SPENDING.

We the Tea Party are not fanatics, Mr. Kleinhandler. We are regular citizens, we work for a living, we learn in Yeshiva, we have no agenda, we have no ideology, frankly we are from both political parties. We just want the federal government, and all local and state governments to STOP SPENDING. We want the governments to stop taxing us. We can’t afford it anymore. What is fanatic about that, Mr. Kleinhandler?
The Tea Party is apolitical, we come from both parties. Which is why many in the Republican party also feel threatened from us, the average people. RINO’s who are in effect Liberals (foxes) in sheep’s (republicans) clothing, also don’t know when to stop spending. Take our very own Bob Singer, a republican. He was no different than Democrats, because he continued to tax us and to spend our hard earned money. Republicans like him should also feel threatened from us the Tea Party/common citizen, because we will vote you out as well.

You wrongly write that Ron Paul from the Republicans gave a rebuttal different from the Tea Party rebuttal by Michelle Bachmann, because the Republicans want to distinguish themselves from the tea Party. No, Mr. Kleinhendler, you’vegot it all wrong. First of all, it was Paul Ryan who gavethe Republican rebuttal. And it was actually the other way around. It was the Tea Party who gave a separate rebuttal from the Republicans, because the Tea Party wants to distinguish themselves from BOTH PARTIES. We are not party affiliated, we are a simple collection of the silent majority of Americans who just want the Federal Government to STOP SPENDING.

I will repeat it again, Mr. Kleinhandler, just in case you didn’t get the message that the people are sending you, the elitists, STOP SPENDING OUR HARD EARNED MONEY. The people had enough! That is all the Tea party stands for, and it is something that most people actually agree with (except for people on welfare).

It is true that many people think that the Tea Party is something more sinister. But that is only because of people like you, Mr. Kleinhandler, who just call us names, and degrade us, without telling the people the truth of what we stand for. And you know something, Mr. Kleinhandler, when people like you simply disparage us, without explaining what is wrong with what we stand for (less taxes and spending), it’s because you are scared that people will actually listen to what we say, and agree! So instead you just attack us personally.

Yes, the Tea Party doesn’t want to raise the level of government debt. That’s right! We want the government to stop spending! JUST STOP!!!! We told this to you when you were in power last year, and you didn’t listen to us, just like Mubarak doesn’t listen to the people of his country. So we voted you out of office. You get it??? Stop the spending! So now you want us all to be friends and get along! Now you’re so upset that the Republicans will stop Obama from spending some more. Well, where were you the last two years when we asked you to stop the spending and stop the ObamaCare? Where were you? You ignored us, so now that we (the people) are in power, we the people will stop you.

And we know that some in the Republican party still want to spend, so we need to continue to hammer this home. You say, “so what should we do, should we move to China?”  WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, Mr. Kleinhandler? How about stopping to spend. Are you that thick naïve? Or are you just so ideological that you can’t think straight? JUST STOP SPENDING!

You rail against the rich corporations, you think the answer is to raise taxes. And you also wonder why there are no jobs. You rail against the evil insurance companies who want to stop ObamaCare.

Let me tell you, Mr. Kleinhandler, I work for a small business. Boruch Hashem I have a job. This business is growing, but will not hire anyone because they are scared of ObamaCare. ObamaCare is going to put so many new mandates and taxes on small businesses for every person that they hire, that it is simply becoming not worth it to hire new people. And I hear this from so many businesses.

I am trying to get a job in one of those “evil” big corporations, that you feel is making too much money. Well, Mr. Kleinhandler, the more money you take away from them for taxes, the less they will have to hire me and other people like me, who simply want a job to feed their growing families.

And we all know that ObamaCare is going to put all the insurance companies out of business, if they have to cover all pre-existing conditions. Then we all will have to be on Government-run insurance. Like Medicaid. Which everyone knows is garbage coverage.

Is that what you want for all of us? Mr. Kleinhandler, American healthcare is the best in the world because it is not government run. When you elitists in the government take over healthcare, it will destroy the best healthcare system in the world. And we the people don’t want you to do that. That is why we voted you out of office in November, and that is why we will continue to support staunch Tea Party Conservatives.

You want to create jobs, LOWER OUR TAXES! CUT SPENDING AND LOWER TAXES. That way businesses will have more money to expand and to hire. Cut the regulations on businesses. And stay out of our lives. Let us keep our freedoms. We don’t want you in the government running our lives. We want to run it ourselves.
You want to help us, the little guy?? Then stay out of our way, stop taxing us, let us make money so that we can feed our children, without all your cumbersome regulations and rules and taxes. It’s as simple as that. This is what America is still about. This is why people from all over the world are (still) clamoring to get into our country. For the FREEDOMS. Don’t take it away!

Look at what is happening in Europe. Countries like Greece, Iceland and Spain are CUTTING their government programs. They simply can’t afford it anymore. We will be there soon as well. Look at California, New York, Illinois, all states run into the ground by the liberals and Democrats with their non-stop spending.

You want to stop our dependence on foreign oil? Why don’t you allow drilling for oil in our own country. Alaska for example. The people in Alaska want it, why won’t you let? Is it because you are beholden to the Sierra Club, paid for by Saudi Arabia so that the prices of oil can stay high? Or is it because you buy into this global warming hoax, when I look at our weather in Lakewood, and WISH we had global warming.

You claim that the Tea Party wants to bring us back to the 1700’s. No, Mr. Kleinhandler, we want to bring America into the 21st century, where families have stopped spending money that they don’t have. Even states have stopped spending, and municipalities such as Lakewood have been forced to stop spending. Of course the Democrats in the statehouses such as NJ and NY will try whatever thay can to keep the spending going. But the Republicans are finally pushing back and stopping. Even Cuomo from NY has realized that spending has got to stop. Yes, Mr. Kleinhandler, the 21st century demands that we STOP THE RUNAWAY SPENDING. Only the Democrats in Congress and Obama want to continue spending. Only the Democrats and Obama haven’t gotten yet with the program. Boruch Hashem the Tea Party Republicans will stop them and hopefully bring America into the 21st Century.

Speaking of which, Mr. Kleinhendler, isn’t it the environmentalists and the global warming crowd, who want us to stop driving cars and stop using oil, who want us to go back to horse and buggy? Like in the 1700’s????

Mr. Kleinhandler, we are not angry white men like so many in the liberal media like to call us. We are regular run of the mill private American citizens. We don’t havepublic agendas. We are not trying to run for public office on promises of giving more freebies to gullible people who vote for these liberals. We are not trying to be populist. We just want to liveour private lives, without choking taxes, without you elitists in the government telling us how to live our lives. We want to be a free country. Free from government.

We are Americans. From all political parties. We want freedom. And just as the original Boston Tea party was the beginning of a new era of freedom in America, be’ezras Hashem the Republican victory will be the beginning of a new era of freedom in America. We know you will continue to disparage us, but hopefully the Ribono Shel Oilam will prevent the liberals and Democrats from totally ruining our country.

By: Yossel Gittelis

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  1. Both the author and Mr. Kleinhandler seem to be reading from a script. The author charges Mr. Kleinhandler with saying whatever the liberal media wants, which I agree with, while the author tows the tea party line. The tea party and the conservative agenda are not the panacea for all our problems.

    “Only the Democrats in Congress and Obama want to continue spending.”

    If you have seen Mike Demoss’s comments recently, you may have thought twice about writing what you did. A republican criticizing republican spending. So not all republicans are perfect. Far from it.

    The author mentioned the Republican victory as a beginning of a new era. Yet in the beginning you said that the tea party seeks to distinguish itself from the republicans. Which one is it? If you seek to distinguish yourselves, why is the republican victory significant? According to you, all that should matter is tea party victories.

    You mentioned California, which has a republican governor as a state that Democrats have destroyed with their spending. Your facts are incorrect.

    While I strongly disagree with many of Mr. Kleinhandler’s positions, the author’s ability to just quote tea party rhetoric is not impressive.

  2. To Yossel Gittelis
    Thank you for this great rebuttal to Mr. Kleinhendler’s article . Everything you stated here is exactly why so many have aligned themselves with the tea party . We are sick and tired of the Government spending money they don’t have.

  3. Thanks for an excellent piece.
    I was also dismayed by Mr. Kleinhendler’s rhetoric. He began his post with a disparaging jab toward the Speaker of the House, Mr. John Boehner – a great American, and a man with heart.

    In his post before his trouncing in the last election, he disparaged President GW Bush. What exactly has Pres Obama done to improve the financial security of this country? We are trillions more in debt – biggest deficit ever – businesses have no faith in the Obama policies.

    Then he attempts to ride the Rep. Gabby Giffords wave regarding civility. The Giffords shooting was clearly shown to be apolitical – the actions of a raving lunatic.

    You will never get my vote in any election.

  4. To # 1,

    My business stopped hiring as well because of obamacare. This writer is 100% correct. I dont think he’s reading off someone else’s talking points. He’s simply telling it as it is.

    If you work for a small business, you will see that taxes and obamacare are stopping people from hiring.

  5. To #1
    California’s Governor is Jerry Brown a Democrat.

    Arnold was the Governor – he was elected when Gray Davis was recalled for running up a debt of $9 billion. Arnold came in like a lion and when he was re=elected, turned into a bleeding heart liberal- – the democrats that control the California govt have continued to spend that state into bankruptcy, to the tune of $39 billion and growing.

    Yes, you are correct- there are many Republicans in our Federal gov’t that want to sspend like the democrats and, they should be removed from office.

    Both sides are working for lobbyists from major corps.

    They are selling “We the People” out.

    The T.E.A. party- a group of United States citizens that come from all political partys and consist of folks of all different stripes and faiths but all have some things in common,

    They want to stop this unrestrained spending.
    They want to limit the size of Gov’t
    They want the our officials to live and govern by the US Constitution
    They want working Americans to be able to keep more of their hard earned livelihood in their possession.

    What is so wrong with that?

    Most person elected this time around, are more conservative than the ones that lost . Are they perfect- no.

    There is still much work to be done. There has been much damage done by both major parties.

    Be aware that the once independent Media had the job of being the Govt watchdog. It is apparent that they have given up that freedom and are now basically puppets for the ones that speak behind the scenes.
    Similar to the puppet on the ventriloquists lap.

    The current system works on several proven methods,,

    Divide and conquer…remember the saying-united we stand, divided they fall

    Hagel’s dialectic-in progress
    And there’s Joseph Goebbels- tell a big enough lie and keep repeating it and all will accept it as truth.

    Lennon said, give me the youth of one generation and I will change the world.

    Another said keep the masses drunk or drugged and we will suceed in our agenda

    Don’t look to the news, on print or audio for truth…the truth is the enemy of the state.

    All should look to the U.S. Constitution and no where else.

    And no, the Constitution is not a living document that changes with fads or the present govt. It is a document that sets forth the basis of our freedoms and governance.

    The wording was carefully considered and the language used so simple that even a ten year old or Harvard grad could understand it and there need be no Constitution expert to decipher what it says or means.

    To believe otherwise is deception.

  6. I have three pieces of constructive criticism for this author who I’m sure has great aspirations in life:
    1. There is very little content in your letter. You should have written this whole post in 250 words or less.
    2. Your horrific grammar diminishes your credibility.
    3. Repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating (get my point) the same points many times in an article is called rambling. It makes you look unprofessional and doesn’t hammer anything home.
    Mr. Kleinhandler’s article may have had some inconsistencies but it was certainly much more intellectual than yours.
    As an aside, when you say that small businesses aren’t hiring because of Obamacare, it makes you look boorish.
    Best of luck.

  7. To #11 aka “Horrible”
    Intellectualism is no virtue. Grammar does not diminish compassion and reason. If facts make one look boorish to you, your opinion is worthless.
    Politics is not about “Best of Luck”, it’s “Abusing the Buck”.

  8. Although you may not agree with Mr Kleinhendler’s opinions, you do not necessarily have the right, al pi halacha, to publicly bash a fellow Yid who, BTW, also happens to be a talmid chochom. I’m pretty sure Mr Kleinhendler has never, nor will ever, stoop so low as to publicly disparage a fellow Yid, especially on a website that’s also viewed by non-Jews.

  9. I am politically conservative for the most part, but this post was hypocritical also. He says that only the liberal elite and those on welfare are against the tea party. I happen to be for the tea party mostly, but in our community, where many are pro tea party, many are benefitting from govt. programs=welfare! Also, the tea party screams about cutting spending, but then when the govt. cuts spending, they scream, “oh we didn’t mean to cut THAT” For example, when police and other govt. employees are laid off, we scream bloody murder (literally!),when benefits to our schools are cut, we scream, etc. Guess what. Cutting spending hurts alot. We SAY we want to cut spending, but “lemaaseh” we don’t. Both liberals and conservatives can talk their talk, but can they walk the walk?

  10. Liberals are dangerous, they want to destroy our country just to control us. On social issues they are against what Torah teaches. They are weak they make the world laugh at us. This article is right, thanks for standing up to arrogant liberals we must not be intimidated.

  11. To #14:
    If a potential leader is going to engaging in endeavors that are proven to be a Sakana for Yidden it’s an obligation to warn the community.

  12. Ich farshtay nisht what’s the point of making the whole machloikess personal. R’ Kleinhendler may be incorrect, but he zicher doesn’t do it l’hachiss, at worst he’s mistaken.

    Ich halt that grammar does make a big difference. Whether you like it or not, grammar is a siman of intelligence, because in this country, where English is the ikkar language, roiv intelligent people are educated in grammar. Mimaylah, if you want to come across as intelligent, you need to use proper grammar. It’s not Torah misinai, but it’s a useful thing to know.

    On that subject, it would be gevaldig if the oilam could stop writing “Tow the line” and instead write “Toe the line”, which is the right expression. Shkoyach and zie gebentched.

  13. When we conservatives say we want to stop spending, we don’t meat stop all government assistance, we mean that government spending to go down to spending levels from decade ago, we mean stop “stimulating” the economy we mean don’t give end list unemployment check and every american food stamps. I’m not an expert in exactly who should get and what should be cut, but our spending is madness. We all agree the government needs safely nets for its citizens but what Obama and liberals are doing is gonna bankrupt us very soon.

  14. #22 thats what obummer wants.bankrupt the country, start civil unrest, protest , riots. declare a state of emergency, then declare martial law, reorganize the gov`t,fill those positions with socialist liberals, throw out the constitution, , appoint himself as the premier of the “people`s republic of america”. and thats that!!!!

  15. OH, please #23. You give us conservatives a bad name! We disagree with Obama’s policies. Period. Don’t go into ridiculous conspiracy theories. You take away all our credibility when you sound so extreme. THe radio personalities have to talk that way because they’re in the entertainment business. No one else has to parrot them and come off sounding paranoid and ignorant!

  16. When the Tea Party cuts funds for section 8, funds for Family Care, funds for the, we all suffer. Do not imagine that the sort of cuts being discussed can be done without hurting the community and many deserving people. Howard wants to combine fiscal responsibility with compassion. The Tea Party wants to cut and attack.

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