Wawa Jackson gas attendant says he lost his job for standing up to harassment against a Jewish customer

The following letter was sent to the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, and forwarded to TLS:

Hi, my name is Robert Moore Sr, I was a fuel assistant at Wawa at 1120 East veterans highway in Jackson, New Jersey. I am reaching out to the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce and Jewish community to assist me with finding the gentleman and help with getting my job back in regards to this matter.

I was at Wawa at 1120 East Veterans highway on Saturday, January 16th, at 9:30 p.m.

I was off duty when I witnessed a gentleman get out of his vehicle and attacking a Jewish gentleman and screaming anti-semitic slurs. Myself and my wife got out of the vehicle to intervene and try to stop the situation from going on any further. The man kept screaming anti-semitic slurs, then went inside the store screaming anti-semitic slurs again, then came back out of the store and tried to attack gentlemen again and screaming anti-semitic slurs.

Wawa terminated me and said that I had assaulted a customer by removing him from the store.

I am trying to locate the gentleman that was attacked by him. Please contact me at 732-300-2366. If you are that gentleman that was attacked or anyone who may have witnessed the attack, please contact me Robert Moore Sr at 732-300-2366. I have a lot of respect for the Jewish community being that they stand together on matters that happen. I have enjoyed serving the Jewish community and talking with a lot of the Jewish customers. Thank you for your help

Robert J Moore S.

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  1. Wow, you are an amazing person! You will have your job back very soon. I dont think it should be on you to defend yourself. WAWA should be the one investigating this and provide our community with the results of the investigation. I personally fill up there weekly, but last night was my last time filling up until I hear from them. Thanks so much for going public!

  2. Thank you for standing up for what is right. I think we as a community should be thankful to this gentleman and a local business should definitely consider hiring him. I will reach out to Wawa to express my dismay over their appealing behavior. How dare they terminate an employee for doing the right thing and stopping someone from getting harrased!?

    This is upsetting to hear, but encouraging nonetheless, as it shows there are still some good people like Robert around.

    Thank you Robert, and may God bless you and your family!

  3. If this story can be verified, it would be a great Kiddush Hashem for the Jewish Community to write or call WaWa Corporate to ask that they reinstate Mr. Moore. If the Jewish man who was under attack can come forward and verify what happened, this can be accomplished.

  4. Can someone post the name and email address to the manager of the Wawa store in Jackson, so we can all write letters to the manager to ask him to reconsider the actions and to hire back Mr Moore
    I am confident that if the manager receives so much mail from our community, he will reconsider. We should obviously write to the manager with respect, thank you so muchI

    • Look, I tend to believe what the man says, but before you start a campaign to inundate WaWa with letters/calls etc. I think it would be wise to have some form of verification. If it turned out to be a different story, the participants could end up looking foolish or worse.

    • I’d recommend going directly over the Wawa Manager’s head and contact the Wawa Area Manager if there is one or directly to Corporate. I’d also highly suggest that a police report of a bias incident be reported to Jackson Police. Perhaps Mr. Moore can file it since he was terminated.

  5. Today in the camera age, u can easily verify what u say. U need to sue Wawa. They will learn a lesson and u will get compensation. There are attorneys that specializes in employee discrimination.

  6. Mr. Moore- you are a true hero for standing up against unfair hate.

    I will no longer be a patron of Wawa until you see justice. This isn’t just about a job. You deserve compensation for being unfairly penalized as well.

  7. Lot’s of our community, myself included, patronize that Wawa. If this incident is verfired I wouldn’t mind driving a few extra miles to avoid doing business a compnay that does not stand up to bigotry.

  8. with such self sacrificing behaviour and attitude you will get a job in the jewish community in no time if the story is how you say then dont go back to wawa if they dont know how to use common sense what were you supposed to do antisemitism doesnt only effect the jews it hurts anyone who dares defend or protect our basic rights as humans

  9. Definitely, as Mr. Moore writes himself, it’s important to find the orthodox Jewish fellow he defended, and get his account to corroborate the story, before proceeding to get involved. Better to have the actual orthodox Jewish witness give his account and fill in the story’s details, than proceeding without any account from the victim. So ask your family members, and friends and see if someone verifies the story as told. Also, Mr. Moore says he was fired by Wawa for assaulting the anti-semitic guy. Now if Mr. Moore physically assaulted the guy who berated the orthodox fellow, he may have gone too far in his response. Unfortunately, despite the fact that it’s nice to have people care so much to respond with outrage to anti-semitism, in a case of physical assault, there would be little the Jewish community could do to help him in getting his job back at Wawa if they have such evidence, like a videotape of a physical assault.

  10. We should consider filing a law suit against wawa ;
    protecting any individual from any kind of an unwarranted attack is not something that should be punished for loosing a job

  11. That took courage and you should not be penalized when you do good.
    To the Lakewood Scoop and the Orthodox Chamber of Commerce: perhaps there is a way of getting this word out to reach the many in our community who have no internet access, just in case the man involved is one of them.

  12. It seems strange that they don’t have video cameras and have record of exactly what happened. If they don’t have video cameras already set up they this should push them to realize it’s standard for gas stations to have them.

  13. So why didn’t the victim or witness call the police? Even if they couldn’t get there right away, the complaint would warrant getting video from any cameras in the vicinity.

  14. Mr. Moore- firstly, respect to you for standing up for bigotry, hate and intimidation!
    Secondly, if you can prove your facts, you can certainly file a discrimination claim asserting you were retaliated against and lost your job from defending against bigotry. Also, as others noted, hopefully you can gain employment in another workplace- one that supports your values.

  15. I have been using this gas station for years. Rob is a great person. We speake on a regular basis I’ve never seen him get upset, yell or talk in a negative way towards any jewish person.

    A frum yid.

  16. Hello everyone
    I would like to bring a different angle to this discussion
    I am a consistent customer at this Wawa near westgate for gasoline.
    some of my friends and myself find the staff less polite than they should be,
    Specifically they always make comments when you would like to pay with cash vhameivin yavin
    also they will randomly ask you to shut your motor
    I hope public awareness fun unzere about this problem can either solve the problem or else a new gas station can be opened near westgate

  17. Print the whole story. I work for a big company.Customer is always right no matter what…
    a great man lost his job for getting into a argument with a racist customer. This is the way of the world that we created. Getting somethng out of complaints. Why was he so angry,? Always a reason too…

  18. that jackson township has no department to deal with this so we may never know what happened and who is right and who did wrong so how can this be corrected for the future if the government officials relate to this with total indifference?

  19. Wow! Was there any research done by WaWa before this young man was fired? I tend to believe this young man. If it were me being fired I would definitely do what this young man has done!! Write a letter to all involved!! I think he was terminated without cause!! If it were me I would never work for a company that would take the side of a racist over their employee!! Didn’t WaWa have a tape of all who enter their building???

  20. If true then this was a terrible situation for both victims. There must be several cameras that can verify the account that he is referring to so pull the footage and go public. Then WaWa can be held accountable. Too many times people react without all the facts and it looks bad.

  21. Good for him for helping! He should probably find employment elsewhere. Maybe someone from the community can hire him or help him find a job? He would be better off and with better employers.

  22. I frequent this Wawa so today I went there to ask some question. Yes indeed Robert has been let go and the employees have been ordered to not speak about the incident. A manager came right over I asked if what I heard was correct? I was told Mr Moore incide could ot be discussed. After I walked out I was approached by an associates and was tol the story printed is correct that’s all they would say.

  23. If anyone has been harassed by Richard Ciullo and Rise Up Ocean County, note that this man is currently serving 2 years probation.

    We are all calling his probation officer tomorrow to report his online harassments and threats.

    732-504-0700 x 64510

    That is the main line. Ask to speak to Richard Ciullo’s probation officer with your complaint. What he is doing to people is a violation of his probation.

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