VIDEOS & PHOTOS: Thousands attend the Dr. Rich Roberts Chol Hamo’ed carnival

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  1. Like Dr Roberts says, this is the most successful carnival we’ve attended!, But then again, I think we say that after every carnival!!! Tizku lmitzvos, family Roberts, and all the organizers! May you have much hatzlocha and koach to continue your avodas hakodesh! From a family who hasn’t missed a carnival in the last 9 years!

  2. This is my first experience at a Roberts carnival. It was just amazing. My kids enjoyed it more then other expensive chol hamoed trip. Thank you to rabbi roberts.

  3. This carnival was truly amazing ! My family with children of all ages enjoyed it immensely! Thank you for all the time and effort which was put in to making it such a phenomenal success! Every last detail was thought of and thought through. We have much hakaras hatov to Dr. Roberts and all those involved.

  4. As usual it was amazing we can’t thank you enough Rich Roberts and family it is just an incredible chesed for the entire community

  5. Thanks Dr. Roberts my kids had a great time. It’s greatly appreciated.
    Do you plan on adding something to the show for the new chasidic crowd that moved to lakewood ?
    Pherhaps a story in Yiddish etc ?

  6. Seriously, Lakewood person? Have you asked sky zone or iplay America or any if the places you went to when you lived in Brooklyn, to add something for the chassidic crowd??

  7. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!!!!! We can not thank u enough…kids came home so so so happy…loved the shows especially the outdoor motorcycle one…may Hashem repay you for everything u do..i envy the zechusim you have …giving thousands of kids a grand time without it affecting the parents bank account…so so so appreciated

  8. Dr.Roberts,
    You’ve done it again! We had such an amazing time. Our kids wait for this all year! They want to go back to the carnival tomorrow. Thank you so much for all of your generosity! Lakewood loves you!

  9. Wow!! What a fun day! We’ve been waiting for this carnival since the last carnival and for a good reason. To see one person’s generosity to make so so many adults and children happy was absolutely amazing to see. Like we’ve been saying, even if we did pay the high admission fees where are we finding world classes shows + a full petting zoo + prizes + high end Kosher treats under one roof??

  10. Dr Roberts,
    Thank you so much. I was at the carnival today with my three boys. The professionalism of the entire production was quite evident. Rabbi Ferber’s story was enjoyed by all the children and being able to pluck cotton candy out the air while enjoying the story was an added perk. The motorcycle show was great. The petting zoo is always a hit with the little ones. The added touch of a dedicated men’s seating area for the story was very much appreciated. May Hashem bench you with at least as much joy in your life as you bring to the thousands of families here every Yom Tov.

  11. I never saw such big smiles on my grandchildren when they show me their prices and told me what fun they had at the carnaval. Thank you Dr Roberts. May Hashem continue to bless you and your family with good health Hazlochoh and Sholom.

  12. Thank you Dr Roberts! We come every year and my kids look forward to this! May the rebono shel olam bench you and your family with all the brachos one can ask for!

  13. Thank you dr Roberts for another wonderful carnival! What an amazing way to give to the community and how much money and aggravation you’re saving so many families! We’ve been attending every chol hamoed for many years and keep coming back! Tizke lmitzvos! Chag sameach!

  14. Bd I wouldn’t ask it but it makes sense that someone would request yiddish storyteller. Someone I know who recently moved to lakewood and children are completely Yiddish speaking didn’t stay for the stories bec said her children won’t understand so I can hear why someone would request. Hey all kinds of things were requested in the past and there’s nothing wrong w asking. The worse that can happen is that he will say no! Gut yt to all.

  15. This year’s Carnival, as always, was superb. R’ Kasriel, you do an amazing job with this event. Your warm and caring heart is apparent in every show, attraction and ride, down to the little nish bags. The Chesed you do for the 1000+ families that attend is indescribable in our puny world. But in the next world they’ll describe it abundantly clear. Dont you worry !!

    Chazak V’Ematz !!

  16. I’m jealous of Dr. Robert’s Zechusim. He has made it possible for thousand of children to have a beautiful Chol Hamoed outing that otherwise would not be affordable for many parents. Ashrecha.

  17. That comment about adding something for chassidim was so off…
    Honestly, you came to a yeshivish community and are living amongst the litvish crowd, welcomed and comfortable and you are asking for more from an already very generous person??

    This event was so nice and appreciated. So many families enjoyed. Thank you is not enough!

  18. @hmmm, I agree. I think any comment, however constructive you think it is – is uncalled for! The length of the cotton candy lines, the stories in yiddish, whatever it may be! You are treated out to a five star event, all for free, and you have audacity to even ask for things to be changed to your liking??? Take what you get and be GRATEFUL!!!! Choose to look at ALL the good instead of focusing on what wasn’t right for YOU! You didn’t understand the story, no problem, there was nosh, animals, bike show that you enjoyed and that’s enough!! You had to wait long on the cotton candy line, but enjoyed the game show and story, plus, plus??? That’s enough!! Why in the world do you think YOU can even ask for anything to be different?? Did you get involved? Pay? Organize? Support? Dr. Roberts and family and the blev echad organizers deserve a HUGE thank you and NOTHING else!!

  19. THANK YOU DR ROBERTS! We all came home on such a high! My children had such a good time and dare we say that the adults loved the shows just as much? Excellent excellent choice of shows that appealed to diverse interests and ages. My kids were so excited with Yoel Ferber’s story of “Harvey” as they are addicted to his CDs 🙂

    Thank you and may you and yours have only brocha!

  20. There aren’t really the words to explain the huge help this is for many of us! paying out of pocket for the kid’s entertainment on chol hamoed isn’t feasible for many of us, and the kids just demand and kvetch!
    My kids came home with such excitement, playing with the exciting toy car making tumblesaults, what an addition to the mitzvah! it really made up for the other days we didn’t really go anywhere.

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