VIDEO: Successful Investing in Stocks, Bitcoin, and Crypto Currency – Education and Insights (Part 3 of 3) | Dr. Rich Roberts

In this this three part video, Dr. Richard Roberts gives lessons and insights regarding successful investing in the stock market, Bitcoin in particular and cryptocurrencies in general.

Dr. Roberts does not commercialize his YouTube videos and there is no mechanism to pay him, donate to him, or buy any merchandise. These videos are made strictly to try to empower you in many areas of your life.

Dr. Richard H. Roberts received his medical degree and a doctorate in biophysics from the University of Pennsylvania and completed a medical internship at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital of Harvard Medical School. He was the President and CEO of a pharmaceutical company for 24 years and is a prominent community figure in the Orthodox Jewish community of Lakewood.

Dr. Roberts has high-level experience or expertise in the following areas:

1. Internal medicine
2. Basic sciences including physics, chemistry, biophysics, and biochemistry.
3. Pharmaceutical industry including generic formulation research and development, CDMA, manufacturing, quality, regulatory affairs, legal, finance, corporate governance, human resources, business development, and project management organizing multiple disciplines.
4. Martial arts – Dr. Roberts has a black belt in Golden Fist martial arts, a black belt in mixed martial arts under a former UFC fighter, a third degree brown belt in Ryu Kyu Kempo, and he currently trains in martial arts five days per week.
5. Aquarium hobby – Dr. Roberts personally designs and maintains his African cichlids tanks including a 1000 gallon tank and six 150 gallon tanks.
6. Politics including hosting many Senators, Governors, Congressmen, and presidential candidates in his home. In 2016, Dr. Roberts was the Vice Chairman of the Israel Advisory Committee on the Trump for President campaign where he wrote about half of the Trump campaign’s policies on Israel, Iran, and the Palestinian issue.
7. Community efforts in his Orthodox Jewish community of Lakewood, NJ including building and running a leading synagogue in his community and running a multimedia and political campaign to oppose anti-Semitic actions committed by the government of an adjacent town, Jackson, NJ.


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  1. how true are the words in this video.
    a personal story. i have a friend that invested in bitcoin a cople of weeks ago when it was in the 55+ range and now its at 31 which equals a 45% loss. he wont open his crypto wallet because he is too scared. if you want to invest in bitcoin make sure you have a mental stop loss in a logical place that if it goes lower you will get out and eat your loss.
    -dr. robers stated that the big companies are not holding bitcoin. it could be he is mostly right. but one of the big companies that are in the btc industry is square. besides for the cash app which lets its users buy and sell btc, square itself has made a nice size investment in btc. so they are big believers in btc. right now my internet is very slow but if i am not mistaken tesla didnt sell its btc for a while and made a nice chunk of profit. so it seems like jack dorsey and elon musk dont really share your concers about the safety of btc.

  2. just remembered a couple of more people that are pro btc. ray dalio who said btc has a SMALL role to play in everyones portfolio. and carl icahan who was interviewed on bloomberg and said he is seriously considering making a big splash in the crypto space ( he did not say bitcoin).
    dr roberts can you explain why you are only concerned about crypto getting hacked but not any company that trades on the exchanges that might get hacked and shut down?
    disclosure- i currently do not have any investments in crypto. just trying to figure out your reasoning

  3. now my internet is doing a little better. i see that tesla purshased 1.5 BILLION dollars worth of btc in febuary. so yes elon musk is not too concerned (although he now has enviromental concerns). and further research shows that paul tudor jones is pro btc. yes i know plenty of people are not, but there are definately very high profile people that are pro.
    dr roberts can you please share your response with us (btw i do not mean to troll you)?

  4. Also your statement that most of the cryptocurrencies “will eventually go to zero” is meaningless. There are over 1,000 cryptocurrencies and counting and it’s almost impossible for all (or even most) to survive. Imagine you had 1,000 computer firms competing with Apple and you issued a statement that most of them will go bankrupt. That’s obvious. It is the case in any endeavor that only the fittest survive. So the statement you made is vague and meaningless. If you say that they’ll all go to zero that’s at least saying something. When Warren Buffet was asked his opinion about Bitcoin several years ago that is basically what he said. He was wrong.

    • now it is time to defend dr roberts even though i do not recall him making this exact statement. steve, just fyi there are over 9000 cryto currencies. i am assuming yhat you along like most people have zero knowledge of the inner working of any of the crypto currencies and blockchains. and we don’t know which, if any of them, will become globally accepted.
      just to reiterate- i do NOT mean to bash dr roberts. there are plenty of billionaires that are very against crypto. chief among themare bufffet and munger.

      MEMO TO DR ROBERTS can you please respond to us? we are all hoping to become better informed investors!

  5. To enlightened!!

    I apologize for my not replying earlier. I hope that you will see this. I have already made another YouTube video since this one on investing and I’m working on my next one. So this will be my last comment on this video.

    I appreciate your intelligent and insightful comments. You are very bright and level-headed.

    Regarding puts, I addressed investing advice to try to help most people. I did not address more sophisticated trading instruments like puts, calls, derivatives, MBS, etc. That was not my objective and I don’t give specific investing advice beyond buying index funds long.

    You defended me against some criticism. I appreciate your efforts. I feel that Sara Palin should not have run for governor of Alaska. If someone wants to be in the public arena then that person needs to expect severe, unlimited, biting criticism even if the criticism is factually wrong. When someone criticizes me, but is wrong, then I find it comical. When someone criticizes me, and they’re right, then I need to change or correct the record. So I appreciate your correcting the criticism’s false representations but please know that it doesn’t bother or dissuade me. I couldn’t have done my vaccination or Jackson Township work if it did.

    Lastly, regarding crypto currencies, I said that they have many characteristics of a bubble and I pointed out some fatal risks. People should read about previous bubbles and the wealthy people, and financial “experts” and financial institutions, who pumped those investments and got cushed. I don’t know what will happen. But I do know the similarities to previous disasters and risks.

    Rich Roberts

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