VIDEO: President Trump executive order: No separating families, but zero tolerance at the border


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  1. First he said it was a deterrent, then it was a new policy, then it was an old policy, then it was simply following the law, then it wasn’t required by law, then he hated it and it couldn’t be reversed by executive order, then he said he had to do it for national security, then he disliked it again and reversed it by executive order.

    This is what he calls “telling it like it is”?

    If Trump told me to duck, I would immediately jump as high as I could.

  2. You think politics is that easy huh? Just sign executive orders because people say so and because he could. It doesn’t take 5 minutes to make such decisions. He did the right thing and now the media is still gonna bash him for what he said earlier about it. You just can’t win the liberals.

  3. So now all those whose religion is Trumpism will say that keeping families together is the best thing in the world, less than 24 hours after they saying how important it is to split up families as a deterrent.

  4. I respectfully suggest that folks actually read what the president signed before offering him kudos. The new order replaces separation with detention for a maximum of 20 days. It does not reunite the currently imprisoned children with their families. Illegal entry is a misdemeanor, it is not a felony. The new ruling says that families will be kept together if facilities are available. At this time we do not have interment camps for families. Most of those used to restrict the Japanese have been repurposed or turned into memorials.

  5. This executive order which he said he could not do will probably be over turned by the courts because of the amount of days. The scary part is that the children that were already split from their parents have a very slim chance of ever getting reunited with their parents. Trump used them as pawns to get his border wall no more and no less. He is an ego maniac that will do anything to get his way, like a 3 year old in a toy store who can’t get the toy he wants

    • Watchman, your statement that children who were splits from parents wil never be united again is hyperbole. Parents have been split before at different times for different reasons, there is not one case that anyone can site were the parents were not re-united.

      Just a little info because it seems people are getting some facts jumbled.

      1) There are 46 legal points of entry on the Southern Border. When people enter through any of those points of entry, they are doing so legally, and can claim asylum. In these cases parents are not separated from children

      2) When people are apprehended by border control, and cross the border illegally, they are guilty of a crime.

      3) By law, children, even when crossing the border illegally, can not be held in detention centers for more than 20 days due to the Flores court settlement. This creates a problem, because adults who are awaiting a criminal hearing must be held in detention, while children can not be held in detention. In the past, both the children and adults were set free (catch and release), illegal border crossers figured out the loophole, and were sending children together with adults across the border so they would both go free (In the last several months 320 of the “children” were actually not related the people who claimed to be parents).

      4) In order to regain control of the borders, AG Sessions issued a no tolerance policy at the direction of the President, that adults who cross the borders should be charged for the crime, even if they cross as borders with children.

      5) The majority of these cases, and separations last no longer than a few hours, the hearings are quick, those guilty of crossing the border illegally, plead guilty, are credited with time served than released. Once that occurs, they are re-united with the children, and if they want to claim asylum, they are treated like anyone else who crossed the border legally and are no longer separated, but the adults now have a criminal record

      In some cases there can be delays, if the parents have a previous criminal record, if they can’t verify that the children are actually their children etc..

      6) Of the 12,000 illegal immigrants currently under federal supervision, 10k of them did not cross the border with their family. So, the federal government did not separate them from their families, their parents separated them from their families when they sent them to cross the border on their own.

      7) People are conflating detention centers with the long term homes where the children are placed. Detention centers are short term, that is where illegal aliens are processed, they don’t have a whole lot of amenities, as they are meant to be very short term, until they are processed.

      Once they are processed, the children are handed over to the Health and Human Services Department, the same department that deals with Foster Children etc. the children are then placed into group homes that have more amenities, including classes, books, sports facilities, Xbox, and have access to counselors and psychologists. under the circumstances at a great expense to taxpayers of $350 per day, per person.

      Is that the best place for a child to be, absolutely not, the place for a child to be is at home with their parents, but the comparisons to concentration camps, and internment camps is ludicrous. Bear in mind, that the typical child crossing the border illegally with their family never reaches that point, they are re-united quickly.

      The fact is if the Federal Government enforced the laws at the border for the last 20 years, this would not be an issue. children are being used as pawns, because previous administrations allowed them to be, which only caused an increase in children crossing illegally.

      • The DHS has already admitted they have no way of reuniting the children with their parents and if you keep listening to FOX you are correct, but tall they do is give out false information. I called one of the NJ officials that tried visiting one of the site to find the answer, not TV or radio. As they have you believe the children are not coming over with their parents, according to him that is not correct. When I asked him about how they are going to get them back to their parents he just said that it will take months and maybe longer if they are lucky

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