VIDEO: Peretz Eichler on the Blizzard that Wasn’t: Accountability, Anyone?

peretz eichlerVIDEO: Like many today, radio host Peretz Eichler questioned the reliability of the professional forecasters that had millions truly expecting a ‘historic’ blizzard that turned out to be a minor snow storm.

What are your thoughts about ‘Juno’ and the ‘Blizzard of 2015’?

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  1. Personally, I think its the fault of TLS! (at least in Lakewood and the media elsewhere) Most actual forecasters DID NOT forecast 28 inches of snow for us, if you actually read the weather for our area not surrounding areas, you would’ve heard 6-12 inches for us.Radio stations were not predicting that much for NJ.
    Instead, tweets and articles were constantly updated about how we were getting a huge storm with the inches getting higher and higher as Monday went on, as well as how food and gas were running low, sparking absolute panic! Had the MEDIA not hyped it up so much, people would’ve had a ‘wait and see’ attitude and gov’t officials would have made decisions based on current circumstances instead of forecasts.

  2. I do not believe anyone has a right to criticize.
    Meteorology is not an exact science like math, it’s a science
    of prediction. You do not predict that tomorrow will be Wednesday, you
    predict what is not guaranteed, like blizzards.

    So they did what meteorologists do. The fact that at the last minute Hashem pushed the blizzard over a little….not their fault. If anything they should be praised. They took precaution like they should have. The fact that it was stated as fact…that is just how it’s done. Don’t take everything at face value. Understand that it’s a probability.

    If they would NOT have reported something, then you have a case, not here.

  3. BARRY boy- you sure use the word
    “Fact” a lot , maybe you should get the facts right and realize it’s opinion. Lol. There were 27 full reports about this storm, two paragraphs on 70th year since the liberation of some nazi camps. Pretty sad we’re focused on who’s at fault about a storm, just trying to make news of fluffy stuff.

  4. Do you know everything? Imagine the following scenario.
    A terrorist planned attack was to take place Tuesday.
    Said terrorist cancels plan after hearing reports of this “HISTORIC” storm of epic proportions because he won’t be able to get away.
    Hashem, in his kindness then was able to spare us the brunt of the storm while still in the realm of ‘teva’.


  5. Realist you have a wild imagination. Here’s the bottom line the nws predicted 18-28 inches for ocean county. They were wrong. Dead wrong. He apologized. Move on.

  6. Hey, a storm like this is the perfect scenario. We still got the economic benefits – people empty out all the stores, BUT without the cons – there wasn’t too much snow to interfere with emergency vehicles such as ambulances, there were few power outages, minimal school was cancelled…etcetera….All in all, i’m happy with the turnout.

  7. I am so glad the kids had a day off and were able to play outside in the snow. What a fun day. If there was a real blizzard they would have been stuck inside.

  8. it’s interesting this happened when the parsha speaks of the makos. hashem is in control not the meteroligists like the saying goes “man plans but hashem laughs.

  9. They can’t predict snow but they think they know global warming is caused by man and in 50 years it will be so hot. Give me a break they whole think is a fraud.

  10. Fear gets people to do crazy things. Don’t fall for it. I can survive three days without four gallons of milk and six loaves of bread. Stop playing into the fears of men. If it rains, it rains, if snow it snows. You will survive.

  11. Why aren’t we all just grateful that the snow did not turn out to be the blizzard that was forecast? 18 in of snow can cause severe damage, down time for schools and businesses and a hazard to people in general. The forecasters predict according to their models but ultimately, the key of Life is in the Hands of The Aibeshter. Maybe the Chesed that we all do turned the monster storm into a minor nuisance. Thank you H-shem!

  12. Accountablity, responsibility are four letter words for the world we live in. Did anyone take responsibilty for 9/11? NO. You want some politician to take responsibilty for shutting downs the state? Get real. As long as it looks like they are taking responsibilty then all is good but if it doesn’t go like they planned then they are never at fault, it is someone else.
    The weatherman was responsible for shutting down the state! The weatherman is all powerful he did it!The weatherman is the governor! Yes it was them!

  13. With government monopolies there can be no accountability, because there is no genuine separation of concerns. This is why, as civilization advances, more and more societal functions should be transferred to competing free market entities, including non-profit NGOs.

  14. Just wondering, if this prediction came from one wheather man, I would say he is not competent. But if hundreds of weathermen made this prediction and it did not happen, doesn’t that mean the prediction could have been true but nature (god) had other last minute plans? So why blame them.

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