VIDEO: Oorah’s ‘Shmorg’ Filming Shuts Down Washington Street

PHOTOS & VIDEO: Part of Washington Street was shut down by police for a good portion of the day today as Oorah shot some of the scenes for their 2013 Shmorg DVD 5.

The organization chose Washington Street for the vintage 1960s look.

Using the trees and some homes along the road as a backdrop, the acting depicted a ‘Yeshivish’ dating scene involving two Yeshivish dating ‘couples’, and a 1968 Buick. In case you couldn’t read the license plate, it reads ‘IRV-GUY’. And there was a Brisker Sefer in the windshield, giving it the authentic look.

The DVD –¬†expected to be completed in the coming weeks,¬†is sent out to donors who purchase $40 or more in Oorah’s Auction.

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  1. The girl in the picture is wearing black. If this was supposed to be a 60’s scene, well, girls didn’t wear black in the 60’s. They dressed in all colors of the spectrum.

  2. What’s the heter to waste tzedokah money on this nonsense ?
    Instead help out Hurricane sandy victims. There’s no need in lakewood for this stupidity. I remember the days when oorah was into kiruv.

  3. to shain and to anonomus: ‘stupidity’ is another word for ‘leitzonus’ which ‘is’ not a small shiala. your suggestion about offering a jelly bean is also leitzonus. do you think reb elchonon would have printed a ‘joke book’ to raise money for baronovich? i offer anyone intellegant to explain why this is different.

  4. oh wow!! how all the bitter people all of a sudden come out of the wood work..

    to Mr. Fedup i am not sure if you were ever to nyc but streets are shut every single day for the shooting of a scene for a film, if Ooorah got proper permission what is wrong

  5. To all you neysayers. Please take off one motzo shabbat and drive down to manalapen, manhaten, staten island, or one of the many chill zones and see boys sitting and learning. Dont just bash something when you have no clue what they do!!! If you really want the ‘Oorah Experience’ perhaps you should contact the office and ask if you can join oorah for a shabbat. You will be amazed.

  6. yitz, you are venting for no reason. nobody disputes the great work of oorah and the l’shem shomayim of the organization in all aspects, including fundraising. However ,we do have a torah, and there is an isur of leitzunus, and ‘vayisarvu ba’goyim Vayilmidu mimassaihem’, and we have to be very careful because here is where the satan has a good chance of getting mixed in. we don’t have ANY mesora that I know of , of fundraising with leitzunus and entertainment l’shaim entertainment. it’s something that should be consulted with Rabonim outside of the organization , since th millions of dollars can be a ‘shochad yaaver’. they should show the shmorg to rav chaim kanievsky, or rav chaim epstien before it’s distributed.

  7. Oorah fundraising has been getting on my nerves for a long time. However, it raises money for a good cause so I just have to give in and say that I’m too old, things have changed and this is how tzedakah fundraising is done nowadays. It’s a new world and I’m having trouble getting used to it.

  8. To klering, you are like Obama and Israel. Netanyahu said that Obama will not dictate to israel where they can build. Israel themselves will make the decisions. So why in the world should Oorah consult with Rabbonim outside their org? Its their Org and they have their rabonim. And I dont know any org that has to ask permission from R’ Chaim (or show him their fundraising video?!) before putting it out to the public.

  9. yitz, you have a point, but there is a difference. i thinks it’s more like a very erlicheh yid, that want to distribute his food to all of klal yisroel. do you think he should trust himself, or should he have hashgocha on his product? oorah is reaching out to EVERY single yidisheh home in klal yisroel. i think it’s only right that there should be hashgocha on it. all the more so on something which is so sensitive, and the yetzer horah has a much easier time fooling makes an impersion on the neshamos of our dear children and it can’t be downplayed.

  10. What is the difference when a shul or yeshiva make a hachnosas sefer torah or other functions they shut the streets too. Yet no one complains. here they are fundraising for a mossad and people have issues with that.

  11. It’s not a tayna on Oorah for making videos to fundraiser. it is a tayna on us. We need the Chinese acutions, the big dinners, the marketing blitz to make us open our pockets. The fact is we are richer (relative to other times in Jewish history) then ever and the tzedakah needs and goals of our community grow each year. just curious, how many major institution get anything done with pushkas and meshulachim anymore? I can think of one or two and honestly if people didn’t give to reb meir ball hanes when the lost something their revenue would probably be half of what it is. so it is what it is don’t blame Oorah blame yourself

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