VIDEO: Dr. Zelenko discusses the Covid vaccine

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  1. vaccines are an accredited attempt at disease prevention endorsed by leading physicians and fully backed by Rabbonim to protect people from getting sick to the point where getting this protocol or that infusion a day earlier could have would have and should have saved them. also, women under 45 can safely take the vaccine well before the stage where it is not so simple to administer any of the other drugs.

  2. He’s such a caring doctor. All he cares about is his protocol, even with the vastly superior treatment options today; you can tell how out of touch he is with the current state of covid when he says (towards the end of the video) that young people don’t need to be treated…pregnant women are being hammered by covid now. He’s as biased as a democrat.

  3. Great and informative. Just realize as Dr zelenko basically implied, he is biased due to the fact that he believes the zelenko protocol is the answer to the pandemic so he does not believe there is a need for a vaccine.

  4. Can it be that the new mutations coming out (9 in the US) are the result of the vaccines being given to people, making them asymptomatic yet infecting others with the new protein injected into their bodies? (I’ve heard this assumption from another source)

    • No. It can’t be. The new protein (which, by the way is not injected into the body – the body creates it) is just a protein, not a virus, and it can’t infect anyone. Also, the protein is not new, it is the same protein that appears together with the coronavirus.

  5. He starts off by saying in the first minute and a half that all he is doing is providing facts about the vaccine so we can make out own decisions. Then goes on about all HIS opinions and why people should not be taking it. Was that just to get me to continue watching @Dr. Zelenko. Please be transparent so that your medical advice is provided with beneficence and in an ethical and scientific manner. When you spew your OWN opinions out the whole day, your ‘medical’ advice becomes cheap and seems to be coming from a bad place- a place to build up your protocol and put others down. I and many others take whatever you say with a large grain if salt, because of the way you come out like this.

  6. He doesn’t talk about long term damage the virus may cause even to healthy people. Btw 500×100=50000.
    Also only 1% of adverese reactions are reported because a ‘sore arm’ is also considered a adverse reaction.
    He clearly is trying to persuade people NOT to get the vaccine.
    Fyi the reason other vaccines weren’t developed this way is because this technology wasn’t known back then.

  7. This video is not helpful and it is dangerous!! 1) the vaccine was tested on over 70,000 people before being released (pfizer and moderna alone). Rates of conception and other data were compared and no adverse affect. And the VAERS data he is quoting is simply untrue. This video should be taken down immediately. Healthy people have died from Covid19. And are dying at this very moment. Our gedolim are saying to take it. Period. Very wrong to post this as someone may be swayed and put off the vaccine and who knows what c”v could happen! Like that 36 year old man in Israel who believed it would impact fertility and ended up dying. Please ask a Rav if this is ok to publicize.

  8. With all due respect to Dr. Zelenko, this video isn’t even attempting to clarify the questions about the vaccine. Its sole purpose is to promote his own protocol, which isn’t even his own.
    While I personally know people whose illness was very successfully treated with HCQ, there are much better options available today, anyhow.
    Basically, the Zelenko treatment isn’t Zelenko’s, and all that he is engaged in here is self promotion.
    I used to respect him.

  9. Not sure why the scoop would post such a video!?

    Consensus of %99.9 of Dr. is that it’s a safe vaccine.

    Posting such a video just makes people nervous.

    • can you cite your stats about 99.9% of docs because the statistics are shoing that 40%-50% of frontline workers including docs and nurses are declining the vaccine… In israel and in the UK the statisticians are saying that death rates are increasing after vaccination begins… that’s either because of the vaccine or because the vaccine doesn’t work pick your choice….

  10. I’m a big advocate of Dr. Zelenko and his protocol. I’m surprised that more people don’t take it (mostly vitamins) when they show symptoms/test positive for the Covid-19 virus. Once the virus advances to the lower respiratory, it is harder to treat and can cause pneumonia and other breathing complications.
    Regarding the vaccine, nobody can know the LONG term effects of it yet and certainly someone who has antibodies should think twice about why they would run to take it.

  11. Many great people that past away recently, have taken the first dose and then got sick and unfortunately couldn’t recover, so yes if you didn’t get covid untill now, why take the shot.

    • Is that a serious question?
      I’ll entertain it either way… a) Most of the people who have gotten really sick have not taken any vaccine b) The people who you refer to may have felt that they can be less careful because they already had the 1st dose c) Many people have rarely left their home which is why they haven’t gotten the virus d) There is no accredited medical professional who will tell you that the first dose caused anyone to get the virus let alone not be able to recover from it e) the first does does not provide sufficient immunity which is why there are two of them.
      With all due respect, It’s a silly question which I believe you probably made in jest.

  12. Seriously? Even if it’s true that only 1% of adverse reactions aren’t reported, don’t you think the ones that are not reported are a sore arm or slight fever? Don’t you think that anyone who dies from the vaccine is more likely to be reporting? This message is totally biased and should be taken down.

    • ME, if you had actually looked for and read the Harvard study that Dr. Zelenko mentioned before taking the liberty of accusing him a public forum, you would have seen that your assumption about “sore arm and slight fever” is totally incorrect. The study states that only 1-13% of SERIOUS adverse drug events are reported. The study does not provide a % for serious (vs. non-serious) adverse vaccine events, but the implication is clear, and it concludes: “Low reporting rates PRECLUDE or slow the identification of “problem” drugs and vaccines that ENDANGER public health.”

      (Not that I think you will be changing your mind after reading this or the study, as your post itself is the one that shows evidence of “total bias,” given that you are accusing Dr. Zelenko based purely on guesses, not facts.)

  13. Imagine when the POLIO vaccine came out and prevented people from getting paralyzed. Yes, for majority of people vitamins would be sufficient as most people will get better either way. But how many millions of people world wide will be I a wheel chair the rest of their lives or die from polio?
    Dr Zelenko is obviously misguided and blinded by his moment of fame!in this world! Tragically he is a willing participant on ‏שופך דמים.
    As Hashem watches over us, may our Hishtadlus, and Chesed from Hashem, keep us safe and healthy.
    ‏משנכנס הדר מרביים בשמחה.

    • dont tell me to be emes when you simply say loshon hara birabim! and anyway the other commenter is right. it wasnt approved by the FDA! why in the world would i shoot something into my body that wasnt even approved by the FDA.

  14. I respect his honesty but with all due respect I disagree with him here because actually mRNA vaccines have been studied for years (although perhaps not this exact code) and there is no evidence to suggest problems. Additionally the risk/reward must be analyzed. If one takes the vaccine there will be some people who die despite the best treatments as some won’t respond and some wont take treatment early enough. Also some will have long term damage.But with the vaccine there is little reason to believe there will be serious consequences.

  15. @lakewoodscoop Please take this video down. Forget free speech etc… the Rebono Shel Olam doesn’t care about your constitution. This video will be taken the wrong way and people who should be taking the vaccine will not take it. The best way for people to be getting their medical information is from unbiased sources that don’t have any monetary conflicts of interest.

    • he is not bias as you can tell from his video. hes only going to get attacked from putting out this video. he doesnt care if you actually take it because its your own health. he was right before with the zelenko protocol and no one believed it then… but obviously i wont change your mind because you listen to the main stream media and they are all looking for money and and are totally blinded. and btw the vaccine is promoted by george soros and bill gates yemach shemum who are looking to depopulate the country (go look at videos on youtube) . they didnt take the vaccine yet and their kids didnt either. wonder why?????? and so sorry to say but doctors tell rabannim what to say to their ppl and guess what doctors are also blinded by money or they are being threatened by ppl. so you cant believe anyone these days. one thing for sure is that im not taking that killer vaccine and getting myself in trouble.
      when in doubt keep it out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Totally irresponsible of TLS to post this! Anything that would support the misinformed who are trying to convince people not to take the vaccine is like posting support for Cuomo to push the virus into the nursing homes.
    Just plain awfully irresponsible!

  17. This video should contain a notice in the interests of full disclosure that Dr Zelenko has a potential conflict of interest because he has already begun promoting on Facebook his own expensive brand of a vitamin and mineral Zelensky protocal supplement that he wants to begin selling next month.

  18. There are many viable treatments for covid today, including ivermectin. Dr. Zelenko is saying that for most people this illness is not deadly – the CDC says the same thing. There is no doctor on earth that can say for sure that there will not be long term effects from the mRNA vaccine. Realize that this vaccine is still undergoing more clinical trials – in the general public who take the vaccines. If all the trials were already completed then the FDA would have approved and licensed it – which they have not done so yet. So the doctor is basically saying that if there are proven good treatments for covid now, you should think twice before you want to be part of the manufacturers’ clinical trials.

    Yes, many reports to VAERS are very minor, but unfortunately many are not – like strokes, facial paralysis, cardiac arrests and deaths. If you compare the amount of reports coming in since the covid vaccine came out (december 14) with vaccines that have been around for thirty years, you will see that this new vaccine is much more prone to adverse effects.

    cardiac arrests: 72 covid vaccines, 180 flu vaccines, 949 all vaccines
    strokes: 61 covid vaccines, 239 flu vaccines, 735 all vaccines
    deaths: 653 covid vaccines, 1,925 flu vaccines, 9,326 all vaccines

    • Strokes, heart attacks etc reported after vaccination are not more than in vaccinated people with the same comorbidities. The only known severe side effect is a rare allergic reaction and isolated cases of autoimmune response after the vaccine.

      Therefore the vaccine probably had nothing to do with all these VAERS.

      But the only way to know for sure is to compare those vaccinated vs a similar group of unvaccinated.

  19. I don’t understand why you give him a platform. You are acting as a Choteh u’machteh es Horabim! At best, and I mean at best, he is a Daas Yochid where other than a few crackpots, nobody in the medical establishment agrees with. Here are some interesting contradictions in his own words:
    He first undermines the vaccine, by saying it’s only for emergency use and not approved by the FDA. True. However, his own “zelenco protocol” is also not approved by the FDA nor is it even recommended for emergency use, so what’s his point?
    Second, he says his protocol has “cured” 85% of patients that used it… what total nonsense, I can give you my protocol, drink 5 glasses of water every day and 85% of the people will survive. It proves NOTHING. This is why giving him a platform is so dangerous because it’s NOT scientific. As for people under the age of 45 not in danger, I suggest you read the news today where the Jerusalem Post reports 15 pregnant women in Israel in the hospital (I would assume all under 45 years old). This is dangerous as it gives credibility to someone who while I’m sure we’ll meaning, is creating confusion that may RL lead to disastrous outcomes. Hashem Yirachem!

    • You are right, his study did not have a control group which makes it almost meaningless.

      Technically, pregnant women don’t seem to be at high risk of dying. They are at elevated risk for very serious complications. Which is why they should get the vaccine and/or lots of Vitamin D. (Vitamin D reduced ICU admissions by 95% according to a study cited by the Mayo Clinic).

  20. Can Dr Zelenko release numbers from his practice… how many took the hydroxicloroquine and survived. And in general how many patients from his practice died from Covid. Shouldnt the numbers from a pretty insular community speak volumes?

  21. I was say Tehillim on Shabbos begging Hashem to open people’s eyes to the truth about this vaccine (I am not antivax) and when I saw this video, I felt Hashem was answering my tefillos because who would listen to me, but maybe they would listen to Dr. Zelenko. He is someone who promoted HCQ to save lives even though he was and mocked and vilified for it. Now there are many new studies about HCQ and it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be saving lives. Im a nobody who is spending hourse researching this vaccine and have terrible pain knowing the truth about what’s going on. But I am SHOCKED at how many people don’t realize that the vaccine is the next HCQ story with doctors and others afraid to speak against the mainstream opinion Hashem Yerachem. He is 100 percent right about everything he is saying in the video and you know he’s saying the truth because he will get terrible backlash, death threats CV and he doesn’t care because he wants YOU to know the truth. He is a true tzadik and I feel bad for people who don’t realize this.

  22. This comment by @shocked just proves why it is irresponsible for TLS to post Zelenco’s video’s. Well meaning and sincere people now think Hashem is answering their Tefilos with reckless pseudo medical advice. This is not a joke, and not the type of topic where every opinion should be heard, lives are in the balance. Hashem Yirachem!

    • I would be willing to bet that “shocked” is Zelenko himself. It’s just too way over the top to be legit.
      Regardless, I agree that there are people who either are elderly or don’t know any better that believe everything they read or see. Half my night is spent convincing my elderly mother not to to believe some myth she read that day regarding Covid.
      Most web sites stopped giving Zelenko a platform for the exact reasons you mentioned.

  23. When there is only one doctor voicing his difference of opinion you know there is a problem with what he is saying..
    Bottom line we wouldn’t be having an issue with covid if his protocol helped.. It is not a cure.
    There are people that got very sick even after taking his regimen, and there are people that got pretty sick but then got better by not doing his regimen. There is a scientific basis for determining wether a medication is safe and works and his has so far not passed that basis.

    • what???? where in the world did you get that from. they killed this protocol because trump promoted it and main stream hates trump. also ppl can die after they take it if its given to late like when they are already too sick…. your soooo wrong. and go check out the study he did with many doctors around the world…

  24. Let’s go over the facts which he states in his video:

    It’s only authorized with EUA (ermergency use authorization) not full approval by the FDA

    There are safe prophylactic and treatment options that treat COVID and work for most cases (HCQ, ivermectin, steroids, antibiotics, etc.)

    The long term effects of this vaccine is unknown.

    This vaccine is a new technology different than other vaccines.

    THe Vaers has reports of adverse events (right now it is up to over 1000 deaths and 12,000 other adverse events. Anyone can look it up on the CDC website.

    No doctor can argue any of these points. They are true and this is what he stated (except the vaers number was lower when he made the video). If you want to take the risk, that’s your choice, but he didn’t mislead you. There are other doctors and Rabbanim who agree with him but they are being silenced.

    And btw, I am not Dr. Zelnko. He has no time to write comments in the TLS. @anon How much do I get from this bet 🙂

    Everyone should have siatta dishmaya to make the right decision.

  25. With all due respect, you people are all extremely slow!! The vaccine is not for anyone to take at ANY stage! You are all just being fed into by the biased media and now you call Dr. Z biased!!?? The vaccine may have been tested by many people but has only been around for a couple of months. How do you know about any of the long term side affects???

  26. Dr Roberts was the 1st person to go public about his feelings on this Dr. When he put in a personal message to Trump saying how much he loved him ( 1 of his earlier videos) is when I realized how spot on Dr Roberts was.

  27. To all those who are claiming that Dr. Zelenko is biased and promoting his protocol: Do you acknowledge the fact that he came up with a life-saving treatment which he was moser nefesh to bring to public attention and to receive zero honor for? Every study has shown that hydroxychloroquine is extremely effective in reducing the risk of Covid-19. In theory, if that had been recognized from the beginning, hundreds upon hundreds of deaths would’ve been prevented, and essentially the entire danger of Covid-19 would’ve been reduced. So, from that perspective, yes, there really isn’t such a need for any vaccines. For some reason, everyone shies away from openly discussing the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine.
    So, all of you who are criticizing Dr. Zelenko are the ones who are biased and feel guilty and silly for now realizing from the beginning that he was right. Yes, many people have died and are are dying from it. But that’s to a large degree because they weren’t treated with hydroxychloroquine. Also, it’s important to mention that the vast majority of numbers of deaths that are reported are inaccurate, and that many of the deaths in the beginning of the pandemic were caused by hospital neglect. I know that sounds like a conspiracy theory, but if you are objective and honest with yourself, you’ll realize how true it is.

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