VIDEO: Do you agree with his position?

Spotted in Lakewood today.

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  1. “G-D’s perfection needs no injection”, seriously?? That thought process is the the same argument being used to try and outlaw Milah in many European countries. Hashem created a world that requires human intervention to fulfill its purpose. So yes, I am getting vaccinated because R’ Chaim and all other Gedolim have said it’s appropriate and recommended, and so should anyone that holds true Torah values.

    • Do your research. R’ Chaim did not take the vaccine himself. R’ Gershon Edelstein is no longer backing them especially for children. You are being fooled by the media. Dont rely on media for such important information.

    • You’re right that we have to do things, the mussar seforim talk about perfecting Hashem’s world and that He may have even made it “broken” on purpose so that we should fix it.

      The question is where does one see that this equals vaccines?! In other words, there are people who say ‘I can prove the chiyuv of vaccines, as the posuk says ‘venishmartem meod lenafshoseichem’.

      But first you have to prove that a vaccine is necessary – and safe, and effective, then we will understand that it goes into the category of venishmartem. However, if it is Unsafe (has killed some 75K and injure hundreds of thousands in the US alone – and any mediation would normally be pulled after a tiny fraction of that), Unnecessary (we had Zelenko Protocol – used by numerous doctors and entire countries, and Grauci YMCH”SHM fought against it) and INeffective (needs constant boosters, and even the original was never said by the manufacturers to prevent getting or transmitting Covid, only that they would minimize symptoms), then it has nothing to do with venishmartem, and everything to do with gelt, kesef, moola, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!! Big Pahrma laughing all the way to the bank at everyone’s expense. Yemach Shemam!

      So, thank you for bringing up a very good question, and I believe this is a very good and clear answer.
      Much hatzlacha/success!

  2. I agree that this experimental vaccine has been reported to cause myocarditis in some kids and blood clotting as well. The long term affects are not known but we do know that it has caused bleeding issues in woman and girls that could affect their ability to have children. There are still a lot questions and unclarified concerns about these vaccines. Stay away and don’t take a chance with your kids lives. You many think these people standing outside for hours are crazy but they are embarrassing themselves in public and putting themselves out there in order to try to save lives. More people who know real stories of adverse affects from these vaccines (like I do) need to speak up and STOP THE SILENCE.

    • Stop spreading misinformation. The risk of myocarditis is so small. If you don’t vaccinate and catch COVID itself, your risk of myocarditis is much higher.

      The fertility issue is also a lie and had been debunked.

      • Many teenagers and ball players around the world have been getting heart problems – it’s al on camera!! Since they are weak from the poison injection, they get overstrained when playing (note, heads up to anyone who has gotten it, regarding shoveling snow etc. but do take regular walks.)
        If Covid is treated on time and properly, as it should be, there is virtually no risk to anyone – not even the elderly, never mind children. A major expert said that not one child died in the entire world from Covid unless they “also” had such diseases as cancer or diabetes. (Which unfortunately has become more common even for children, thanks to all the junk food etc. And the same investors who invest in Big Junk Food invest in Big Pahrma. Yemach Shemam!! (Yidden better pull out their stocks in order to not be include in this kllala!!)

      • “Misinformation” is a communist term. In a free society there’s freedom of speech, and a scientific consensus can be formed on the basis of open evidence that anyone can challenge.

        You need to learn the difference between (A) facts and (B) claims from power-hungry government bureaucrats that use censorship to stifle all evidence to the contrary.

        The risks of Covid and the risks of the vaccines cannot be independently measured due to government censorship, but all evidence points to governments exaggerating Covid risks and protecting the vaccines.

    • This claim about long term effects is foolish – negative long term effects have never been observed in any other vaccine, and there’s 0 basis to think this one will be different. We’re already long past the threshold when adverse effects would occur –

      • R’ Dov, I don’t understand, besides the terrible effects of the Covid injection listed on VAERS – which is a tiny fraction of reality (the real numbers), but mRNA is a new technology, so how can we compare it to past vaccines?!

      • You should learn the basic concepts of rational philosophy, like the “burden of proof”.

        The motto of real medicine is “Primum Non Nocere” – first do no harm!

        Treatments should be demonstrated safe and effective, and it is reasonable to be skeptical of what effect brand new mRNA-hacking technologies will have in the long term. It is like central planning for everyone’s immune system…

        The motto of real science is “Nullius In Verba” – take no one’s word for it!

        Science is a free market in institutions presenting evidence, which other institutions are free to independently verify or criticize. Mere appeals to government authority are a fallacy, given the very long history of power-grabbing lies by all governments all over the world. That which cannot be freely criticized cannot be considered true…

  3. I’m sorry, but I refuse to inject my opinion into this debate. Every time I try to express my opinion on this matter, my friends needle me and poke fun at me. I’m sorry, but I refuse to take any more of their jabs. I am human, after all, and I am not immune to their ridicule.

  4. Best case scenario the vaccine is experimental, ineffective for the current varient, and even if effective not necessary for young people.
    Worst case scenario which according to vaers seems likely–the shot is dangerous!

  5. I know both the men. They are exercising their right to free speech under the U.S. Constitution.

    When does medicine become medisin? There is no easy answer.

    Consider war. Young men and women are drafted to be part of the military. Some will get hurt. Some will die. But the nation will be saved.

    If the nation does NOT fight the enemy, even more people will die. Different people by and large will die, however, than if there is a draft and a fight is put up.

    With vaccines, some will be harmed and some will die from the vaccine. But most will benefit.

    If no one takes the vaccine, there will be even more harm and more deaths, but it will be different people by and large than those getting vaccinated.

    Another thing to consider: no one knows the effect of the vaccine over ten or twenty years. There could be longterm unexpected side effects.

    A complicated issue. Two men decided to take a public stance, outside the realm of the internet. That’s in the best spirit of the First Amendment.

    • Anyone taking the vaccine is taking a huge risk and will likely still get covid (as many did already). There are much safer treatment options to save lives. Anyone low risk like kids should not even consider taking this jab which may endanger their lives.

  6. His argument is the same of that Roman who asked R’ Akiva the same.
    The Roman asked him “who’s work is better? that Of Hashem or that of man”?
    But instead of the expected response, R Akiva answered, “the work of man is greater”. He then explained to the roman, Hashem MADE the world FOR MAN TO PERFECT, NOT IN A COMPLETE FASHION.
    The example he gave was making bread from wheat. But the idea applies to EVERYTHING, ruchniyus AND gashmiyus.

  7. #1 Hashem said to do milah,but hashem didn’t say to inject yourself with this.

    #2 In ruchnius a person isn’t perfect, but the immune system that hashem put in place, is built to fight off viruses,in addition you don’t meed to inject yourself with danger in order to be safe.

  8. #1 hashem said to to milah, but didn’t say to inject yourself with this.

    #2 In ruchnius a person isn’t perfect, but the immune system that hashem put in place is built to fight off viruses, in addition you don’t need to inject yourself with danger in order to be safe.

  9. some asked silly question, bread and etc. is a קללה of בזעת אפיך and ברית is a צווי from ‘ה and that is y avraham did not do it before ‘ה told him

  10. The disaster to offer children these horrible toxic injections is a curse on our community and will soon be mourned. Who in their right mind would accept a notorious fertility weapon as if a Jewish future can be built on injured and infertile children ?
    I am pleased to read there is a human pulse registering in Lakewood and if some scared out of his mind middle aged person wants to ruin his/ her health with this junk science over a “virus “ no one has ever seen or isolated based on rumor that is their own horrible mistake. A child lacks informed consent and will pay dearly for the bad decision making of their parents . No one can justify this monstrous action !!

  11. Eat properly and you’ll be healthy. No junk food and soda loaded with sugar. Exercise and take vitamins and don’t worry. I wouldn’t take the shots and put foreign stuff into my body.

  12. Until Pfizer can be legally held accountable for any adverse reactions as a result of the vaccine anyone who’s taking it is a sheep.

    Yes you are no different than a sheep from לבן.

    And for most of them sheep taking this vaccine it’s like a man taking a pregnancy vaccine.

    You are at zero risk yet you take vaccine because you’re a ????

    The CEO of Pfizer didn’t even take the vaccine.

    Gossage out.

    • @Goose Gossage-The CEO of Pfizer is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of March 10, 2021. Not sure where you get your info from.

      Sure, we’re like sheep. The hospitals are full and no beds mean no beds for your stroke, your heart attack, your MVA. So while you might be comfortable with the odds on surviving COVID-19, we’re full and no beds mean you’ll die at home ALONE. Are you comfortable with that?

      • Yes, by now he apparently took it (although there is suspicion that these CEOs and gov. officials all took a placebo. Why are none of them having heart attacks and seizures, while hundreds of thousands around the world are!!! Ball players falling on the field, pilots crashing more than usual – small plane with only one pilot, miscarriages are up – particularly on mothers who just got the shot, etc.)
        But the CEO of Pfizer didn’t take it the day it came out. When asked by the news, he said ‘they were first giving it to the elderly and health care workers who “need” it more – I’ll get it when it’s my turn’, he said.
        Mamesh a tzadik yesod Olam, so selfless!!!
        TY for your point, and I think this sheds lights on the matter.

  13. I daven to Hashem that whoever does their hishtadlus in taking care of their health, whether they believe taking the shot will help or whether they believe taking the shot will be harmful, they should all be healthy.

  14. Miscarriages have gone through the roof since the covid shots began.
    Shifra and Puah are not the heroines of very many of the people who should be telling you this.

  15. Oh my! I remember this guy!
    During the measles outbreak, my doctor’s office was offering MMR shots in a tent and there was a line around the parking lot. This guy came along and delivered a sermon to the parents waiting– that we are rotzchim and injecting our children with toxins, if we would only know (or something to that effect).

  16. He is pushing Greek apikorsus.

    The medrish rabba explicitly attacks this apikorsus shita on the pasuk on the word lassos in vayichulu on the first shabbos ever

  17. 1- When did everyone in Lakewood suddenly become smarter than all the doctors? Most doctor’s offices seemed pretty full the past few weeks, so maybe they still do trust the doctors.
    2- Why do so many people “know people who got injured by the vaccine”. but these people don’t have a name of a face?
    3- Why does everyone keep pointing to websites that anyone can submit anything they like for ‘proof’ that people were harmed by the vaccine?
    4- I challenge anyone of the antivaxers in Lakewood to go take a course in virology or immunology and then spend as long as any other medical professionals in Lakewood who are saying that the vaccine is safe in medical school, and then come state your point. Until then, I’m not sure where your knowledge to add something to the conversation comes from.

    • The doctors have not studied this vaccine; they are parroting others as well. (Big Pharma, Big Gov, Deep State etc.)

      Who told you that people think they’re smarter than doctors, it’s just that they know the doctors don’t know. Search for an article called ‘The State of Nutrition Education at US Medical Schools’ and you’ll find that doctors don’t learn anything about nutrition. So they don’t know that virtually all illnesses can be prevented through nutrition, and they don’t know that the vast majority can be cured through nutrition as well. (Along with a general healthy lifestyle, exercise, relieving oneself daily, happiness etc.), and they also cause hospital malnutrition; patients are just given rations to keep them alive for their medicine and surgery; they’re not given the delicious, nutritious foods that they need — which would help them physically and emotionally. Doctors are totally ignorant of nutrition, and, with all due respect, are ignorant of this fact in itself, and most people simply don’t realize the great importance of nutrition — and its importance to eth immune system as well, and the reason they don’t is ‘because my doctor didn’t tell me’!

      While it’s true that anyone can contribute to VAERS, it takes half an hour to fill out a report. Doctors definitely do not, as they are not really required to Zelenko said that some applications that he and his colleagues submitted were rejected on a technicality, and that sometimes even after they were posted, they were removed from the system for no apparent reason!!!
      So we see that VARERS can be greatly trusted – at least for what is there; who else would be posting on VAERS if not someone who had a true message to share?!
      And AVERS itself was only started only by the gov. after pressure from major Vaccine Risk Awareness orgs – such as NVIC.
      And according to all studies done on VAERS, it reflects a maximum of 10% of reality (because so few cases get reported/posted), and, according to one government-sponsored Harvard study, it reflects only 1% of reality!!!

      There is a frum scientist in Lakewood who has said that there is clear data that people with fertility issues who have taken the injection are down to zero, and people who were in normal health are greatly weakened. We hope and pray that the effects of the vaccine should wear off; but we don’t know if it will be permanent or not – or if those who got it will live another five years. Rabbanim who have spent hours discussing it with these experts are now advising people regarding shidduchim that if they go into a shidduch with someone who was injected, they must be prepared to not have children, or, at most, very few.
      Hashem yerachem!!!

    • 1. To understand the Covid situation, you need more than just basic medical knowledge. (And an intelligent person who spends his life reading encyclopedia articles doesn’t need to go to medical school to have basic medical knowledge.) To understand Covid alarmism you also need to understand politics, economics, and world events. Political biases and agendas of powerful people influence everything that happens.

      2 & 3. That’s simply not true. There are literally millions of people who’ve experienced vaccine side-effects. They are pressured not to talk about it, but many do. It’s ok for a vaccine to have side-effects and still be beneficial, but the governments have been caught in far too many lies, exaggerating the “crisis” and pushing their power-grabs.

      4. I challenge the Covid alarmists and vax-pushers to take responsibility for all their failed promises and predictions. But there is no responsibility. You can’s sue the government and you can’t sue the vax manufacturers no matter what!

      And please stop using the word “anti-vaxers”. It’s like calling anyone who wouldn’t eat bacon “anti-food”! Some vaccines have been proven effective for centuries. This mRNA subscription is very very different.

      Government power needs alleged “crisis” in order to grow. This isn’t just a “vaccine”, it’s a communist nationalization of your immune system! It starts with “two weeks to flatten the curve”, then one shot, then four shots a year, and then they’re planning monthly shots and lower-tier citizenship with reduced rights for anyone who questions them.

  18. Protest, protest, protest!!! Major Chesed. Now not everyone understands the seriousness – just like not everyone understood when they heard reports of what was going on in the Holocaust – not even some Jews believed when they heard reports from concentration camp escapees!!!

    • Every survivor I know is disgusted by comments like these. Don’t even try to compare this safe vaccine with the Holocaust. It totally diminishes the enormity of the Holocaust.

      • Sorry, but the Nazis experimented on 6 million, and now Big Pahrma is experimenting on six BILLION!
        But I can also show you an official report where Holocaust survivors are interviewed and say that this is at least as bad as that. Search for an article entitled Gates, Fauci charged with genocide in court filing – desertreview

  19. We are Jews. We do not make up catch phrases based on emotional arguments that have no basis in the Torah. How do you know that God’s perfection needs no injection? Do you have a Torah source for that? You could just as easily claim people shouldn’t take antibiotics because “God’s perfection needs no intervention”! Or we shouldn’t wear coats because “God’s perfection needs no protection”!

    I have a Torah source that says the opposite of this leidigeyer. If a doctor, Jewish or non-Jewish, tells you to eat on Yom Kippur, you listen (Mishnah, Yoma). If there is debate among doctors, you follow rov de’os, unless someone’s life is at stake, in which case you are always maikel on Yom Kippur and machmir on taking care of your health (Gemarah, Yoma). If one schooled doctor disagrees with many unschooled practitioners, we follow the formally educated doctor (Aruch Hashulchan).

    • To answer your second paragraph, and thank you very much for asking, as this leads to great discussion, the concept of rov (majority of) doctors is perhaps the most pivotal part of the entire halacha shaila of vaccines, because that is what it all comes down to. Now, the simple answer to that is that, with all due respect, doctors really do not know anything about vaccines. As surprising as this may sound, it is simple fact. As doctors who have gone against the system have written in their books, they did not learn anything about vaccines in medical school; they spend a few days on vaccines, telling them they’re necessary, safe and effective, and much about how to inject them, and the schedule for every age (most “most important” part), but they spend absolutely no time proving any of the three aforementioned statements of necessity, and they CERTIANLY do not bring up the ‘anti’ tainos and attempt to refute them. It is as if the antis don’t exist in medical school, and for good reason. As if they were to bring up those arguments, the students would begin to think, and the answer would be self-evident.
      Let us see, regarding the question of necessity, the answer is that nutritious food will give the body a robust immune system, and, combined with proper sanitation (not having too many germs around), people stopped dying starting from the late 1800s, until, by the mid 1900s, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE was dying any more from Measles, Polio etc. anymore (maybe 1/10,000 cases which is considered nothing according to the medical world and, lehavdil, al pi halacha. In other words, regarding the question of giving a medication to prevent it – which has its own risks, it would definitely not be a heter – and certainly not a chiyuv – to take such a medication.
      So, measles etc. deaths and all had stopped by the mid-1900s, and this was BEFORE the vaccines came out.
      (Also, all the statistical info. quoted here comes from the CDC itself, and as such books get written and they have links referencing their graphs, the CDC goes and changes the links, so that it should not be so easy for people to look it up!!! Thus, they write in these books ‘referenced on ___ date’).
      Regarding the question if vaccines are safe, we said that they are not. Why? They cause much – if not most – autism and seizures and asthma etc, due to dangerous chemicals in the vaccines. A father of a vaccine-injured child, J.B. Handley, who one of the most famous activists in Vaccine Risk Awareness, writes that while doctors will typically tell parents that the risk of injury from vaccines is one/one-million, it’s actually about 1/40 – maybe even 1/36.
      (His son became autistic, and was in a very poor condition, thanks to natural detoxification interventions and giving him to eat very healthy foods – and not junk food which just makes things worse, he has improved much, over the years. To the point that he can go along with the family on a trip without throwing big tantrums etc.
      Ineffective: They don’t provide the same immunity that, for example natural measles provides. Vaccines last, at best, 10-30 years; natural; a lifetime.
      They don’t teach any of this in medical school. Entire books have been written on this – such as Dissolving Illusions (and see the author’s site by that name), and NO ONE argues on any of this this (some just don’t know). See ‘critique’ section on that site, where Big Pahrma – disguised as a young mother – tried, weakly, to disprove her, and she answers each question clearly and professionally.
      All the issues with past vaccines are a drop in the bucket compared to the Shekerona genetic code injection. The Covid “vaccines” (which didn’t even fit the FDA’s criteria for being defined as a vaccine, and so they went and changed their criteria!) have killed far more than all the other vaccines put together in all their existence!!! Also, any new medication that would cause injury and death, would traditionally be pulled after a tiny fraction of the deaths caused by the Covid injection. And yet, here not only they are not stopping it, but they are pushing it even more, and threatening loss of jobs etc, which, by the way, is all acting like the Nazis, as they are violating the Nuremberg Code of informed consent, and, besides that they do not get informed consent at vaccine centers, but even if they told you of all the problems that have occurred so far, it would STILL would not be good enough, as there are many unknowns, as this vaccine has not been properly tested even on animals!!!
      Much hatzlacha!

  20. Aaron has come forward to ask why are doctors ignorant ? The answer here is easy and this is because the workings of the human body are way beyond the scope and understanding of a medical Doctor Who has never taken any time to study the problem. It is not a difference of opinion to suggest that the virus has never been isolated and proven to be a pathogen. The fact of the matter is we are destroying the world based upon zero evidence of a pathogen not a single person has isolated and proven That there is a pathogen that causes disease Further the toxic world that Aaron’s doctors have created is ample reason humanity is in desperate shape without conjuring up a fake “virus”. These evil men have been given a tremendous amount of license to prove their case and they have nothing to justify the insane assault on the world economies and their incredibly dangerous injections . The people have awaken. A virologist is a magician not a scientist and the world needs real science and not some childish rumor mongering based in a media cashing their checks from pharma felons Yes protect our children Those two young men should be apppauded.

  21. The rational position is not “pro vax” or “anti vax”. The rational position is to calculate the risk differential for every vaccine. Many vaccines have saved many millions of lives.

    To calculate risk differential we need to know the probabilities of harms from Covid, and the probabilities of harms from the vaccine. But the only thing we know for certain is that governments have been exaggerating the risks of Covid and censoring evidence of vaccine side-effects. This alone is a good enough reason to boycott this vaccine.

    No transparency – no jab!

    No accountability – no jab!

    Governments are always biased towards exaggerating every “crisis” to expand their own power. Real science cannot tolerate government bullying, censorship, and lies!

  22. Aaron asks how can anyone who has not been the medical school have a valid opinion about a medical issue. This racises the point why would anyone take the opinion Of the least educated and worst system in the history of mankind?
    I’m sorry to say that the world of medicine is not limited to the sick twisted freaks the liars and corrupt non-scientist at the CDC and Iour failed governmental institutions
    America has fallen under the influence of Rockefeller pharmaceutical medicine from the very top 100 years ago to the very bottom today. Given this sad state of affairs I have no idea why Aaron doesn’t ask why people systematically refuse to listen to the opinions of total losers incorrectly seek out the evidence of successful intelligent correct scientist who completely oppose the narrative pushed by this crazy government by force? Aaron is asking the same question posed by critics of the old Soviet era who suggested that grocery store is loaded with food in the United States 50 years ago is a complete lie. Sensible people judge a topic based upon the evidence i’m not simply based upon white some corrupt government institution with terrible motives is pushing. Aaron might also ask why he clings to Jewish tradition in the face of the fact that most of the world disagrees? We trust our tradition because that authority comes with a good Pedegree. By contrast the system that is produced the most heart disease the most cancer the most autism the most auto immune disease must be question on his face end it is only proven authority that stands above the fray. Not only is Fauci a criminal he’s a mass murderer why might we trust that authority? I hope that you wake up soon Aaron and stop taking your opinions from people who don’t know even the first thing about the topic.

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