Urgent Message for Pregnant Women

With the recent advent of newer strains of Covid-19 in our area, and for reasons yet unknown to medical experts, females, and especially pregnant women appear to have become more vulnerable to coronavirus infections and subsequent complications. Additionally, it appears that their presenting symptoms may differ slightly from regular cases of coronavirus infection, resulting in a need for extra vigilance among this population.

What To Do – per conversation with multiple medical professionals:

  1. Contact CPI – If a pregnant woman becomes ill with Covid-19 they should immediately contact the Covid Plasma Initiative at 828-4-PLASMA, an organization that has helped many and who can be of tremendous assistance with regard to accessing treatment options and providing steps to take in order to lessen the risk of serious complications. They can be of particular assistance with getting monoclonal antibody treatments which have been shown great promise in treating Covid-19 infections.
  2. Monitor Oxygen Levels – It is crucial that pregnant women who have become infected check their oxygen level 2-3 a day using a pulse-ox. These devices are cheap and can also be borrowed from Bikur Cholim of Lakewood. If the oxygen saturation level dips to 95 or below, call Hatzolah to have them check the patient. It does not mean that the woman will be transported to a hospital; rather, it simply allows for medical professionals to get involved and assist in monitoring the woman in case the situation deteriorates, and Hatzolah will assist them in being in touch with the relevant doctors who can help keep the severity of the infection to a minimum. There are b”h very effective medicines and therapies available to treat Covid-19 infections. However, many of the medications can only be used in the early days of the infection and the worse an infection becomes, the more difficult it is to treat it. Therefore, it is absolutely critical that oxygen levels are monitored and help is requested if oxygen levels drop.

TLS has learned of a number of cases where pregnant women arrived at the hospital with their oxygen levels below 80%, far past the point when they should have begun receiving medical attention. Monitoring oxygen levels is vital and cannot be stressed enough.

There are real, terrific treatments available. But making sure that you are on top of the situation is as important as the treatments themselves.

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    • Are you brainless? Here is an organization that has been on the forefront of saving lives during this pandemic aside for all the tremendous chessed they do and you have the chutzpah to make leitzanus, Hashem yeracheim:(

  1. Thank you for this info. Just curious, where is this recommendation coming from? Cdc? There is no source. Not saying its accurate but with info like this,we need to know where its coming from

  2. The safest prevention for pregnant woman and treatment is HCQ and vitamin D which is safe for them. Take it as a prophylaxis and dont get sick in the first place! Both the antibody treatment and the vaccine are not FDA approved and have risks. That being said the vaccine is more dangerous than the antibody treatments and covid may also be dangerous for pregnant woman. You can no longer follow the mainstream. you must reserach everything thoroughly with new a disease and new treatments. (HCQ is old). Call somech if you are unsure.

  3. if someone is pregnant and has mild covid symptoms, should they be concerned for said “subsequent complications”? What does that mean? and in a previous post, it was mentioned that woman were having miscarriages. did they miscarry while they had covid, or only when they had severe symptoms?

  4. N: If you’ve been keeping tabs on the Covid outbreak in Eretz Yisroel where the new mutations have spread, you would have heard of the list of names of pregnant women in the ICU to daven for. Most of the babies had to be delivered and intubated as well, most of them surviving so far but in the ICU. Chacham Einav B’Rosho. Be aware and be prepared for all situations. May we hear only besoros Tovos.

  5. what’s holding up the vaccines? why are vaccines not available to people of all age, race, and gender regardless of their wealth or political connection?

    • What! “people have miscarriages from the vaccine”!

      Moderators…you allow through this shtus and distortion that may sway people from vaccines away!
      YOU Moderators! will be responsible for these deaths!

  6. These are all still considered experimental and only approved for emergency use. HCQ, Zinc, and moderate Vitamin D is proven but the government is a big club and you’re not in it.

  7. Stop fear-mongering our yiddushe mommas with this propaganda that is used in Israel to try to reach full herd immunity. Israel has from the highest pregnancy rates in the world, hence the need for them to conveniently scare them into taking something that is completely experimental especially in pregnancy. They have NO idea what harm it may do to the fetus. Note that Israel began talking about “more dangerous” new strain right on their debut of the vaccine-while the rest of the world was saying that it is more infectious but NOT more dangerous. Three weeks later when they are up to the age of woman that would be pregnant suddenly that day “it is dangerous for pregnancy” when nowhere else in the rest of the world did they report new strains being more dangerous for pregnancy (I know everyone can cite one story that they know personally and perhaps some Hebrew names that they dont even know the last name, but that doesn’t prove anything changed from march that pregnancy is perhaps slightly slightly higher risk for young woman). Now that Israel is almost up to kids-whom the vaccine hasn’t been tested on-mark my word you will be hearing about “serious illness in children” propaganda in the next two weeks to a month. An article freaking out Lakewood parents will come a week after in TLS titled ” should we close schools due to the new strain”. My prediction.

    • Common sense, nice conspiracy theory you’ve got there. However, multiple pregnant women have been hospitalized locally. How did the Israeli govt arrange that, pray tell?

    • Not sure where you get your info from but the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson himself said that there is some evidence that the new English strain is more deadly and that they’re investigating it further. The South African mutation has even more evidence about it.

      People – please stop burring your head in the sand and learn how to recognize conspiracy theories from factual science. When an organization like Puah endorses the conclusion of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine on vaccines for pregnant women, take them more seriously than any anecdotal evidence from Joe Shmoe.
      When Bikur Cholim in Lakewood raises the alarm on the number of young women being hospitalized, they’re certainly not part of the general covid conspiracy theory that will stop the day after Trump is defeated (!)

      Talk to your trusted OB/Gyn, do the right Hishtadlus and rely on Hashem that everything will go well.

  8. It says clearly on the CDC website that HCQ is safe for pregnant woman and nursing mothers. Go the safe route, not the experimental – unless you enjoy being the experiment for some reason… You just must take it RIGHT away, so you have to be very on top of any little symptoms or better yet take it as a preventitive

  9. Finally.
    I’m so grateful that this post is up.
    It’s absolutely the truth.
    Anyone I know who got treated as soon as their oxygen levels started dipping past 93, recovered in a matter of days. Including myself.
    Anyone who didn’t check their oxygen saturation levels consistently and who’s numbers dipped below 90, had a much harder time recovering. And some of them had to be ventilated.
    Please borrow a pulse oxometer from Bikur Cholim and DONT be afraid to go to the hospital if need be. There are wonderful treatment protocols out there… When treated early.
    May Hashem heal klal Yisroel and bring moshiach.

    • Well said.

      I will just add: not all hospitals are equal! If hospitalization is needed, please make sure that the patient is taken to a hospital with a good track record for good outcomes with Covid patients.

  10. I am a health care professional and pregnant myself. My OB was ranting that it doesn’t say anywhere reputable about getting these antibodies and she doesnt know why all her patients are asking for them.Im all for learning something new , and bikur cholim is an amazing organization, but where are they getting their info and who is backing it up??? If someone can post the source that would be great.besuros tovos !

    • @N

      When your OB says it doesn’t say anywhere reputable about getting these antibodies, she is referring to expecting women getting this treatment or this whole antibody infusion altogether?

      I am a man, and I got his infusion and Baruch Hashem within 24 hours my fever was gone after a week of fever.

  11. If everybody would do the right thing in the first place wearing masks and social distancing then we would not be having this terrible problem in the first place. Whoever gave you the right to go against all the doctors and Rabbonim?

  12. I will explain why the new strains are more dangerous for expecting Women. The new strains are more contagious because they replicate faster. Zinc is known to slow the viruses replication which could be low in expecting mothers because their copper is naturally higher. high copper means lower zinc. The high load of the virus will cause retinol depletion and the body can not use its initial calm methods of fighting it like it does the common cold. Therefore the body will kick the immune system into a much more severe response causing cykotine storm and sever inflamation. The solution to this would be to keep cod liver oil on hand and take 1 to 2 teaspoons daily if you feel symptoms. Doctors should be checking ceruloplasmin for any expecting mother with sever symptoms to confirm. Dont use regular vitamin A because many european jews do not convert vitamin a to retinol properly. I am not a doctor and this information does not substitute for conventional medical advice but cod liver oil is harmless in low amounts and could and should be used to prevent sever illness in our population.

  13. Everyone should ask their Rav. This is a very sensitive matter that needs to be decided with daas torah. One Rav may say different then another, but as long as you are following daas Torah, you are doing the right thing.
    Hashem should send a Refuah to all the Cholim and we should hear Besuros Tovos!

  14. why is this safer than the vaccine?????

    why is everyone runnnnnning like crazy for all these treatments. the vaccine has been studied and tested on tens of thousands and given to millions??

    i am not against this treatment. i am all for it if it works. don’t get me wrong.

    it just seems very similar to the vaccine- both give the patient antibodies. except the vaccine is preventative. it would logically make more sense to me to take the vaccine and avoid nebach being on a tehilim list and having to go running to get an emergency treaement

  15. Trust Bikur Cholim, they are on the ground helping our community get through the plague without any political ambitions.

    Doctors are great at what they are taught, however, since this is anew virus there is no proven info out there. They will just follow the corrupt CDC who has changed their position on almost every recommendation so far.

    You are best off listening to those who are out there in our community with nothing in it for themselves. They are watching the different Doctors & hospitals & judging & recommending purely by which methods are producing positive outcomes.

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