UPDATED: VIDEO: Child Struck, Pinned Under Vehicle after Getting off School Bus

child pinnedVIDEO: A child was struck and pinned under a vehicle moments ago on Clifton Avenue. The incident occurred at the intersection of Carey Street.

Emeregency personnel reportedly pulled the child from under the vehicle, and are currently treating the boy. The child is reportedly conscious at this time.

Sources say, the child, approximately eight years old, was getting off a school bus when a vehicle came from the other direction and struck the child, dragging him several feet. The vehicle was reportedly unable to stop due to the icy road conditions.

The child suffered serious injuries, and was transported by Hatzolah Paramedics to Jersey Shore University Medical University.

clifton 2Lakewood’s Traffic & Safety division and CSI are investigating the incident.

[TLS-28/TLS-55. Video: TLS-28]


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  1. I could go on and on with all the problems in this town. There are too many cars parked on the roads..making them to narrow to drive on..and creating blind spots for drivers. Developments being built with only one way in and one way out..causing drivers to pull out into traffic whenever they get a small separartion between cars..or sit there waiting forever. AND there are too many inconsiderate drivers in this town who seem to be in such a hurry all the time. People are paying with their lives now. It’s ridiculous.

  2. Doesn’t anyone read the article before posting comments?? It says he is approximately 8 and says the vehicle could not stop due to the icy roads! Nothing to-do about developments, crowded roads, nor not stopping for blinking bus lights!

  3. Couldn’t stop cause of weather?!!? How fast was s/he moving before s/he couldn’t stop due to skidding. Slow down when weather isn’t great.
    Don’t speed on Clifton either.

    I watched 3 times today people running bus red lights. 1 on ridge 1 on 9th and Clifton and 1 on 14th and Kimberly

  4. yhe only way you could have seen that three times today is if you were the driver all three times. By the way, in slippery conditions, sometimes you can’t stop even when driving slow in the first place. You are obviously not too experienced at driving.

  5. This is crazy. Sadly, as much we post here, a large part of the oilam is not getting the nessage. I think every Shabbos M’vorchim, in every shul in town, when the Rov speaks, the last 2 min should be dedicated to driving safely. And in every yeshiva, every shiur, every Rosh Chabura, every Va’ad, the week of Shabbos M’vorchim, there should be a mention to Save a life – Drive Safely. Its the least we can do.

  6. I agree anon. I drive in lakewood. And my red lights are run at least once daily. I’m cut off alot. People are rushing by. Don’t stop like they are supposed to. 50 ft before the bus or behind it. Pay attention. These are your children. God bless the boy and his family. Such a tragedy.

  7. My heart goes out for the child and family, may he have a refua shelyma. It would be wise for this law to be reevaluated. Having young children cross a two way Ave in the hope that cars stop for the bus seems very scary and unsafe to me. My 7 year old daughter actually had a morning pick up/ bus stop also having to cross an Ave. I tryed calling BOE to reverse the route which would have caused no harm to anybody on that bus route, but they saw no reason for change! I stood out there every morning and I can’t tell you how many close calls I witnessed. May Hashem watch over all our children.

  8. maybe its time for the bus companies to take some responsibility and STOP this business of dropping kids off on the wrong side of the street! Children should never have to cross and rely on the stop signs… the system is dangerous and clearly unreliable!

  9. Since when is it the fault of the roadway that the vehicles operator was driving too quickly to stop for a school bus??? Hmmmm perhaps it’s the spoons fault that America has an obesity epidemic.

  10. Sorry but the bus blinks yellow before it blinks red. Blinking yellow means caution. Then it blinks red. Then the child gets off the bus and unto the road. This is quite a few seconds, plenty of time for an aware driver to stop….. So we are not just looking for the red lights…with the blinking yellow we are driving cautiously and slow.

  11. #14 is correct. The light flashes yellow before turning red. The driver should’ve started to slow down when the yellow lights flashed. He/she should’ve been able to stop by the time the lights turned red. An icy road on which you skid more than 20 feet is the fault of the driver. But we’ll let the police decide what happened in this case.

  12. Beacuse part of the problem is our streets are not being treated properly. The roads should be pretreated and treated with salt .
    Same.for parking lots.
    A delivery van spun out in a school.parking lot , feet away from me, just as I was warning my wife lets take a step back . I dont trust any vehicle especially if its this snow and icy with nonsalt .

  13. The buses can also improve. They often drive too fast and also leave on their flashing lights between stops, etc. also, can improve at making sure stop sign comes out. Maybe buses should have cameras to record all of this

  14. Maybe blame the bus drivers they shouldn’t open the door till the coast is clear especially when its slippery on the roads in general those bus drivers think they own the road when they’re putting children’s lives in danger they should make believe they’re driving their own kids maybe they would drive alittle more careful!

  15. Doubtful, Did you hear of good, not rubbed out/ snow – winter tires? Check your tiers and maybe buy a new set. You will be surprised how your car will function in bad weather.

  16. First off I’m a bus driver in this town…. the people of this town have no respect for buses carrying there own children…. I had a parent almost run over there own child because when they see the yellow lights to them it means speed up and beat the reds…the person who should be the blame is the of the driver of vehicle these people will come around the corner and see your letting kids off and still try to go around beeping the horn to try and rush kids… everybody is in a rush to go nowhere… and it’s getting worse and worse as the everyday…and everyday they move more and more people into this already over populated town smdh another child hit

  17. #18 & 23 when the child is dropped off and doesn’t have to cross the street i don’t think the driver has to put on his lights. for instance when you see them unloading in front of a school they don’t put on their lights.LET’S ALL OF YOU STOP BLAMING THE DRIVERS IT’S US PEOPLE THAT HAVE POOR DRIVING MANNERS AND IT HAS TO BE CORRECTED BIG TIME.

  18. Ur friend… I hope you realize you’re a hypocrite I’m a bus driver and I am very cautious when it comes to my children that I Drive I consider them my children when they’re in my vehicle and I take special care that they are safe the door openS and the lights go on that’s how a bus works so before you start bashing bus drivers know your information

  19. The township is not responsible for school parking lots that is your landscapers job. The township is only responsible for township streets & municipal lots. Pre-treating only helps with initial contact w/weather. You can not get to every street all at once, some drivers need to stay off their phones (which I see alot of men & women constantly with their phones to their ears) and pay attention. The roads are congested and not going to get any easier. Come ON People, these are our kids!

  20. Abuse stop signs, in all my 7 years I can not agree with that. Its easy to forget to turn them off if a stop is not there. I will agree we are all guilty. And there are times when lights n stop signs malfunction. But we use our stop signs to ensure safety but how can you abuse a power which people dont respect in the first place. People always pointing the finger! Turn that finger around and re- evaluate your self! I try my best to make sure the kids dont get off until its safe and even then I cant control the moron coming around the corner at 50 mph….PEOPLE, WAKE UP

  21. You are being ridiculous! Stop looking who to blame! Take a step back, say a prayer for this little boy, his family, the bus driver, and lastly for the driver of the vehicle–who will now face a LIFETIME of guilt and legal troubles. Any driver in possession of a license is required to adjust their speed based on weather conditions. Any driver in ANY town on a weekday in the morning or afternoon must be aware of the possibility they may drive near a bus. Simple. Regardless of opinion, it was the driver’s fault. I hardly believe the driver would ever want something like to happen. We need to drive carefully.

    Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before you judge. A bus driver has upwards of 30 kids to keep seated and quiet while paying attention to the road. The driver could’ve been singing along to their favorite tune. The child may have been thinking about playing with friends.

    The fact of the matter is that a tragedy occurred. If you know anyone involved, be there for them, make them a meal or take out the trash so they have time to process and grieve. These folks all need love and lots of it.

  22. Anytime a driver is letting a child off a school bus in the state of nj whether they cross in front of the bus or not they must have red flashing lights on. For someone to suggest there is no need for that if the child doesn’t cross in front of the bus is obsurd.

  23. Is there a specific wait time required from when the bus lights flash yellow until they flash red? There are times when the lights flash yellow for a fraction of a second before turning red. I then have the choice of either slamming on my brakes (which is not a good choice in bad weather) or not being able to stop in time. That being said, I constantly see cars pass busses with red lights flashing when there is ample wait time and the roads are not slick!!

  24. please keep in mind you can be going extremely slow and still not be able to stop on icy conditions. Remember the accident last year in brick on the bridge? You don’t have to be speeding to slip or slide.

  25. I live in North Jersey and come down to Lakewood to visit relatives. When I get close to my destination, I have to be extra careful and aware. I put my defensive driving skills to work. People drive excessively fast on the side roads. Cars shooting out of driveways without looking, pedestrians crossing at the crosswalk when I am almost at the intersection. Even a schoolbus on Christmas day stopped really quick. Not much time for other drivers to stop before red lights came on. Those kids on that bus need to be taken better care of and the driver needs to make sure it is safe before opening the school bus door. That is it in a nutshell. Although it may not be the drivers fault, they are our child’s first line of protection. Also. I teach my kids that even though you may have the right of way as a pedestrian, always always check your surroundings. Especially now with all the texting going on . Danger Will Robinson.

  26. Fee i wasnt talking about you,your the best bus driver we need more like you I would like to take this time to thank all the emergency responders for helping us at all times even when its freezing outside

  27. Driving in Lakewood, I’ve come to hate buses. However, I will always stop for a bus and wait until the lights stop flashing. I’ve seen several times in a single day cars disregard this and pass the buses. A case that stands out in my head is one day on fourteenth street, a car passed a bus on the right side as the children were coming off. Like it or not, there’s a driving problem in this town. People are being way too selfish and not caring about others. It must stop before more tragedies happen.

  28. What time of day did this happen? I know in Lakewood the private schools stop around 4:30 or 5:00 p.m. (so I’m told). Would it not make more sense to end schools same time public schools end? It would be so much safer for all. If end time is 5:00 p.m. that is when the commuters are “rushing” to get home and makes it dangerous for children getting off school buses.

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