UPDATE: Statement from Kashrus organization on Manalapan Chinese Express restaurant

The attached statement was released after the restaurant owner, who isn’t Jewish, was seen allegedly purchasing large quantities of non-kosher meat.

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  1. i think the OK owes the lakewood tzibbur
    a little more then the letter above to explain what exactly prompted them to remove their hashgocha.
    why if they were advised many times and were made aware about the questionable trust or lack thereof didnt they remove their hashgocha earlier???
    if the OK wants their haschgocho to be trusted in the future ,they owe the public a lot more information then the letter above telling people who ate their oh btw kasher your keilim. no apology just keep on eating boys keep on patronizing any store that has hebrew letters on the window

    • Get off your high horse! THEY DON’T OWE YOU ANYTHING. It’s not like the place is in Lakewood. It’s not like the place is in Howell either. It’s a good 20 minute ride from you. No one has to tell you anything. You’re not important enough! Face it!

  2. A mashgiach at the “Kosher” Chinese of Manalapan told me that he is “not at all surprised” about this discovery. He says also that he probably ate non-kosher there, even though is was a couple of years back.

  3. its so abundantly obvious how much more professional TLS is then other news outlets when it comes to these types of things. while others are throwing tantrums like 4 year olds about not getting a response, TLS just waits for more information and reports like true professionals.

  4. In response to the kashrus alert on the aforementioned Chinese restaurant, the Chinese government issued a statement on Monday warning the New Jersey Jewish community that it might take retaliatory measures by forcefully removing the kashrus certifications of all kosher restaurants in China, including Delis and bagel & lox eateries.
    The statement reads as follows: “We believe the removal of the kashrus certification from the New Jersey restaurant was an unkosher and hostile maneuver designed to weaken Chinese-inclined palates and to establish a dominion of Jewish-inclined palates upon all of the world’s meal consumers.”
    “But this kind of Jewish food hegemony will not go unanswered,” the statement goes on to say. “Chinese food will always remain a vital staple of the global food consumption market, just as Cholent has always been, and still remains, a crucial cog of food consumption for Jewish people all across the world – primarily on their holy Sabbath day, and occasionally on Thursday nights too.”
    “We do not seek confrontation, or food duels with our Jewish brethren,” the statement goes on to say,”we just want an equal say in the Global pastime called ‘Eating’, or, as you like to say, ‘Fressing’.”
    The statement continues: “China will never take a back seat to no one, especially went the issue is chow mein vs Lukshen kugel, Peking roasted duck vs. corn beef and pastrami, Wanton Soup vs chicken soup or sichuan stir-fried potatoes vs cholent.”
    “We’ll match our hearty meals against anyone’s delicious grub,” the statement added, “and we’ll go to war if need be, in order to ensure that Chinese food remains a dominant powerhouse on the global ‘Fressing’ stage.”

      • He is being fined as we speak in an emergency session of the UN WOK (World Order of Kashrus) with 10% to the big guy who has a separate claim regarding parve ice cream.

        Hat tip to the AC.

    • You might be smart and funny. But it is wholly inappropriate to poke leitzanus at such a serious breach in Kashrus. Yidden were nichshal in treifus. That’s a dreadful feeling. Apart from practical questions of kashering keilim, there’s the burden of doing teshuvah. Leitzanus is not the way to go when people are feeling sick to the heart and stomach!!!

  5. I know that in Florida under one HECHSHER, I don’t know which one, the owner of the store does not have the key to the store at all. I was talking to the owner once and he told me, that if he forgot something in the store at night and he wants to get it, he has to call the Mashgiach to open up for him.

    I used to live in BP and across the Ave was a butcher store, I remember every morning the Mashgiach came and opened up the store.

    Maybe this will be a good idea to start implementing in all restaurants and groceries that sell meat.

    Yes, I know in a grocery it’s harder, but eating non-Kosher food is worse.

  6. I trully blame myself for eating there. I saw what went on there but continued to eat. I even wrote to the OK nearly a year ago that I had concerns. I am so ashamed.

  7. Supposedly this owner also owns 2 other kosher (supposedly) restaurants in North Jersey and Brooklyn. As a punishment their Hashgocha should be removed immediately !!

  8. There are many stores in Florida Orlando & Boca etc., that are probably nonkosher. Everybody eats there because the next guy eats there.
    Time we should make an organization that oversees all hashgochas.

  9. The ashkenazi velt should be a bit more stringent in where and what they eat as their sephardi counterparts. Bishul yisrael does not mean turning on the fire and sayanara. It means to put every single piece of meat and chicken on the fire. If that had happened I am sure they would have thought long hard in purchasing not kosher. The OK owes an apology to everyone. The OK might have gotten away with it here in this world by being nichshal the rabim to make a few dollars but…..
    Open up your eyes everyone what is the difference between an openly not kosher hechsher that promotes not kosher or a supposedly trusted hechsher. They sell the same neveilos

    • It’s amazing. What you wrote is absolutely amazing. I don’t even know where to begin .

      Actually I’ll begin by just saying that I am just sitting here shaking my head at the profound foolishness that has come out of your keyboard.

      In no particular order, the OK, a highly reputable organization, does not owe you a blasted thing. You are nothing and they don’t owe you anything. Get off your high horse. Anything can happen at any time.

      And as far as you thinking that doing BY like the Sephardic would make a difference, you were sadly mistaken. It makes absolutely no difference. If the guy was bringing in chicken for example, who said the yid would be able to tell the difference. What about the meat? Would he be able to tell the difference? Probably not. You might think you can, but I will bet you that you can’t!

      I think after reading your garbage, that you, YES YOU, are the one that owes the apology to be OK for saying loshon hora about them.

      I would suggest you call them. Their phone number is 718-756-7500. Either that or you should post something highly public right here on TLP.

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