TRAGEDY: Petirah of Batsheva Esther Wolfson A”H; Niftar after being Struck by Vehicle

candleThe toddler struck by a vehicle in Lakewood this afternoon has passed away at the hospital a short time ago.


Batsheva Esther Wolfson A”H, 2, was walking near a driveway when a vehicle backed out of the driveway, striking her, Detective Greg Staffordsmith confirms.

She was transported by Hatzolah Paramedics to Jersey Shore Medical Center, where she succumbed to her injuries.

The incident is under investigation by the Lakewood Police Department’s Traffic and Safety Unit, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office and the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department CSI Unit.

The Levaya will be taking place at 7:30 PM at the 7th Street Chapel.

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes.


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  1. Nebach , this is the second time in six months . People have to be more careful pulling in and backing in to driveways especially in developments . Of course baruch Dayan haemes

  2. Besides for the people who are obviously terribly affected by this enormous tragedy, let’s not forget the hatzolah members who must treat and transport these patients and then go home and look at they’re own kids. It must be very traumatic! Thank you hatzolah for the sacrifice you continuously do for the klal.

  3. I was nor there nor do I know details. I also not God and I dont know why this happened. However, when I drive around town I constantly see people driving like ” chayos with no regard for others on the road. Many people are on the phone, other are weaving or cutting people off, speeding up at a yellow and zoom through a red, while some simply have no courtesy to others drivers. Aside from the tremendous chilul hashem that it causes it is extremely dangerous. If CV you kill someone you are a murderer according to most poskim. Please don’t just read this post and say that you are a good driver, and you know how to be aggresive on the road without hurting someone. Everyone can only lose from such an attitude.

  4. Of course we have no idea why these things happen. However, humans need to do what is humanly possible to avoid seeing this yet another time c”v. The congestion and lack of breathing space in this town has now gotten dangerous. There are no defined areas to walk or to drive. There are people in the streets and cars on the sidewalks. And there is zero room for error when driving. You make a mistake now and you might kill someone! So, we talk and talk and talk about this dangerous situation and then approve yet another development off of Route Nine. More congestion. More people trying to squeeze ty, trying yo make left turns dodging through heavy traffic. When are we going yo stop this greediness of trying to make every penny profit while things are getting really hazardous and dangerous? Things are too crowded and unsafe. Aside from being ugly, it is now costing lives. Just something to think about. Your feelings?
    May we never have to see such a tragedy in our midst again…

  5. When a tragedy like this happens, let us all act with a certain measure of sensetivity to the person who hit her. believe me it was a mistake that this person will refret forever. lets not make it worse for him/her, and it will a zechus fro this girls neshama.

  6. The girl is named after Rebbetzin Kanievsky… One of the most special women Klal Yisrael had. In her biography from artscroll page 335 there is a special letter that Rebbetzin Kanievsky wrote to parents who lost their young children. May she be meiltz yosher for Klal yisroel.

  7. Our communities, B”H, have many, many youngsters – our sidewalks are filled with children. As a parent and grandparent I urge you to be especially careful when driving.

    I do not pasken, but it is a sukaneh to drive while distracted — for example while on one’s cellphone.

    Similarly, speeding is a danger to oneself and to others.

    My these parents be comforted among the mourners of Zion & Yerushalim.

  8. it’s wrong to codemn peoples driving. In this situation that was totaly not the case. Someone is allowed to back out of their driveway. It’s unfair to the driver to indicate that he did something wrong

  9. This should in no way be a venue for lecturing bad and aggressive driving. It’s completely insensitive and out of place. This was very likely a pure accident involving a very responsible driver. Please for a moment think how the driver feels when seeing such reaction, is he not to infer that you may in the bottom of your heart be accusing him…? This kind of reaction is for politicians and those who in actuality don’t feel the pain of those hurt, rather attempt to take advantage of a situation to further their beliefs and agendas.

    My deepest condolences to the Wolfson family. May you merit a true nechamah.

  10. Raboisai! Keep an eye on your children! Do not let a kid be alone even in a frum heimish development!
    Hashem, please this should be the last tragedy!

  11. BDE = Baruch Dayan Emes
    Roughly translated: Blessed is the True Judge
    We believe that G-d, as the Master of the universe, is guiding everything. Even in times of tragedy we exclaim our faith and belief in G-d.

  12. BDE stands for Boruch Dayan Haemes which literally means Blessed be the True Judge. It’s a blessing one says that praises God for everything he does even in tragedy

  13. Machmir! The child was not alone at all! Her father was right next to her! She had not even run ahead. Yes, we can learn to be careful, but we must remember this is what Hashem planned.

    There is nothing else to say!

  14. This is a very hectic time fathers rushino home sitting in traffic to make to all the Morahs on time .I think if the babysitters living farther away from yeshiva would allow pickups till 2:30 would help a lot. And if not then yeshiva should end seder earlier. Remeber this has unfortunately happened twice in the last 6 months both times within the same 15 minute period of the day, between 2:00-2:15

  15. my backup camera is worth every penny and I strongly suggest that everyone should install one in their car, especially people who live in congested areas. ( it goes without saying that even if one has such a camera it is still important to back up slowly and carefully).

  16. For those that say that this isn’t the forum to bash bad drivers I respectfully disagree. Unfortunately, the only time people realize that driving can kill is in these situations. The hope is that if enough people emphasize this point, someone will correct their driving habits. No one said that this particular story resulted from negligence on the driver’s part, rather if calling out those who drive carelessly will save even one life then kudos to them

  17. I have been so pained by this since I read the news today. I know we can’t question Hashem but as I was driving home I was talking to Hashem and said why!?!! We can’t take it anymore!
    I had my kids in the car and decided to turn on Kol Brama to cheer up a bit… And I almost stopped short when the song tht was playing when I turned it on sang again and again: Hashem has a plan, even though we don’t understand, again and and again those words repeated on the radio!!!
    And with that I got my answer!

  18. Re: Wht does BDE mean

    “Baruch Dayan haEmes,”
    known as “tzidduk hadin,” or “justifying the verdict,” is a blessing with which we proclaim that the True Judge, G-d, is the Source of All Blessing. It is said upon hearing of a death, and signifies that
    we accept his decree as just. (If the death is that of a close relative,
    it is said in a longer form which includes several names of G-d.)

  19. I don’t understand people sometimes… Kids can walk past
    driveways no matter how uncrowded a neighborhood is.
    With as many children and as many cars as are active
    in Lakewood, I think it’s a sign of great chessed Hashem
    that this doesn’t happen more often, chalilah.

  20. May the family have a true nechama and find the strength to be mekabel this terrible tragedy. The malach hamaves has struck and was sent by the Ribbono SHel Olam. The most careful driver could not have outsmarted the malach hamaves. The fact that this tragedy happened on Zos Chanuka seems to call us to do teshuva and may the tears that we shed cleanse us and arouse us to cry to our Father to strengthen us in our Avodah. Hamakom yenachem eschem bsoch shaare tzion – we are all aveilim with the family and may we all see yeshuos b’karov.

  21. Why can’t we all learn to back up into the driveway. Upon approaching we can clearly see up and down the sidewalk , grass and road before we backup into the driveway, then when we go to leave and pull out, again we have a clear view.
    This is not the first time such an accident has happened…
    May these parents be comforted

  22. Many people are very “faryugt” “tsitumult” and impatient and with so much kids & walking babies around it’s essential that every vehicle in town have a BACK UP CAMERA.
    For vehicles that don’t have a back up camera:
    There are excellent aftermarket back up camera’s available from or 1-800-955-3000 for under $300 + no tax, you tell them your vehicles make & model and they will give you the best system for the vehicle of which they will print you out a small booklet of clear and illustrated installation instructions especially for your vehicle.
    Many people are not mechanically inclined or don’t have the time, so Chaveirim should install them for about $50 + tip or donation etc.
    And I think that Best Buy may install them and no additional charge if you buy the system by them,
    The Rabanim in town should make a gezeira that every vehicle in town must have a back up camera before Rosh Chodesh Adar.

  23. My heart goes out to the family. I am crying with them. In the morning they dressed their precious daughter and fed her breakfast but by the evening she was no longer there to be tucked in to bed. This is a nightmare and if the parents read this they should know how much we are all hurting and crying for them.

    I also feel bad for the driver who must be going through gehenim now. Can you imagine what this person has to live with for the rest of his/her life? He has backed out of driveways thousands of times and nothing happened —why, why did Hashem make it that this one time he hit a little girl who was standing nearby?? How horrible he must feel.

    What a sad, sad tragedy for the whole community.

  24. My heart goes out to all – to the family that lost a precious child, to the driver that must be hurting and has to live with this tragedy, and to the hatzolah members and other first responders. The community mourns with you. Let this forum not be a place of hate and finger pointing.

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