Tomchei Tzedakah: Meshulach Accused Of Forging Checks Is Back In Lakewood; May Be Using Old Ishur

A Meshulach that has been accused in the past of changing the amounts on checks that were given to him, is back in Lakewood, the Tomchei Tzedakah tells TLS. “He does not have a current Ishur but may have an old Ishur from years ago”, Tomchei Tzedakah says.

The Tomchei Tzedakah says if you are writing a check to any Meshulach, it is advisable to only use a pen that has un-washable ink. (See earlier TLS article for safety tips).

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  1. Someone came to my door yesterday with an old ishur that expired in Sept. I told him it wasexpired and he said he lost his current Ishur. He said he was leaving America today and just wanted to “chap arein”. I gave him only $1 cash, but, maybe he was phony? The vaad should ask for old Ishurim to be returned if they are expired or refuse to issue new ones if they are not returned so this can’t happen.

  2. To clarify what I said before – the vaad should let meshulachim know that when they come for an ishur they will have to return it before they leave or they will not be issued a new one the next time they come. Then anyone who comes to you with an old ishur is suspect.

  3. i see a strange thing in my account debit for 2.80, credit for 2.80, and then debit for 280.00 – but i only make checks for 2.00 or 3.00 to questionable ishurs.

  4. The problem is that they have no proof that he is the one forging the checks. Therefore there is nothing the cops can do, and it would be defamation to post name or picture.

  5. The problem is that they have no proof that he is the one forging the checks. Therefore there is nothing the cops can do, and it would be defamation to post name or picture.I have no inside info. Its just my guess

  6. a guy came to my door yesterday with out an ishur, I asked him for his ishur and he said he left it in the car, just then he saw his driver come by and he ran to get his ishur, when he returned I saw his hands were shaking and his ishur had expired in 10/2011. I told him its no good, he told me ‘you know its so hard for bochurim to get an ishur and I live in Lakewood…’ I gave him a small check because he didn’t look safe and I was scared not too. Then I watched him get back into the car with the driver and they sped away, didn’t even collect from the rest of the block or neighborhood.

    This was really wierd, who am I supposed to call? I know the name on his ishur.

  7. I see these guys walking around shul. They have the issur folded up, blocked, or not at all. What is the big deal if every person politly asks to see his issur. This will discourage them from forging or using outdated ones.

  8. It is a complicated issue – he is ruining it for the other meshulachim who are honestly trying to collect money – because now i look at every meshulach with a bit of suspicion. I can never say no though – i just can’t turn them away – but i am always a little scared, and a little distrustful. – very sad.

  9. I would ask every meshulach if I could see his ishur, because after all if they are honest they have no reason to worry,and that’s what it’s for. If they have nothing to hide they have no reason not to show their ishur. It shouldn’t be any more embarrassing than going around collecting. If they feel uncomfortable showing it, I would explain to them that not everyone who collects is honest. If they’re uncomfortable with that, then something is fishy.

  10. How about finding out from this forger how he gets the ink off and use that type of ink on the ishur’s that disappear when the ishur date is up ! 🙂

  11. If you think its suspicious, why are you giving him anything including cash? Don’t be foolish and then complain about being scammed! Don’t be afraid not to give him a penny! What’s he going to do, kick your door in?! No one is forcing you to give him a dollar OR a check. If you don’t trust the guy, don’t give!!!
    And if they know he is back, why can’t they report him and get him arrested????

  12. anyone in need still MUST act appropriately and follow the guidelines. Besides for the Ishur issue, I have meshulachim that open the door and walk in, or walk all the way inside when I open the door slightly, these things are very unnerving as you can NEVER know what someones motives really are.

  13. It is indeed sad what is going on, however i am faced witht his challenge every day people come over to me and ask for money and i usually give them a nice amount cash only. The more i think about it the more i realize we will never know who is real and who is fake and it doesnt really matter our job is to give tzedakah not to judge every guy who puts out his hand. It is your mitzvah to help and you get the same schar for giving a real and a fake. The mitzvah is yours stop worrieng so much once you are doing it just do it with a smile. vehavtah lerayacha camocha love every jew. And im not saying it doesnt cross my mond all the time who is real and who is fake but at the end of the day if you do it leshaim shamayim you will see a difference in your giving. If your doing it just put on a smile and if not than say im sorry but you and i are no judge.

  14. As usual, people still aren’t getting the message.

    DO NOT GIVE ANYONES, unless they have a valid ishur. If they do not have a valid, current ishur, they are probably a fraud. Anyone who is legit can get a current, valid ishur very easily.

    When you give to meshulachim without a current, valis ishur, you are encouraging fraudsters to come. Which in turn makes everyone be more suspicious of the legitimate meshulachim.

    If you really cared about the legitimate meshulachim, you would never give any meshulach who doesn’t have a current valid ishur.

    If you continue to follow your emotions instead of your brains, and you continue to give those who DO NOT have a current, valid ishur, you will continue to make it harder for the legitimate meshulachim. In my books, you are a cruel person.

  15. You should call Lcsw to respond the deal directly with the tzidaka organization and will take the isur away from the man and put his info on file , I’ve had them respond before they were very helpful

  16. You are a fool for giving him a check or anything for that matter if the ishur was not valid why on earth would you give him a red cent?! I hope nothing happens to you from this, but “eehu diafsid anafshay”

  17. #6, I think the lkwd vaad doesn’t ask for old Ishurim to be returned because many people in places without an ishur ask for the lakewood ishur. Like in Deal, Monsey, Passaic and NY. So even though it is expired and shouldn’t be used in lkwd, it has value to the meshulachim outside of lkwd

  18. to #32 -in that case,it’s time for other vaadim to be in touch with Lakewood’s vaad directly and not rely on old ishurim. There ought to be some central vaad with a computerized data base so all info can be shared.

  19. I see people collecting with recently expired ishurs quite often. What is the din? Am I patur from giving them a donation? Should l report them to the vaad? They should print an ishur # in large letters on top that I should easily be able to see so that we can call the vaad to verify incase we have suspicions.

  20. i don’t think they were washing the ink off the checks, i think they were using the numbers on the bottom of the check that has your bank account number and the banks routing number to create a computer check. when you give someone your check they have your bank account number. if you are not sure the person is honest – give cash

  21. What if ishur is expired by a day? Who is even the authority if someone should be allowed to collect? Is everyone with an ishur reliable? And if no ishur then not reliable?! The ishur people seem to have info on someone. Why demand everyone to only give to those with a totally current ishur and not just expose this guy? Whe was his last ishur? Picture? It should be pretty simple to have a data base with pictures?

    Something doesn’t add up.

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