TEHILLIM: Toddler Flown To Hospital After Suffering Severe Burns

A toddler was flown to the hospital this morning after suffering severe burns on her body, officials say. The 2 year old was reportedly burned by hot water and suffered burns on her arms, chest and face.

Hatzolah BLS and ALS units transported the child to the parking lot of the John Patrick Sports Complex, from she was flown to the Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, NJ.

Please take a moment to be Mispallel for Shoshana Bas Devorah Raizel.


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  1. I WILL DO
    26 – 30 INCLUSIVE

    I am asking again if there are any volunteers who would like to help out with a safety flyer. I believe that many young parents are not aware that certain situations are dangerous for young children. I am referring to inside the home and outside the home (dangling cords, oven issues, outlets not plugged, bathtubs, leaving young children in cars unattended, young children playing outside unattended, etc..).
    Here is what I posted recently..any volunteers?? :

    I believe that many mothers (and fathers) are not aware of the dangers of leaving their children unattended (whether in a car or in the front yard or walking the streets, etc.).

    I would like to propose an idea. A flyer to educate parents.

    Here is possible copy for this flyer:


    Please do not leave your young child unattended….even for just a second.

    Underneath this would be a specific list (with some graphics) of dangerous actions ( leaving a child in an unattended car,leaving a child unattended in a bathtub, etc.).

    Is there a graphic designer reading this who would be willing to take this copy (or any wording of their choice) and design a flyer? Is there any printer (or individual) who would like to sponsor the printing of this flyer? Are there any volunteers who would like to hang up these flyers in restaurants, shuls, schools, camps, mikvas, social halls, etc.? Are there any editors that would be willing to print this flyer in their publications?

    I think this is very doable…
    If anyone would like to help with this project I will try to coordinate it. I can be reached through this website.

  2. another young child is in need of tehillim…an electronic screen door fell on a one and a half year old boy…shai shalom ben rochel…please daven for him as well..thanks

  3. Yasherkoyach to Hatzalah of Union County for assisting Lakewood Hatzalah in bringing food to the cholah’s family… U-26 spearheaded the effort in the U!! Tizku Lmitzvois!

  4. To Moshe Klein..not sure what you mean what am I talking about? which post..the one about the flyer or the one about the other child in need of tehillim?

  5. God bless this little baby. I had a severe burn two weeks ago from boiling water. I know the pain. Two year olds can get into a lot of trouble real quick. All you have to do is turn your head for a second. Again, my prayers are with her and her family.

  6. For future reference may we never need it, raw grated potatoes work wonders on burns and I am not usually a person that believes in natural stuff. Saved a lot of people from emergency rooms and other problems. FOLLOW UP BY PROFESSIONALS in this field are necessary and there are people in Brooklyn and Monsey that are trained in this. Perhaps someone in Lakewood would like to train in this too.

  7. L’toeles horabbim – If someone gets a burn, the first thing to so is cool it down unnder cold running water immediately and keep it under running water for a long time, even before Hatzolah comes.

    I wish both children a refuah shelaimo.

    e way – What’s an electronic screen door?

  8. Correction for 21.
    If some one gets a bad burn please do use water until EMS arrives, but use of cold water is not necessary. Just keep in lukewarm water will cool it off more effectively with less worries of hypothermia arising.

    all the best,

  9. I found this info on a website:

    “Potato Remedy for Burns
    Lurking in the heart of the humble potato is one of the best burn remedies you’ll ever find.
    INSTRUCTIONS (Follow them to the letter!)

    Rinse the burn for a minute or so under cool water. Don’t rub it.
    Wash a raw potato, the newer and juicier the better.
    Cut the potato open. Using the edge of a knife, scrape the potato flesh to produce some potato mush. You can also grate the potato, but make sure you use the rasp part of the grater. The key to the remedy is to release plenty of juice from the potato flesh. Just putting a slice of potato on the burn will not do!

    Cover the burn with the potato mush. Usually, this will relieve the pain immediately, unless the burn is severe or you’ve burned a particularly sensitive area like your fingertips.

    Keep the burn covered with potato mush until it no longer hurts when the mush is removed. For a mild burn, this could be as little as ten or fifteen minutes. For a more serious burn it might take hours, but have patience and persevere. The mush gradually turns brown and loses its potency, so you have to keep replacing it with fresh potato mush.
    Time is of the essence. The remedy must be applied as soon as you burn yourself. The potato mush seems to arrest the development of the burn. For instance, if you scald your hand with boiling water, your hand will initially look fine, but over the next few days the burn will develop into a painful, weeping mess. If you apply the potato remedy properly and promptly to such a burn, however, you should be left with little or no trace of a burn.
    This isn’t to say that unless you get the mush on the burn immediately it won’t do any good at all, but the longer you wait the less effective it’ll be. My mother’s golden rule is: NEVER EAT YOUR LAST POTATO. You never know when you’ll need that potato to treat a burn. However, even if you lose a few minutes going next door to borrow a potato or down the street to buy some, it’ll probably be worth the effort, especially if you have a bad burn.

    Potato can be particularly valuable for more serious burns, where the damage is immediately apparent. It won’t, of course, reverse damage like loss of skin; but should prevent the burn from developing further.

    I once burned myself so badly while ironing that I left a large patch of skin on the iron. To make matters worse, I was in a rush to get somewhere, so I only had the potato on the burn for about half as long as I probably should have. All the same, the burn had healed over completely within a week, which is pretty good for such a bad burn.”

  10. really!! I have taken CEU classes with Saint Barnabas and they say that you should never follow these home remidies. the reason for the lukewarm water 10-20 min is to stop you skin from burning. when we burn ourselves the heat gets trapped causing the burning to continue, thats why the water will help.
    as for the hospital they have many creams and medications but they stress the first and basic thing is to stop the burning.

  11. Lavender essential oil is also good for burns, but, potatoes are more common to have on hand. T o Anonymous and Goldy, Thanks for the info on potatoes for burns, I’ll try not to ever use up my last potato. Are any particular kinds of potatoes better? (russet, eastern, red, gold etc?)

  12. Never, ever put anything on a severe other than running it under cool water. Last thing you want is an infection. Never use ice either (I made that mistake). Again, just run under cool water until help arrives.

  13. I used regular Idaho potatoes, peeled and grated. To #28 I did stress that follow up is necessary, however potato relieves the burn pain instantly. This was actually recommended by a Hatzolo member who spared us days in the hospital.

  14. to MOSHE KLEIN.. .i do not know where the child lives…i had gotten an email about it from someone else…i do not know what the status is..if i find out i can post it on here..

  15. I haven’t heard any follow up regarding status, but the accident with the 1 year old child I think was back in August, but was in Israel, so maybe just starting to get around back in the US? And the ‘electric screen door’ was a tris…

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