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  1. It’s beyond me how anyone in lakewood could vote for Gudagno after her comments about the community. Unless people have no clue what’s being said out there. I’m a republican and don’t for all murphy’s values, but he sure is more in line with the frum oilem regarding the things that matter to us.

    • If you were happy with christie, go ahead and vote for guadagno. Shes made of the same stuff…don’t take my word for it – do your own research.

    • I am sorry but how could anyone in Lakewood vote for Phil Murphy?
      What are your values? terminating pregnancies on demand, Alternative marriage, gender neutrality/specification?
      How about a huge raise in the minimum wage to stifle economic growth?
      Want to make NJ a sanctuary state?
      Maybe a raise in taxes, like a millionaire’s tax?
      These are all bills that Gov. Christie Vetoed which Phil Murphy will not.
      Now you know the issues, you decide who you will vote for.
      Values Matter! Principles Matter! The promise of money does not!

  2. Couldn’t agree more with Mrs. Anonymous. While Guadagno may be a conservative, her prosecutor background makes her tough and I believe she really means what she said about our community. Also, since Murphy is almost for sure winning (he’s up 12 points in conservate polls), let him at least look favorably at our community, as his voters. A Gadol once said (don’t remember who) “In Galus, we vote for the winner. Any cheshbonos are only when it’s not clear who the winner will be.” Don’t forget – Christie recently yelled at someone on a famous audio clip (paraphrasing) “I don’t care about what you say! You’re from Montclair – and Montclair didn’t vote for me!” Not saying that Murphey is as petty as Christie, but proves a point that elected officials don’t forget who gave them their votes.

  3. I just want to say I strongly disagree with all of you that are calling out Kim Guadagno for what she is NOT!

    Have you ever seen what she has done for the community?
    Guess what? I have!

    The woman has single handedly pulled off for people struggling in our community what entire agencies couldnt do.

    I have called her and emailed her to step in and help people several times and she has never ever said NO! Even when she was out of office on family time. I contacted her with a crisis and immediately she got into action and nade sure the situation was taken care of… something that was taking way too long until she was brought into the picture.

    This woman understands what it means to run a family and work and is an askan in her own way. She understands values and isnt a person that buys her way through life. She proves her way through life.

    While she does outcry abuse of government systems she also privately steps in and helps out in whatever way she could.

    She has every right to make clear that abuse will not be tolersted though. P.s. she also is aware of the extreme financial burden of the community and the needs of the community.

    I dont have enough space to share it all here but I have story after story where she has gotten involved and right away to help out the community including myself more than once.

    She wants a state without corruption. Nu, can you blame her? Good for her.

    And for the record she is quite a tznius person too in dress and act.

    I dont know Murphy and I cant speak from any sort of experience about him. But I feel a lot more comfortable with Kim Guadagno and know that if we ever need a helping hand she will be there.

  4. Kim can be a nice person n all, but did you hear what she said to the press about Lakewood?? C’mon bro. Murphy has a proven track record with our community (not talking about some of his values, which make little difference to us. Same gender marriage and all was already passed…)

  5. I am running on UNITY, which, to me means, Fairness, Opportunity and Community. If we want the same division in Lakewood and the entire district then vote for incumbents. The status quo is causing more and more bias and not sustainable. Need someone in Assembly who supports a vision of Unity. Eliot Arlo Colon for NJ Assembly, District 30.

  6. Thank you Mrs. Wahl:

    I too will be voting for Ms. Kim Guadagno.

    Kol Hakovod to you for putting your name to your comment.

    The misinformation from a few anonymous commentators will not sway me. To the contrary, I am very suspicious of their motives.

    Ms. Wahl, you have presented evidence backing you up. The other posters are quoting anonymous godolim and talking points from PR articles.

    Let’s all go out and vote with seichel.

  7. To Devorah Wahl and to Yehuda,
    You overlook an important fact for consideration. Out of all possibilities, she picked as her running mate for Lt. Governor, Carlos Rendo- a man who, as mayor of Woodcliff Lake, worked to implement ways to keep Orthodox Jews out of his town, specifically blocking and thwarting four attempts of an existing Chabad house to purchase new property in order to move their Chabad shul to a bigger location. Then when they gave up trying to buy a place and instead tried expanding their current shul, they were blocked as well. This is all as per a LAWSUIT against the town and Mayor Rendo personally as well. Look it up online. He is also accused of saying he didn’t want his town being turned a “little Jerusalem” and promised voters if they vote for him, “he’ll take care of Chabad.” Do you want this type of person as Lt Governor? And perhaps more disturbing, Kim Guadagno knew about these allegations but ignored them and dismissed them and picked him as her running mate anyway. That’s not behavior of someone who cares about our community.

    • Thank you for setting the record straight. I hate when politicians step all over us for months and years before the elections, but then when they need the vote they come begging for it with promises and helping a couple people. BE THERE ALL ALONG AND YOUR ACTIONS WILL SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Look at people like singer and his team. They have PROVEN track records – and not just during elections season. These people have fought for our own and are there for the people ALL YEAR.

      Time to take your head out of the sand and falling for people who have a couple sweet words for us during election season.

  8. @Ha at 9:45am

    To quote the great President Ronald Reagan in his 1980 debate with Jimmy Carter:


    If you would kindly re-read my previous post, you would see that I was praising Mrs. Wahl for bringing FIRST HAND evidence of Ms. Gaudagno’s help to our community.

    Mrs. Wahl was not giving you hearsay knowledge.
    She’s not talking about an anonymous godol!
    This is not hock!!
    She knows first hand. So please stop saying: that I’m Anonymous.
    That is not the issue.
    The point is:
    Ms. Guadagno, has done, and will hopefully continue to do good for our community and for New Jersey as a whole.
    Mr. Murphy at most is a question mark.
    Those are the facts.

  9. @ Truth:

    Please google “Sheila Oliver”.

    While Mr. Rendo is no tzaddik,
    Ms. Oliver is no tzadeikes either.

    That is why, imho, the Vaad should have never endorsed either person since they both come with negatives.

    Additionally, I am astounded that both Mr. Murphy and Ms. Guadagno took running mates that come with so much baggage via a vis the Jewish community.

    From all the 8.5 million people in the State of NJ why did they choose these two?


  10. forget about what she said one time. what are their plans??

    Kim plans to LOWER property tax, while Murphy wants to RAISE them.

    Murphy also plans to put through the corzine toll increase (3x what it is now) What about sales taxes??? will Murphy raise that too??

    I dont know if the Vaad cares about these things, but I do!

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