TLS EXCLUSIVE: Interview With EMS Supervisor Scott Carter

Scott carter EMS_wmTLS EXCLUSIVE: (VIDEO) TLS met with Lakewood EMS Supervisor Scott Carter this morning, to discuss the recent decision by the Lakewood Township Committee to privatize the EMS Department. We would like to thank Mr. Carter for his time and for giving The Lakewood Scoop readers an insight into this crucial matter.

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  1. Great Job Scott well said and its not all about the money its about the service provided to the entire town. I hope logic and reason prevail and not dollar signs.

  2. Well spoken, it is not unusual for our town to leave things out to spin it they way it makes them lok good. I beleive in the EMS and all the things they deal with. This down has become violent and I would hope that the township admits to this and they admit to the fact that these people know what to do. Their is only gaurentee on paper than someone else can do better. I am not sure for my 12 cents that goes to taxes to support this department, i am not willing to trust anyone else because it is on paper. I am willing to gladly support this group and my hatzolah members.

  3. I would like to commend Scott on the handling of this situation in a professional and realistic manner. We all understand that these are difficult economic times but is eliminating services that we all may need some day is crazy. This is a knee jerk reaction to a long term problem.
    The EMS department would probably be in the same situation if the economy was good. There are too many illegal residents and uninsured residents that can’t, won’t, or don’t pay for the services that EMS provides. This has not only caused economic problems for Lakewood EMS but all health care providers.
    The township has many other ways of cutting expenditures that won’t effect the quality of services. They said they would have three ambulances available. Lakewood EMS could do that too if they got rid of the first responder cars. They have 2 first responder cars available at short notice.
    These first responder cars allow for very quick response which saves lives. Is a private agency going to have them there full time also along with there ambulances. The township needs to take there time and think before they react to rough times and get rid of the first aid squad.
    Several towns surrounding Lakewood have gone to paid EMS instead of outsourcing because it didn’t work. The liability for the township will go up as response times and quality of service drops.They all previously outsourced and have gone to paid EMS. The Lakewood Township Committee must take this very seriously and investigate all of the positives and negatives of Paid EMS over outsourcing.
    Take your job seriously members and do what is right for all of the Lakewood residents.
    Governor Chris Christie wanted cuts but not to services. These should be the last resort not the first resort.

  4. The people you will suffer the most if Lakewood cuts the EMS are the seniors in the South end of Town. The seniors pay the most in property tax and receive very little service in exchange.

  5. Where else would you people like to cut so that I can still afford my home? Please. Should we eliminate garbage collection? Perhaps the police? EMS can be adequately supported by a good private agency. Let them do it for no taxes!

    This Scott Carter fellow merely says the numbers are incorrect. Then what are they? How well does an EMT know the finances. I trust the town more than a guy trying to save his job and government pension.

  6. Obviously Morty doesn’t know who Scott Carter is! He is the chief of the EMS department who was hired by the township committee. I am sure has knowledge of what it costs to run the department. Morty you must not care because Hatzola will save you. If you think outsourcing will save or lower your taxes your crazy. And the service to the seƱora obviously won’t be the same and will be the difference between life and death with long response times.

  7. I actually know more than one critic thinks. A private company, I think their name is MONIC, provides the medics in our town. They save more lives than our township EMS. I really don’t care who this Scott Carter is, because he’s obviously looking to save his own job and not my property taxes. I’m a senior, one of those people who pay for EVERYTHING in this town. On a fixed income, I’m going broke so we need to cut back on many things. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Go cuts!!!

  8. the fact is mr carter does know the budget what it costs to run this dept. the township needs to provide the township books to be reviewed by the public which is allowed by law!!! the ems dept has done all that was asked of it by reducing spending. the township has already stated that they wont repair one of the paid ems trucks which is needed this 3rd rig could be on the road providing more ems coverage for the residents of lakewwod twp. lakewwod twp subsidezes hatzolah ems but not the volunteer ems from lakewood twp, why is this???? mr carter is not a politican he is a ems supervisor who also is a rn and a paramedic. he know budgets.. pleasee support the lakewood twp ems. not contracting out to the lowest bidder for services.

  9. Morty you are obviously ignorant if you think taxes are going to go down if they get rid of the EMS. If it happens I hope to god that you are not involved in a motor vehicle accident where you or your family have to be cut out of a vehicle. The Lakewodd Township EMS has numerous years of doing this and have saved countless lives in the process. If you want some private company to do this or think they have the experience to do extrication then support privatization. Yes they want to save their jobs. Who would’nt. But they also save lives everyday. Can you say that you do that? Don”t make comments without knowing what you are talking about. It makes you look stupid!

  10. i have to comment on this topic.. I know scott carter for many years. the man is very educated, professional and the list goes on.. Mr langert has a political move here because his family or friends own Gem ambulance!!! Mr Langart needs to have all his facts regarding the Ems department before he shoots his mouth!! The Ems Department is probably one of the best township run Ems services in the state of New Jersey!! Keep the FAITH and SUPPORT LAKEWOOD EMS!!!! Private services are not always the answer for any town or city.. Its the dollar that they look at!!! Do you think that Monoc, Gem, Quality,Alert can provide a service like Lakewood Ems does??? The Police Department needs us !!! These outside agencies will not cater to the senior community or the police!!! The committee needs to look at the big picture!!!!

  11. the lakewood ems is proably one of the best ems services in the state of nj but that said where should we cut taxes if you out source not only can you save you have less govt employees to deal with that means pentions and benefits for life!!!!!!l take a good look at G.M. vs toyota and honda it was the unions with the the employee benefits and pentions that broughy down the company ems might be doing a great job but i cant afford a cadilac right now

  12. Why is Lakewood still picking up trash from “some” commercial entities? That’s costing tax payers “one & a half million dollars a year”.

  13. its amazing how some people on here complain about tax dollars. When in the big picture it costs $200,000 to have a highly trained staff on 24 hours a day. Small price to pay for excellent service. Just curious?? where did HATZOLAH get there last ambulance from.. WAIT it came from the township. another expense that wasnt complained about. What about all the extra tax dollars spent for police officers standing by with the jewish communities when they have their torah movements or there get togethers at BLUE CLAWS stadium or BMG??? what about the police when there are weddings on Oak St. Or what about all the land that has been sold for $1 to certain individuals in this town when there is much more money that could have been made, but nobody wants to talk about that. Please dont forget about the other citizens of this fine town the ones who rely on the EMS Dept. Thats LAKEWOOD EMS. How about the town stop buying garbage trucks for 300,000 dollars, but the town won’t complain about that because you all need garbage picked up, twice a week, why not outsource garbage to waste management or is there nobody at waste management that is friends or family of the township committee. Why not make companies get there own services for disposal. Or stop putting so many tax exempt schools in the industrial park. How about the town stop giving HATZOLAH money each year but thats expense is ok.
    Morty if you had half the knowledge of SCOTT CARTER you would still be half stupid. because its gonna take alot of knowledge to get rid of all your ignorance…. Its funny how you think because someone is an EMT they know nothing.
    And for the ones who think EMT’S dont save lives the PARAMEDICS do, abviously you have no clue about EMS. Saving lives come from good BLS before ALS, and since you know so much you should know what those letters mean. because who was it that treated our fine police officers a few months ago? LAKEWOOD EMS. Its a shame someone could look at these fine men and women and think they are easily replaced. But i bet you will all have no problem relying on them when you need medical attention or help, then they will be of importance to you.
    Budget cuts should never come from any public safety departments.

  14. There are a couple factual errors in your tirade.
    1. It’s not $200,000 per year we’re talking about, it’s closer to 800,000.
    2. Hatzola got their new truck from UEZ funds, which is different than township. If i’m not mistaken, Lakewood EMS also got a truck.
    3. At these “Torah movements” The organizations or individuals who host the procession pay good money out of their own pockets to hire of duty officers.
    4. Land for one buck? I want some! Unfortunatley, there was an instance recently where it happened, but it wasn’t an individual, it was an organization. Whether we agree with it or not, the township commitee has the right. (they were elected by the majority)
    5. What about the officrs directing traffic on Oak street? What about it? Never saw an officer directing traffic by the Strand? What’s wrong?
    6. Maybe the “John Franklin Waste Facility” was just that. “A Waste” of taxpayer dollar. For the price of storing “outdoor” equipment indoors, we could’ve bought new equipment every 2-3 years.
    7. Hatzola doesn’t get $$ from the township. It’s a lie.
    8. Don’t know Scott or Morty, but they both seem genuine and intelligent. No need to belittle either.
    Now, I’m not saying that the right thing is always being done, but, get the facts right first before you start driveling hate and lies.It might make you sound more intelligent. And someone might even take youre comments with more than a grain of salt.

  15. you are dead on about your coments i suspect your a connected individual but # 4individuals who pose as organazations do get underpriced or vacated propertys or even twnship builds parking lots for them #7 hatzalah has gotten grants from the twnship grants suposed to be one time things but hatzaloh gets every year and since hatzaloh gets sister mary and so on gets just to balance out last year twnship gave over 500.000 in charity grants bob singer last month has instructed frank edwards the twp manager to put grant into the budget for a pet project point is if twnp is broke why are they giving sharity from tax dollars?

  16. all twp employes should be outsourced for one reson alone PENTIONS!!!!!!when they retire you still have to pay a salary and benefits 50 to 75% of there salary!!!!!! plus benefits for as long as they live you outsource it it becomes the companies headache not lakewoods!!!!!

  17. #19 you are wrong about the $800,000. That is the whole budget, you are forgetting the money that the Dept Brings in, and Frank Edwards confirmed it… Somethings not right here that they only show the big numbers to the public like saving 800,000 – $1 milllion dollars, thats not correct. after all is said that dept only cost 200,000 to run. because of the revenue the dept brings in as per the interview on here and in the newspapers. cmon look at the picture here, something is not right and someone is getting trying to make it sound like all our tax dollars go to that ems dept, its not true. all feelings put aside thay are here to help and if we ever needed them we would want them here. but why did the township buy Hatzolah a rig and not the lakewood volunteers. I can understand the paid dept but why not the volunteers?? another intresting point.. happy chanukah all

  18. Guys, I hate breaking this to you. This piece of information is something you probably never knew.
    Here we go!!.
    As you all know, Lakewood EMS and all other TWP vehicles go for gas to public works. That is where the TWP has tanks to provide them with gas that the TWP pays for. Now, being that Hatzolah is “officially” self funded and can’t go fill up at public works, they have an agreement with the TWP that instead of going to public works they should go to a regular gas station & submit their reciepts & YES the “TWP” writes them a check for gas every year. That’s the TWP “not” the UEZ.

    Now guys go have fun with this comment…… Enjoy……

  19. question for you Sol. I have been here for many years and never once have i ever seen a Hatzolah ambulance come to myself or my friends house. Why are my tax dollars going towards your gas if you do nothing for my part of the town? You chose to have your own service so why should the twp be liable for your gas purchases? i understand the ambulances that say LAKEWOOD because they provide services to all of lakewood if needed with NO questions 24 hrs a day. But its ok my tax dollars supply Hatzolah with gas, another expense that is not needed. just like private services would not expect us to pay for their gas. just curious not meant in a confrontational way. Im trying to understand all sides here

  20. Next time you have a medical emergency, call Lakewood EMS and then call Hatzolah, BOTH will come very fast, no questions asked! The jewish community uses hatzolah because once upon a time Lakewood EMS took longer than it does today. Today they call because hatzola is more sensitive and knowledgeable of their personal needs. However, Hatzola is available to ANYONE who calls, no matter their race, religion, color or ethnicity. Hopefully you should never need them.

  21. #18 you hit it right on the mark, 19 you dont know what you are talking about, talk about tax exempt schools what about all the houses that are tax exempt,one just opened on mass. ave and does not belong there, would like to know how many house there are and how much money it cost.

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