Estimated 20,000 Attend Levaya Of Hagaon Reb Chaim Stein Zatzal

PHOTOS & VIDEO (WITH EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE) [UPDATED SUNDAY] [AIRPORT WITH SKVERRE REBBE & LEVAYA] An estimated 20,000 people attended Thursday afternoon’s Levaya in

Lakewood of Hagaon Reb Chaim Stein Zatzal.

The Aron arrived from Cleveland to Allaire Airport at about 1:45 PM, with the Skverre Rebbe was on hand to greet the Aron. (See exclusive video).

The Aron was then escorted directly to BMG. 

The Levaya at BMG lasted approximately and hour, as the Aron had to be flown to JFK for a 7:00 PM flight to Eretz Yisroel.

Maspidim included the Roshei Yeshivah and family members.

Following the Levaya inside BMG, thousands upon thousands piled out of the buildings and lined the streets as they were Melaveh the Aron. The streets were full from 7th Street and Private Way, through Forest Avenue until approximately County Line Road.

The Lakewood Police Department provided tight security with officers on the ground, and Snipers from the SRT and ATF, on the roof-tops.

Misaskim and Chaveirim directed traffic and provided thousands of gallons of water for the crowds.

Hatzolah and EMS also staged throughout the event.

The Levaya concluded at about 4:00 PM.

(Last 60 photos, credit to Yoel Sondik).

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  1. Why were the two swat officers posted on top of Beis Eliyohu aiming loaded rifles at the crowd?
    It is dangerous, terrifying and totally unprofessional. I think we should demand a full investigation.

  2. The snipers were necessary for reasons that are more dangerous and more terrifying… B’h they were not necessary.
    And Chaveirim gets a big THANK YOU for the great job they did.

  3. There were taking all precautions. Such a gathering can attract terrorists.

    We need to have Hakaras hatov.

    Thank you to the Lakewood Police Dept for a job well done!

  4. To Horrified: Why Horrified? 20,000 Jews congregated with no escape avenue-perfect terrorist target. These are the times we live in. If anything be horrified about that.

  5. it is not necessary to AIM a loaded rifle at the crowd. it was abnormal and scary. they should have been there observing not pointing loaded weapons at a large crowd. The snipers posted atop the old building where more professional.

  6. to #’s 6,7,8,9and10 thank you , to #5 in today’s world you have to x-tra safe. and with this many people in one very small space this was needed for the safety of everyone in lakewood. To LPD job well done

  7. A HUGE thank you to Misaaskim for distributing water to all those in attendance. It is priority #1 that you drink enough when going outside during the summer. Someone next to me fainted and thanksd to hatzoloh, a member was right there. people don’ttake care of themselves! When standing in the sun, it can feel up to 15 degrees hotter. CAUTION! CAUTION!

  8. Imagine if a police officer was walking around waiving his loaded hand gun in your face, his claim that it is for your protection would be ridiculous. A loaded high powered rifle never need be waived in anyone’s face for protection.

  9. To all of you complaining about a rifle being pointed at the crowd clearly have no idea about how a sniper works. Well I will explain a little, to hit a target from over 100 yards within a 5 inch patern is really difficult now take in the fact it can be up to 1000 yards and on short notice even the best sniper may need a couple of shots which clearly they can’t afford. So that being said they had to be as prepared and focused as possible in the event of neutralizing a terrorist and that would include positioning themselves and their rifles.I hope that explains a little better why they couldn’t wait on the side till c”v a terrorist was going to attack to then get their rifle ready to shoot

  10. To the ding-dongs who were focusing on the rifle:

    Are you kidding??? The officer were high enough atop the roof that anyone even noticing their “pointed weapons at the crowd” would probably be bathing in Ben-Gay because of their aching necks!!!
    Were you at a Levaya of one of the biggest gedolim of our generation or at a gun show??? What is is with you people??? You shouldn’t be commenting here! Please – go away; look for a sniper or a revolver or a gun or a pistol or a derringer…

  11. Go to Israel! There every time your standing in back of a soldier a loaded rifle is practically touching you! Get real! What do you want them to do exactly?

  12. Thanks #6. You’re absolutely correct. Snipers need to be ready at a moment’s notice. They are highly trained. Probability of them “accidentally” shooting is zero to nil.

    To Horrified – Nobody is waiving a gun in your face. Please stop with the hysteria. What do you think a snipers job is? Would you have them holster their guns until they “notice” something … ?! … could be too late…

  13. There were no way 20000 people yoshon fits 600 max (and it was not at its fullest, in the front). Mizrach- Maarav sit approx 750 together and dining room 1000, bais eliyohu 800. none were totally jammed (besides yoshon) so all that adds up to 3150. Add those standing in the buildings near the entrances not more than 500 (probably much less). So we are at 3650 outside was not full there were many people in the street and immediately around the building but not more. Even if we will be generous with all the numbers you did not have more than 10,000 people there, and amazing amount indeed! but not 20,000.

  14. I’m sorry to disagree with you but I think you are mistaken. It was probably closer to 38,000-40,000 people in attendance.

  15. # 25 – Ari is it- so lets get real- you managed to tour the entire premisis of the Yeshiva vicinity during the Levaya- not bad- and were focused on the count- your amazing- maybe you want write an article about how you did it? But in all probability your info will be as off as your numbers!

    Umm… I did not notice any rifles or snipers.

    What did feel like arrows tearing into my heart was the pain of the maspidim and how well R chaim was brought home to me.

    I hope that some of the words of the hespadim were focused onto you as well… and that your notice and comprehension of what the Levaya was about is beyond the distraction on the rooftops!

  16. Thank you LPD, Hatzolah, Lakewood EMS and Chaveirim these agencies showed they can work very well with one another. I hope to see this continue in the near future. Lakewood needs all of these agencies to continue to provide a safe environment for all to experience.

  17. #25
    are you kidding? I would say closer to 35,000 apparently you were not there to see the crowds in all surrounding areas to yedhiva.The Yoshon was jammed so were the hallways outside.The line of people walking the Aron stretched from 7th street down Forest all the way to County line.

  18. Its not importantn if it was 10000 or 20000…were you there? Did u get hisoirrerus? There was abig oilam…we saw kovod hatorah…may the niftar be a melitz yoisher for tayerer klal yisroel…its the 3rd hachnosas sefer torah in shomayim in 2 weeks…3 gdoilei oilam…europe…E’Y..and usa..RBSH’O please hut rachmonus…we need zkan doireinu for hadrocho…

  19. There was an amazing piece today on which I feel is worthwhile for everybody to read, so I cut and paste it:

    תורה תורה חגרי שק

    HaRav Yitzchok Dov Koppelman Zatzal…Z’Kan Roshei Hayeshiva from Europe.

    HaRav Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz…Z’Kan Roshei Hayeshiva from Eretz Yisroel.

    HaRav Chaim Yaakov Stein…Z’Kan Roshei Hayeshiva from America.

    All summoned back to Olam Ha’Emes within days of each other.

    Can we really fool ourselves into thinking that there is no message here?

    Can we really continue being the same people we were yesterday?

    Can we really continue ignoring the warning signs?

    Can we really assume that the world will go on as usual?

    Losing a giant is painful.

    Losing two giants is devastating.

    Losing three giants, from three parts of the world in a matter of days, is unbearable.

    The Torah world must gear up for the final battle.

    The battle to save this world from the throes of immorality.

    The battle to save this world from the desensitization of sin.

    The battle to stand up tall and proud in defense of the holy Torah and its values.

    We may not know all the details of the final battle.

    But one thing we do know, is who will be victorious.

    והיה ד’ למלך על כל הארץ

    The sides will be clearly defined.

    Good will win over evil.

    Truth will win over lies.

    Yaakov will win over Eisav

    Yitzchok will win over Yishmael

    Am Yisroel will win over Amalek

    Purity will win over promiscuity

    Tzniyus will win over Pritzus

    Torah will win over Tumah

    There will be no more gray; only black and white.

    נתתי לפניך את החיים ואת הטוב ואת המות ואת הרע

    We will be surprised, even shocked, what side of the fence people end up on.

    Let’s do our part now, before it’s too late, to make sure we end up on the right side of history, as the final chapter is written.

    ובחרת בחיים

    Choose wisely my dear brothers and sisters, choose wisely.

  20. I can’t how dumb/insensitive/meshuga/immature some of you are. Klal Yisrael was zetzed three times in one week and all you nitwits can worry about is snipers and the size of the crowd?! Never mind missing the boat, you guys couldn’t even find the pier. Honestly! Does Hashem have to text directly to your Blackberries and IPhones before you get the message? The alarm is ringing. Wake up and get with the program before another ton of bricks hits us c”v.

  21. Lock n’ Load, Momma! Well said! Some see the forest, others see the trees;
    Some see a massive, bakovadik levaya, others see a sniper.

    Too many Mack Bolan novels…


  22. Thank you LPD & all the others!
    May your next event be a Simcha!
    Meanwhile we should go back & think of the teshuva the Maspidim requested from us …
    A guttin erev shabbas / Rosh chodesh

  23. I had the opportunity to be there for awhile and was even inside the Bais Medrash Hayashon. As per my rosh yeshiva i brought my 4th grader along as R ‘Chaim Zt”L was a Gadol hador and tzadik.

    When we left i was also wondering why it was not more full. We did see buses arriving. I was AMAZED to see the procession of so many Yidden much more than what was when i left. Obviously many people showed up later. There were people from Canada, Cleveland the metro tri state.

    The pictures are true.

  24. He leaves over such chushiva kinder and einiklach, it’s amazing how they were all so close to him! May he be a malitz yosher for them.

  25. Klal yisroel is heart broken. Three gedolim over a two week period. There are no words to describe our anguish. And, all some people of our community care about is the snipers and amount in the crowd.
    Are you crazy?!?!
    You must have missed the boat big time.
    Hashem is sending us a message. GET IT BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE CH’V!!!!!!!!

    We must also thank our dedicated police department and the members of the various volunteer organizations (Hatzolah, chaveirim, misaskim) for all they do for us all year, and all they did for us by the levaya. It was amazing and greatly appreciated.

    Now, let us all stop complaining and get the message. Hashem is taking away our gedolim, possibly because we don’t deserve them. Or many other reasons. We cannot question hashem. Do a good deed. Sit and learn alittle. And may hashem take away all our tzarros and bring moshiach bimheira vyameinu.

    And may these gedolim be a meilitz yosher for their families and for all off klal yisroel.

    Umacha hashem dima meal kol ponim……..

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