They’re back

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  1. 1) No idea why this is news they’re doing their job maybe everytime someone in Lakewood does their job you should post it

    2) If you drive like a mentch you won’t have trouble

    3)For all those that complain that the driving is terrible here now they’re helping you! So don’t complain they’re here! 🙂

  2. Yes, drive safely, whether NJSP is in your town or not. There’s NO problem with that.

    Maybe it’s just me but I do think the title of this post is unnecessarily provocative. “They’re Back”. You mean like ticks, the flu, West Nile…

    It’s already an op-ed with that title implying a negative posture or just yellow journalism playing to the negative NJSP posters.

    It’s supposedly a straight up News Report and should be reported as such. Simply saying “NJSP Back in Lakewood” is better. Using the word “They’re” is, IMHO, generally negative and in this case, derogatory IMHO: As I said above, deers are back (with a pic of deer), ticks are back, with a pic of a tick, the flu is back with some kind of pic.

    I doubt if the editors at TLS really see the NJSP as a negative, especially this week, when TLS ran a couple of great articles on how the NJSP and NJDOHS is pro-actively reaching out to all of Lakewood to offer valuable assistance and training.

  3. Ron Benevisti,

    That’s the point. “They’re back” is a negative connotation. They should rather put their entire fleet in Camden, Trenton, Newark, East Orange, and all other crime infested areas. And yes, by “infested” I mean like ticks, rats, and the Cholera disease.

  4. They are not here to keep us safe. Pulling people over on a narrow two way street w/o bothering to make room for cars to pass is not safe. Pulling people over next to a crowded intersection and cars coming from the other street cannot see oncoming cars is not safe. (both of which i daw on this mornings “fundraising” policing.

  5. Obviously they are needed or the state would not put the State Police here in Lakewood…the driving alone warrants a special force!! Stop signs mean STOP not fly out onto route 9 like a demolition derby…
    And when is the TRUMP RALLY I want to go! MAGA!

  6. mr ron benevesti

    lets be open and call a spade a spade
    i appreciate your support of the NJSP but unfortunately the past has proven and shown they arent here to protect us they are here to harass and “ticket blitz” our community I SUPPORT THE NJSP as well, but on the garden state parkway not in my backyard
    im living in lakewood for close to 30 years way back when when lkwd had a small jewish community you never saw njsp why now when most of the town is frum do you all of a sudden see them
    i dont see them on route 9 directing traffic to speed up the flow of traffic
    i see them on forest ave trying to “catch” people
    mr benvenisti can you honestly say that is where you want your tax dollars to go towards ticketing your fellow community neighbors
    or do you think njsp should be in high crime area towns going after the true criminals ?

  7. Watch the dash cam video posted here a few days ago. The one that shows one car going around another car that is stopped at a light. Then tell me they shouldn’t need to be here

  8. Whatever you want to say, step up to the plate.

    Anonymous posting here is accomplishes nothing but fomenting bad will.

    The NJSP takes complaints seriously. So call the toll free recorded hotline: 1-877-253-4125

    Note: This hotline is strictly for compliments and/or complaints.
    All other inquiries can be addressed by calling 609-882-2000.

    However, if a complaint is found to be fabricated and maliciously pursued, the complainant may be subject to criminal prosecution and/or civil proceedings.

  9. Dina day is untrue what you say. They stop people like myself for talking on cell phones even though they are not on their phones. They have a quota an just want to fill it. They are clearly anti lakewood.

  10. I dont feel any safer when I drive through Howel, Jackson or point pleasant.

    Every town has its share of bad drivers, ours just has this craze of publishing Dash Cam videos, where the whole world needs to see every bad apple.

    tell them to go home. Their own neighbor may need a ticket.

  11. Mr benevisti
    Your not being realistic
    Posting the numbers of njsp here doesn’t minimize the fact that our community is being targeted
    And yes everyone is required to obey the law stop at stop signs not go around stopped school buses etc
    But we have our local PD for that
    We don’t need it want the neap targeting our town and ticketing our community
    We aren’t different then any other town in NJ who wouldn’t appreciate the tickets being handed out indiscriminately and many times for unfair fabricated infractions which one has no wa my of proving
    We all know a citizen vs a policeman
    The judge always believes the police
    No way around that and posting the numbers here won’t change anything even if the complaints are legit
    So stick to the issues mr rom benevisti don’t beat around the bush with cop out answers
    We are discussing a legitimate feeling of our community feeling being unfairly targeted how are you answering that? We thank g-d have our very capable local police who are doing their jobs and are efficient handing out summonses for traffic violations proof is the court dockets are full each and every day their are no lengthy lunch breaks in court
    We don’t need nor are interested with the extra attention being paid our town from NJSP
    Let them go to towns that have real issues with crime
    And btw this. Isn’t a complaint you can call that # for that #is meant for specific cases of where a citizen has a complaint against a specific officer
    No the general issue of whether the township of Lakewood is being targeted and discriminated against
    Shavua tov to u nothing personal
    we are just arguing and debating whether we are in fact (which most evidently agree with me)being singled out and unfairly blitz ticketed

  12. I think thay should include the state police in to Lakewood Police Department as two big police forces to enforce Lakewood driving rules , who cares why thay are here , as long as they give out a lot of tickets so they wont raise taxes. There’s a study out that by giving tickets 63% of it goes to fund the school’s and give a better education for our children so in a way it’s a good thing

  13. I have no problem with them ticketing people who are tailgating, using phones, and not signaling. I have not seen a single article about police ticketing people who have more children than car seats, even though the law says everyone under 8 years.

    If they want to go after bad drivers, they’re making the town safer for everyone.

  14. I have lived here for just over a year, and cannot believe the sheer recklessness of many drivers in this area. From basic traffic rules to common courtesy to downright dangerous maneuvers, I feel very unsafe driving in Lakewood, and I got my driving start in Brooklyn!
    I, for one, am very glad that there is some reinforcement. Hopefully people will take this cue to start driving more responsibly.

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