The (Projected) Winners For Governor And Township Committee

election winners_wm(UPDATES BELOW) (PROJECTED) WINNERS: Although the final numbers are not yet in, the projected winner for governor is Republican Chris Christie with 167,323 votes. Corzine has 134,055 and Dagett 18, 373 (at this time). The projected winners for Township Committee are Democrat Meir Lichtenstien and Republican Menashe Miller. We will keep you posted with all further details as they are released.
U/D 9:13 p.m.CC-319,549, JC-283,501, Dagett-35,477
U/D 9:23 p.m.348,372 Christie [R] 297,591 Corzine [D] 37,778 Daggett [I]
U/D 9:30 p.m.513,351 Christie [R] 459,383 Corzine [D] 58,679 Daggett [I]
U/D 9:33 p.m. WINNERS OF LAKEWOOD: Meir Lichtenstien & Menashe Miller!!
christie winsU/D 9:34 p.m. Chris Christie wins every district in Lakewood, besides one.
U/D 9:41 p.m. 636,417 Christie [R] 586,709 Corzine [D]
U/D 9:49 p.m. Menashe P. Miller 11,832 33.61% —Hannah Havens 3,587 10.19%— Meir Lichtenstein 10,744 30.52% —Miriam Medina 2,734 7.77%—Lynn M. Celli 2,985 8.48%—Charles Cunliffe 3,265 9.27%—56 0.16%—Total 35,203 100.00%
U/D 10:03 p.m. 722,673 Christie [R] 631,965 Corzine [D]
U/D 10:10 p.m.835,460 Christie [R] 736,322 Corzine [D] AP Declares Christie Governor!!!!!!!!!!!!!
malone dancerU/D 10:51 p.m.  Malone and Dancer win 30th District!!! Joseph R. Malone III 26,268 37.79% —Ronald S. Dancer 25,755 37.05% —DEM – John Kocubinski 8,739 12.57% —DEM – William ‘Bill’ Spedding 8,707 12.52%—Write-In 48 0.07% —Total 69,517 100.00%
U/D 11:00 p.m. Bartlett and Little win Freeholders!!!REP – John C. Bartlett Jr. 118,399 34.80%—REP – Gerry P. Little—113,735 33.43%—DEM – Michael Collins 54,544 16.03%—DEM – Robert Bianchini 53,444 15.71%—Write-In 137 0.04%—Total 340,259 100.00%
U/D 11:27 p.m. As posted earlier, Chris Christie won every district in Lakewood, besides one (possibly two). According to the TLS poll conducted on Sunday-which was voted on mostly by Lakewood residents-Christie had a 74% to 14% lead over Corzine.
U/D 11:54 p.m. TLS just got off the phone with Deputy Mayor Steven Langert, who gave us the numbers for Lakewood’s Districts in the Governor’s election. The total votes from all Lakewood districts are as follows: Chris Christie-9,735 and Jon Corzine-5,454. (These numbers exclude the absentee ballots and one district (37/38).

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  1. if crisrie wins that will kill 2 birds with 1 stone. EVERYONE wants him and being the bmg said to go for corzine, they’ll prob still get some money out of him…;

  2. the VAAD had a WIN-WIN battle, becuse Christie wants to win in 4 years, so he will try to be friends with the VAAD, just like they said to vote for Corzine, becuse he was nice to them.

  3. please don’t project the winner yet they didn’t even count half the votes in nj and Iy looks like its down to the wire with the lakewood vote playing a very crucial role.

  4. GO CHRISTIE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. does anyone else think that the election fever in lakewood got really out of hand. Imean why does the vaad have to tell everyone who to vote for? they could tell people their opinion, but please dont try to tell us what to do. It got sooooooo political. My phone was ringing off the hook between the vaad telling us what to do, and the people anti the vaad stating that we shouldnt listen… dont vote… Help could we just all be normal!

  6. I believe you made a mistake for Lakewood on your 9:49 post. The total numbers you show are only for 37 out of 38 districts and only total 97.37% of the vote. All the best.

  7. I voted for Corzine and am happy that Christie won. I voted for Corzine to show hakaras hatov for his being good to Lakewood. Politicians should know that we are independent minded and if they deliver for us they will get our hakaras hatov and our vote. Otherwise they will treat us like any other demographic that can be taken for granted to consistently vote for one party (just like they take the blacks for granted). I am happy that christie was elected because he has an agenda that is more consistent with our hashkafos. I think if more of Lakewood had voted for corzine it would have had been much more effective in convincing christie that if he delivers for Lakewood he will get all of our votes in four years. I’m happy I did my part and would vote for Corzine again even knowing that he would lose.

  8. I don’t see how a Christie victory is a win win situation for the Vaad.With a Vaad endorsement of Corzine and overwhelmingy majority vote fore Christie in Lakewood just shows how irrelevant the Vaad endorsement is

  9. The reason the election fever was so high, was because most people who know what’s going on in America realizes how important this election in NJ was for the rest of the country, and how this will be a setback for Obama, which is what we all want.

  10. Just curious why are all the rabonim in lakewood not giving a psak on what to do? Wht do we run to gedolim in ey for such mundane matters like a nj election? I feel lost? I want to do the right thing but….

  11. To Chaim at 9:32
    Lakewood is not WORRIED. We WERE worried that Corzine would win!! We voted Christie for a reason unlike you that seems to be trying to comfort yourself.
    Good Luck!

  12. Mr. Editor, u r doing an absolte gr8 job on this story. Keep up the good work. When u have a chance, can u put up the district-by-district results. Thanx so much. Dudi.

  13. could you give a breakdown of the districts in lakewood the numbers for christie and mm and ml so we can really know in which district the votes for christie and mm and ml won or at least tell us which website to look at

  14. Don’t even think for a second that all of this wasn’t gufa oisgecheshboned lechatchila to end up like this by the vaad. They had to go with corzine altz hakoras hatov but knew full well that the oilam would zicher go with christie anyway. They even asked some rabbonim to create an atmosphere of safek in the sugya to get the oilam to go with christie. Mamesh sheer genius the tantzing oif tzvei chasunas. So don’t anyone think that they’re any smarter than the askanim, especially when D/T was involved..

  15. Don’t even think for a second that all of this wasn’t gufa oisgecheshboned lechatchila to end up like this by the vaad. They had to publicly go with corzine altz hakoras hatov but knew full well that the oilam would zicher go with christie anyway. They even asked some rabbonim to create an atmosphere of safek in the sugya to get the oilam to go with christie. Mamesh sheer genius the tantzing oif tzvei chasunas. So don’t anyone think that they’re any smarter than the askanim, especially when D/T was involved..

  16. REP – Menashe P. Miller 11,957 33.60%
    REP – Hannah Havens 3,613 10.15%
    DEM – Meir Lichtenstein 10,897 30.62%
    DEM – Miriam Medina 2,790 7.84%
    IND – Lynn M. Celli 2,993 8.41%
    IND – Charles Cunliffe 3,279 9.21%
    Write-In 56 0.16%
    Total 35,585 100.00%

  17. this is the best pos out come for the vaad they got 12000 votes for m miller and close to that for meir l that means they have a strong block and cristy will c that, cristy also know the vaad did not back him bec they have hacaras hatov that means if he helps out the town the vaad will for him in 4 years and can deliver 12000 votes

  18. the only good that will come out of cristy wining is lowlifes in the coffe rome will have to get a job bec cristy wil lower the poverty level and throw them off jersey care

  19. I spoke to a VAAD member and he told me that AK told Christie that he would love to vote him in, but since Corzine did so much for lakewood he cant go against him,. But AK has alot of connections with him, and they even had a long talk last night.

  20. There were a total of 192,633 voters who showed up at the polls in Ocean County . There were a total of 188,790 votes for Governor ,including wrte ins and independents . That means about 3800 voters voted for everybody but did not vote for Governor . Im willing to bet that the majoprityof those were Bnei TRorah like myself who were too mesupek about the Chilul hashem issues vs listening to the VAAd and therefore just voted for everybody but Governor . I hope that next time the VAAD choice is not socontreversial and we can all feel comfortable to follow .

  21. Why is ever1 saying that the Vaad has nothing to loose? Criste sees that it dosent make a difference who the Vaad endorses, the pp vote for whoever they think is right for them! And the fact that everyone from the comunity voted 4 Meir and Menashe is Not bec the Vaad endored them. The Vaad is defenatly loosing its power!

  22. rabbosei why the sinah to the youngerleit in and out of the cofferroom who voted for christie it would not have made a diffrence had the olam voted corzine why do u wish poverty on ur fellow yid? stop threatining with getting thrown off jersey care etc… losing programs its not up to us look what happened all across the state obama hurt us more than anyone by turning dems to vote for christie.

  23. Christie just gave his victory speech. Ha said that low income people in NJ do not need the government to take care of them. They need a “hand up” to go to work and take care of themselves. He said that NJ needs a smaller govenment with less spending. Say goodbye to state funding for programs.

  24. I think many aren’t taking into consideration the huge role of the LAC in this crucial local election. I personally voted for M&M bec the LAC endorsed them. As we all saw, many ppl lost respect for the VAAD bec of the corzine thing, which caused them to vote for CC. therefore if not for the LAC in my humble opinion the landslide victory for M&M wouldn’t of happened. Now i hope the LAC will have more of a influence on the local govt and tou oif for us who desperately need tax relief!! M&M its your turn to show US hakoras hatov, and please roll up your sleeves and get to work for US!!

  25. as much as we don’t like it, it is time for change. our taxes are through the roof. and nj is broke. it may hurt in the beginning, but the situation with the programs has left many people cripled, they need to work but can’t because they’ll lose their programs. its meshugah.the coffers are empty .medicaid is broke . and the state is broke .right now and the system is bound to crack .Where is nj going to get all this money from? they are trillions in debt. if there are cuts(and I don’t wish it on anyone c’v ) don’t panic h-ashem is always there for his kinderlach. let us a be mechazikzein in learnin and avodas ha-shem and in the end everything will be for our benefit.

  26. My advice to the Vaad & the R’Y, you have a tremendous achrayus & oppurtunity to bring the town up to real Achdus. Start giving speeches in Shul’s & public places about how we are all ONE and the Yeridah will be a great Aliyah & a Kiddus Hashem. That is all the same goal we have anyway. Marbeh K’vod Shamayim

  27. The numbers for Christie are not so great. There are 3500 republicans who voted for Hanna Havens. Plus 3200 that went for Cunnlife. Chances are that our oilam went 50/50.

  28. Leave the LAC out of this. yes they came out for M&M and had a big hand in getting the oilam to go out and vote even though many did not want to get involved in the machlokes. However while they never endorsed Corzine per se, they did give a nod, which shows some kind of game was played. I don’t blame them and hope they continue to go michayil el chayil, but let’s leave them out of the Governor race for now

  29. Today election day was the yahrzeit of Maran Harav Shach zt”l. I decided to learn some mishnayos this morning lzeicher nishmaso. I also asked that he be a meilitz yosher for a Lakewood community that seems to have more sinas chinam all the time. Hashem yirachem. Btw, it was also R’ Shlomo Crlebachs yahrzeit. A good day all around for Ahavas Chinam. Oh well.

  30. Let’s all remember that whatever you think of the vaad. We do need the koach hatzibur when it comes to the local elections and if everyone votes different then we run the risk of a candidate that is out to cause the community harm winning chas veshalom. So we need to be unified and have a strong voting block who should decide. I don’t know but it has to be unified. So vaad or no vaad it has to be this way

  31. Rabbosai: Let’s not forget that elections are just hishtadlus and that these politicians are merely puppets in Hashem’s plan… Throughout the doros Hashem sent us Brocho and protected us only when we were b’achdus…. this election unfortunately brought out midos that are l’hepuch from that…

    As a tikkun let us all immediately try to be particularly nizhar in Loshon Hara and work on the midah of Aharon Hakohen by looking for ways to be marbeh achdus and sholom…

    Doing so will surely accomplish more for everyone than any one program, candidate, bill to lower taxes etc. and this will surely bring us closer to the geulah sheleimah.

    May we hear only besurois toivos!

  32. NJ Got change tonight however I don’t believe that the people that need to change got the message. Lakewood must find a solution to once again become a Koach Hatzibbur and instead of machlokes we should unite. We know the reasons that caused everyone other then a minority group to be unhappy. You cannot have a Vaad representing the needs of the oilem if some of its members do business with the Township.

  33. pic on landlords now,not’ll need their treif help now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we pay our fair share of taxes plus.the hud and tax exempt phoney abusers will learn a’s not sinah it’s called being fair.

  34. Just to address the question, nope I’m just a pushetta hard working yid who can’t take it anymore, and hope people like the LAC will be a voice for me and you to help alleviate this non stop ever increasing tax burden we all face.

  35. Its pretty clear from Lakewood’s results that the Vaad does not represent the community they say they do.
    maybe now, they won’t be taken seriously as they only represent the few on top and they in turn inform the little people what’s good for them.

  36. The yankees will have a hrd time tonite. Petite is not good on 3 days rest and the phils are on a roll. we need to make an atzeres tefillah. This is far more important than governor and SS marriage.

  37. remember everyone to support tls and its advertisers that at least regarding the governer the tls wasn’t biased with the vaad that let this open discussion if just the tls won’t be biased regarding local elections it would deserve double support and it can be open with out lashon hara if the tls would let comments that are not lashon hara go through regarding local why doesn’t the tls let everyone know why it doesn’t let comments on local go through

  38. Can you please post, or at least post a link, where we can see every Lakewood district voting results? The oilum is very interested to know the details. Thank you.

  39. The gov’t. is not a charitable organization and Christie is right. People have come to depend on the gov’t. to bail them out in time of need and think it is the gov’t.’s duty to run social programs. Where is the money from those programs supposed to come from? From the pockets of those who pay taxes! This is unconstitutional, it is taxation without representation. You can’t have it both ways, either the gov’t. is a constitutional republic or we just abolish the constitution and become a socialist third world country.

  40. It would behoove many people who post on this site to do some fact-checking before rattling off statements that do not even begin to be true. This is the type of behavior that creates unnecessary panic and destruction.
    Additionally, do not be naive enough to think that this blog (or Lakewood and her politics, for that matter) is exclusive to religious Jews. Anything posted on the world wide web is accessible to ANYONE and that is something you might keep in mind before creating a very public machlokes. The chillul H-shem created here is immesurable. Maybe the nisayon of this year’s election was to see if frum yidden can band together as a tzibbur to do what is right for Kavod Shamayim, instead of jumping on the bandwagon of machlokes, name-slaying, and blatant Lashon Hora. The issues of this years election pale in comparison to the issue of Chillul H-shem which is death cannot even atone for.
    We should all be eternally grateful to this incredible country which offers us such grand opportunity, and allows us to exercise our rights and actually have a say in these issues. What we do with those rights should prove that we are deserving of them, and not chas v’sholom reflect badly on our community as a whole.
    God Bless America!

  41. to gov’t is not your daddy
    be happy that you have parnassah from hashem stop boasting about it and talk down to the less fortunate than you who depend on govt social programs the privatr sector benefits more when the govt gives out money so look very carefully wher u get your money from.

  42. Listen, I am on programs, and would love to get off. The problem is that I would need to make $25,000 just to break even, because as soon as I begin working I will lose $25,000 in benefits. Additionally, I will be paying taxes, my tuition will go up, no kollel check, no shver supporting me anymore etc. It’s just not worth it for me to go to work.

    If Christie can somehow make it easier to work, lower taxes, etc. it would help the turnover from welfare recepient to hard working citizen.

    And I definitely dread my kids being in this same cycle of poverty.

  43. Hey tls who got the write ins?
    If you think this year was lively just wait till next november. There’s going to be a new guy running.and the vaad won’t want to support him because he wants to stop all the games being played. But most of the oilam will know he only cares about the people of lakewood and is impartial. The seniors will all vote for him too. That is going to be the real test to see the power of the vaad and whether the lac is just full of hot air and doesn’t want to go aginst them.a year from now it is going to be exciting.and can bring some real changes I really hope this guy runs.

  44. Paradoxically, the solution to that problem is to extend modest benefits to the lower middle class such that families transitioning from poverty and full benefits won’t face a disincentive to breaking the cycle and becoming self-supporting.

    Studies show that by extending the upper income limits for eligibility for benefits (albeit at far reduced levels), the cost of funding programs would actually go down because far more families would be able to break the cycle and get off programs entirely (far offsetting the modest increased expense of exending the additional benefits to these families while in the transistion).

    Having a hard and fast line between eligibility and lack of eligibility which hovers right above the poverty line disincents families from ever becoming self-supporting and costs society tremendously, not to mention effectively trapping these families on the government dole.

    That’s why the JerseyCare model from 10 years ago featured levels of participation for working families significantly above the poverty line – the benefits levels were slight, but it helped families get over the hump. Under a later administration, benefits were cut back to only the poorest of the poor, leaving many without coverage altogether, obviously an untenable situation. Recently, coverage levels were expanded, but still not to the extent that once existed – currently most who need coverage receive it, but transitioning families are left in the cold – a clear disincentive to leaving the program.

  45. Who is he going to run against? Langert? That’s change simply for change’s sake, no real gain. Singer? Good luck ever getting anything out of Trenton if you make an enemy of him. Coles? He’s a great friend of the community and likely one of the most fair minded and straight shooting politician you’ll ever meet, you’d be foolish to replace him.

  46. I just moved to Lakewood a week ago…. who are these Vaad people? What is a Vaad? What is everyone talking about? Is there someone in town other than the LAC that advises the public on polititcal issues?

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