The Harsh Reality Of The Election; A Response To Mr. Kleinhendler

By: Yossel Gittelis (Yid). This is in response to Howard Kleinhendler’s article, stating that now that Obama won the election, we need to just accept it and move on and compromise with him. He also couldn’t miss the opportunity to call of us who voted for Romney “extremist right-wingers.”


If only the Dems felt like that too. Remember that Senate Majority Leader Democrat Harry Reid said just a week before the election that if Romney wins, Senate Democrats will not work with him, and will instead block everything. And the sad thing is that you would have supported them, because you agree with their positions.

But us conservatives, we don’t behave that way. Yes, we will work as much as possible and compromise. We accept that this is the new reality. But the question is, Mr. Kleinhendler, why do YOU want this reality??

Yes, we accept reality. Obama won, and ObamaCare is here to stay. Just wait for ObamaCare to be fully implemented, and all the new taxes to kick in, and you will see millions being laid off all across the country. My own boss said that he will probably have to fire 50% of the company, and the other 50% will have to be part time instead of full time, just to save the company from all the new ObamaCare taxes that are going to put him out of business.

Yes, we accept reality. Obama is here for the next four years. There will be a unilateral Palestinian state within the next two years, and Israel will be blamed for the lack of peace. Israel will attack Iran alone, without the blessing of the United States. In fact, the US will condemn Israel. And then when Iran retaliates against US interests, Americans will take it out on US Jews, and the atmosphere in the country, led by the Obama Administration, will be that its “the Jews fault”. I don’t want to even contemplate the various scenarios.

Yes, we accept reality. Obama is here for the next four years. In the last four years, food stamps use in Lakewood DOUBLED (because the Obama Admin raised the income limits to be eligible). And the welfare state will expand even more. The Obama Administration will be adding even more people to the welfare rolls, and there will be even less of an incentive to work for a living.

How many people do you know, Mr. Kleinhendler, who are getting close to $60,000 per year in government benefits and programs? I know of many. And they all tell me the same thing: :Why should I work? I will lose $60,000 in government programs, and I will only earn $30,000 as a starting salary?”

Is this the future of America? Chronic poverty and dependence on government? The loss of any desire to get out there and start businesses or get jobs? Yes, we accept that this is the new reality, but my question to you Mr. KLeinhendler is, WHY DO YOU WANT THIS REALITY?

And will there even be any more jobs if someone decided to defy the norm and actually try to work for their own money instead of taking from others? Who is hiring? On Jan 1, 2013, (in less than two months) the largest tax increase in the history of America will go into effect, with the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, and the implementation of all the new ObamaCare taxes. Companies will have lots of new reasons to lay off workers, why would anyone hire workers in this environment?

Yes, this is the new reality. We accept that this is the new reality. In fact, we will NOT riot, unlike Obama’s supporters who threatened to riot if Romney won.

But do YOU accept this new reality, Mr. Kleinhendler? Is this the new America that you envision? Do you really think your grandchildren will be successful in America in thirty years?

The fiscal cliff is coming. The debt ceiling is coming. The more we borrow, the more we are forcing our grandchildren to pay back all this debt. But will we even last that long? I don’t think so. We will look like Greece very soon. Sooner than you think.

And yes, Mr. Kleinhendler, we are facing this reality with the understanding that there is nothing further we can do about it. We tried, but the takers overwhelmed the givers. The givers will fade away, and the takers will rule this country for a long, long time, until there is nothing more to take.

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  1. ” Israel will attack Iran alone, without the blessing of the United States. In fact, the US will condemn Israel.”

    This indeed happened next door to Iran. President Reagan condemned the Israeli attack on Iraq.

    Look at Section 179 of the IRC. How can anything think that the administration and Congress are not giving people incentive to do business? You can accelerate all depreciation into a single year!

  2. We believe that moshiach will come very soon. its time we stopped relying on america. In the short term obama is better for us, more food stamps etc, long term america… wtvr!

  3. @ #1

    You proved the point.

    The extra Section 179 depreciation was part of the Bush tax cuts, and was extended until Dec 31, 2012. It will expire on Dec 31, 2012.

    On Jan 1, 2013 the depreciation rates are going back to MACRS, the way they were before the Bush tax cuts. That will be a huge tax increase on businesses (besides for the additional ObamaCare taxes, and the rest of the expiring Bush tax cuts)

    If people would realize the magnitude of the huge tax increases taking effect on Jan 1, 2013, you would be utterly shocked. This is the largest tax increase in the history of the United States.

    It’s a combination of the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, plus all the new ObamaCare taxes. All on one day – Jan 1, 2013.

  4. Best letter ever. As a yungerman in kollel with 4 kids, I am getting closed to 45k worth of goverment fundding (through HUD, Foodstamps, WIC, ECT). I do not see why i should go to work at a sallalry of 30k a year. Mr Kleinhendler, I’m living the american dream.
    And then our country goes bankruped. And the long gas lines are a daily accurence.

  5. I agree. One of the most amazing, concise, witty, well flowing letter I have ever seen on this site. This was written by a Yeshiva guy?
    Maybe there is hope after all !

  6. what your all Missing is that this was HASHEMS WILL! we all put our hishtadlus in and like EVERYTHING in life ACCEPT it and MOVE ON , That includes TEFILAH TESHUVA and TZEDAKAH !

  7. Dear Mr Gittles,
    Very well said. Our Nation is in deep trouble now, and I do not see a way around the utter collapse of our financial base. Residents of this once great nation, now simply look for a handout, rather than striving for self sufficiency. People forget that every dollar that they get from the government is taken from those that contribute.

    If we are not able to turn this dependency around, we will surely become a failed state. That is when the riots begin. That is when civil war becomes an option. That is when the government is broke and unable to provide for the promises that they made.

    The very wealthy will be able to escape to safe havens. It is you and me that will be left to pick up the pieces, if there are any pieces left that can be reassembled.

  8. Don’t worry be happy. The Democrats are in charge and all will be good, they will guide our lives and tell us the best way we should live and best of all look at all the free stuff they bring.
    They will bring us to the United Nations as an equal, we will have one nation one vote. Think about how that will work out for us.

  9. Quote ” #1 anon says:
    NOVEMBER 12, 2012 AT 11:45 AM
    ” Israel will attack Iran alone, without the blessing of the United States. In fact, the US will condemn Israel.”

    This indeed happened next door to Iran. President Reagan condemned the Israeli attack on Iraq.

    Look at Section 179 of the IRC. How can anything think that the administration and Congress are not giving people incentive to do business? You can accelerate all depreciation into a single year”


  10. Quote ” #1 anon says:
    NOVEMBER 12, 2012 AT 11:45 AM

    Look at Section 179 of the IRC. How can anything think that the administration and Congress are not giving people incentive to do business? You can accelerate all depreciation into a single year”


  11. Bill, the civil unrest is what i have been planning for, for the last 4 years.
    Weapons, ammo
    Food, water
    Lights, batteries
    Sleeping bags, camping gear/supplies
    Fire, cooking supplies
    Power supply

  12. Well said! The only positive thing I have seen from Obama winning is that I now realize I am smarter than half this Country. Fat lot of good that will do me in 2 years though…

  13. i’m watching as the situation & economy gets worse & worse. And the craziest part about it is, that it doesn’t surprise me or shock me this entire country is about to collapse slowly but surely. The world is run by Hashem & nobody else (not obama or the gedolim etc…)

    you can save yourself now from losing everything, by stopping on depending on the government & depend on Hashem alone & then you will not lack anything & actually have a smooth & happy life.

    be prepared for all your rights & freedoms to be taken away slowly but surely-not in one shot-& soon WE will not be able to live in the USA as frum yidden. all our rights & freedoms are being taken from us one at a time & the USA is about to become what used to be communist russia.

    pack your bags NOW & head for Eretz Yisroel, while the pressure is not so hard & before america is attacked by iran. for then it will be too late & everyone will be leaving in poverty, wishing they had left-now-when they were told.

  14. Hakol Beyidei Shamayim Chutz Meyiras ShMayim! The results of the election was not up to us. And neither is anything else that will happen! We only need to beseach the Geulah! scream out. like the Yiden did i1n Mitzrayim!

  15. Here! Here! Very well said! But as someone else commented, the takers have no idea what you are talking about.
    Don’t you get it? Obama and his cronies want you to be DEPENDANT upon him! You are essentially his slaves! By acting as the surrogate Santa Klaus he has successfully established a country of drones who will do Obama’s bidding at the drop of a dime – or Food Stamps, as it were.

  16. The Eagles is the sign of gulos for the jewish nation…the Romans, the Nazis and yes even our beloved America all have one thing in common- the eagle as there sign of freedom but at the end of the day the only freedom we will have is when moshiach comes and saves us and brings us home where we all need to be…Israel is the only place you can be safe(ok maybe also alaska, and Atlantis) but lets stop foooling ourselves and thinking that its stuff Obama does that affects us”the hearts of kings are in hashems hands” lets all just pray moshiach comes already and we can go home

  17. Case in point: Look at anonymous 8:56, a typical Obama drone – not a rebuttal with an intelligent comment but a mere mockery of the situation. (He can’t even spell ‘Waaa’ correctly)

  18. Obama won bring on the free stuff. You don’t even have to stand in line for the hand outs they mail them to you, WOW gotta love these Democrats.

  19. to #9

    You should go to work because you are a human being with dignity. If you are incapable of supporting yourself while in kollel and find it necessary to take from the government, do not spit in the well that you drink from.

    I learned in BMG for 16 years and never took food stamps, WIC, HUD or any government program.

    Personal worth is a measure of our actions, not our politics.

  20. Well said. Lakewood Wake Up. this system will start crashing down around you it not a matter of if, but when and it wont be in decades it will be in a few short years. already the food stamp benefits for the entire state of Ohio were cut by $50 a month (Toledo Blade). Remember when the government is in charge of your life they can change your fortunes overnight. (I’m not forgetting about the RBS”H I’m just talking in the hishatdlus efforts)

  21. It mindboggling that in lakewood the obama bashing is so rampant , when we consider the amount of bnei torah relying on the government as their only means of support.
    If you really think that the goverment programs are tanking the economy then close your gemara and get yourself a job . ther is no reason why capable young men can’t support themselves.

    as an aside,although i have voted for romney i must say that obamacare isnt bad at all it works just fine in canada and most europian countries and i think that for the most part the british and canadian economy is doing just fine , if not better than the US economy.

  22. #23

    How do you think 3/4 of the states will approve such a Constitutional amendment?

    The fundamental law of the land transcends current politics. The two-term limit did not apply to Harry Truman but to his successors. Changes to the Constitution are generally inapplicable to people in office at the time.

  23. Pure nonsense. First of all, our country is in trouble because of our deficits. The only way to solve that problem is by cutting expenses and increasing income. Government income is obtained in the form of taxes and fees. Part of the deficit is due to tax cuts made in prior years while we entered into two unfunded wars. Corporate profits are at an all time high. Corporate cash reserves are at an all time high. Wages are lower than they were 5 years ago. Obamacare does not take effect until 2014 so it has no impact of 2013 taxes. Corporations can easily absorb any tax increase without impacting their operations. This letter is a “Dear me the sky is falling” propaganda tool. Totally baseless. Perhaps those that are so worried should flee to Israel or some better place.

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