TERROR FELT AT HOME: Lakewood Resident’s Father Among Killed in Har Nof Terrorist Attack

014A Lakewood resident’s father was among the five people killed in this morning’s terrorist attack in Har Nof when armed terrorists stormed a Shul and shot the Kedoshim in cold blood while they were getting ready to Daven.

HaRav Moshe Twersky HY”D, 60, and father of Reb Refoel of Lakewood, was a steady participant in the minyan for the past seven years or so, YWN reports. He was Rosh Kollel Yeshivas Toras Moshe. He was a grandson of Rav Yoshe Ber Solovechik ZT”L and a son-in-law of Rav Abba Berman ZT”L.

The family moved from the United States to Eretz Yisroel approximately 30 years ago. He is survived by his Rebbetzin Miriam, and their five children.

Several other families in Lakewood are related to another one of the victims as well, TLS has learned.

ki1Lakewood Askonim worked through the night with Reb Refoel and his family to ensure he made it to Eretz Yisroel as soon as possible for the Levaya, and to be with the rest of his family during this dramatic and terrifying time.

The Levaya for Rav Moshe will begin at 14:00 from Yeshivas Beis HaTalmud to Har Ha’Menuchos.

26 children were left without fathers after today’s attacks.

Follow YWN for the latest updates on the attacks.

[TLS- Photos: YWN]

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  1. How about BMG doing an all nighter saying tehillim and doing what the chafetz chaim wrote
    That we do what our ancesters did in miztrayim and make a big veyitzaku

  2. Four of my sisters closest friends husbands were just Nifter – killed. Oy vay! Ha Kadosh Baruch Hu please Dyaynu ; We’re ready for Mashioch!!!!
    Everyone including myself work on something , something that you feel that you need to work on. For only we, ourselves know what we need to improve on.
    We can’t bring back these Nishamos Hakidoshim but we can stop the Gizaros Ra-os.
    Please Klal Yisroel Let’s work on this together…..

  3. Ribono shel Olam! What is going on?!? The catastrophes that have been spiraling out in Israel in the past two weeks are insane!! I’m scared to think that the Arabs are cooking something up…please, everyone be careful!!!
    My prayers and condolences are with all of the victim’s families.
    May we only hear good news and the resounding sound to our geulah!

  4. BDE what a tragedy to hit klal yisroel.

    Have we not had enough non-stop tzaros in the past year?

    Has klal yisroel come together-as a nation-yet to do teshuva?

    then what do we expect?
    We have a major problem in today’s generation it’s called FACING REALITY. What happens today when tragedy strikes C”V? we block it from our faces and say “what does Hashem want from me? ” I have nothing to do with this tragedy that occurred to us C”V
    But the truth is that we really do get the wake up call from Hashem to do teshuva we just can’t admit it to ourselves. So we leave Hashem no choice but to keep on sending us wake up calls.

    with tears in my eyes, I beg everyone-myself included-to wakeup & do teshuva-together as a nation-how much worse must the situation get (parts of my siddur are waterlogged from tears of non stop crying for klal yisroel) when will we finally wake up & return to Hashem as a nation together? have we not had enough tzaros in the past few years of non-stop horrific tragedies?


    NO MORE SIGNS OF TRAGEDIES NEEDED FROM HASHEM if we all start teshuva now we won’t need any more of these tragic wake-up calls from Hashem

    May all neshamas have an Aliya

  5. כולנו היהודי, יהודים מתוקים והמיוחדים לתת לנו כולם ביחד תתחזק ובוכים ביחד ולבקש ולהתחנן לבורא העולם כדי לעצור את הצרות ולאפשר לכל אחד מאיתנו לקחת קבלה בזכות ארבע קדושים אלה. הקדוש ברוך הוא יביא את הגאולה ויזכו כולנו לראות כבוד שמים

  6. So sorry for your loss. I’ll never understand the hate in this world. We are going to a wake Saturday for a little boy (just started 2nd grade) that was murdered (100 stabs wounds) along with his mother by her boyfriend in egg harbor city. I just don’t get it. Again, so, so sorry for your loss. Our prayers are with you.

  7. Call Chris Christie’s office at 609-292-6000. Ask why many of our Politicians from Pres Obama, to John Kerry, to NY Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, have all condemned today’s attack against US citizens in the strongest terms, while our Republican governor, conveniently stays out of things. Where is his condemnation?

  8. Her name is Basya Miriam, although she was called Bashi. She was my classmate. May Hashem give her and her children and all of the families comfort and strength

  9. I went to yeshiva with him at Rav Abba. This is shocking news. He was known as the illuy. Quiet, eidel, chasheve yunger man. One of the great men in learning.

  10. Israel need to add many more patrol all over israel and more volunteer is needed for security. It time win this war against Arabs. We cannot show our weakness and be strong and trust Hashem above us. May Zion be like dust from Jersualem. We need to untied and fight the Arabs who don’t show mercy for human being.

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