Shui Schmuckler Responds

ss with corzine_wmFirst of all, thank you for your kind or not always so kind comments. I would like to first address yesterdays meeting and then address a few other issues. Yesterday the LAC as well as other organizations were invited to attend a meeting with Gov Corzine. During the meeting there were a few minutes for the attendees to ask questions. Rabbi Blech started off with a very strong plea to the governor not to sign legislation to permit Toaiva Marriages. Then Zalman Sorotzkin spoke about affordable housing, and then Meir Lichtenstein spoke about the Smart Growth Plan. Earlier in the meeting Rabbi Aaron Kotler mentioned there was a commitment behind the scenes to have RT 9 widened from RT 88 until RT 70. This was not news as anyone could have heard about it from Senator Singer or from many other sources. Our goal was to get the Governor to publicly commit to it. Therefore I spoke up and first introduced myself and introduced the LAC. I then mentioned that many of the residents that live off of the RT 9 corridor including the seniors agree with the Smart Growth Plan but they want to hear that the state is willing to put their money behind the plan, including widening RT 9. At this point and never before, Gov Corzine publicly committed 100 million dollars for this. No, it was not the LAC who lobbied for this and credit should go to mostly Rabbi Aaron Kotler for that, but we did get him to publicly promise the money. Yes, this is a campaign promise, and being that Gov Corzine is ahead in the current polls by about 4% we feel its important to get what we can out of him. We understand that there will be a need to stay on top of the issue in the future, otherwise it will turn into a regular campaign promise, but this gives us the ability to push very hard for it in the next 12 months.
            Now as for the other LAC issues, I will try to answer a few of the comments. The LAC is made up of the heads of many associations in town, we are constantly looking to expand and for others to join, even if you don’t live in a development. As for our current group; all of us, either have jobs or are in School/Yeshiva. None of us are millionaires or major land owners in town and we all struggle to pay our mortgages and tax bills just like you do. We therefore have very similar views as most Lakewooders and are spending most of our “Askunus time”  working to lower taxes. It is not an easy thing to accomplish and our goal is to have real change within the next 12 months. We range in age from 28 to 35 and have a good representation from many parts of town. We are not perfect and can only try our best, and like I said before we welcome anyone who wants to work in a positive manner to join our group.
            One of the comments that keeps on coming up is that some of our members don’t want to be named publicly and I want to talk about that. All of the members of the LAC have met with most of the local twp officials and local Askunim. They are not anonymous from them, rather from the greater Lakewood. Those that want to remain private from the greater Lakewood are doing so, due to business and other personal reasons and that’s their choice. If one would like to know their names we welcome you to contact us and we will tell you. As I said they aren’t hiding their names behind the scenes rather just from the public limelight. I hope I answered most of your questions and I welcome anyone with a LAC matter to email [email protected] and anyone who wants to email me personally to email [email protected] .

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  1. wow! this is the first time the LAC is being straight up and clear, if they keep it up they will have support, no more shady press releases or faceless attacks on ppl. just stand up and say it the way it is. keep it up!

  2. Now that the money is set aside, do you think Christie would spend it on something else? Get real! Say what you want, but vote Christie!

  3. If the goal of the LAC is to lower taxes how could you lean towards Corzine who says and proves from his record that he will raise taxes?
    All his programs and promises will only raise our taxes higher and higher which will only squeeze all lakewooders more.

  4. What is more important, the food on the table or what that the certificate for ss couples will say. For many families in Lakewood who staunchly oppose ss marriage and who depend on social aid programs which under Cristie might be in jeopardy, I am afraid the answer is food.

  5. The State does not collect taxes from Lakewood. Our property taxes go to local government and county. The State only collects sales tax and income tax. Lakewood being a UEZ zone, our sales tax stays in the local govt. As for income tax, yes Corzine will raise it, but our community is so low income, we do not pay any income taxes. So let’s get off the topic of Corzine and taxes, as it is irrelevant to our kehillah.

  6. The LAC is not pro or against anybody. If the VAAD agrees with us, great. If not, oh well. We make our decision based on what we all feel the oilam needs. If the vaad wants to piggyback on our endorsement, we would welcome them to sign on.

  7. Becose the VAAD has better things to do then sit and hock like most of us that have no clue what we are talking about, no offense but none of us realy know whats going on

  8. First it was Seitler coming out of the closet. Now Schmukler is finally pressured enough to expose himself publicly. How much more pressure is needed for each yodel to come out of his hole so we can get a real picture of the tutzach’s and detemine what if any negius exists???

  9. trivia question: where is corzine gotta get this 100 million dollars? answer: hee hee from US? we will have to pay more taxes because of poor planning approving every development that came their way without even thinking. yes I want yungerleit to have low priced housing . but do we have to pay for the repricutions (spell check please) ? like for example many low priced areas were a dream come true but with growing familes turned into a crowded nightmare. the developers only think about their pocket . how can we squish in as much as we can and get away with it . as far as corzine is concerned, what about the higher taxes in everything, we can’t just demand for benefits, demand for busing, demand for redlights and wider roads and not pay for them. in the end, I humbly feel that the higher ups are really out for their own benefit. christy is anti toevah marriages and wants vouchers and supposedly anti corruption whydo we want to continue to contribute to the corruption that has plagued this state for years let’s get change and end it all already . rabbi miller ztl used to always say the republican party is the lesser of the two evils. lac are you also gonna become “part of it” for the sake of special favors to a select few?

  10. lac, we were counting on you not to cave in to pressure. I’m opening my own organization . yungerleit for change yfc. we will be pro morality , lower taxes anti- corrruption , transparency in govt . and cut spending , any takers?

  11. they all respond to these comments, they would never sign their name. AK has has Gleiberman and others do it for them…. They are all on this blog daily!
    LAC has no superiority complex and no hidden agenda, therefor they have no problem answering questions.

  12. Income taxes represent less than 40% of state revenue. It’s disengenious to claim that the tax issue doesn’t impact our kehilla. Our kehilla pays sales tax, use tax, gasoline tax, utility taxes & fees, tolls, motor vehicle surcharges, excise tax, inheritance tax, etc. Even someone earning too little to pay income tax is exposed to over 60% of the state revenue generating mechanism.

  13. Very commendable that shui went out on a limb like that.
    It seems everybody had an agenda though. I think many Lakewood residents just want lower taxes. Affordable housing isn’t going to help that.

  14. But again, it all boils done to one issue: who is the LAC and what are their relevant qualifications? So far we have two names but absolutely no reference to their qualifications.

  15. Don’t be fooled the state collects additional taxes from each county. Each county pays its share. Money does not grow on trees for the government. No such thing as free Money.the State does not just dish out money to cities with out collecting. You may not pay for it in those taxes, but may pay with higher gas taxes. They might start taxing food and clothes. This in affect means EVERYONE will be paying higher taxes. DON”T BE NAIVE!

  16. Shuee please give a straight forward answer why then did the LAC raise the taxes of non development lakewood residents???
    by demanding township services which anyone who signed on a house in a development knew there is a limit on services and that they will be paying for it through a homeowners association. all the LAC did was raise taxes accross the board for all lakewood residents by getting services they were NOT entitled to.

  17. Poor Baby Ruth says:
    October 28, 2009 at 7:02 pm
    once again thx to TLS for bringing to our attention another very important issue. seems like what lakewood needs is more special needs schools for all these air heads sports fans.
    If some1 has reached the level of tayva on something so uninteligent unglamorous unattractive then obviously hes lacking, so thusfore he dont belong in the bais medrash anyway fooling himself.
    if watching baseball is so fascinating to u to the extent that ur willing to abandon ur wife n kids or make money or anything constructive even if its just temporary, YES you are an Air Head. no brains n therefore mind stimulation is not desired. so what is it that you want from yeshiva? the coffe room to hock around with others n try to feel cool that theres a topic that u actually have knowlege about?

    TRUE everyone needs an outlet, but get ur prorities straight, n atleast try to remember who u r instead of getting fascinated like a beer drinking air head bum with no life.
    What exactly have you been drinking?

  18. I live in a dovelopment and we pay the same taxes as everybody else so why shoudnt we get the same service you get hu?

  19. Yungerman4Corzine says:
    October 29, 2009 at 2:15 pm
    What is more important, the food on the table or what that the certificate for ss couples will say. For many families in Lakewood who staunchly oppose ss marriage and who depend on social aid programs which under Cristie might be in jeopardy, I am afraid the answer is food.

    Even more of a reason to vote for Christie.How many people in our community were nicshol in Gezel, Sheker,etc. to obtain that food on the table?How kal did those Averos become to us because of their prevalance?For OUR Ruchunios : VOTE CHRISTIE.

  20. lets try this one more time says:
    October 29, 2009 at 2:16 pm
    The State does not collect taxes from Lakewood. Our property taxes go to local government and county. The State only collects sales tax and income tax. Lakewood being a UEZ zone, our sales tax stays in the local govt. As for income tax, yes Corzine will raise it, but our community is so low income, we do not pay any income taxes. So let’s get off the topic of Corzine and taxes, as it is irrelevant to our kehillah.
    Exactly who do you think you are to make such a broad statement? shame on you ! what a waist of time you spent all those years in yeshiva and this is how you respond?

  21. Tried It Once Too Often says:
    October 29, 2009 at 3:02 pm
    But again, it all boils done to one issue: who is the LAC and what are their relevant qualifications? So far we have two names but absolutely no reference to their qualifications.
    u want names? give us allllllll the names of the vaad including all the *shtiler chevra* and we will talk!

  22. allthough I sympathize with the fact that you pay the same taxes but when you bought the house from the developer who was cheap and therefore you paid less for your house due to the fact that he squeezed in as many houses as possible making it impossible for the township to provide services .

  23. To U loser.
    Who said I learned in yeshiva? Can you explain what was wrong with what I said? don’t just throw out name calling posts without any substance. SHAME ON YOU!!
    I know the real reason though– the truth hurts….hard!

  24. the houses in the developments were not a drop cheaper than the builders could sqeeze out of them. the builder may have made more money but if you werent born today you would know that the houses in the developments were not a cent cheaper because they get less services.

  25. Why should my taxes go for your services??????? its my choice were I want to live and I expect the same service you get!!

  26. Hasn’t Corzine been there for the last 4 years – why didn’t all this come up before – at any time – why are these campain promises – he IS in office he can work on them right now? Must be that these items will be pushed off another 4 years while our taxes go up and the govt. gives the money out to its cronnies. – GRIP

  27. Exactly!!! you chose to live in a development that has a homeowners association fee stop whining about that
    and ur argument about whyshould your taxes pay for my services ..well TOO BAD did you ask this question to the thousands of kids in the local school district? that’s the reason to vote Christie so we can bring the vouchers issue up front.

  28. Why are income taxes “irrelevant”to our community?? I know many of our community are low income but since when do they represent the entire community? Why should we totally ignore the income tax issue? Will AK pay my taxes?!? Will the LAC pay my taxes? No!! Maybe SCHI or the Cheder will. With so many choices,I’m sure I can count on someone helping me out.

  29. the developments were getting reimbursed all he years. they got a check for the amount it would have cost the township to do it. all we did was get the town to do it instead of paying us to do it. the benfit is that to do it privatly costs more than to do it thrugh public works. the only issue was that John Franklin should tell his trucks to not circumvent the development but rather to go through it. It didn’t cost the taxpayers a dime. The only person who still makes this mistake is benny heinaman. we have explained this to him 100 times but he keeps badgering about it. so while I am not sure who you are, it is a little funny to mak the same uninformed mistake.

  30. You are right. if you are paying income taxes then you should vote for christie. however the LAC represnts the other 96 percent of the kehillah on this issue. we can’t hep everyone. Hatlacha.

  31. We live in a democracy. Obama and Corzine want to change it into a socialist utopia. That is impossible, unless you live on a moshav in Israel and follow the Torah. In America, it does not encourage people to be givers and share, but rather to be takers and sit and veg. out, waiting for the handout. No society and survive on those ideals. Vote Christie! He’ll lower taxes across the board, and leave more money for us to spend as we’d like, not how the government dictates they believe we should be spending our money!! Use the saichel that the Aibeshter gave you!! Vote Christie, and let the Vaad endorse Mr. Prust himself!! Be careful who you make yourself meshubad to!! Hopefully the heads of the mosdos will wake up to reality and do the right thing. It won’t make a rifyon if you vote for Christie, because it’s already here!! The Vaad’s need for hakoras hatov doesn’t extend to the rest of us, when mammon Yisroel is at stake. Vote Christie, and vote with your concience!!

  32. yungerman4christie,

    Something doesn’t smell right about you.. You’re screaming and using WAY too many exclamation marks in your several posts. I don’t believe that you are a regular “yungerman”, and you should stop desecrating our name!

  33. lets try this one more time says:
    October 29, 2009 at 5:28 pm
    You are right. if you are paying income taxes then you should vote for christie. however the LAC represnts the other 96 percent of the kehillah on this issue. we can’t hep everyone. Hatlacha.
    If this is so that the LAC is only out for the 96% who dont pay income tax then why hasnt the LAC come out with a public statment stating exactly this, and explaining thier position . Ihave not seen a word from LAC regarding such a mehalech . LAC are you there? please tell us if this is indeed the case ?

  34. Yungerman4Christie: What in the world does Corzine, a prominent former Wall Street executive, have to do with socialism? What’s up with you?…

    Please address Christie’s involvement in this summer’s raid against the Syrians. Yes, that raid that involved 80+ year old Rabbis in handcuffs paraded in front of cameras… Do you think the decision By Christie to go after Syrians was motivated in part by antisemitism? Do you think Christie’s office investigatory tactics were legal?

  35. And many in Lakewood DO earn money and pay income taxes !!Why do you and Seitker keep saying Lakewooders dont have incomes!!! How about all the property owners in Trenton ask them how many times the hud yearly inspection fees went up in the last 4 years! What will you tell the people next year when Corzine raises the gas taxes!!!! that Lakewooders dont drive cars! How do you think peter pan is paying for rt 9 widening? from his own pocket? stop insulting the part of Lakewood that does work and pay taxes!

  36. Check your facts…
    1-Christie wanted to meet the vaad and cancellrd his stop on Lakewood because the vaad flat out refused this is a fact!!!!!!!
    2-Corzine is a socialist and you should never had done this endorsement.
    3-The LAC was started to show the power of the people.By doing whatever AK wants you are defeting your own purpose and eventually will wither into obscurity.

  37. Werent you guys supposed to be independant.By endorsing always with the vaad you are not showing your abilities to influence your own outcome and get out the vote abilities.Unless of course you realized you dont have those capabilities so you decided to piggy back the vaad in the hopes for a few favors.If you cant show the power of the people with your own correct and original endorsements thst will benefit the whole tzibbur then you guys are worthless

  38. Vote Christie. Not interested in higher taxes and all the other liberal agenda. I work for a living. All the money he is giving out -where do you think he will be getting it from? Not from his own pocket I assure you.

  39. I love corzine. When I go to the doctor, Family Care pays the bill. At the grocery store it’s food stamps. Formula? WIC takes care of that. HUD pretty much takes care of my 5 bedroom townhouse and HEAP and Lifeline help out with the utility bills. A little extra spending money? The EIC comes in handy. What does all this cost me? A couple thousand extra in property taxes. You don’t have to be a mathmatician to do the math and realize that I am WAY ahead! I’m not naive. I know that the democraticly controlled legislature and the governer are keeping all these programs funded. I’ve heard what Christie has to say about social programs. I’d have to be crazy to vote for Christie. If he had his way I’d be out tens of thousands of dollars and so would a whole lot of other people. I know that christie would probably eliminate the programs slowly, because the legislature is Democratic, but why in the world would I, or most of Lakewood want him in power trying to cut our programs.

  40. Can someone explain what makes Corzine a socialist. I would love to hear… It’s so ridiculous. He is a Wall Street guy. For those who don’t know Wall Street is the capital of Capitalism not Socialism. If helping poor people to put food on the table and providing healthcare to those who cannot afford it is a socialism, then hack with it, I am a socialist too. For most of the Lakewood, the choice here is clear…

  41. Guys, you have got to consider your interest. Corzine as a Democrat is more commited to helping poor than Christie. There are many poor people in Lakewood, admit it. There is more to Lakewood than the 14th street and the Villas. The state is in the dire financial straits with a huge debt. If the taxes are not raised, some programs will have to go….

  42. why are you falling in line with the vaad – and ignoring the interests of the common people? that defeats the whole purpose of having a community organization – how about we have a get together where all interested lakewood residents get together to discuss who to endorse

  43. You need to look at this election in terms of the national political situation.

    Obama and the Democrats are trying to push through health care “reform” in Congress, which basically will take away your rights, and your children’s rights to make your own medical decisions. It will also decide whrn your alte babbe will die. They are trying to remake our country into a socialist country, with all that entails.

    This is not the forum for these discussions, but the fact is that most of the country is against this healthcare debacle in Congress.

    Yet, Obama is pushing it through, against the wishes of America. The only thing stopping him right now are those Domcratic congressman who are scared to vote for this debacle, because it would probably mean that they will not get re-elected next year.

    Obama’s answer to that is this govern’rs race in New Jersey. He is trying to show them that he can still get unpopular Democrats re-elected. And that therefore, these Democratic congressman have nothing to fear about their re-election prospects next year, even if they vote for his healthcare debacle.

    This election has national ramifications. If Corzine wins, there will probably be nothing to stop the Democrats from passing heathcare in Congress.

    When the federal government tells you which doctor you can use, and which doctor you can’t use, When its time to put your alte babbe to sleep for good…. that if you don’t vaccinate your newborn from H1N1 with a largely untested vaccine you’ll go to jail….. widening Rt 9 won’t be such a major issue anymore.

    Did you vote for Obama so that he can give you the extra $100 a month in Food Stamps?!?! Was it so worth it, that very soon we’re going to be living in a banana republic?

    Wake up!!!

  44. Christie is a mentch. He is happily married. He is a conservative. Echad bpeh vechad blev. Communists spread the wealth. In NJ it is spread too thin right now. Christie will stop the reckless careless spending before the state goes broke. Stand with me and vote for Christie!!

  45. To dear LAC,
    Calm down. We did not endorse anyone for governor. We had a meeting with representitaves from all segments in town. Unfortunatly the Rep. from the Villas was in no mood to come. We decided to let people know about rt.9 and they can decide for themselves. We never endorsed anyone.
    Part of being involved in a group like ours is that sometimes your views are outvoted. Sometimes you try to lower the budget and you are ignored. SOmetimes you need people to help you and they don’t because they hate you. SOMETIMES YOU LOSE! For your own sake, learn to live with dissapointments in life, it will help you out later on.

  46. There is a get together where everyone in Lakewood decides who to endorse. It will be held on Tuesday november 3rd in everyones local voting place.
    The LAC made a decision long ago that we will not allow ourselves to do things just to make a statement. If we feel that meir and menashe are better than cunnlife, if we think that rt 9 is important news to report and allow people to consider, we will do so. If people would rather we endorse christie just to break with the vaad, that is wrong. How about if we wait for the BOE elections. I can promise there wil be world war 3 in April

  47. Dear Chesky Seitler:

    I would respectfully ask you when making an endorsement to give explanation for your choice. Don’t just say we endorse this or that guy…period. It’s important for your credibility and it will show that you did your due diligence…

    Also, please arrange a meeting with Bob Singer (or whoever is the Senator now) to ask him which campaign promises are credible and which are not. He is a Trenton insider and he can be very helpful in these questions. Ask him, if Trenton is likely to go with Christie on school vouchers? How will the social aid programs fare under Christie with his tax cutting?

    Please also call R’ Dovid Feinstein to ask him about how much consideration must be given to the fact that Jon Corzine doesn’t oppose ss marriage.

    Thank you for your hard work,

    Good Luck to you.


  48. To all those who claim we need our state to pay for our food , our doctors visit , etc. By Voting Christie you won’t lose what you have.
    However if you vote for Corzine who will help pay for you $4 or $5 dollar a gallon of gas, Instead of a $150 food bill a $250, your increased tolls when you visit your family in NY. Your “extra fees” for car registraion. Corzine will neeed to get the money from somewhere the money he promises in public, and in private to institutions. The higher the taxes go the more disinfranchised Balei Batim feel towards people who have other motives and for some already stop giving by the Chizuk Tent.

  49. Shame on all of them. You give us more hand outs, more welfare and we’ll say we support. Outrageous! Voting themselves raises.

    Instead of Voting to make your wallets fatter, why not vote for someone that resembles Torah Values?

  50. use your sechel: the fact is that the state has a huge debt that must be serviced. If the state doesn’t raise the taxes, it will cut on its services. It’s very simple and there is no need to use your sechel you just have to have one. So yes, there is a good chance that a lot of people who really need government’s help to put food on the table and pay for doctors will lose out big.

  51. Yungerman4Corzine

    Yes this Is where sechel comes in. If you higher taxes less job oppurtunity more jobs leave state less tax revenue = raise taxes again and again vicious cycle. You lower taxes more jobs more business come and stay in NJ = higher tax revnue to help people and yes help pay down debt.

  52. Even corzine said if you want lower unemployment numbers go to Virginia. I guess maybe you want to vote for someone without moral values and NO SEICHEL.

  53. use your sechel: in consideration of your obviously ‘high’ intelect I will try it one more time. New Jersey has a high debt that must be paid. Thus, it faces the only choice of raising taxes or cutting essential services. If the state were to default on the payments, its credit ratings would plummet and it wouldn’t be able to borrow any more money.

    Good Shabbos

  54. When the Lakewood organizations come for donations, we will tell them to go to Corzine, since the tax increases we will be paying could have gone to these organiztions. Lakewood is in the same catergory as where Obama visited on Sunday together with Camden and Newark.

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