SHOCKING VIDEO: Online hate taken to the streets in Lakewood; Anti-Semitic incidents on the rise [UPDATED]

It was not a matter of if, but a matter of when, that the online hate against the Frum community as a whole would turn into violence and bias incidents.

In the latest of a string of apparent bias incidents, TLS has learned of another two incidents seeking to target the Frum community – days after several individuals – from the approximately 60,000 Jewish residents – were arrested.

During an online discussion in a hate-filled forum – copied and sent to TLS, teenagers discussed running to Jewish residents’ doors in middle of the night and banging on their doors – “just to frighten them”.

Those hate-filled comments have now become a reality.

Early Shabbos morning, at approximately 1 AM, a resident heard banging on his doors, but when answered, there was nobody there. The next morning, a similar incident happened with another neighbor.

Surveillance video shows two individuals banging on the door and then running away laughing.

The incidents come after two vehicles were allegedly torched, a Hatzolah member was delayed on an emergency because of someone who purposely slowed down in front of him just to curse him out, residents who have been cursed at in the streets for being Jewish, anti-Semitic graffiti at the Sons of Israel Shul, and more.

UPDATE: The Lakewood Police Department tells TLS they are investigating the incidents. The ADL has also been notified of the recent incidents.





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  1. This is exactly what the APP and were aiming for. And all the other news outlets that didn’t stop reporting on their major news story. It was only a matter of time.

  2. I was honked and yelled at menacingly by a driver in the next lane (on Cedarbridge Ave. last night) for no other reason than I am Jewish. (moderated) Our officials should be taken to task for the hate that they have generated.

  3. If society does not want this to become a new thing or decline into domething worse, chas veshalom, these culprits need to be jailed for a month, asap…And it needs to be publicized.

    • A few years ago 6 boys from Lakewood were brought in front of a judge for saying something to a bus driver that was taken as a slur. They were ordered to read 6 different books and write reports on what they read all about tolerance. The reports were handed into the judge for review. The books were not easy reading: a time to kill, mhatma ghandi, mother theresa etc… Same should be done for these kids who are perpetrating anti semitic ‘mischief’. If not stopped, this can excelarate to real harm.

  4. where are the app and even the ap to report on this?

    for 368 people arrested nationwide in 1 week no one said boo but for a couple of jews in small town lakewood that becomes a nationle story.

    where are they to talk about this?!?!?

  5. APP and NJ.COM should be sued for writing articles like they did and allowing anti-semites comments! It was a question of time until those kind of incidents happen and unfortunately it might get worse.

  6. Statements from “sources” in law enforcement that were made to the press were also clearly inflammatory and they should be held to account for everything that follows….

  7. Unfortunately, we are seeing a huge rise in anti-semitism.
    I’ve seen in the last few days several instances of cars slowing down to shout obcenties at Jews, while giving the (moderated).

    The climate out there is toxic.
    APP really needs to be called to account for the hate that they are spreading and propogating.
    Very sad.

  8. I had a very similar incident to one of the commentators when i was with my children at jenkinson’s boardwalk just minding our own business.

    It is very scary situation and I pray that things do not escalate any further.

    But it is very disturbing that there are NO elected officials saying a peep or doing anything from what i have seen!!

    Nothing from anyone who has power!!

    What are you waiting for? houses to start burning down? people to get hurt?

    There is no excuse to let this fester any longer and who ever is in any capacity to make a difference on any level, is obligated to do so NOW 7/10/17 or will be partially responsible for the outcome.

  9. Everyone that says the app and should also b writing these stories you are right but however, we are in galus and sometimes it is better to not even look at those websites it is probably asur. No one should be looking at those websites, I was taught you can think but you have to watch what come out this is not only a Jewish site everyone looks at it for news because it is updated fast and really good so watch what you say most of the comments should not have been posted its embarrassing that people don’t care and just say stuff.

  10. Although it’s probable that these recent anti semitic incidents were brought on by the arrests and subsequent news coverage last week, we really have to stop being “Shocked.” I am among the earliest frum residents of the other side of the lake. Guess what! When I moved in I had eggs thrown at my house one night. Another frum neighbor had anti semitic grafitti scrawled on their kitchen counters right before they moved in. Anti semitism in Lakewood is not new and while it’s most distressing, it is not “shocking” unless you’ve been hiding under a rock. It’s called Galus and Lakewood is not immune.

  11. By talking about it and making it into a big deal will just make more people do it. Thats what the internet does. So by talking about it you’re making it into a new social media trend.

  12. Very Sad. But also scary for those kids banging on our doors. As @Hamster says, a lot of guys have exercised their 2d ammendment rights. As in, a LOT. Bang on the wrong door & it may be the 2d to last bang you ever hear.

  13. What these kids don’t realize is that lakewood also has a very high percentage of proud gun owners.
    Try any nonsense in my neighborhood and the the only bang you’ll hear is my Glock !

  14. I think it would be very helpful if everyone writing comments here would be writing comment on the app and to defend our community this would definitely help.
    I would definitely be ready to go protest at app headquarters if we can arrange a large crowd to protest their despicable anti Semitic coverage the headquarters is 20 min away not far.

  15. @sam good luck with trying to use that excuse in court.”judge I heard several bangs on my door so I grabbed my gun and shot thru the door”.What you guys fail to realize is that new jersey does not have a stand your ground law,if you shoot someone just because,you better hope they have a weapon on them,if not we’ll be hearing about you next in the app.

  16. To those “exercising” their 2nd amendment rights:
    NJ law requires you to 1. feel threatened. 2. Be in imminent danger of having unlawful force used upon you and 3. You must respond with an appropriate amount of force for the threat. To those of you speaking of shooting through your door at children ringing the door bell or throwing eggs, you will be going to jail for attempted manslaughter or manslaughter. Please, stop this nonsense.

  17. We are monitoring the situation very closely anyone who thinks that is above the law will be dealt with harshly we’re ready for anything app will be paying very well soon we are in top of the situation everybody stay calm

  18. “Hakol kol Yaakov v’hayidayim yidei eisav”. Let’s remember where we are and act like we remember….be greatful for what we have and hope HaShem has rachmanus. The 3 weeks start now, mourn for the bais hamikdash and all other tzar will pass.

  19. Those kids had their cell phones and were most likely taking a video clip to show their friends. Be prepared for more of this around town.

  20. Yidden, Please listen. There is no way things will get better. No one on this forum has mentioned the urgency of coming home to Eretz Yisroel. Look at the bigger picture and make what you already know in your hearts, the right decision.

  21. Anyone who believes in Hashem and believes that he is the true boss take a second and think: why is Hashem doing this? Hashem is screaming a message in the form is some idiot teenagers who bang on doors. Lets hear what he is telling us and so the message doesnt get any louder ch”v

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