SHOCKING PHOTO: Spotted in Jackson today


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  1. He is telling realtors who knock on their door that they should not enter his property.

    No different than telling a missionary not to enter your property. Eisav sonei es yaakov, and yaakov sonei es eisav; it works both ways. Either we change the way we treat others, or we have to deal with the reciprocal treatment. Unfortunately the rest of us have to deal with the fallout of the actions of a some of us.

  2. Listen yid, speak for yourself. I treat everyone with respect as most people I know. It’s wrong to put up a sign like that. It’s a disgrace actually. Oy lerashah oy lishchayno. I feel more sorry for us Lakewood people that have to tolerate hostile neighbors. It shows low class and ignorance.

  3. While throughout history people have hated us for no reason and perhaps this is a case of that. I do believe that many of the Jackson Strong crowd simply don’t want their town overdeveloped and deal with constant gridlock.

  4. @yeshivish you can buy signs like that.
    Agav whats the big deal? Its the same thing as all the other Jackson Strong signs all over the place

  5. #6 I love those that justify sinas yisroel.imagine if a different minority group would be dominant in lakewood(doesn’t matter which one) what would be the reaction of the press and the politicians

  6. Even if Lakewood had no traffic and was never developed, they would HATE us.
    Don’t be blinded and think its development. Development only gave people opportunity to purchase homes at reasonable rates, better than anywhere else, living where children can play, an eruv, playground, shul, mikva. Although you might not like it, plenty of people do like it.
    The same people who hate, it pay thousands to go to a bungalow colony upstate NY for the entire summer and even some yomim tovim as well, so please. Speak for yourself and yes maybe for a small crowd but not the majority. If you’re not happy in Lakewood move to Jackson. We have many Realtors in Lakewood that can sell your home and find you a home miles from a shul and shopping in a different town of your choice. No need to share your depressing attitude all over the scoop!

  7. @JOgathon – I was thinking the same thing , thanx for saving me the trouble. I also think the oilam is missing the point – yes, he has a right not to want traffic & gridlock but to announce it with a sign on his lawn is callous and insensitive, at the very least. I also agree with @George; next year there will be a menorah there. Not one, seven !!

  8. Truth is, the guy does have a right to put up any crazy sign on his property I guess. However, people also have a right to NEVER buy his house. When the entire neighborhood is bought by Jewish people, let Mr. Angry stay there. And that is the way anyone putting up signs like that should be treated. No problem. Never buy the property.

  9. As someone who lived in Lakewood for many years and then moved “out of town” to a very large metropolis “regular” major U.S. city I can understand why someone would have an issue with Lakewood taking over their town. Its not anti semitism, its a fear of bringing the Lakewood mentality to their town. Lakewood has many maa’los, but the traffic planning and execution as well as development oversight is not among them. As long as I lived in Lakewood, I had no problem with the traffic, congestion and chaos- I was used to it and didn’t think about it. It was a hassle to deal with but nothing more. Now when I return after being away for a few months, I pashut can’t handle it. It’s not normal if you think about it but we get so used to it that we can’t imagine why an outsider would find it annoying. The city I live in now is the third largest city in America but the roads were planned out and there’s method to the madness so you don’t feel it in the same way. If I was an aino yehudi living in Jackson, Howell, Toms River or any other township surrounding Lakewood, I would be fearful and resentful and would try to stop it. That doesn’t mean I agree with this guy’s method which could have used a lot more sensitivity but once you leave Lakewood, you sympathize a little.

  10. Another redneck heard from. Funny that so many shrill members of the “Strong” crowd themselves came from NYC’s outer boroughs and NNJ in the ’70’s and ’80’s and brought strip malls, traffic and their poor manners and imperious attitudes with them, making dirty footprints on this once bucolic farmland. Lotta chutzpah for them to take aim at any other groups interested in creating good lives for themselves and their families regardless of religion and ethnicity. Am Lakewood chai!

  11. Dear fellow Lakewooders that are missing the most elementary point:
    I don’t think this rasha likes the lakewood traffic any more then I do, but I don’t think that’s the issuse, if it was, why would we put up such a anti-semitic flag? His problem is ovbs that he doesn’t like Frum Jews (“Lakewood” as he calls us) taking over Jackson just bec we are jews. Period.
    What really bothers and saddens me more then his anti-semitc hatred- eisav will always hate yaakov no matter how much we try to please them as some of you pointed out- is how many frum Jews are defending this Rasha on this post.
    Why do you always have side with these anti-semites and put down your own brothers and fellow neighbors? your sinas chiman is driving me insane. If you don’t like Lakewood i humbly beg you to leave. (not to Jackson- that would be a chillul Hashem according to you, as you will just bring more traffic and developements to the town) If you can’t appreciate the amazing maalos our town is zoche to have I beg you to just leave. I don’t want my kids to grow up with self-hating Jews (or least frum people that are so negative).
    i am lucky to have grown up here see our town’s growth, yes we have issues withtraffic, schools… but we have so much good also. Please recognize this as well! & if you can’t please leave and make room for a family that deserves to live here.
    Hoping to see a better additude from you and a more unified town very soon,
    ps- I can’t wait to recieve your flak, I am sorry I am so harsh but your hate is turning my hair white prematurely.

  12. A German flag is anti semitic? I could see a Nazi flag but not one that represents a democratic nation. I am German and am certainly not an anti semite. You assume they hate Jews since they don’t like Lakewood so to justify it, you figure he’s a nazi. What an awful assumption to make.

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