Seventh Candidate Emerges In Board Of Education Election

BOE_building_TLS-MediumA seventh candidate for the township Board of Education election has emerged, school officials have announced. Morris Wilder, will run against four other challengers and one incumbent, Tracey Tift, for the open three-year term. Business Administrator Robert Finger said Wilder’s name was not included in the original candidate list because of a problem with his petition, which has been corrected. Incumbent Ada Gonzalez is running unopposed for a one-year seat previously held by Chet Galdo. Zach Patberg/APP

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  1. Dear HH My agenda: Im not a be-robed basement blogger and generally speaking I dont care about politics or the downtown one way or the other. Although i wish HH much hatzlacha brocha and kol tuv in his personal life I am critical of his actions from the beginning. The ICE sign (and the whole campaign in general) in my opinion was a irresponsible action that is NOT the mahalach of a yid in golus. Although a quite campaign to improve our town has merits, it must be done al pe daas torah and not in a wild threatening way. (I actually fear for our safety… ) Therefore I continue to criticize and oppose most things hershil.. If hershil would openly declare that from now on he will seek daas Torah b4 making any rash and dangerous moves I will stop criticizing…

  2. Sorry kim just got on here. Eating supper, but I will take a moment to respond to you on a post that has nothing to do with what I am about to say.
    I promise I will ask daas torah for everything I do, as long as the vaad goes to daas torah before deciding whom they will support before the upcoming election. For a preview I would suggest they read the new Moshe Sherer biography page 209 it is an eye opener. I only hope that Ada gonzalez will ask daas torah for everything she does on the boe. Oh, I forgot she already does.

  3. Only before you take any rash loud actions. We have enough enemy’s…..
    You have to think, wait (relax) and ask. For example Its not always necessary to expose and create powerful enemy’s……….G O L U S!

  4. kim,
    Please don’t play the old golus card on me. I am a child of holocaust survivors.I grew up in pre judeocentric Los Angeles. I didn’t have a day where I wasn’t reminded that I am in golus. I believe very strongly that if a jew shows those around him that he is not going to stand for favoritism, graft, and corruption, the few enemies he creates are not going to be able to use him as an example to validate the persecution of the jewish people.
    You are projecting the cause of all the negative stereorypes our community has endured until now on me. You obviously are on here because someone is feeling threatenedall of a sudden. I am so honored that I am actually being taken seriously. Unless you are just a bored contrarian with nothing better to do than oppose common sense.
    I don’t believe that someone that has an opposing opinion is automatically wrong. But when that person throws out the golus card in a last ditch effort to validate his point, it is akin to someone tossing rocks at a mountain. I am trying to prevent exactly what you are accusing me, falsely, of causing. If you look at any old Der Sturmer cartoons you will see caricatures of jews sitting on money bags, smoking cigars and laughing at the poor suffering gentile. You will not find a drawing mocking the jew that tried to prevent corrupt practices, or rid his town of crime.
    Kim,pick your battles as carefully as you pick your friends. And before you pick your friends, realize who is on your side.

  5. oh i just love the scoop! i get to say all kinds of really smart comments about how other people need to be smarter like me. tell them to go to daas torah, even though daas torah would tell me to get off the scoop!

  6. that ice sign was meant for greedy people that rent to drug dealers in your town. you know it, but you will try to use it against him forever. just watch the video that was on the scoop. believe me hersshel has the support of the honest hispanics. just come to a downtown meeting. you will see he has their support. and just wait till you here his views on the homeless and day workers and how he wants to help them too. if you think he hates mexicans hes bad.if he says we need to help them.bad too. decide what u want from the guy. you want the guys we have now? they make you happy?not me, not most people, or any people i know really. i just hope he runs for mayor.

  7. just give in.
    you know you love hersh.
    everyone loves hersh.
    hes harmless.
    youre either a guy trying to take advantage of the town who feels threatend
    or you are jealuos.
    either way you are coming off pretty sad dude

  8. Dear hershil I am not pulling the golus card I am pulling the daas tora card! How a yid firtzach in golus is a thing you and me cannot decide. It doesn’t matter what your background is. Again honestly this is all I want from you, everything els I comment on is out of respect for your Koach and Bren I feel that without guidence you can quickly turn from a great asset to a huge liability. As to the political issues of downtown you definatly know more than me about il admit, many times I even feel uncomfortable commenting on. If you want go ask daas tora in LA I understand Lakewood polatics…

  9. i’m not even me . who am I?
    am I hershel pretending to argue with himself to get votes?
    or am i me pretnding to agree with hershel from now on.
    either way i will agree to always disagree with everything that hershel argues and then agrees with me about.and we will both agree to be different people. although this comment is not mine or hershels or his publicist or my second cousin.
    once removed

  10. For those who ask hey Kim Internet… I say what I do myself is a private issue what I am disscusing is affecting the klall .. Dass tora. Plus I have an אישור! Do you???

  11. you shouldnt be on the internet.
    hh is here for a reason.
    hh asked us we told him we are behind you all the way.
    that is what we told him.
    he even mentioned it on here a few times.
    you want a letter?

  12. pulling the golus card

    As if that isn’t a valid concern. I’m lost in understanding how hershel is addressing it by talking about his parent being holocaust survivors, growing up in LA, Der Strumer. Please explain why that criticism, frequently expressed about Hershel, is not a valid in a manner that even the feeble minded like myself can understand.

    Thank you

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