Sea Level Rising In N.J. Faster Than Rest Of East Coast

sea levelA new study finds the sea level is rising faster in New Jersey than anywhere else along the East Coast. That’s especially bad news because the University of Pennsylvania research shows that sea level along the Atlantic Coast rose three times faster in the 20th century than it did in the previous 4,000 years. The research was in two recent papers in the journal Geology. Researchers said the sea level is rising not only because of melting polar ice and expansion of a warmer ocean, but also because land in the mid-Atlantic is sinking.

The study is not able to pinpoint which specific areas could be hardest hit by rising sea level. AP

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  1. Is this a frum Blog? All this stuff is KEFIRAH. That is the point of all these studys and the whole global warming debate. It is to be Kofer and say that humans can control the world.

  2. “faster in the 20th century than it did in the previous 4,000 years.”

    Huh? 4000 years ago? How do they know what it was 200 years ago, let alone 4000 years ago. Shtusim!!

    At the end of the day it’s all about the gelt. Follow the path and it’ll lead you to someone making tons of gelt.

  3. my longstanding shitah is thet we know at the begining of the elef hashishi the world is going to be destroyed, which is in 220 yrs. i don’t think that any scientist thinks it can’t last for anothe 220 yrs.

  4. To Erliche yid… Burying your head in the sand and ignoring science does not make one Erlich, it does make one foolish. I am not a proponent of Global Warming being the cause of humans or our ability to necessarily change it, but would be silly to ignore the scientific reality. If the earth is indeed warming we should look at what we can do to reverse the trend based on scientific data and research. That is the Erlicha approach. Make the utmost use of the Chachma that HaKadosh Baruch Hu has given us.

  5. To Torah Truth. There are 2 important points that you are missing.One is that had you been following current events you would see that the whole thing is a hokes. Did you ever hear of climategate. The foremost scientists on the subject were rigging the data. Yes they changed data to prove global warming! They did this because they are atheists. They are Reshaim!
    Two Hashem promised in the Torah that there will never again be a flood in the world. Do you really believe that humans can destroy a world that Hashem created?

  6. Firstly, I assume you mean it is a “hoax”. Secondly, the foremost scientists do not dispute global warming at all. The emails that were hacked and found to be repressed were only on a small portion of the data that would indicate that the earth was not warming as fast as they thought. No scientist argues that global warming isn’t happening, they are only debating if our participation is crucial to warming process or not. In any case it would make logical sense to do what we can to reduce our contribution to greenhouse gasses, in the worst case we would just have less polluted air to breath. As for your question if there would be another flood… well, have you heard of Katrina? Wasn’t that a flood? Have you heard of the Tsunami? Wasn’t that a flood? The Havtacha from HKB”H was that the world won’t be destroyed by another flood but certainly great parts of the earth can be flooded as history has shown time and time again. I don’t think anyone believes that global warming will cause the “world” to be flooded.. do you?

  7. So I am confused were they natural disasters or were they caused by HaShem? The distinction being, were they Derech Hatevah or the “direct” Yad HaShem (See Rambam Moreh Nevuchim). And how is global warming not a natural disaster? If that atmosphere is warmed by whatever source it causes a natural phenomena. Really, I can’t understand your logic at all.

  8. Besides all this what cake you think these people are Rashaim? How do you know they are atheists? Do you mean to say that every scientist is an athiest? Or if a person believes is global warming he is an athiest?

  9. Hashem recreates the world every Nano second “hamechadesh bituvo bchol yom tomid” he creats the way he feels like not the way the scientists like it.

  10. To wannabe, it is clear that you have no knowledge of basic Hashkafa. I would suggest that you learn Emunos V’Daos of Rav Saadia Gaon, Moreh Nevuchim of the Rambam, Kuzari or Rabbei Yehudah Halevi and others and then we can have a conversation on Hamichadesh Betuvo B’chol Yom.

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