Scam Slammed

BOE_building_TLS-MediumThe following statement was sent to TLS by the LAC (Lakewood Association Coalition). The LAC was founded as, and continues to be, a strictly tax reducing advocacy group and to assist our residents. However we are recognized as the driving force behind the recent public scrutiny of our elected officials over the past year. In this regard we have been asked by our mosdos and askanim to make the Lakewood Tzibur aware of a recent development on the BOE. There has been an attempt by the BOE to divert from our mosdos Title 1 money which should be allocated to help children who are educationally in need, and have it used for a new pre-school program. The mosdos who carry the burden of educating these children will be deprived of $2,000,000 under this plan so the money can go instead to fund this new preschool initiative. We have been contacted by 3 large yeshivos who are going to be sending home letters stating that they do not agree to this arrangement. While their consent is not legally needed, it has been reported by the Board of Ed. that they agreed. They all say it is untrue. The mosdos are almost unanimously opposed to this diversion of funds. There may be some who were going to benefit from the proposed pre-school in other ways, which made them more agreeable, however the vast majority of schools will stand to lose, as well as our children.

This is not only depriving children of needed tutoring and other educational services. It will also cost all Lakewood Taxpayers millions.
The BoEd. admitted that when Federal Stimulus money for the preschool runs out in 2 years, local taxpayers will be saddled with this cost. So this is not only a moral question of right or wrong this year. It is also a financial issue that will hit every Lakewood taxpayer in their pocket year after year.

The Board President, Mr. Abe Ostreicher together with the approval of the board, has the ability to rescind the proposed preschool program at the next board meeting. If anyone can contact him and explain why the Tzibur does not want this, they should please do so. Sometimes the board members are not aware of the consequences of their actions and need to be shown.

While originally it seemed like the problem here was just another bid rigging story, it has been brought to our attention that hundreds of our tinokos shel bais rabbon are at stake here, along with the entire taxpaying tzibur. While the LAC is not usually focused on education injustice, we feel that the right thing to do is to help spread this message, due to the fact that the two issues (taxes and education) are intertwined. Please stay on the lookout for signs by the organizers calling on the oilam to come en-masse to the next board meeting.

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  1. Give credit where credit is due. TLS publicly exposed this scandal a few days ago and LAC picked-up on it and acted. BOTH deserve much credit. Fortunately there’s enough credit to go around. Thank you TLS and LAC!!







  3. We intend to meet in PUBLIC with OUR elected representatives at the next BOE meeting. Not in private, not behind closed doors. We will not be anonymous. We will make sure the press is there. We will make sure ALL comments are On THE RECORD. We will expect real answers to hard questions. We will not be muzzled.
    Don’t you dare deny us our most basic civil rights.

    Don’t you dare insult our intelligence.
    You have every right to be petrified of exposure.

    Who submitted the low bid?
    RSG or Tiny Tots? Why was contract not awarded last night?

  4. Why is this a Scam? 13 Principles violated:
    1. BOE spending 3.5 times the going rate, at the same facility,
    2. Denying services to other kids, but approving them for tiny tots kids,
    3. Who decides which kids are “lucky” to get into Tiny Tots? Certainly not
    ‘need’ nor lottery.
    4. Rigging contracts/money only for your cronies,
    5. Feifing-on the mosdos’ neediest children,
    6. Feifing-on all the mosdos’ menahalim by falsely claiming they went along
    with this scam,
    7. NO bidding for federal Title 1 services, handled by the LBOE,
    8. NO bidding for federal-funded IDEA Services, handled by the LBOE,
    9. NO bidding for State Taxpayer-funded Special Ed Services, handled by the
    10. NO bidding for Local Taxpayer-paid Special Ed Services, handled by the
    LBOE, all the above totaling nearly $50 Million in special ed services
    (Stimulus included),
    11. Ramming this ‘preschool’ down the kehilla’s throat at the last possible
    minute, after sitting on the money for seven months, until they figured out
    a way to steal the money,
    12. Saddling Lakewood taxpayers with the $2,000,000.00 preschool cost for
    years to come, after the federal Stimulus money runs out.
    13. The entire scandal of the $125 Million school budget being one man’s
    financial empire to spend as he wants, in a Michaelvillain manner of divide
    and conquer.

    There’s more. Much more. Later.

  5. rabboisai enough is enough its time to take action and to hold the mosad and yechidim accountable for profiting “upnaaring” and stealing from the tzibbur yes this I’d GREED AT ITS BEST and an slap in the face to the citizens of lakewood .we will publicly out those indivuduals who are profiting from it diverting funds to their own pocket and to the daycare center that’s aiding and abedding in this scam.

  6. I have just one comment . i do not know the facts . However ,the appearance of the Board Attorney having so much power ,in deciding these issues ,is very unusual and troubling . To the best of my knowledge ,in most Boards ,the attorney is an advisor on legal issues . The Board acts and deals with the contracts and how to spend the money . There is certainly the APPEARANCE ( at least ) of a Board that has allowed their attorney to make some serious decisions on a constant basis ,while also collecting a fat salary from the taxpayers ,while he is at it .

    Again I may be wrong ,but this is certainly the outward appearance of what is happening .

    They should have an attorney that does not get involved in any of the decisions or processes and sticks to his real job of giving legal advice and defending the board in the event of any legal action .

    Just my opinion .

  7. Michael, Just checked with some board members. They got a copy of RSG Proposal, not Tiny Tots. Did you give that one back to TT to lower bid amount and resubmit? So they can win? How come Bd has one but not the other? Something fishy. Also, how much are you charging for steering the bid, $200 or $250 per hour? How much lower was RSG than Tiny Tots? Last, why RFP $2 million Stimulus Title 1 preschool contract, but not $5.8 million Regular Title 1 preschool contract?
    See why we need answers ON RECORD, in PUBLIC, with PRESS?

  8. I find it perplexing that the LAC which claims so many questions for the Administration, but yet REFUSES a meeting where they can get undivided attention in airing their concerns and having the time to fully understand another position, instead of going to a meeting with limited time for public comment, several items on the agenda, and no real time for answers..

    It sure doesn’t sound like they want answers to me.. Apparently, they are only trying to create a platform for their own ulterior agenda..

    If these kids keep showing how disingenuous they are, they will become just another waste of time..

    Let’s not forget how they already messed up twice before, I hope for their own sake that they don’t throw away this opportunity to rehabilitate their image to the tzibur..

  9. For eight years, we at Catapult had to keep our mouths shut, for fear of being fired. We were always told that R’ Shmuel Kaminetzky approves of all the shenanigans. So we just shut up.

    Bnos Yisroel who work tirelessly at Catapult have been forced to lie and defraud, on the orders of “the attorney”, and with the supposed approval of RSK, under threat of being fired.

    We also work for very low salary (compared to other cities and to other proffessions) because we are at the mercy of the BOE, because there is no bidding – – – – – all contracts go directly to Catapult Learning, so Catapult pays us whatever they want.

    btw, Michael Inzelbuch is also Catapult Learning’s attorney. And all special ed contracts go directly to Catapult. Anyone smell a conflict of interest?!?!?!?

    And Michael, now that we know you read this blog, you should know that us teachers have discussed many times going public, to rabbonim, and poossibly to the FBI, so be careful. We haven’t done it yet, but you may get on one person too many’s nerves

  10. One Thing seems clear to me . This situation with one attorney having so much control of the process ,must come to a screeching halt . It doesnt smell right . This is not the way it is done in other places .

    There must be full transparency and NO involvement by any attorney in the process . The attorney should be limited to giving advice ,only where needed on specific LEGAL issues . He should have no involvement in any bids ,awards , etc

    Lets make this change ASAP before everything blows up in everybody’s face .

    He may be well meaning and he also may help some issues ,but the bottom line is that Yotzo Schoro Behefseidoi ,in a big way .

  11. To explain my previous post,

    If there would be more companies winning contracts besides Catapult, there wouold be more competition, which would help everyone.

    First of all, the companies would bid for the contracts in the first place, thereby giving the BOE and taxpayers a cheaper price.

    Secondly, the companies would bid each other for the best teachers, thereby highering salaries of teachers.

    The only loser would be Catapult Learning, a national company with branches in most major cities, whose attorney (in Lakewood) Michael Inzelbuch.

    Right now, thanks to Michael, Catapult Learning retains its monopoly on the education of special ed students in Lakewood’s private schools. They can charge the ditrict and taxpayers whatever they want, and they can pay their teachers whatever they want. We’re all forced to work for them at whatever salary they will give us, because the other choice is travelling to Staten Island.

    This is besides the corruption that goes on in the company. I don’t want to put it out on the internet, but ask any Catapult teacher…….

  12. So how many of your Orthodox kids are in the BOE system? Just the adults on “Commitees” to siphon off the $$$. You say this is not true? This is racketeering in it’s most pristine definition. And this is the belief of your “neighbors” in Lakewood. So here is more proof of the muscle and family tactics to get government favors for special interests at the expense of others. How do you expect to get along in the world? Obviously you don’t. This won’t last. All kids are entitled, all citizens are entitled. God will see to that and you will be ashamed before all.

  13. To Black and proud

    I’m happy for you that you are proud of who you are, and I’m sure that in general you are a happy person.

    I don’t understand why you make this into a black and white, orthodox and other, issue.

    We are orthodox, and as you can see, we are also complaining about the status quo. The few politicians are robbing us too. They are robbing all of us. We are actually complaining about money designated by the federal government to go to private school children. We are not discussing money that rightfully belongs to public school children.

    This is money that private school children deserve, and is being robbed from us. Why insert race into the issue. We are not racists.

    Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. That is why we must keep politicians on their toes. That means the corrupt power in Lakewood, and the absolutely corrupt power in Washington.

  14. Black and proud,

    I fully understand you. The problem is that all these statements & comments are all signed by anonymous coward/s.. Believe me, I don’t give any credibility to anyone who is too scared to sign his name.. This whole demand has no legitimacy whatsoever in my opinion..

  15. For years I infiltrated and fooled your entire community. The BOE is my older twin brother. They taught me the ropes. For years they took millions out of your community through the BOE. Don’t you guys EVER learn?

  16. by definition of the fact that it is a private school, it should not be entitled to public money, you chose to send your children there, you pay for it, otherwise send them to public school, this statement is not directed only toward jewish private schools….catholic schools and private academies, etc do not deserve public money either

  17. i have another question to ask inzelbuch:
    why is it that tashbar pays a monthy rent of $1,500.00 to the BoEd for classroom space, and the BoEd pays Bais Shaindel $17,000.00 each month for classroom space? Why can’t the BoEd use their own space and save almost $200,000.00 each year? Something’s fishy…

  18. To Old Lakewooder
    What does this have to do with the township committee? Do they have jurisdiction over the BOE? can we ask them to replace the board and lawyer? i’m not being sarcastic, i’m new here and would like to know.

  19. You say that private school children shouldn’t be receiving money from the government.

    There are two answers.

    The first is, that maybe we shouldn’t pay property taxes to support your kids in school. But we do, and we should get back money to pay for our education, just like you get free school for your kids.

    If 15,000 orthodox kids showed up to public school tomorrow morning demanding an education, legally the BOE would be required to build buildings, hire teachers, etc. to educate every one of them. So instead of having the district educate them for $16,000 each, we educate them ourselves at a cost to OURSELVES of $4,000, and we ask for some money to offset the tuition we pay for our own education, plus the $6,000 property taxes we pay to educate your kids.

    The second thing is that right or wrong, the fact is the FEDERAL government allocated money for private schools. You don’t like that, vote Obama out of office. But the fact is that Obama signed a stimulus bill with money for private schools. So we have a right to ask that the money go for its legally intended purpose.

    And why does it bother you that the government is giving money to educate needy children, but it doesn’t bother you that Obama just gave $4 BILLIION to Acorn?!?!?!?


  20. noch a knocker says:
    September 10, 2009 at 9:41 pm
    Black and proud,

    I fully understand you. The problem is that all these statements & comments are all signed by anonymous coward/s.. Believe me, I don’t give any credibility to anyone who is too scared to sign his name.. This whole demand has no legitimacy whatsoever in my opinion..
    is your real name noch a knocker? or are your comments also not legit?

  21. Don’t blame the Township Committee. They take their cue from the Vaad’s silence. And we convinced them that the Vaad is our “official” voice by blindly following their endorsements. Thank you LAC. Thank you YS, for being a breath of fresh air, and the conscious of the kehilla. Without you, this issue would remain buried in thae sand.

  22. II just want to know where the LAC or TLS got their information from. Whoever I spoke to said he heard it from… In other words no one really knows or for that matter has their information correct.
    This is all information that is one guy’s opinion and misconception about facts and details that he has no clue or experience in. You as the tzibur are pathetic enough to create ‘hock”about matters that you don’t have any prior knowledge in. Save your energy for more important matters, or matters that you actually researched.

  23. I’m not really sure who the LAC is. From my understanding they are here to advocate for our Taxes. I got my tax bill today and it went UP! Thanx for the effort though, but what I fail to understand is how did this become a LAC issue. Besides if I was saving 2000 dollars on playgroup a year, why should I care if my taxes went up by, say, 300 dollars a year!! The $$ just add up! Another point is, from my understanding, that this money is coming from the NRRA (stimulus package) then how does that effect our bottom line? Oh, because in two years we will start paying? Well let’s at least get such a program off the ground so we can have the option to continue. Whatever we will use the Tile I funds for, will anyway be spent in two years. Am I missing something?

  24. To hocker, knocker, and noch a knocker –

    What’s going to be with the Yom Hadin that’s around the corner? Are you all doing the right thing and feel confident that you can give Din Vecheshbon for everything going on here?

  25. Stop with the narishkeitin already. Balt is doch deim Groise Tog! Malachim yechafezun vechil ure’adah yoichezun.. Chap arein nor zechusim.. Hichoinu!!

  26. Time to name the so called chasuvim that are ganvening $$ from the tzibbur as the saying goes the rich get richer — but here its on the backs of an entire tzibbur..whats going on in TT is about to come to light stay tuned…

  27. I am not scared to put my name to this or any other comment. The LAC has nothing to do with this issue. we were asked to publicize this issue as a toiva, by 3 mosdos here in town who had no other way to stop this. As the recognized and respected watchdog group we decided that as a zechus for yom hadin we will go out of our boundaries this once for the sake of our tinokos shel bais rabbon.
    As for the facts, they are very vauge and probably purposely so. The issue here is if Title 1 money (which does NOT affect the taxpayer) should be used for a pre school or for extra services to those kids who need kriah etc. This is a crucial question that should be discussed and decided on by the board, not behind closed doors without consulting the mosdos and parents. There is 2 million dollars at stake and many people have different ideas where it should be directed. The Board has the final decision and there should be open and healthy discussion about this before jumping to a conclusion. When this is done in a hurried and hushed fashion it begs for this type of uproar. While some ladies in Presidential feel that having a kindergarden in a facitility instead of basements it of utmost importance, many others feel that kidsin second and third grade who dont know kria or abc isof more importance. We do not know how the board will decide but there should be an open discussion first. While we feel daas torah should have the final say, they too need to hear both sides before making a real decision and in this instance that has not yet happened.

  28. there is one mistake you are making. a few rabbonim have given a heter to tell. by keeping quiet about the double billing and group billing and moving kids into groups to bill more , covering up paperwork ect. you become part of the crime.and if you actualy double billed you are the criminal it is only a short matter of time until your all busted and falsifing billing and its hard time in jail. some people have started singing already. i would advise you to tell all your friends that are there to go to a rov who cares about you and not RSK who has been covering for MI. you should also get lawyers and work something out. at this point you can may be able to get off the hook if you admit it on your own because you were forced and threatened to do it. for your own sake and the sake of your families please do it before it is too late, it would make us all cry if the FBI had to send a bus to pick up 35 frum ladies because MI and a few of his cronies used you to get rich.

  29. Chesky,
    I know that your intentions are noble but you yourself mentioned daas torah, did you ask daas torah if you should go to a blog and air your grievances on this aand other issues. the question is not if you right on the issues but rather the way you act. Is it correct to bring up an issue and if not you than for sure the commentators insinuate that certain people are very wicked. If it is as you say a matter of opinion then why are there character assasinations of numerous people everytime LAC makes a statement. Do you have daas torah do destroy peoples reputations? though long winded, this the essence of my question.
    please respond because I would think that others are bothered by this as well.

  30. to yashrus,
    I can tell az du hust moireh…now that its been publicized you are running scared for too long a few yechidim abused their power to enrich themselves al apum vechamasam of the temimusdigeh lakewood taxpayer
    now its Mida keneged mida the crime was done “betzina” we will now publicize all those individuals who orchestrated this and stole from the kids that need it most .

  31. Where do you prefer we openly discuss the frauds we are asked to commit daily on behalf of our employer, on your say so. At your home or at the public BOE meeting? These frauds are enriching Catapult at the expense of the children who are the intended beneficiaries. We do this under threat of losing our jobs. Its time to shine daylight on these practices.

  32. Daas torah is the only way to go,The only problem is i am still waiting for the so called askanim ask daas torah when its not convienent for them.There were numerous times i asked there daas torah if they heard the whole story .Every time i noticed they only heard what the so called askanim told them leaving out the other half . Please all the askanim stop asking so much about daas torah when you will never tell them both sides of the story.

  33. Firstly, yes daas torah was consulted. however that is between us and the ribbono she’ll oilam. why are you “and others” so worried about our ruchniyus? Is it because you really want to go to our rav and pressure him to back down? that is why we will never disclose who he is.
    Secondly, there is no character assasination here. May e in the comments but not the letter.
    Thirdly, I menetioned the mothers in presidential because they were the ones who called me and patiently explaiined why it is important to have a pre school. I happen to personally agree with them but that is irrelevant to the issue. I did not mean it in a condensending way at all and apologize if it came across as such.






  35. Yes. A very prominent, widely accepted Lakewood Posek was consulted. His psak is that Shulchan Aruch prohibition on mesira does not apply, and cannot be used as a shield and a license to steal from the tzibbur. At the appropriate time that written, signed psak will be publicized. The need, and timing, for publication will not be dictated by hockers.

  36. Actually we may be similar to the vaad but there is one crucial difference and that is where you are going wrong. we are not trying to persuade anyone. we have no aspiration to be power brokers and definitely have no interest in forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want to.
    if the tzibbur does not agree with us, that would be great. we can all go home and stop these shinanigans. however until then, we have an achrayus to the klal to stay strong. if we buckle now nobody will try again for 10 years.

  37. chesky,
    I commend you for putting your name behind your ideas. As the LAC claims to be all for transparency will you publish the names the mosdos that approached you? Will you name the letter writer that claims there is a scam going on here but would not put his name behind his accusations? You aligned the LAC with this writers accusations, Why the anonymity?
    Someone who is not afraid of publishing his name
    Chaim Fried

  38. Will Everyone please look at their tax bills and then consult daas Torah!BETTER YET WHY DONT YOU ALL BRING YOUR TAX BILLS TO DAAS TORAH YOUR SELVES!!!! I propose the following, I will set up a meeting with R’Shmuel for as many people as possible but you must all bring your tax bills!!Who ever is interested please e mail the LAC ,Chesky and I will have it arranged!!!

  39. why do you have to be in the confort of your home?

    furthermore do you think we dont know your games?

    in your home you can control the agenda , avoid serious questions and get hostile to people who dont agree with.

    if you want to be so honest let us have an open dialogue here. all of us with serious question will submit them either here or to the TLS and you can respond in writing for the record to each one of the quations clearly.we can then have a dialogue on each of your answers. this may all can so and there is no coverup.

    or do you have something to be afraid of?

    you obviously do.

    as for being anonymous. everyone who ever has an issue with you gets a phone call from RSK and others to try to hound them off. people have the right to avoid that. if your so transparant answer all the questions posed here ,on this blog.

  40. rumor has it this is the tip of the iceberg as to what is going on at tt not being helped, denied crucial services all they want is the $$ once they get the money per student they don’t care about the much needed special ed services for these kids

  41. It’s true. All the information was originally obtained from one individual, Mr Inzelbuch. He announced it at a public meeting attended by many Lakewood educators. Said he intends to use Two Million Stimulus Title One money for more preschool. Also announced (falsely)that all mosdos agree. Also announced that after Stimulus runs out, local taxpayers will be expected to pick up the cost. But his information has been independently verified by at least 3 District persons, including 2 Board members. It has also been verified by the Board RFP for this plan. So what’s your beef with the accuracy of this reported information? Or are you simply bothered by the uproar it triggered?

  42. R’ Chaim,
    I have nothing to lose so I write my name. others are not as fortunate. I will not hurt anyone by disclsosing their names.
    I commend Michael Inzelbuch for putting his name on as well. We all want to be marbe kavod shomayim, the only question is how to do it best.

  43. If and when MI publishes a psak by any recognized authority that he can use public funds via no-bid or rigged bid, that’s the time to publish your psak. Not before. What’s HIS Daas Torah?
    His laughable claim that RSK is his “partner”?
    Gimme a Break!!

  44. Chesky,

    I appreciate your honesty, I truly believe that you have the best interest of the klal in mind.
    In fact, it’s good that you state your positiion clearly because and here is the problem, there are quite a few posters who seem to be speaking on behalf of the LAC. These posters while calling for transparency and open dialogue attack anyone questioning LAC’s position and deride the need for daas torah.
    Now, just to be clear I am not involved in any mossad nor am I an askan. My name is not important because it doesn’t mean anything, I am so below the radar.
    My point is that if LAC is a community organization and contrary to what you say you do influence people, by raising awareness you are by definition persuading people. So it cannot be said that we are just a few private people and don’t have to follow the normative procedures of a vaad. If this is the case, then you will not be succesful, because most likely you will attract hot headed people who don’t understand the whole issue speaking in your name. The result will be that the vast majority will not take you seriously.
    I do believe that you are good people and that you can make a difference. I just thing that you have to be careful in how you disseminate your message and if you do choose to use TLS as a medium,then it should be very clear what is LAC ‘s message, perhaps a clear thought-out letter ( so you won’t have to apologize five minutes later)and at the end stating that this is the official word of LAC and we are not affiliated or taking responsibility for any comments.
    There is a reason that the mosdos asked you to write the letter and not write it themselved which if course would be even more effective. It’s because they’ve been around the block a few times already and are realistic ( not because they are afraid).
    Much Hatzlocha and good Shabbos!

  45. it seems like you and many others are just in on the hock and dont really understand the issues. while RSK does not realize or maybe i should say did not realize how much damage and theft MI was doing and how much he was stealing , he knows good and well what the tax bills are but that not really the issue.

    just so that you should understand there are different types of money

    1. local tax BOE money
    2 state money
    3. federal money such as title and IDEA

    A. now lets get this clear . every single child without exeption to his color , race , religion , learnig capibilities and maybe even nationality is entitled to an education at the expense fo the district.
    that means if there are 3 children here who cost the district 5 million dollar each to educate. it doesnt make a difference where you live. it is federal law.. if you dont like the law you can go to israel , africa , mexico – or whichever place you thin is better because there they may not have the law ,we elect on our own to go to private , but if would send to public you would benifit from this law . we dont care how high you taxbill is. you can have 1000 LAC but they cant stop this law.

    there is one issue about curtailing this expense . for some reason either the LAC is not smart enough . or powerful enough to bring on the issue. Also for this issue MI is not solely responsible for the problem , there are many people with there hands in the cookie jar who are equally responsible. the issue is as follows. in many areas in this country the burdon of the public school is to hard for the township and basically the township sort of goes bust and turns it over to the state. the result is that the state can spread the expense out all over and not burdon one township. there are different ways that it can happen , and in NJ we have something called abbot districts which is similiar to this.
    now imagine all 16000 private school children in lakewood enrolled in the public school system tomorrow.. what would happen is very simple. private school children are 80% of school children so the school part of your taxes would go up 400% or about 200- 250% in total. yes imagine that , and we all have a right to enroll we just elect not to. but thats not really what would happen in the end . in the end the state would take over. and we would get much more money
    so why dont we do it? very simple. if the state takes over all those with the hands in the cookie jar would lose out. also a lot of mosdos . not all ( only the ones who go along with the inzulbuch games) , get a lot of borderline benifits from the BOE. what i mean but borderline benifits , it is things the BOE is allowed to give private schools , but not must give private schools- the most obvious example is busing which everyone knows about and all get,. the mosdos are afraid of losing these benifits. in the end of the day by not turning over to state we are paying more than our fair share in taxes , and not getting the return we should – meaning very simply . if every private scholl child got back about 3200 -3500 from the public education money then we would be getting our money back , the problem is that we are getting back much less so that a few can gain.


    is federal money that everyone is entitled to even children who elect to go to a private school were the district has a program for them. from this money MI has been playing his games and making scams with his cronies and been doing illegal things and is legal counsel for the NON PUBLIC education which is a conflict of interest, but even if he stole every title one dollar it would not make a difference to the tax payer at all. the issue is about scamming the children who need it. thats what these topic and scam here is about MI and cronies stealing and playing with federal money .

    i know your tax bill is high , but even getting rid of MI will not help it. the only thing that may help it is if we all enroll in the PS system and force it onto the state. but before you go running to dass torah about that you better educate yourself a little . from the way your posting here you seem pretty ignorant about the subject and they will be able to refute all your claims .

  46. “independently verified” is right. These announcements were made by Mr. Inzelbuch at a public meeting which I attended along with about 50 Lakewood educators. Mr. Inzelbuch advocated publicly for the preschool use of Title I funds, saying these 3&4 year olds deserve a normal education, “not between the kugel and the cholent”, a swipe at the playgroups. Privately, he was even more open, referring to recent bad news coming out of some playgroups.

    In fairness to Mr. Inzelbuch, responsible, impartial askanim, especially in light of recent events, do support more structured preschools. But why go private at triple the cost? Bid, no-bid, rigged bid—it’s a can of worms you can go into, but never get out of.

    Our Lakewood mosdos are ALL doing a wonderful job educating our children. Parents trust them, they have a proven track record, and it’s the parents’ choice which school best fits their child’s needs. Offer the mosdos $400 per child per month to open-up a preschool, and watch how many mosdos will line-up to do so. You will be flooded. And you will be able to serve three times as many children. Best of all, every Lakewood elementary school will have an equal opportunity and an equal incentive. There will be no credible charges of hanky-panky.

    Acting in the best interest of the children, before the Board of Ed decides to go along or drop this plan, this third alternative should receive full consideration. And not only with the Stimulus money, but with all the preschool money. I don’t have the figures, but I am sure that with three times as many children, we are talking hundreds more.

  47. are you ready to answe all question submitted here. me he said she said or obama oratory games.

    here is the challange to you

    we submit a list of question to the TLC and they make sure that they are not repetitive. and them you answer each one in writing for all to see.

    you have nothing to be afraid of right?

    oh and you can even bill the the BOE for the time you took to answer the question like all the other time you bill them for.

    are you up for the challange ??

  48. I’m very skeptical that the tax rates would ever go down no matter what changes are made. I base this on the last twenty years of various groups and politicians who sincerely tried and actually made changes so that the taxes should go down and as we all know they haven’t.

  49. Third Alternative sounds good, till you stop and think:
    1. This does not address the problem of starting preschools with federal money which runs out in 2 years, leaving local taxpayers holding the bag in future years,
    2. You better get the approval of all the mosdos, or at least a sizable majority, before taking the money from all the schools to reward only those few that have a preschool,
    3. Who decided that 3&4 year-olds need Title 1 more than kids in P thru 8?
    4. All you’d be doing is replacing Tiny Tots with Catapult, the de facto baal-a-boss of Title 1 funds, Stimulus and non-Stimulus, per the monopoly handed to them by the District,
    5. You are naively assuming that what’s driving this agenda is the children’s welfare, which your Third Alternative seeks to maximize. That’s not where its at. The minute these funds don’t go to line someone’s pockets, the idea is DOA.
    Yes, the best we can recommend to the members of the BOE is to drop this transparent money grab, and leave the $2,000,000.00 with all the mosdos. Since this is obviously a permissible use of Title 1 money, let them use these funds as they wish, for school or preschool use. Solves ALL the problems, (except Catapult, but that’s a separate issue).

  50. Man you gÙys just seem to have one scandal and argument after another. I think you guys were better off when us goyim ran the town. If the mexicans took. Over you think they would be busy coming up with all these scams?isn’t the new year coming up and you gots to forgive each other? You guys got lots of making up to do. Good. Luck

  51. Thank you Mr. Inzelbach for joining the conversation.

    You confuse “PASSSION”, with compassion for your victims.

    You fan the flames of this compassion by your arrogance, deceit and hypocricy, all plainly on display here (and elsewhere).

    From one side of your mouth you say (write) that we ought to be be “PREPARED TO DISCUSS THE ISSUES BASED ON KNOWLEDGE”, while from the other side you deny information, access to knowledge, and even go as far as to villify the people who ask you for straight answers, as “THOSE WHO RESORT TO KNOWN , PROVEN , DECEPTIVE , ANONYMOUS TACTICS”. (all cap words are yours).

    You refuse to answer even a single question posed here, and reject all repeated offers to submit answers in public.

    You also reveal your mindset that the BOE members are disposable, excess baggage. The invitation to your home, effectively says “we don’t need the Board to discuss this, we can handle it without them”.( I take it you were not offering to violate the Sunshine laws by holding a secret public meeting with the Board’s participation.)

    That’s quite outrageous. We elected them. They are accountable to us. We don’t need or want your invitation, intervention, and the obstruction of our rights and of the democratic process.

    The saddest part of all, really, is that you probably do have one good point. The Board has no answers. They have no clue. They are tortally in the dark. That’s what you are so deparately trying to cover-up. The democratic process at the BoE is long dead. But we don’t want to jump to conclusions. We intend to find out for ourselves.

  52. There is only one solution. The board members must immediately ask the attorney to disengage from any participation in this or other similar issues. Then there should be an open discussion. The attorney has power that should not be his.

  53. In a few short years Lakewood will be a ghoast town. Young people as well as seniors will not be able to afford our school tax therefore everyone will move out. We need to have the state or the Federal government review monies be spent in our beautiful Lakewood.

  54. Oh with all this money floating around it that why 4 executive secreteries working in the grant dept/pps depts got a big juicy raise like 12,000 whereas the Sup’t and Ass’t executive secreteries got only a mere little over a 1,000 raise come on give me a break. And who is the one who has control over the distribution of these monies for grants, you got it without naming names. You can read all the about these hugh raises in the Board Minutes. Also grant money can be switched to buy just about anything by changing the distribution area whether it be a non-public or public school.

  55. You can count on Mr. Inzelbuch to hold the next Board meeting at 8AM. When mothers are getting kids off to school and fathers are in shul. He will turn your ‘en masse’ protest into ‘a mess’.

  56. The LAC is the only group with intentions that are sincere. Your politicians do not have your best interest at heart. When a township raises tax’s in this economy it’s time to say good by and start all over. “Yes We Can”.
    It’s time to act, let your heart and brain do your voting. Do not let people tell you how to vote. We listened to people this past election and look what we have………

  57. If you want a beautiful Lakewood we can all live in this is what we must do.
    1-get rid of every politican except Ray Coles.
    2-Vote in people who care about Lakewood regardless of party afflilation.
    3-work with our elders who have a vision for the future of Lakewood.
    4-start a new school board with people who have a vision, not $$$ signs.
    It’s time folks, don’t delay before your forced to sell and move

  58. Lakewood’s school board members are not the only “disposable excess baggage” in the Inzelbuch regime.

    Superintendents come and go based only on whether they agree to serve as his puppets.

    Three were terminated due to their competence, integrity and independence: Ernest Cannava, Ann Murphy-Garcia, and just 2 months ago, Eugenia Lawson. Others, like William Anderson, were never appointed, for the same “fatal flaw”.

  59. Need any more proof of who’s the real boss at LBOE?

    See Minites of the July 22, 2009 Minutes, where Mr. Inzelbuch cuts of the Board President, after he voted against Inzelbuch’s candidate for Superintendent:

    “Mr. Inzelbuch – “Through the Chair. Mr. Galdo, you are the President. If you want to talk, talk. If you want to walk, walk. But get to what you are here to do.”

    Mr. Galdo – “You listen to me for a change.
    I don’t need you mouthing off while I’m address this public. ”

    Mr Galdo resigned. Mr Inzelbuch stated to the APP that Mr Galdo resigned for “health reasons”. Mr Galdo told the APP he resigned in reaction to the public outrage of replacing Eugenia Lawson. This is not the first, nor probably the last, Mr Inzelbuch “knows” the Board members mind better than they do.

    Check it out.

  60. Lakewood Board of Education Announcements


  61. Yes We Can
    Make the changes Lakewood needs: school tax, the township committee and the school board must go now………………..

    We can not afford to wait any longer. Lakewood will become a ghost town, is this what you want. Vote for LAC members,

  62. Hey I believe in freedom of speech and agree it is the heartbeat of what keeps America going. But isn’t calling Lakewood a scam a little over the top. This whole political Heartbeat of America is just going a little to strong.

  63. Obama is the Heartbeat of America. The only politician who is not a scam.

    If You Have Health Insurance, the Obama Plan:

    * Ends discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions.

    * Limits premium discrimination based on gender and age.

    * Prevents insurance companies from dropping coverage when people are sick and need it most.

    * Caps out-of-pocket expenses so people don’t go broke when they get sick.

    * Eliminates extra charges for preventive care like mammograms, flu shots and diabetes tests to improve health and save money.

    * Protects Medicare for seniors.

    * Eliminates the “donut-hole” gap in coverage for prescription drugs.

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