Say Goodbye To Your Blue Recycling Cans, New Single-Source Bins Have Arrived

recycling new cans_wmTLS VIDEO: In about 3 weeks, you can say goodbye to your small blue Recycling cans and welcome large new yellow bins. TLS met with DPW Director John Franklin this morning at the Public Works facility to get a first look at the new project. The new 95 Gallon containers, which have just arrived, will be a Single-source recycling bin. Which means, you will be able to place all your cans, bottles and newspapers into this one large bin. The project-which has been in the works for a few years-was implemented as a cost-saving measure. The fact that it is an extremely large bin, enables the new trucks to pick them up from the road, as they do with the trash bins. Also, being that the average family will not fill up a full can each week, the trucks will not have as many bins to pick up each week. Residents can expect to begin receiving the new containers mid-April.

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  1. “Cost saving measure” includes laying off the workers that now put the garbage in trucks by hand. Thank You Obama, more unemployed!!

  2. Oi Vei – In a few months we are going to find out that lakewood is a city, and then they will need to redo the bins with the new logo of the “City of Lakewood”.

  3. Why is it that when i put out just a single cardboard box the DPW guy just ignores it. This happened two weeks in a row. They are still out there and look almost as ugly as a bright yellow garbage can!

  4. I love ya’ Tyrone! Regards to dem boyz from da hood.

    But let me ask – do you seriously keep your refuse bins on your lawn?

    The yellow color brings to mind the reflectors which many do not wear.
    Hmmm…perhaps we could wheel those bins to shul on Friday night; no one will miss those monstrosities in the dark.

  5. he mentioned bins can be used for cans bottles and newspapers, but did not mention cardboard boxes.. will those be flatted and placed in the yellow bins as well?

  6. This is why the township is broke, because the county MADE them buy these for recycling. Still don’t understand why a color of a can makes such a big difference, overtime they all turn brown/black due to the dirt/grime.

  7. This is a great step forward towards conserving resources on Earth and preventing further damage to our planet.
    I just hope that people actually use this can and recycle all that should be recycled.

  8. Does the need to only pick these up once in 2 weeks mean that the recycling truck driver crew will get cut in half? If not than this is more Township waste.

  9. i happen to recycle allot and if they are only going to pick up every 2 weeks that wont suffice for me unless they will be giving out more then 1

  10. Everybody is upset cost of cans ,cost of dpw for this and that. But….. NO PROBLEMS WHEN 3 DAYS AROUND THE CLOCK 24–7 PASSOVER PICK UP. COME ON

  11. I’m totally fine with this latest update to our trash collections, but if someone would’ve put out a survey to choose a color.. I can bet that GREEN would certainly have beat yellow by a huge margin. Green matches the grass and blends in nicely with the landscape. Yellow, on the other hand, clashes and could become an eyesore..

    Can someone tell me who decides which color we all get? Or better yet.. can we recycle the new recycle bins and then order the more aesthetically pleasing GREEN colored bins??

  12. In Cherry Hill the people get rewarded for recycling. Their bins are weighed when the trash is collected and they get vouchers for spending at different stores. Why don’t they do that here? (The bins won’t be green so people don’t mix them up with the regular garbage bins. They should have been brown, to go with more natural colors – like tree trunks)

  13. Clowns get your facts straight , thursday is around the clock, friday is up until 8 pm, saturday dpw starts at 6 pm and we go around the clock till monday, and to the idiot tyrone if you kept one piece of cardboard out for two weeks and it still was not picked up what does that say about you?? you cant be serious?? life cant be that bad , tell you what instead of crying like a (moderated) be a real man and pick it up and bring it to us or put it out the right way maybe take out the 40 oz. bottles of olde english and diapers these guys from public works have to pick up everyday when doing recycle or maybe the private resident homes who have business running out of them , but lets stop the world because tyrone has one piece of cardboard man be for real….

  14. to #21 you are right about tyrone. You sound pretty upset, & rightfully so. I understand you. But just to keep things in the right prospective, I believe Tyrone maybe out there and vocal, I believe he is in the minority. I VENTURE TO SAY THAT MOST PEOPLE IN LAKEWOOD ARE VERY PLEASED WITH THE LKWD PUBLIC WORKS. DON’T BE FAZED BY THE NOISE-MAKERS. YOU ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED. BIG TIME!!!!

  15. to # 23,THANKS.I work for DPW and it looks like we are the bad ones here.We have families to support too and every time i read some about the EMS it looks like is our fault.I feel for them and i hope they get everything back cause they deserve it.But we risk our lives too just to make sure the town dont become a landfill.Working behind a garbage truck on major highways and especially in Lakewood where everybody is in a rush is very risky.Every day when i go to work i dont know if im going to make it back home to my family.Thats enough stress to make you go nuts.Then you have a few homeowners that think they deserve everything(small percentage by the way)making your life miserable(Tyrone).I also dont agree with the yellow cans over the EMS,that money will save them for at least a few years.I know a 30% paycut was too hard and i will take a cut without arguing if Mr.Franklin,every supervisor,every employee,the police and especially the comittee agree to take one too.That way the Ems can get more money.I know the Ems people are mad at us cause we got our raise but we are not againts you,we are with you and we feel your pain like a lot of people in Lakewood.I also know that we are the next target but im not loosing no sleep of something that is out of my control.I only hope that people understand that we care about the residents of Lakewood and that we put our lives on the line to keep the town clean.

  16. maybe they chose bright sunny yellow bacause the garbage collecters didnt realize the diff between the lawn and the garbage can and i think the yellow will add some brightness to the town;)

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