Reb Simcha Bunim Cohen Shlita Picks Up Sushi And Puts It Down

r_simcha_bunim_sushiPHOTO: On Shabbos, Reb Simcha Bunim Cohen Shlita quipped to Mispallelim of his Shul that they were going to attend last night’s Ohr L’ami event, and have some Sushi from the Sushi Buffet. At the event-hosted by Mispallelim of his shul-Reb Simcha Bunim Shlita asked to see a piece of Sushi. After dissecting the piece brought to him, Reb Cohen Shlita put the piece down, without tasting it. When asked what Bracha it is, he answered, Mezonos.

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  1. I love the story , the whole town is going crazy for sushi & Rov shlita just picks it up looks at it & puts its back . Thanks TLS for posting it ! (besides now we know what the brocho is )

  2. As per the Brocha, one might have thought that the rice was inferior to the Fish inside or vegetable as the case may be and therefore the Rav said the Brocha is Mezonos.
    We also can’t infer from here that the Rav does not eat sushi, as he may have had other reasons such as he was full or aware of the cameras following his every move.

  3. There is a famous story of rav moshe feinstein that I am sure Rabbi Cohen remembers. There was a rumor going around years ago that a certain cholov yisroel milk was not trustworthy. The rumor started because rav moshe was sitting at the dais at a simcha. He picked up one brand of milk, put it down and poured from the other brand of milk. The rumor spread that this brand of milk was not to be trusted according to rav moshe, until someone asked him why he refused to use that brand of milk. His answer was simply, the carton was empty so I picked up the other one. So before everybody starts arguing with their wives erev purim whether it is proper to order a sushi platter, please realize, that it is doubtful that Rabbi Cohen meant to disparage any type of food, especially one that almost every restaurant in Lakewood relies on making for their parnossah.

  4. Rabbi Cohen is a straight shooter. He doesn’t go for all the gashmiusdik meshugas, like eating raw fish because it is a fad . He doesn’t hold from snow boarding or yakking all day on a cell phone etc. He’s one of the few really genuine say it like it is people and I like him very much!

  5. i dont get it when did our rabbonim become papirazi i dont think its at all appropiate to take such a picture and for sure not to post it whats the point was rabbi cohen asked if he wants the picture and if he wants it posted

  6. Oy Hershel when will you understand that parnassa comes from finding out what the customer wants not by imposing your product on them, so if sushi is not good you shouldn’t sell it.. Another example is downtown, noone likes the rotten place FOLLOW YOUR CUSTOMERS! Hatzlacah rabbo

  7. Yo kim.
    Nobody agrees with you. Proof is toysforthought was packed today. So was every restaurant downtown. So I left bagel nosh it was so busy to get sushi by J2 and there was a huge line for sushi.
    So kim. Get a life you are outnumbered. Everyone appreciates hershes efforts to save the town. You don’t like it. Don’t vote for him. I will. As will everyone I know. Will there be sushi at the victory party hershel?

  8. If the Sushi is not Bishul Leshmah it might be a shailo of hasagas Gvul. If you look in Even Haezer 2212:23 you will see that when R Cohen said it is Mezonos He wasnt merely saying the Sushi is mezonos but rather the entire essence of the bishul which can create a big shailo if people are serving sushi by mixed events as it is written about in the Ramban on this weeks parsha. So i want to thank R Cohen for bringing this to our attention. He is A true Odom Gadol. I can remember His Zayde R Avigdor Miller who cared for every Yid.

    Let us all be mechazek in our lImud hatoira and Hashkafa and not to forget that purim The mitzva of Mishlaoch Manos is not just another activity but a time when we can retrospect on the sushi and our inner sushi and ask ourselves


  9. Wow I am really impressed. TLS is not scared to print such a controversial article, even though one of their advertisers is sushi express. Which by the way makes great Sushi. You see from this that TLS has the guts to print whatever is important for the oilam to know without feeling pressure from anybody.

  10. He was simply trying to dissect the sushi to learn from it exactly what bracha needed to be made. He was measuring the shiur of fish to rice to avocado ratio. Considering the seaweeds place in the equation. Finally he paskend mezoinis.
    Now the sushi could not be eaten. It was used for a dvar mitzvah. It has since been purchased by a judaica collector from monsey.

  11. I remember hearing once that someone asked R’ SB what bracha sushi is and he replied ”what is sushi”( i dont know how long ago this was). So maybe he was just finally seeing what it really is

  12. Nu I want to hear what the talmidei chachomim answer to my shailo regarding the correct brocho, there is no disrespct c”v in my post rather my wish is to learn the Torah ..

  13. The Rov’s psak is interesting because I thought that the rice is not the roiv rather the fish and rice are equal amounts (this can be measured by rolling the rice in to a ball) Therefore shouldn’t a sahakol be correct? (this is according to M”A and others who say one must make the bracha that paters in a case that they are equal). ודברי הרב שומעים…

  14. Rav yecheskel Roth (The Karlsburger Ruv Shlita) lemysa paskend that you make a she’hakol on the fish, ha’eitz on the acacado & ha’dama on cucumber, the reason being, rice is a su’feik mezoines & la’meisa the fish is the i’ker.
    so everybody need to ask & listen to their local Rabbi

  15. Karsberger: I strongly disagree with the premise that the fish is the ikar.
    I need the rice to fill me up. Secondly if the fish actually WAS the ikar it would be irrelevant what other brochos are involved, bottom line your posting is soiser itself..

  16. One piece of sushi would definatly be a good shlach monos since they are two minim and one is not the “spice in order to give taste” therfore it is a nice shlach monos, if your theme is Japanese ….

  17. So now it’s time for sushi hamantashen (rice rolled with vodka instead of rice vinegar) to celebrate the most ridiculous string of comments I have ever seen posted on this site.

  18. Why can’t one eat Sushi? If anything its healthier than pizza, burgers, hot dogs, chinese food and a lot of other chazarei that’s available today.

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