Readers’ Scoop: You Dented My New Car

car dentedDear busy person,
(Not actual photo) Last week my car was parked at the grocery and when I came back to the car, there was a nice dent and a few scratches on it. It was a new car, so it was pretty noticeable and upsetting. What happened to the one who did it ? Where did he/she go ? I wish I knew ! There was no note on the car either. It was a lease and now I have to pay for something that YOU DID ! When I repeated the story to a friend of mine, his answer was, it happened to me too and the guy left a note saying, “in case I scratched your car, please forgive me” with no name or number.  Now, I understand it happens and people make mistakes, but at least check if you did damage. And if you did, make sure you leave a contact number so that you can pay for the damage.
Learn how to be a Mentch.

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  1. I agree. I had that this morning at a bris. My car, eventhough it is 10 years old, had a big black mark and a much bigger dent where there was a small dent from a year ago (where no note was left either) and now it is hard for me to open the driver side door. I looked all over for a note – seeing it was raining and a bit windy, but found nothing. It is time people learned how to own up to their responsibilities!!!

  2. why must people when parking their cars use the car in front and back of them to identify where they are its a lack of respect to another persons properties

  3. I recall a incident when someone hit me and after explaining to him that he caused damage he then couldn’t understand why I would care. Just because you don’t care how your car looks some people care and they have the right to and if you don’t your simply a GANIV

  4. How dare you accuse me of denting your car? Yes you accused me by saying “You dented my new car”. I definately did not do it and most likely neither did anyone reading this. The Mentchlicher way to say what you said is “Mr Anonymous dented my new car”.

  5. smaething happened to my wifes car, it was brand new. She had it less then a month and someone obviously opened their door right in to her door and put small dent and scratch on the door. Now we will have to pay to repair it before we return it. But hey im no one.

  6. people don’t relize that they thought it was such a light tap and that they did not do so much damage then also people are nervous or it was done to them and nasis lo khetwer

  7. To anon @ 4:08pm
    Did u see anywhere in the letter tht it said he parked in yeshivas lot or did it say it happened at a GROCERY????????????
    Not to mention that u have no right to tell me where to park, as long as I park where I am ALLOWED to, u have no right to be a mazik!

  8. Anon at 4:08
    Let’s not start on the FANCY car thing in Yeshiva. I think the yeshiva guys have fancier cars then many working people these days! And btw who ever said it’s a FANCY car?! It’s probably just a Camry or Accord which almost every guy in yeshiva has. And no, I haven’t reached that madreiga yet.
    Your answer itself stinks to the high heavens. Does the Torah differentiate between where geneiva is done??!!

  9. People should also realize that shopping carts left in parking lot cause damage. One cart hit my car and caused significant damage. Wind blows them and they have wheels. Since then I always put my cart in a secure area where they can’t move around.

  10. someone once hit my car when he got out of the car he had the nerve to tell me its fine cuz my car is a lease and when i will return it honda gives a $1500 waiver so he doesnt have to pay for. last time i checked i think this waiver is for me not for someone elses damage

  11. Same kind of thing happened to my leased car. Some lady-it was by a sale tried to squeeze into a non existing parking spot behind me so half her car was blocking the driveway behind and the front of her car was pushing into my car leaving a bunch of scratches. How can someone walk out of her car,notice what she did and just continue on to get her kids shoes for 19.99. She must have noticed because no one can attempt such a park without checking it afterwards. I actually DID leave a note on her car telling her to please call me since there was damage that now I would need to pay for but I never received a call.

  12. Remember what goes around comes around! You probably did it to someone else a long time ago possibly even without realizing and now it came back to you! This world is not Hefker!

  13. I had someone crash into me and said he didn’t want to call the police because his insurance will go up. He said he would pay me. He never did.

  14. i scratched someone’s car before yom tov and left a note, waiting all day to hear from chance i saw the same car the next day and recognized the car. went up to them and told them it was me, he said he would call and he didn’t. so odd….it looked like a fairly new car too… just saying

  15. All this doesnt surprize me . I had a single friend who had cable installed in his apt. The very next day his cable wire was cut! the landlord had a fit that somebody actually came onto his property to do damage . This mazik did this twice . The second time it happened someone spotted a black hatter running away from that same apt right after it was cut.The Rambam writes that a mazik is not allowed to be an aid at a wedding , among other things .

  16. Someone once parked so close to me at the co-op that I had to go through my passenger side door to get into my car and when I backed out, I had no choice but to let my mirror scratch that car (and also my mirror). If you don’t know how to park, don’t drive!

  17. Anonymous @ 5:28: Lol! The samething happened to me on Purim, but my car was an Acura and the guy had the chutzpah to tell me oh don’t worry you have a $1,500 waiver!

  18. All of you kvetches probably scratched or dented your car without realizing and then try to blame it on others. Or your spouse was afraid to tell you that they actually made a scratch that no can see on your car so now you rant and rave and blame others for your own doings. Learn to take responsibility.

  19. Maybe we need normal parking lots for our shuls, yeshivas, and groceries??? ‘Cos notes here there and everywhere will be the norm so long as we do not have normal parking facilities. Shoprite has a normal parking lot. NPGS has in Jackson. But everywhere else, if u shop there expect notes!!!

  20. Anonymous says:
    October 15, 2009 at 8:01 pm
    rabbi forsheimer holds it is mutur to bang up someones car if hes blocking you
    just spoke to him about this and claims to never have given such a psak to anyone . go figure!

  21. I scratched somones car and left a note, i never heard from him. Then i saw the car and recognized the dent, i stopped the guy and asked why didn’t you call? I left a note.

    His answer was unbelivable, he said he figured who ever did that left a fake number and he didnt bother calling becouse of that.

    Go figure.

  22. They probably just dented it to make it look like the rest of the cars in Lakewood. It looks like a big demolition derby parking lot. I’m surprised there aren’t more dented cars with all the cell phones glued to the ear.

  23. I am shocked at the city that takes on such chumros (pas yisroel, cholov yisroel etc.. would be so lax in shalos of mazik and genavah. I am shocked at the rhetoric posted here excusing such outright Hezek. Perhaps next Asifa instead of speaking about tznius or bitul torah should talk about honesty and ehrlichkeit. afterall look at the city of Luz where no tragedy struck because they kept their word and were honest.

  24. im not sure if this is the vehicle that got hit in the shoprite parking lot but if it is i heard from a witness that the driver did wait but when the police were pulling up they got nervous and left right away

  25. even when there is a note on the car it’s not worth pursuing because when u call the person they so i don’t know mehechetesa i’m chayav lets go to r forchimer the whole thing is just not worth it

  26. Why is everyone jumping to conclusions that it was a fellow Jew who did this. I had my own car scratched and dented countless times in this city in the 2 some years I’ve lived here, and was never left a note. Each time I tell myself perhaps it wasn’t a fellow Jew that did this. What ever happened to being Milamed Z’chus on Klal Yisroel instead of the opposite.

  27. Unfortunately, I think it’s the chinuch.
    I came out af a store about a year ago and there was a van parked so close to my new car, I couldn’t open my door. At the point where the van’s door was, there was a dent in my car. I waited until some bochurim came out to the van and they told me the van belongs to yeshiva…. . I called the R”Y and explainned the situation and asked if he wants me to call his insurance company. He said “I’m a little busy right now, I’ll speak to the bochurim and call you back”. HE NEVER DID! Then, he ignored my phone calls. I gave up and am living with a dent in my new car.
    If the rosh yeshiva acts this way, what chinuch are our children getting??

  28. Well I heard the town is putting in parking lots going all the way from the bagel nosh parking lot all the way thru to main street so there will be tons of open parking without tying up clifton traffic. What a great idea I can’t wait and by the way I got a dent in my car and the woman left a note it was small and to repair would cost hundreds so I said forget about it. Why should my small dent which will soon have more anyway cost another so much money they may not have.

  29. P.S. Also, if you “hit” someone’s property (i.e. mailbox) with your car, please leave a note. Or something, to show you are concerned about other people. Doing nothing, gives the impression that you are selfish.

  30. the guy with the tayna on the r”y of that yeshiva van is unfortunately richtig. and the discussion of parking lots is hevel havolim. it dont matter how many parking spaces there are in lakewood or on your block or in a shopping plaza. no room is no excuse to push n shove another n kol sheken to be mazik another.its pure blatant middos raos.whether it begins with atzlus, gdforbid some one should walk n extra block. from there he goes into selfish mode with shtus taynas why is there not enough parking or maybe had he moved up 2 feet FOR ME I would be able to park there( if the space is not available there dont try to create it by pushing yenem out). with such types of selfish behavior how do u expect others to be melamad zchus? this concept does not only apply to parking issues. its a major krenk the opposite of mai daloch sani lchavroch lo savid”. so please dont blame ur chilul hashem on lack of parking space, and dont blame pizza shops n take out food stores for the the kids going sour . its the midos infrastructure at home n kal vchoimer in the yeshiva where supposedly a mussar n hashkofah entity. now dont even ask me what the shmuz is on the hashkofah concern for rejecting kids issue, perhaps because ain kan makom lharich or hamavin yovin.

  31. kudos to the lkwd kvetch, and to the mashgiach (well put). so u want them to address ehrlichkeit?? at an asifa???? ur kidding. whats ehrlichkeit? a drabonon? its definitely not a doraisa… vohavta lraiacha…hmm maybe im yotzay that by making sure my friends tzitzis is kosher, n that his tefilin is centered right on his head. lets see ehrlichkeit n mecnhlich keit doesnt it have a nick name as the fifth shulchon uruch? so if a drabonon cant be docheh n oraisa, then for sure ehrlichkeit is not docheh a drabonon (rachmono ltzlan) so if im late 2 maariv i can scratch yenems bumper block the other guys driveway, n honk at the old lady for driving too slow in front of me, etc. why do i have to b shomer torah umitzvos anyway? perhaps because only its been forced upon me all my life? n now living in this “frum” community where evryone is watching over the other u must wear a hat n jacket n promise to no peeking in order for your kids to be accepted in a yashiva…. so then theres ur answer its all about IMAGE (n how to out do) n not about serving ur creator the rebono shl”o. no wonder why we deal with what we do. so u want an asifa? lets see whos gonna pay for it? n whos gonna profit from it? now you dont have to have an agenda to speak the truth. so dont feel im knocking yeshiva guys or lkwd. but as learned in the gmara kol hanosay vnosayn bemunah mah habriyos omros…. ashrei rabo shelomdo torah etc. it doesnt say that ppl say it when they see black hat shpitzy on the head with a shpitzy suit, rather when they see ehrlichkeit. yup thats right ehrlichkeit. btw this time my shmuz was at no charge. if only the local papers here wouldnt be so worried about being politically correct, maybe they would publish more important issues as such… where it actually demands us ppl to rethink our habits n misbehavior, instead of taking the liberal approach and looking to see who we can blame it on such as the internet and other outside influence… face it its about what you r living for n to whom you will have to answer. thx TLS n thx to all ppl who try to improve our selves and our generations.

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