Reader-submitted: It’s time for police to crack down on dangerous bus drivers

Attention TLS, and officials reading this. I think it’s time for a blitz to crack down on the dangerous bus drivers putting our children’s lives at risk.

In the past week itself, I have witnessed some unbelievably-dangerous driving violations by some very aggressive bus drivers.

I’ve witnessed buses drive cross over double yellow lines onto oncoming traffic to make a left turn, only to come head-on to another vehicle turning onto the block, I’ve witnessed a bus cutting off vehicles illegally, I’ve witnessed buses driving at a very high rate of speed,¬†and much more.

I understand traffic in town is an issue at times, and they need to be on time for carpools, but that does not give drivers a right to act aggressively, especially while carrying our most precious cargo. (And I won’t even get into the some of the obnoxious behavior by some of the bus drivers – that’s a different topic.)

I think it’s time police focus on some of this aggressive behavior before we see a tragic accident, G-d forbid.

Thank you.

A driver hoping for a safer town.

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  1. This week a bus driver pulled out a pocket knife and threatened girls on a trip! The police weren’t called!! Hello? Teachers? School? Bus company? Why was nothing done??? This nut is still driving routes today! And he might be driving UR kid!!!

  2. I agree with the write, there is a certain driver that drives for a boys school its a private bus and every morning he drives into the development across from my house and the things that he does is very scary. If any of the parents who’s kids on that bus would see how he drives they would never let their kids go on that bus again.

  3. This has been my pet peeve for the past 2 years. The most aggressive drivers in this town are by far the bus drivers. Last week I had the audacity of not letting a bus driver cut me off and the driver proceeded to tailgate me and hold his horn for 5 minutes straight. The drivers have a toital disregard for other people on the road and have no problem jumping in front of you and making you slam on the breaks. I feel strongly that if the bus drivers we drive like professionals and respect others on the road half of the road rage and aggregation of Lakewood drivers will disappear. The enforcement has to start by the bus companies there are no where near enough police in this town to assure all the bus drivers drive normally.

    • Had a similar experience. Was on Arnold Ave. It’s a 35 speed limit (residential). There was a bus beeping his horn, almost hitting the back of my car. Before I could pull over, he passed me in front of the school on a double line. I did get the bus number and called Lakewood and Howell. I never had a response back. Wouldn’t want my child on that bus.

  4. Let them first crack down on the people like you that don’t know the rules of the road, never heard of a stop sign and think red lights are only to keep other people out of your way.

  5. What about the bus drivers that disregard the bus company rules?! Why are they still working? Why is my daughter coming home repeating things she heard on NJ 101.5, many things inappropriate for anyone, let alone a young impressionable child. I’ve called the school to complain countless times and they say they spoke to the bus company about it but nothing changed since day 1 of this year!

  6. And comment #1–are you for real? I hope my kids’ drivers are not pulling out knives!! Where is the bus company on this? I hope the police was called or if not that they investigate now! This is seriously endangering our childrens lives and emotional health!!!!

  7. The story about the Girls school on a trip did happen but the teacher did indeed refuse to return back from Staten Island with that bus and the driver. Instead they waited a couple of hours and returned later albeit safe Boruch Hashem.
    Kol HaKavod to the Teacher!
    It is up to the company now to dismiss that driver.

  8. All the bus drivers? Seriously? Yes, every life is precious and authorities should crack down on all those who endanger said precious lives, but let’s not malign all of those wonderful, careful bus drivers out there who do respect the value of the lives entrusted in their care. Also, while we are at it, why not do what we can to make their lives a little easier? Like let them turn in front of us when we can, etc.

  9. The driver of (moderated) Bus Service #(moderated) cut me off intentionally on Route 88, then proceeded to slam on his brakes, swerve, accelerate then drop to no speed while I was behind him for a couple miles before he was stopped at 88 and Chamberbridge. When I pulled up next to him he was leaning down, looking out his door and laughing, knowing his actions were deliberate. I would have called to complain but the company has awful drivers, provides horrible service and they are aware/don’t care! Scary that these individuals transport children…the most precious cargo of all.

  10. I write down the bus number and call the bus company all the time every time I see a bus driver doing something wrong I’m not so sure they even care

  11. Could not agree more! I’ve been bothered about this for months! The bus drivers preach on and on (rightfully so) about people not obeying the laws, yet they are the worst offenders. I’ve seen things worse than any car has ever done. Fred, you are forsure a bus driver.

  12. I have dashcam footage of a bus blowing a stop sign almost killing multiple ppl. It’s a known fact that there’s a shortage of bus drivers and anyone who applies will be hired regardless of whether they seem safe

  13. Last year a saw a bus driver whose feet were up on the dashboard of the bus driving it, like he was sitting by the beach, with 50 young boys on the bus . I called up the principal of the school and he said that he will take care of it, but I’ve seen this Brus driver since then doing similar very dangerous things. It has got to come to an end.

  14. Of course we’re not bashing all bus drivers. The title says dangerous bus drivers. And something has to be done about those. It is up to you to thank your bus driver when they’re wonderful. And that story with the school is true and horrific and there needs to be accountability. A bus driver should not carry pocket knives on buses and certainly never take them out!! we should have safe buses!

  15. It is also time to crack down on those that disregard the law regarding stopped school busses. Recently, I have seen far too many people pass school busses that are dropping off children completely disregarding the stop signals.

  16. Not just the school bus drivers. Two days ago traffic was backed up on Clifton Southboud from 3rd street to 88. A NJ transit bus went into oncoming traffic in the Noth bound lane all the way from 2nd until the left turning lane by 88! Came pretty close to hitting a car turning from 88 onto Clifton…..

    • They do the same thing on Route 9. They just pull out. You have to slam on your breaks or try to get into the left lane which is impossible.

  17. As long as there is no criminal records ANY Person can be hired to drive our most precious assets without questions and without knowing if they are a decent person. The time has come for additional screening of applicants. Wouldn’t you due your due diligence when considering someone who will drive and be with your son or daughter for the better part of an hour or more????

  18. I totally agree with this writer. The crackdown must start from the officials and police. Calling your school and/or the company doesn’t help enough.
    Maybe if people would flood the phone lines and even provide dashcam videos it would make a difference. Or maybe publicize the videos with TLS would be a better way to get these drivers off the road.

  19. Perhaps if bus drivers wouldn’t abuse their stop signs to allow other buses to go drivers would be more respectful of bus stop signs.

  20. I called one of the largest bus companies in town twice last year about a driver who was clearly a maniac and they spoke to me as if I was crazy. It is a miracle nothing really bad happened. They said they don’t know because all their drivers were given drug tests so clearly i was the issue. The man nearly killed people on a daily basis. Thanks g’d I haven’t seen him lately. Please – if you suspect a driver is crazy please call law enforcement immediately.

  21. When I lived in an apt building I was told to always email your complaint. This way if g-d forbid anything ever happens there is a clear paper trail and they can’t claim we didn’t know.

  22. Take the bus company name, bus number, time and location of the incident. Call Lakewood Police with this information. Calling the bus companies and the schools is a waste of time. LPD has helped my community substantially in reducing the number of busses using our property as an illegal U-Turn.

  23. Last year, when I called a bus company that rhymes with car the woman I spoke to was racist and verbally abusive. I pursued the issue with Tara Vasquez at the BOE and that driver was pulled off my daughter’s route a day later.

    On the other hand, I’ve called LPD three times this school year to respectfully request that they come and watch the corner of our block on any given day from 3:45-4:45. I witness the absolute recklessness and complete disregard for safety on my corner Twice I was told thank you for calling, we’ll take care of it ma’am and the last time I was told that they are so sorry, that would be impossible, ma’am, as we only have 4 cars out on patrol at that hour and they can’t be expected to cover all of Lakewood. I gave up. Now I stand in the intesection when my kids get off their bus.

  24. All the comments are great points that needs to be addressed, I think there are few other points that everybody needs to understand as well.
    Firstly the majority of bus drivers are courteous and respectful and deserve a big thank you for the excellent job they do daily!!
    Second there is a major shortage of bus drivers in Ocean County and the bus companies are under extreme pressure to fill routes. Every bus driver busses hundreds of children daily. If a driver is fired or suspended its likely that that route will need to be cancelled… I’m sure the bus companies wish they could be more selective with whom they hire, but the reality is that there are not enough drivers . There is one bus company here in lakewood that has over 20 busses that are not being used because there are no drivers.
    What would be really great if frum people decided to become bus drivers. In NY and Monsey frum people drive busses, maybe the same should happen in Lakewood. From what I understand the pay is actually pretty good for the time you are diving….
    And to make a disclaimer, I am not affiliated with any bus company or yeshiva, I’m just and ordinary parent who took out the time to understand the bussing problem a bit more.

  25. Here’s an idea- I am not sure what the salary is for bus drivers, but I think it is respectable. Perhaps it is a profession that our men can pursue after leaving Kollel? There are many yungerleit in Brooklyn who drive bus routes for Jewish schools, and they definitely are doing a huge mitzvah in addition to bringing home a considerable paycheck. And many of them can work their schedules to be able to learn at least one seder in between routes.

  26. maybe the bus companies can coordinate with the schools and kids that stand up or misbehave on the bus lose busing privileges! Make a system of sorts that once is a warning, twice the kid loses busing once and and the third time the kid loses busing for a week! The parents would make sure their kid behaved if they had to pick them up. I think if bus driver didn’t have to worry about discipline half the problems would be solved. Right now, you got to be crazy to drive a bus.

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