Rav Avigdor Miller on Carter’s Inauguration and Reagan’s Election; and the Rav’s words four years later

Q: What do you think about the election of Carter to be our next President?

A: I haven’t the slightest knowledge about Carter. But I hope that Hakodosh Boruch Hu will give Him His blessings and give him success. Now that he’s been elected, it’s a mitzvah to daven for Carter.

It’s a mitzvah. You have to be mispallel b’shlom malchus; every Jew has to pray for the benefit of the government. Now that he’s been elected we daven he should be well; he shouldn’t catch a cold. He shouldn’t be bothered by the liberals. He shouldn’t have any wars in his time. And בימיו תושע יהודה וישראל ישכון לבטח (Yirmiyahu 23:6), in his time the Jewish people should be happy and prosperous and Moshiach should come. That’s the best I can tell you.

And that’s our duty, to pray for Carter. Every Jew has to pray for Carter. And you have to still pray for Ford by the way, because he’s still President until January. So for the duration of his term you have to pray for him.

A Jew must pray for his government. It’s very important. It’s a mishna in Mesichta Avos (3:2); plain and simple we must pray for the government. And even if you haven’t done it till now, it’s a good time to begin. From now on think about it sometimes, and say it. Even when you’re on the street walking, say a little prayer for the President and for the Vice-president, and don’t be ashamed. Don’t worry that you might be ridiculed by somebody – let nobody know about it. But you should know that you’re doing the duty of an Orthodox Jew.

You must pray for the government! Not because you want to show the government that you pray for them. The fakers come together and wave flags, and they make an official prayer – that doesn’t mean a thing. They’re not praying for the government, they’re just showing off. Pray for the government quietly between yourself and Hashem. And you should really mean it. Have in mind that Carter should be well and that he shouldn’t have troubles. He shouldn’t fight with his wife. He should have peace at home and peace in the government. Congress should cooperate with him. There’s no question that if there will be a tranquil government, then Carter will try to make a good name for himself. No question about it. Any President would like to make a regime that will go down in history as a successful regime.

And so, our best wishes are given to the incumbent, President-elect Carter, and Hakodosh Boruch Hu should help him – and us.
TAPE # 144 (November 1976)

FROM TAPE 337 (November 1980; after the election of President Reagan)

“The American nation has finally shown that we disapprove of these wicked liberals. This last election, a landslide, really was a revolution against the crazy liberals! And it’s time we threw them out of the city governments and state governments too; we have to get rid of them everywhere because they are ruining America. They are the ones because of whom crime is flourishing. They are the ones that caused America to be now a second-rate country and the Communists are taking over everywhere in the world – even in Central and South America. That’s why Russian airplanes now fly over American cities. You know there’s a Russian airplane station in Cuba and they overfly the Floridian cities and no one can say anything to them. Soon they’ll be near Washington. And if President Carter would have continued in office there could have been Russian tanks in Washington D.C. and he would have send a telegram to the Russians: “What are you doing with your Russian tanks on Pennsylvania Avenue?! I’m going to stop sending the next shipment of Pepsi Cola to you if you keep this up.” It’s only due to these crazy people that the world is upside-down.

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  1. Now we can be happy that the wicked Russia conspiring conservatives have left government. Russia attacked us, repeatedly, and America has yet to react to it. We live in a computerized enviroment, and a computerized platoon of tanks is rolling down the virtual Pennsylvania Avenue, and none of those wicked conservatives cared.

    I think if Rabbi Miller would be alive, he would be the most anti-Trump Gadol around. He was against those who tried to undermine the status-quo, the drain the swamp people.

    We should be happy and proud that Joe Biden is in office, and we should daven for his success in realigning the government with the people’s benefit. Pardons don’t help all of us, smart policies do.

    • Rav Miller would most definitely be a Trump voter in this era, don’t act like you know what you’re talking about, as I personally speak with some of his talmidim very often, Rav Miller once even said anyone who votes Democrat can’t be copunted towards a minyan.

      That was in the 1990s, Kol Voachomer today where they are for killing babies and are pro every gay right imaginable.

      You’re an ignorant fool.

      Don’t use a Gadol’s name for politics.

  2. @write a comment how dare you use Rav Miller’s name to suit your political beliefs.

    Ra Miller was one of the most outspoken criticizers of the Democrat party and they even said any Jew who votes Democrat can’t be counted towards a Minyan.

    I know some of his talmidim and speak to them very very often there is no way he would vote for today’s Democratic party which celebrates abortion among other disgusting positions directly against the Torah.
    No doubt brother Miller would be voting Republican straight ticket if he saw the way the world was right now.

    Have a good day don’t use names of people you can never hold a candle to

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