Post-Election Statement From The LAC

LAC with corzine_wm(The LAC released the following post-election statement to TLS). The LAC would like to congratulate Menashe Miller and Meir Lichtenstien on their landslide victory in the local elections. We wish them both, much continued hatzlacha in their efforts on behalf of the kehllah. The road ahead is a hard one. Our taxes are crushing all of us to almost unbearable proportions. We hope to be able to work hand in hand to make sure this becomes the Number 1 issue for next years budget considerations. We also want to thank both the Frum kehillah as well as some of our friends in the Senior community for coming out and showing their strong support for our candidates. It made a strong and clear statement that will be heard for a long time.
The LAC congratulates Mr. Chris Christie on his election to become the next Governor of the State of NJ. Our kehillah voted for Mr. Christie by large margins, as shown by the District results. We share common values and views with Mr. Christie and we are confident that we will be able to work together with the new administration for the benefit of our town and kehillah.
Again we want to thank everyone for taking the time and voting. Tizkeh Limitzvohs.

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  1. The lac has no pull with christie so what can they do just stop with your letters that are just bashing the vaad and rav shtieman not directly just read between the lines and u can se what there saying

  2. will the LAC look after the best intrest of all those that do not live in developments and whose taxes were raised to provide township services for developments that were didn’t get it.

  3. LAC keep up the good work. I do think you guys are trying too hard to win the oilam by responding to every commenters issues. I never heard the VAAD respond, LAC should respond but dont feel the need to comment on everthing and everybody. You know what I mean.
    When everyone was commenting about who is the LAC.. We still do not know who is the VAAD.

  4. We also want to thank both the Frum kehillah as well as some of our friends in the Senior community

    They are only thanking SOME of their friends?That reminds me of the Guy who gets up by his son’s Bar Mitzvah and says ” I want to thank MOST of you coming, and say hello to the people I invited so they shouldn’t be offended, and they came so that I shouldn’t be offended.”…

  5. to all you hard workers who worked so hard in makeing a real far dream become a reality show how many more episodes left to the finally and how can i sighn up for next season

  6. I heard from yungerman4Corzine that he heard from R Katz son who got a tip form Corzines friend that it is still possible that “MR K” from Lakewood who is a BIG player in State Republican politics told him that Corzine could still win because there was a broken voting machine in town hall. They found out that the electric wasn’t working properly and they said it was connected to the same problem at the “Smart Growth” hearing that caused the microphone/speakers not to work in Town hall and they are doing a recount. I am telling you I also heard it from the gabbai of R AL and soon R AMK will sign off on it…… Yoish Lets go back to hacking about the kid who isn’t in school or……learn a little mussar.

  7. will the LAC get a comitment from christie for the $100 million expansion of route 9? a smile and sweet talking will only get you this far…..

  8. now hireing lots of new openings if intersted please send resume to ************ there is alot of work ahead of us and we need alot of hands on to finish old work and new projects that piled up overnight

  9. I’m sick & tired already of the lac trying to establish themselves as some sort of town representative. We got enough organizations already.. can these kids just finally leave us all alone. Thank you.

  10. congradulations to the entire comunity of lakewood and surounding ereas for fighting for whats right and all your rights you guys all deserve the best and we will continue to keep the comunity clean and nice i must say all you people are nice evryday another worker comes back with a great story from a act of kindness this morning one worker was amazed when the truck was aproching for pick up and beacuse it was a little cold they had hot choclate waiting for us thanks again the small acts r what count most and go a far way
    truly yours

  11. Oh yingerlach grow up already, the lac has zero contacts with anyone in the governers office, there just a bounch of teens looking to feel important, kids get back at the gemarah the election is over.

  12. I’ve been living in Lakewood for 32 years. I’ve never heard of the LAC. Who are you guys? Who do you represent? Who appointed you? What do you do? Do you think Christie cares that you congratulated him? Your letters look like they were written by Lakewood Cheder graduates. Seriously, find something constructive to do with your time. I don’t know, maybe join Chaveirim. There are enough askonim as it is.

  13. you shouldn’t count youreggs yet Chritie’s coming to lakewood to stop the corruption.A lot you should start thinking about what your going to do now.We would like to thankall of you for voting for him.The jokes on you all.Just watch theres a change coming to lakewood.Were taking our town back

  14. I have decided to release my own statement as well.

    I would like to congratulate Mr. Christie and I look forward to working with him for the betterment of our state. I would also like to thank everyone for going out and voting, it means a lot to me personally. Thank you everyone for showing support for the candidates I like. It’s really a kiddush Hashem.

    See how silly I just sounded?

    Take a hint.

  15. all lac members will be getting a free gas card from exon mobile [value
    at $250] from the vadd donated by an old time freind mr corzine pick up time will be at 8pm to 9pm please dont come after 9 come to the capital hotel lobby thanks

  16. GO LAC You don’t need to answer these people who are trying to belittle you. I know you guys and just keep the chin up and do whatever you can to help the oilam. Nothing wrong with having people involoved. If only more popel would show up and township meeting it wouls stop a lot of the nonsense. the people who showed up to the “Smart Growth” most were taken aback at how our feloow Lakewooderas teh seniors had many valid points and felt that they were getting railroad for the benefit of the few. Did daas torah say to act this way. Is it worth the price to have the “frictin” for the few members who are connected?
    Mr. Editor Can you please put that post”from the reader” from the beginning of the week regarding lowering our taxes up I think it got lost with the elections. Now would be a good time to bring it to the spotlight.

  17. Why is the LAC being 2 faced? Second of all there would of been a bigger deal and a much harder time with taxes if Corzin would of been elected, so therefore what the LAC tried doing a week ago was for us to pay higher taxes. So LAC where do u have the nerve to just walk out in a smile pretending u guys are happy with the turn out or u guys are turing table saying now it will be hard with taxes?! This is false!! Cristie is better especially regarding taxes! So to LAC; don’t stick your foot in your moth, just try to figure out a more real way of dealing with politicians and knowing what the lakewood community truly wants and not what’s just in the best interest of the LAC!! I don’t understand why Rav Aron Kutler did not know the communities views. Yeshiva is not really the majority of lakewood there are enough bali batem that are the ones supporting the yeshva guys that it would only b right for that to be considered. And that’s why we need Cristie all along.

  18. thanks to the LAC for saving me about $1000 on my taxes – i came to your seminar, followed your free advice, and i got my property value down to 10% – (aprox $1k) keep up the great work!

  19. Am I missing something?!
    The LAC endorsed Corzine not Cristie!!
    Now they are “acting happy” with the fact that “we the people” bucked both the LAC and the Vaad and voted in Cristie by a 2 to 1 margin.
    Something doesn’t seem right.
    The LAC should issue a statement apologizing for endorsing someone so diametrically opposed to everything we stand for.

  20. The main focus of the lac is to lower taxes,yet they insisted that the township provide their developments with services never intended for them. Those houses were built knowing that they are resposible for their own snow removal and garbage. So. They really only represent the condos community. That in turn will separate our kehilla and cause a weakening of our strength in this town.I could understand if there is a reason to value their assesment less because of lack of services. But if it has a high value that is what tax rates are based on too bad. Why do I need to pay for your garbage if it wasn’t approved originally for that ?
    Just as many don’t feel the vaad represents everyone many feel the same about the lac. It is time we found someone that cares about everyones interests. Someone that can unite us all. Langert was a good start. Now let’s get another guy on there that has no secret agenda and owes nothing to any group other than the whole lakewood.
    Any ideas ?we have less than a year to find someone.

    The township used to give the developments to hire PRIVATE services which was more money. That the LAC got the township to do it is saving them money!!!!!!!!!

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