Post-Election Statement From The LAC

We want to wish a Mazel Tov to Larry Loigman and wish him much Hatzlacha on his new job. We know Larry will stand up for fiscal responsibility just like our LAC representitaves on the Board of Education and Township Committee do.
Tha LAC remains committed to electing fiscal responsible officials to as many positions as possible. While some Askonim may disagree at times with our agenda, the LAC and the Lakewood oilam remain firm and steadfast in our positions. With our Daas Torah behind us that Tax Dollars in Lakewood are Mamon Hekdesh not to be wasted, we will comntinue on our path of fiscal responsibility for many more years Iy”h.
Thank you to everyone for going out to vote even with only a few hours left on Motzai Shabbos. We understand it was difficult and thank you for utilizing your right to vote in the correct way.
The LAC.

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  1. Standing up for our rights! Thank you! May Hashem grant you guys the koach and fortitude to continue your avodas hakodesh for many years to come! We need you here!!

  2. LAC gave us Yoni Silver, Chezky Zeitler, Carl Fink, and Isaac Zlatkin. These individuals changed the BOE for the better. They stopped a planned $8 million raise in taxes last year.

    LAC cares about you, the taxpayer.

    Who are they? They are you, me and your neighbors. They are the everyday people in Lakewood, those who have no special interests, and refuse to have their taxes going up 10% a year.

    Before LAC got involved, Lakewood’s property taxes were going up 10% a year. When these guys came in and turned over the Board of Ed, all that came to a complete stop.


  3. I saw too many signs telling people who to vote for with no Rabbonim or ANYONE for that matter signed. So with all your talk of Daas Torah, who exactly are behind you guys?

  4. I would respectfully ask first …. Who is the LAC and what do the initials stand for and why if they are so concerned about the fire department …. why have they not all become VOLUNTEERS within the LFD ?

  5. To anon 12:06 –

    Perhaps you should check the historical data for Lakewood HS drop-out rate before you blame LAC.

    LAC’s refusal to sanction the ongoing BOE’s waste and mismanagement is the ONLY hope Lakewood students have for a turnaround.

    Get your facts and figures straight. THEN form your opinion.

  6. Thanks for the compliment. You are right. Before LAC the graduation rate was below 30%. LAC pushed it to 37%. We will continue our vigilance. Stay tuned.

  7. “LAC gave us Yoni Silver, Chezky Zeitler, Carl Fink, and Isaac Zlatkin….”

    75% of whom were absent from the recent vote on moving the BOE elections to November…

    What are they doing for us exactly??

  8. As I’ve written before, LAC cut the BOE budget by $8 million within a month of having their guys elected.

    They have kept the BOE diestrict taxes stable for the past two years.

    They have huge accomplishments on their record.

    Why they weren’t there by one specific board meeting…….. Maybe they had an emergency. I don’t know. But I do know their accomplishments. And they are many.

  9. With our Daas Torah behind us that Tax Dollars in Lakewood are Mamon Hekdesh

    Who is the Daas Torah that is behind you?And who said that tax dollars in Lakewood are Mamon Hekdesh?!?!?

  10. With our Daas Torah behind us that Tax Dollars in Lakewood are Mamon Hekdesh

    Who is the Daas Torah that is behind you?And who said that tax dollars in Lakewood are Mamon Hekdesh?!?!?And who paskened that you can’t spend such momen hekdesh to avoid “aivah”?

  11. #20,
    Wake up and stop listening to what you are being told. Where is the $8,000,000? NOT!!!!! Michael Inzelbuch is being paid WAY to much, he needs to go.

    You think about how people feel, What if the Goyim took over the religious schools, were told how to vote and who to vote for and when to vote and the parents have no say on anything. I can guarantee, you wouldn’t like that. Just think about it. It really should not be all one sided.

  12. Bonnie – Sorry but dont spin it. Public is …..public and therefore the public has every right to say where and how the public money should be spent. Private schools are…..private and the public has NO say in how private school money gets spent.

  13. Just wondering… the police department budget is decided by someone who is NOT a cop… the DPW budget is decided by someone who does NOT work in that department… SEEMS TO BE NO PROBLEM….

    So WHYYYY when it comes to be the fire department budget does it need to be ONLY someone who is a member of the department making the budget????


  14. I think the police chief comes up with his budget requirements, and probably the director of public works comes up with his, and who ever is in charge of the other departments comes up with their budget, and then they present it to the politicians who pick it apart.

  15. #28, EXACTLY my point… NOBODY claims that the police chief (or some other police officer) needs to be the one to make the final decision on the budget. We leave it to some other NON-police officer to decide (with input, etc.). Everyone is FINE with that…

    So WHY can’t we have the same thing in regards to the FD budget?

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